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This is my first post on Literotica. I’m excited to hear feedback!


He had her pinned against the wall, his mouth moving demandingly upon her lips before trailing down to the sunken valley of her collarbone.

She found herself breathless, as her fingers laced themselves among the dark strands of his hair. “Please,” she murmured softly—her fingers tugging greedily, playfully, before sliding eagerly down his back. She grasped at his ass, pulling him closer.

He growled, leaning into her—nipping at her neck as his fingers moved beneath the waist of her pants.

She gasped, kissing him quickly as her body pressed eagerly towards the touch of his hand.

“You really want this don’t you?” His voice was rough as his fingers slid lightly back and forth, enjoying the slick feel of her. It wasn’t long before one of his digits began delving its way inside her, his thumb massaging and rubbing at her clit.

“Yes.” She managed to reply, the small beginnings of a moan escaping past her lips as he let two of his fingers bury themselves deeply inside her.

His eyes were dark with lust and stared intensely at her face as his fingers prodded and pushed inside her.

“Please,” she gasped and shivered as he continued to wreak pleasurable havoc on her body.

“I want you to tell me what you want.” Her bottoms had already made their way down past her ankles, his own bottoms having managed to find their way down as well. “You want this cock don’t you?” One of his hands had moved to stroking his long and very hard bursa escort member, while his other hand began pulling her to her knees. It wasn’t long until he had himself deep inside her mouth, fucking her to the back of her throat.

She gagged on his cock as he grew even larger, “Mm” being the only thing that she could manage to say.

“You’re such a good girl.” His hands were tangled in her hair before he finally pushed her away, turning her around so her behind was facing him. He quickly rammed himself deep inside her, ignoring her slight sounds of pain as he allowed himself in even farther. “Just take it baby.” He thrust back and forth slowly allowing her body to adjust to the feel of him inside of her before beginning to slam himself in and out, his hand wrapping around her neck.

She moaned his name, her hips pushing back eagerly against him—meeting his thrusts. His hand squeezed at her throat, but all she could feel was pure hot pleasure as he tangled the fingers of his other hand aggressively in her hair while nipping at her ear.

It wasn’t long until they had found themselves stilled—his hand twisting itself more painfully near her scalp, his teeth grazing at her neck.

She leaned herself back, almost sitting—her hands reaching behind her to scratch at his thighs and back.

They climaxed—their bodies close and sweaty—before pulling away from each other, their lips planting a kiss as she then rolled out onto the floor.

Her head rested on her arms as she looked up at him. “You’re such a good boy.”

His bursa escort bayan breathing was rough, but he tiredly smiled, his hands running through his sweaty locks as he looked down at her. “I can be even better yet.”

“I bet,” she purred in satisfaction, letting him watch as she let her hands travel down her waist and touch herself.

His breath hitched—his eyes focused on the movement of her hands. “What are you doing?”


“Haven’t had enough dick today?” He mused.

“Of course not.” Her hands slid up to her cami, moving under the fabric to grab at her breasts. Her nipples hardened, poking out provocatively.

“Here. Let me help you.” He tugged the cami over her head, revealing her breasts. Roughly squeezing them, he bit at one of her nipples.

She yelped—her hands tangling in his hair as he began to lick and suck at her breast. “Caleb.” She moaned.

“You like it when it hurts, don’t you?” He treated her other breast in the same manner while two of his fingers slid inside her.

She yelped again as he bit the other breast—her hips moving while his fingers played with her pussy.

“That’s not an answer.” He slapped her. “I asked if you like it when it hurts.” He aggressively thrust his fingers deep inside her.

“Yes.” She managed to say amidst moans, her eyes meeting his.

“You’re just a kinky little slut.” He flipped her over onto her stomach, smacking her ass hard. “I want you to tell me how much you want my cock.” He continued to smack her ass—leaving escort bursa red handprints.

“Caleb please.”

“Please what Lauren?” His fingers began to take her from behind.

“I want your cock inside me.” She gasped, pushing back eagerly against his fingers.

“Like this?” His erection replaced his fingers, thrusting in deeply.

“Yes.” She moaned loudly as she moved against his hard cock.

He let her continue to move against him, enjoying the feeling of her around his cock. “You’re so eager to be fucked.” His hand began to play with her clit.

“Please.” More moans escaped her lips as her hips began to build a rhythm between her pussy and his cock.

“Is this what you want?” He began thrusting with long/deep strokes inside of her.

“Yes.” She gasped, burying her head into the carpet.

“Greedy girl.” He flipped her over onto her back before slamming himself back inside her.

Lauren screamed in pleasure, letting the sound muffle as she bit into the shoulder of his shirt—her nails digging into his back through the fabric.

He continued to thrust inside of her. Groaning and breathing heavily, the movement of her hips as she met his thrusts and her excited screams pushed him to cum. “You’re on birth control right?” He asked as he sank exhausted into the floor beside her.

“Of course,” she said, rolling over to her side to look at his face.

“Good.” He looked over at her, his hand reaching out to caress her cheek.

She opened her mouth slightly, nipping at his finger as it moved into her mouth.

“Hmm.” He smiled amusedly. “How does it feel to know you’ll always be in second place.

She looked away hurt. “Like maybe I shouldn’t waste my time on someone who has a wife.”

To be continued…

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