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I see you in a hotel. King size bed. Large shower and tub. Dim lights. We just got back from dinner. Couldn’t keep the smiles or giggles from overflowing like a waterfall. So much love between us. The spark. All the electricity between us.

You have jeans on, your 7 feet of legs all comfy and built. A buttoned shirt, only because you know I love to undo it. Batman shirt underneath. Because above all else, you are my dark knight. I have Star Wars leggings on because I know it excites you to try and figure out if I have underwear on or not. With a red shirt on top. Just the one shirt, no layers of fabric protection needed, no textile barrier form you.

We hold hands walking to the hotel room, like giddy teenagers, or two lonesome romantics who finally found the love of a lifetime. You fumble for the keycard, awkward hands fumbling and failing to slip it into the slot. You may have a mild distraction, as I am leaning against the door, staring into your shadowed face hoping to catch a glimpse of those souk-searing eyes. Eyes that offer me everything, and show me exactly what you want. I fumble with my shirt, uneasy in this newfound single layer of clothing. Hoping I am not showing too much but hoping and begging you to look at it all. Take all of me in like I am with you.

I steady your hand with mine, and we slide the key and finally the door opens. A fantastic and delicious experience awaits. I take a step inside. And then another, and another. I stop and hear you close and lock the door and set your keys and necessities on the night stand. I turn to you, and immediately feel the aching, burning fire that you always magically make happen. You look down at me and smile. That smile! My soul purpose in life is to see that beautiful smile and know I am the one causing it. I reach my hands out to you and you take them both into yours. So big, so warm, so secure. We are inches from each other now. And we don’t need words.

With a sigh from us both, it starts. My right hand slides up the back of your neck and pulls your face down to me. My let hand on your collar, beginning the search for buttons. pendik escort Your lips! Your lips brush mine and it tingles throughout our bodies. I find your lower lip and grab it with my teeth. So warm and soft and delicious. I can already feel myself getting wet, nipples hardening pressed against you. And you, breathing shakily, but steadily. Your tongue enters my mouth and suddenly we don’t even need air. SO hot and intoxicating. I find your tongue with mine and slowly circle it, like the thoughts racing through my mind, never-ending. With Every spiral of the tongue, my body flexes and makes me want to climb right up you.

Your hands, they find the bottom of my shirt and slip inside. Sliding my shirt slowly up my sides and over my head in one smooth motion. We slowly pull our mouths apart, not wanting to miss seeing one inch of flesh in this amazing strip tease. I unbutton your shirt while staring at you, Breathing is soft and shallow. I slide your shirt off your back and then my hands begin to lift your t-shirt.

Halfway up, I am amazed by your flesh. Your hair. Your everything. I look up to your face and that smile is back. I smile back and feel… peace? Home? Love. Both are love.

Your shirt is gone. My shirt is gone. We stand a moment, not touching, just looking, taking it all in. I step closer and unbutton your jeans. Already I can feel what’s in store for me and I blush. I pull your jeans down and your briefs follow as well. My mouth breathing down your legs and teases the beast between. I stand and turn around. You undo my bra and groan. My breasts, a woman’s breasts. Not perky, but those tiny reactive nipples, absolutely delightful. You slide your hands into the back of leggings, finally aware of the underwear missing underneath. Both of your hands firmly grasp my ass, and I gasp. So ready, I am so very ready for you.

In an instant, my leggings are gone, and we are completely naked. Standing and frozen. Appreciating each other with just our eyes.

I reach for you as you reach for me and our bodies collide. Mouth to mouth, bodies trembling, hard and wet. You pull me up and escort pendik take me to the bed. You place me down and I slip my hands around your thighs. You stand in front of me, completely exposed in every way. I kiss your beautiful thighs, so soft. Perfection. I look up at you and your face is calm. What chaos I want to create! I wrap my hands around your shaft and guide it into my mouth. You moan. You are so sweet, so smooth, and soft. It twitches every time my tongue moves. Your hands find my hair, and caresses my head while my mouth caresses yours. I grab your leg hard with my right hand and slide my left hand to the rest of your penis. Hot, wet, and with all that pressure. My hand finds a rhythm and my tongue swirls around you. I feel your muscles tighten and release. I can tell you are ready to explode. I take you out of my mouth and put the full length of you between my breasts. With both hands, I ease my breasts up and down on you and watch while you come. It is paradise! You moan and gasp and smile. Your smile makes me smile and I know we have found peace. I rest my head against your waist and giggle slightly. I am so very content.

You sigh and giggle as well. Your hands are on my neck, gently caressing me. I look up and your eyes are on mine. And down I go onto the bed, your arms like towers right on top of me, copying and stalking my every move. You on top of me, your hands running up the whole length of my body. Your lips and tongue trying to taste all of me. You kiss me, passionately, like you want to b urn the taste in you mouth so you never have to eat again. My hands are on your back, fingernails gently scratching. You kiss my neck and lead down to my breasts. One hand finds my nipple and your extraordinary thumbs go to work. They circle my nipples and make my insides tremble. You keep kissing, lower and lower. My stomach, my hips. Your thumb traces my hip as you straddle yourself over me.

And this is it, the moment you find out what I really taste like. Your arms part by thighs, your tongue searing hot, licks my inner thigh. I can’t breathe. But I don’t need to anymore. I just need to pendik escort bayan be. I look down as your tongue begins to part my lips. My hands are on your head, in your hair, gently tugging. Your hands slide up and down my legs. Your mouth, oh that mouth and tongue, searches my every fold. I moan your name. Your tongue finds my pleasure spot. You suck and lick and perform pure magic. My body isn’t used to this and rocks gently. I’m moaning, and you, you and that tongue move faster. I pant, and you don’t stop. And soon enough, my body convulses on you.

I’m screaming. For you. Because of you. MORE of you. You raise your head and that smile has returned. I smile and tell you to hold me. You pull your body over top of me and stare down into my face. The love that shines through to each other. We smile and giggle and kiss, you on me and me on you. Tasting the most exquisite combination. My arms wrap around you and press my breast into your chest. My legs wrap around you like we were meant to always be this way.

You are hard again, and I am so very wet and ready. You look into my eyes, and with one hand, you slide your penis into me. My eyes light up! Oh! This is what I have wanted, all that I have needed. The perfect fit. My legs wrap around you, tightening and pulling you in further. Your eyes meet mine and I can see our love building. We begin rocking, slowly and deeply. My hands are on your face, and yours on mine. The trembling is beginning. I pull your mouth to me and taste that perfect tongue again. How sweet and lovely. You push so softly at first, then harder and harder. My body contracts onto yours and pulls you in deep. So penetrating. Our rhythm is gaining momentum. In this place, this moment, we are everything. Pure bliss, total existence. I don’t want it to end, but I feel the climax coming. I can see the need and pleasure in your face. We lock eyes and the climax is unstoppable. Tongues and hands and eyes and bodies are all one. We pant and kiss. This is perfection. Moments. Minutes. Hours pass in this bliss Until we can move away. Not wanting to be parted ever. I turn on my side and slide my ass onto you and become the small spoon. Your hands on by breasts and my hands on yours. I can feel your breathe on my neck. Nothing can take away what we just built together. Ever. The love. The love will always remain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32