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As Tim waited in the hotel room, he cast his mind back to the first time he saw Sue. It was during his interview, at the place they worked together. He had walked past her as he was about to begin a quick tour of the place, and thought ‘she’s fit’, then thought nothing more of it that day. Within a few weeks of working there, he knew she was the best looking woman there by far, and loved to check out her bum whenever she walked past. She always made so much effort with her appearance, that walking past her would give a little lift to his day. Here he was now, waiting in a hotel room for her, to spend one magical night together. He was so relieved she had also wanted to do this. He had thought for such a long time as to how to ask her without making her feel awkward, and also so neither of their partners would find out. Both of them were in long term relationships, so it was a gamble to ask her, but he knew he had to because the urge to stroke his hands all over her body was too strong to resist.

He had decided to write an erotic story and post it on a site where she could access it. It would be anonymous for both of them, and she could decide what to do from there. Tim had fantasised about Sue reading the story in bed alone, when her partner was away, and what she would do. He imagined her sat on the bed reading it on the laptop, she would start to become aroused by the story, and would lie down, just wearing her underwear, but running her fingers around her stomach near her naval. As the story progresses, he imagined her slipping one of her fingers in and around the elastic at the top of her panties, stroking softly and moving slowly further down with her finger until she was above her clitoris. Then she would apply the lightest pressure to it. As she read more of the story and became more aroused, she would slide off her panties, so she would be lying on the bed on her back wearing just her bra. Now she would gently run her finger up and down her pussy lips, not going inside, just stroking and becoming moist. Tim had no trouble at all imagining scenes like these. They were what turned him on so much, he had to make them a reality.

Back in the hotel room, Tim poured a small vodka and coke to calm the nerves, then made sure he had brought the massage oil. He was looking forward so much to caressing every single inch of Sue’s body with a massage. His plan was to give the massage before anything sexual happened between them that night, but he knew plans could fly out of the window. He wanted it to be sensual as well as erotic, which meant massaging her for an hour or so before even touching her pussy; the build-up would be enormous. The massage would begin with her lying face down on the bed, wearing panties only. He would drip the warm oil down the middle of her back, starting between the shoulder blades, and working down to the small of her back, just above her underwear, where he would rub it in with his big hands. He would start by just massaging her neck, to relieve a bit of tension, then would carry on by massaging her shoulders and arms with his fingertips, pressing lightly. He would then straddle her, sitting on her bum, and rub his palms up and down her back, right far down to the top of her panties, where he would sneak a little bit of his hand in to feel a little bit of her bum. This would turn him on and start to get him hard. He wouldn’t put his hands right in there though, that pleasure could wait. He would then stroke her back again, and move his hands to the sides of her back, and as he moved his palms onto her sides rubbing them up her down, he would press the sides of her breast with his fingertips, again getting him harder, but again the full pleasure of touching her breasts could wait.

Onto her bum and legs he would go. He would shuffle back down so he was sitting by her feet, and looking up her legs to her bum. He would place his hands around her ankles, and slowly and gently run them straight up the backs of her legs, right up to her bum cheeks. He would slide his hands up and over her cheeks then move them to the out sides and stroke all the way back down. He would do this again and again, and each time his hands were near her cheeks, he would spread his thumbs inwards so they ever so smoothly touched the inside of them, which would slightly spread her cheeks. He could not help but imagine sliding his hot cock in there at some point during the evening.

He would then set her legs slightly wider apart, meaning he could now see her pussy lips through her panties. He also could now slide his hands up and down the insides of her legs, each time stopping when he touched her underwear, then sliding them back down. With each slide of his hands up her legs, he would place his fingers slightly nearer her pussy, bursa escort and would sometimes slide a little bit of a finger inside her pants and just brush against one of her pussy lips. This would make her tingle a little and crave having his cock in her hands.

The view he had would give him the horn so much, he would slide back up her body and lie down on top of her, taking the weight on his elbows, but ensuring every inch of his body was pressed against the back of hers as she lay face down. He would kiss her neck and nibble her ears. For the first time, Sue would feel the shape of his cock, as it would be pressed against her cheeks. He would thrust slowly and gently so she would know what it would be like when the time came. He would then push his pants down his legs a bit, slide her knickers to the side to expose her bum, push the length of his penis in between her cheeks, and slowly thrust again. As it would slide up and down, she would get to know even more the feeling of what it would be like when they eventually came to fuck.

Next he imagined turning her over onto her so she laid on her back and continuing the massage. He would be kneeling at her head end, looking down her body. Now he would see her exposed breasts he had been aching to suck for such a long time. He would start by dripping the warm oil in little drops over her neck, her breasts, and her navel. He would massage near her neck and shoulders pressing lightly with his fingertips, and she would love the sensation. He would then move his fingertips towards her breasts, with the tips of the fingers from each hand over each of her breasts, he would move them round in circles around the outside of her breasts, eventually moving inwards and over the nipples. The sensation of this would cause her body to shiver. Then he would move them further down and slide both palms inside her pants so that the index finger of each hand was now stroking her swollen pussy lips. Up and down he would move them, feeling her juices from her pussy.

