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Hello Fans and first time Lit Readers! It’s been an incredibly long time since I have published anything and for that, I apologize. It’s been a rough patch for me lately, my damning writer’s block not withstanding! But, your heartfelt words and adoration of my work spurred me to simply place my nose back to the grindstone and pound out another offering for you! Thank you in advance for your time (and hopefully constructive criticism) in partaking in this literature. All sex scenes of incest within are consensual and done by characters that are 18 years of age or older. With the niceties out of the way…please enjoy part 1!!!

Scott Laughlin sat in the fast-food joint, his bacon double cheeseburger staring him in the face. So far he had only taken a couple of bites out of the sandwich, though his stomach grumbled in protest. It had been doing so for the past couple of hours and now that his body was begging for nourishment….his mind was somewhere much different. The thudding of a French fry hitting him in the face brought Scott back down to earth. His eyes focused on the face across from him. Sheathed in the most flawless of mocha skin, light brown eyes, braids with blond highlights, and a smile only messed up by the cute, multi-colored braces, sat his slightly younger cousin Sydnee.

“Hellllllooooo?! Hey Scott…welcome back. You know; that burger’s going to bite you in a minute.”


“Jesus man…where have you been?”

“Nowhere!” Scott countered defensively. “I’ve been sitting right here.”

Sydnee stopped smiling long enough to take a quick pull off her flavored water drink. “Nu uhhhh..” She finally said. “I have known you my whole life. And while your body was sitting here…your mind was someplace else. Where’d you go?”

Scott really wasn’t sure if he wanted to answer that question. Honestly, his mind had wandered to the hellish 3 hours he had just “suffered” through watching his cousin try on new dresses. While they weren’t totally risqué per se…but they had definitely left an impression on him. Most especially the one she bought that hugged her runner’s body tightly at all her womanly curves, and the way the design pushed up her smallish B sized bust. But what really caught him was the little “popcorn” booty that she was beginning to sprout. God help him, he only hoped she didn’t see the tent he had been pitching in the waiting room.

“Uh huh….you tell me what you said.” He finally replied. “I know YOU well enough to know, that you only get like that if you say something and you think no one is paying attention.”

Sydnee’s face took on a devilish smirk. Dammit…he really DID know her well. “I was talking about our parents silly ass.”

“What about ’em?” Came the reply, the sound muffled around a healthy bite of food.

“I asked did you think that they are acting funny to you?”

“Funny how Syd? They’re parents. When do they EVER act normal?”

“I mean…don’t you think this past year and a half has been…I don’t know….ODD?”

“Not sure I follow you.”

Picking up a small fingerful of fries, Sydnee spoke in a hushed tone. “I’ve been thinking…I mean…REALLY thinking. Our parents both got divorced at about the same time. Out of the blue, my mom drags me over here to come see you and your dad for a couple weeks. Before the ink has even dried on either document, they both buy that humongous house we live in, and we all act like one big happy family overnight!”

“Ok…that’s what family does in a crisis…right? I mean…they have always talked about how tight the two of them are.”

“That’s what I mean!!! Scott…think about it for a minute. I mean…REALLY think…what REAL crisis? I mean…my Mom’s a doctor, your Dad’s a doctor, both of them are rather successful. And neither one really looked all THAT broken up about getting divorced. Besides…” Sydnee lowered her voice to barely above a whisper. “Have you seen the way they act around each other?”

Scott hated to admit it, but he actually HAD noticed how his dad was so much happier to be around his sister. But…the implication that Sydnee was bringing up was just…preposterous…wasn’t it? Then again…with where his mind had just been…was it?

“I don’t know Syd…I mean…I saw my Dad after he served my Mom with her papers; you know…before you guys showed up. And he was…not the same guy. He seemed…I don’t know…bummed out. But…relieved?! Aww fuck…you don’t think…”

“Stop right there.” Sydnee said holding up her hand. “I’m not sure I even want you to finish that sentence.” Quickly, she grabbed her drink and took another pull. This time…a deep longing pull. The ugly truth was, she had just caught a glimpse of Scott in his new contacts. Their second stop of the day was to pick up his new prescription after he got his hair cut. Cousin or not, she always forgot what looking deep into his hazel eyes did to her. Damn if he didn’t get their grandfather’s hellishly beautiful eyes….and his big, curly eyelashes… thinking about nevşehir escort the possibility that her mother might very well be sleeping with her favorite (and only) uncle, while talking to her fine as fuck, smart cousin…was making her panties moist.

“Ok…I really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole any further.” Sydnee commented when she came up for air. “Can we please talk about something else. ANYTHING else. Hey…tell me about what you were thinking.”

