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She sighed, wiping the back of her hand along her brow, which was perspiring from the heat emanating from the stovetop. She leaned her hip against the counter, relaxing a moment as he came up behind her.

As he entered the room she could feel his energy, before he even came to touch her. His hands, though strong, were gentle as they slid her thick red waves over one shoulder, placing a sweet kiss at the nape of her neck.

She whimpered softly, his lips tickling her delightfully, his hands now coming to her curved hips.

She leaned forward a bit, hands gripping either side of the stove as her luscious bottom rubbed against his hard lap.

She heard that hitch in his breath, and she knew she was affecting him, even in that small way.

His firm lips caressed her neck lower, to her shoulder, bare in the tiny tank top she wore, braless, and her nipples tightened at the sensations he brought her.

He leaned forward, pulling her more tightly against his hard, lean body, gentle but forceful. She heard the food start to sizzle in the pan, but found it harder and harder to focus, her eyes unwillingly shutting as his hand wrapped around her, to the front of her, touching her most sensitive spot over her short pink shorts.

“Keep cooking.” He ordered softly, yet his deep voice was commanding, bursa escort compelling her to do as he bid.

She snatched up the large silver fork, stirring up the meal she was making them, but her hands were trembling, her thighs shifting as she felt his hardness grow when he pressed it harder against her, one hand coming to cup one voluptuous breast, the other now rubbing her clit, still over her clothing, making it more enticing.

She moaned now, hips gyrating, aching for that pleasure he knew how to give her, and tried to turn, to kiss him, to fuck him, but he held her tight, immobile, in a vise like grip, not allowing her to move. His lips trailed up, her cheek, gentle compared to, his forceful hold, the contrast making her wetter where she was pantiless against her shorts.

“Cook.” He ordered again, in that deep, gravelly voice, and she did as he ordered, her hands shaking when his hand slid easily down her shirt, pulling her breasts up and out of her top, leaving her bare as the stove heat started to grow too warm against her bare skin.

“Do you want a taste?” She asked as she stirred up the sauce she was making, letting out a soft moan when he talently plucked her nipples in between his long fingers, making them harder and more sensitive to the air in the room.

She bursa escort bayan could hear the jazz music from his radio crescendoing, mixing with his soft words of encouragement against her ear as she wiggled her bottom against him, her hips in a primal figure 8 motion, growing wet for him.

“I do.” She took a wooden spoon, dipping it in the sauce, but he chuckled, his chest shaking against her back with mirth, putting his on her wrist, squeezing tightly until her spoon clattered into the pot. She smirked a bit, curious, then gasped when he turned her to him, and snatched her up quickly, hands gripping her firm thighs, pressing himself intimately against her sensitive pussy.

“Thought you wanted a taste?” She said teasingly, and his lips crashed down on hers as he carried her easily to the marble top of the kitchen counter, sitting her on it and continuing to devour her with his talented mouth.

A deep ache started to build when he slid her shorts to the side, his fingers sliding into where she was already hot and wet with desire. She moaned into his mouth, arms up high, wrapped around his neck, pulling him ever close to her, her hunger for his touch, his kiss, insatiable.

Soon his hard member sprang free, and she reached down to rub him, then, greedy, she marched her hips a bit, escort bursa putting the tip if him against her tight entrance. He pulled his lips of hers as he slid into her, and she gasped in ecstasy, wrapping her legs around his to pull him deeper, not able to get enough of it.

He slid her shirt down, and her breasts were revealed to him. Her back arched, pushing them up towards his hungry honey eyes, and he bent down, still thrusting inside her, deliciously slow, while cupping one of her breasts in his hand, wet tongue swirling around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth, making her cry out in pleasure, her head falling back, teeth clenched together as sensations rocked her.

He moaned, his lips coming back to hers, tongues dancing, teeth nipping, her nails digging into his strong shoulders as he wrapped his arm around her hips, thrusts becoming slower yet more forceful, and finally she could hold back no longer. She cried out loudly, trembling, pussy pulsing around his thick, hard cock as she found her release, cursing mixing with her panting breaths.

He found his release soon after, and she climaxed again, with him, their cries muffled by their passionate mouths, hands gripping each other tightly. She was shaking, weak from the aftershocks of her orgasm, when he lifted her up, easing her down gently and fixing her shorts, placing a sweet kiss on her forehead.

“Go finish dinner.” He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, smirking before walking away, and she had to hold on to the counter to hold herself up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32