That was how he imagined it all, until he was startled by the noise of a door opening further down the corridor on which the room was. He heard her steps coming towards the door, then a pause, then a tap on the door. When he opened the door and saw her standing there, he took a deep breath, and hugged her tight as she stepped into the room. As the door closed behind them both, they each knew they were on a path to a wonderful, one-off, secret night of passion that would be theirs to treasure. They wouldn’t tell anyone else about it ever, not even close friends. They were both aware that they had partners, but this was a desire, a one-time only fantasy which they knew they could have only with each other. They also knew that this may be the one and only opportunity they ever got to do anything like this, and they didn’t want to pass up on it. Their secret was safe with each other, and increased their bond, which would increase the passion during the hours that lay ahead. Tim thought Sue looked amazing; her long straight dark her, swept over at her forehead, her lovely smile which she always wore, her pert firm boobs, and that perfect bum. All were his tonight. He wanted the night to be about her though, which is why he planned on the long massage for her, which is why he wanted to go with whatever she was comfortable with, and why he wanted to have his hands and lips all over every inch of her body. He also wanted to be able to cuddle with her and stroke her arm as she lay there, in between the passion moments when they were both spent, and needed time to recover. He wanted to let her talk, listen to her, pay her compliments, and admire her beauty.

To begin with, they both sat in the comfy hotel room chairs, opposite but close to each other, having a drink to settle nerves, and making small talk. After 20 minutes or so, Tim stood up and took her empty glass to put on the side. He held out his hand for her to take, and as she did she stood up and there they were; as close as they had ever been to each other. Their faces and bodies were just an inch apart, and the desire was too much for both of them, as they leant in and kissed each other. It was magical. For so long Tim had imagined this feeling, and now he was doing it he pulled her in close, so their arms were wrapped around each other and they were passionately kissing. Tim took her hand and walked her to the wardrobe, which had full length mirrors all the way across. He positioned her so she was facing them, stood back just a little more than an arm’s length from them, when he stood behind her and pushed closely his body against hers, and began to kiss her neck.

With her head tilted to one side he kissed from her ear lobes down to her collarbone, on both sides, then massaged bursa escort bayan them a little. He lifted off her jumper to reveal a tight fitting t-shirt, which showed her shapely breasts, and the t-shirt was slightly see through, so he could see her bra, which he was dying to take off. He would wait though. He now ran his fingertips up and down her arms which gave her a little shiver. He ran his fingers to the top of her arms, up onto her shoulders, onto her neck, then down the front until half of his hands were inside her t-shirt, and he could just feel her bra. This was such a turn on for both of them. He repeated this a few times, each time getting nearer to her breast, until one time he could just brush against her nipples. Sue shivered a little with excitement, and this coupled with the feel of her nipples gave a rush of blood to Tim’s penis. It grew a little and Sue could feel it pushing against her from Tim’s position stood behind her. Next, Tim took off his jumper as he was becoming hotter. He held his arms around Sue and gave a little squeeze, and they smiled at each other in the reflection. With Tim’s arms around her front, he placed his palms on her stomach, and slid them up her t-shirt, moving slowly towards her bra. He cupped her bra and rubbed around it, just building up the tension for the moments he would finally actually have them in his hands, whilst softly pushing his hard cock against her lower back and top of bum.

He did this rhythmically and Sue went with it. He slowed it down, moved his hands from her bra around to the back, where he unclipped it. With the bra now loosely sitting in place, he moved his hands to the front, and moved them from her stomach straight up and onto her breasts where he cupped them tight. This was heaven for both of them, they had longed for this moment so much. Tim closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of her soft breast skin in his hands. Sue moved her hands around the side of her and onto the side of Tim’s hips, then across to his front where she felt his cock in his trousers. She could feel the blood flowing to her area as she felt its shape. She undid the zip, and told him to undo the button and push them down, which he did. He kicked them off and looked at the scene in front of him in the mirror; him, in boxer shorts and t-shirt, and sue in a t shirt and skirt. His dreams were coming true.

He turned her around to face him, they kissed each other deeply and pushed their bodies against each other. Sue could feel the shape of his hard cock, and he could feel the shape of her pert tits. He then turned her back around to face the mirror, and proceeded to undo her skirt. As it slid down, he saw her standing there in panties, showing off her legs. He was finding it hard to resist just throwing her onto the bed and ripping her clothes off before entering her hard and fast, but he knew it would be more worth it to build it up more slowly. He composed his thoughts, took off the rest of his clothes, and slowly lifted off Sue’s t-shirt. They watched together in the mirror as Tim stood behind her with his hands wrapped around her cupping and squeezing her tits, whilst she put her hands behind her back and for the first time felt the hot skin of his penis in her hands. She playfully squeezed and stroked it, and thought about just turning round and wrapping her lips around it and taking the whole length in her mouth, but she wanted to delay this feeling too, to prolong the amazing erotic adventure they were having.

Tim lowered his hands from her breasts to her hips where the elastic of her nickers touched her body. He hooked his thumbs in, and as slowly as was possible, he lowered them. As her panties slid down, he began to bend his knees to lower himself, until his knees touched the floor, and so did her pants. He removed them, moved around to her front, and began to kiss the lower part of her legs, one then the other, steadily moving upwards. As sue stood in front of the mirror, she could see her naked self, with her hands around the back of his head as she pulled him in tighter. She knew that in a few moments time, she would feel his tongue on her pussy, and this made her moist and sent blood rushing to her swollen pussy. He pushed her legs apart a little, and carried on kissing up her legs, onto her inner thighs, and finally, in one movement with the whole length of his tongue, he licked the front of her pussy from bottom to top. She shuddered. He did it again and again. Then he poked with the tip of his tongue and separated her lips to push his tongue inside a bit. Then he ran the tip of his tongue side to side on the bottom sensitive part of her pussy, then around and around the whole of it. They were both so in the moment.

He stood up and they simply hugged escort bursa and squeezed each other. Sue could feel his penis against her stomach just above her pussy, and she knew in a short while he would be sliding it inside her juicy swollen area. He pushed her back a foot or so until she felt the bed on the back of her legs. She sat down on the edge of it and was now face to face with his penis. She leaned forward, took it in her hand to hold it level, then opened her mouth and slid her lips all along the length until it was all in her mouth, then moved back doing the same. She repeated this a few times, then took his cock in her hand, lifted it, then licked his balls over and over. Tim was in heaven. He wanted to cum, but he wanted to wait and be deep inside her for that special moment, so he pushed her back onto the bed so she was lying on her back, spread-eagled. He looked her in the eyes as he crawled towards her, stopping to kiss her legs on the way to her pussy, where he licked and sucked and teased, before sliding in a finger. He watched her reaction; she loved it. So he carried on sliding it slowly in and out, moving it around touching all the inside walls of her pussy. She was now dying for his cock to be inside. He came up for air and looked her in the eyes, and moved his body extremely slowly up her body until their faces were almost level. At this point, the tip of his cock touched her pussy lips, eased them apart, and finally slid in. All in one movement.

He thrusted once, deep as possible, as she took every bit of it that she could. He left it pushed deep inside for a few seconds before sliding back out. He started a slow rhythm and they could both feel and appreciate every inch of contact on every thrust. He hooked his arms under the backs of her knees, which lifted them in the air, and carried on thrusting. This made the penetration feel even deeper. He started pushing faster and deeper, but he felt like he wanted to be even deeper. He then held her ankles and placed her feet high in the air whilst continuing to slide in and out. This changed the feeling a little for Sue, but in a good way; she could feel his member rubbing against her lips and it was so sensitive it almost made her cum. She looked to her side and saw in the full length mirror, herself lying on her back with Tim fucking her with her legs in the air. This was so exciting for her, she was revelling in the moment.

Tim slowed down, and she eased him off and pushed him so he was lying on his back. She took his cock in her hand, and gave it a couple of sucks. She caught this image in the mirror and she loved it. So did Tim. She then held it upright, and lowered herself onto it, and started riding him. When she let her full weight rest on him, his cock went so deep inside her. She grinded and grinded and looked at herself in the mirror. She had let all of her inhibitions go and loved the sight of her riding him. After a while, Tim eased her off and they laid on their sides in a 69 position. She rested her head on his inner thigh and took his cock in her mouth. She could feel it throbbing. He got into the same position, and slowly lapped at her pussy, once he had moved the lips apart. This went on for ages, then Sue said she wanted them to finish off with him taking her from behind. So she got on her hands and knees, positioned so that she could watch it all in the mirror, and watched in the mirror as Tim slid his penis into from behind. It was ecstasy for them both. Tim knew he was about to blow his load, so he took her slowly so they could come together. After a while, Sue was weak as she knew she would be reaching orgasm soon. She fell onto her elbows and put her head on the bed and could feel herself about to orgasm. She told Tim, and he sped up and pushed harder and deeper and could feel his balls tighten and knew this was the moment.

He pulled out, flipped her onto her back, and took her in the missionary position because he wanted to look in her eyes as they climaxed.

As Sue came she tensed and let out a moan, the tensing gripped his cock and he felt his cum releasing like never before. He carried on pumping and she carried on climaxing, until they both slowed down together, then finally rested, with him still inside her and every inch of their bodies in contact. She could feel his penis going in little spasms as the blood left it.

They kissed and held each other tight, and once they had rested for a while on the bed, side by side, he spooned her and held her in close, whilst stroking her hair and arms.

They knew they were in for a great one-off night together. It all felt so right, so naughty, but so good. They recovered, had a drink together, spoke about how amazing that was, and then cuddled again. A little while later. Sue felt Tim’s penis getting bigger as it began to prod her in the bum. She turned to face him, took it in her hand, looked him in the eye and asked if he was ready to give her a massage. ‘Oh yes’ he replied, ‘I was hoping you’d say that’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32