Scott was stuck. He didn’t want to mess up this groove. Honestly, he liked hanging out with Sydnee. It was almost like they were brother and sister. For the majority of his life, Scott had been an only child and while he had a smattering of friends, he was mostly a lonely kid. Then from out of nowhere, Sydnee came into his life. He remembered when they were smaller. Aunt Kayla would bring Sydnee for holidays to their house for cookouts and trips to Myrtle Beach. Or he and Dad would fly west to see them. Lazy days at the park, or sun filled days at the beach. Playing in the surf or rollerblading over the boardwalk. Either way, they were always fun times. Especially because (for a girl), he and Sydnee got along so well. Now, they lived together under one roof. And Sydnee had grown up over the past year and a half: too well for his liking. She was thin and petite, smart and funny, could tell a joke and take one…but more importantly, she had just become…fucking FINE!!! “Oh no…was she about to do that shit with her braids?”

Sydnee blew an errant couple of strands of braids from her face. “Well…?”

“I was thinking about Selena.” Scott lied.

“Selena?!!!” Sydnee spit back…eyebrows shooting to the stratosphere. “Selena Marquez?!!! EWWWWW!!!! OH, COME ON SCOTT!! You can do soooo much better than Selena!!! That ho is trifling as hell!!! You would be fucking half the guys you play tennis with!!!””

Sydnee was taken aback. Selena was one of her track teammates, and an all-around ho! The “Lightning Latina” as she was dubbed around the school, not only got the nickname from her unquestionable speed on the track. But more importantly, for her blinding speed OFF of it as well. Personally, Sydnee had been around for no less than 6 of Selena’s “stories of conquest” in the girl’s locker room. One of which had her behind Halverton Mall with some 20 something’s cock down her throat. Among other things in her mouth…

“Really?!! Well…maybe that’s something I want. Ever think of that?” Scott retorted. “I mean…damn…have you seen the way that girl looks?”

“Yeah…and so has everyone else Scott!! Yeah…I’ve SEEN the way she looks. Remember…I get to see her undressed. But I mean…damn Scott, I promise you don’t want Selena. You could have any girl at that school. She’s nasty! And a HO! I mean…I don’t think Blake would want her.”

“Speaking of…” Scott smirked. “He was asking about you.”

Sydnee’s eyes lit up. Aside from her cousin’s eyes, if Sydnee Tianna Macklemore had any form of kryptonite on Earth, it was the tall, gorgeous, ice blue eyed, blond haired Nordic God named Blake Stanton. On reflex, a handful of fried spuds came up in position to be hurled across the table. “Don’t play with me Scott!!! That’s not funny!!!”

“I’m not!!” He said, holding up his hands in preparation for the flying vegetables. “He made me bring him to you guy’s last track meet.”

“But I didn’t see you guys there.” Sydnee replied, lowering the food.

“That’s because we stood UNDER the bleachers! I told him about how you felt about him, and he wanted to come see you. He thought he might have distracted you if you saw us, so…we stayed under the bleachers. He was impressed.”

“But…isn’t he dating…what’s-her-name from Templeton Academy?” Sydnee asked sheepishly. A glimmer of unrequited hope in her voice.

Scott took another large bite of his sandwich and fries before he responded.

“No. Not anymore.” Came the short response.

Sydnee couldn’t take it anymore. Her bladder all of a sudden felt full and an accident was sure to happen, if she didn’t get out of there soon. “I’ll be right back.” She said in a rush. “I gotta go tinkle.”

“No worries…I’ll be right here.” Her cousin said with his mouth full. A small drip of disappointment to his voice. Looking down, Scott took another couple of huge bites out of what was left of his sandwich, praying the food would shut his mouth before he said anything else stupid. Deep down, he didn’t have the heart to tell his cousin that Blake was the one who told him about Selena in the first place. His friend leaving out no detail of their sexual escapade and how proficient and malleable she had been when they got together. Worse still, he REALLY didn’t want his lips too betray how much he loved his cousin and thought that even though she wasn’t the “thickest” black girl he had ever seen…he thought Sydnee was the most beautiful girl in all their school. Coming up for air, his eyes took one last look at her escort nevşehir before she disappeared into the women’s refuge. Unfortunately, his eyes caught the last seductive (and rather odd) sway of her legging covered rump, before the door closed and she was gone from sight. Leaving him with one condemning thought running through his mind…”Damn.”

Sydnee couldn’t get into the bathroom fast enough. She felt like she was on the verge of her bladder unloading 50 gallons of hot, steamy piss at any moment. Almost as if a countdown timer to doom was ticking down to detonation. Hurrying to the last stall, she slammed the door, ripped down her leggings and panties, and sat on the commode. The flood came, and as swiftly as it presented…it was over. While the feeling had subsided, the odor was all off. Grabbing a roll of tissue, she wiped her crotch, a zing of pleasure coursed through her. Looking at the paper wad in her hand, Sydnee was completely perplexed. Until she spied from the corner of her eye…the crotch of her panties. Lying in the gusset of her leggings, they were completely soaked through. A telltale testament to her state of arousal. Whether it was from the thought of her cousin…or the dreamy image of her crush…all Sydnee had strength left for was a weary, whispered…”Damn.”

Across the city at 9413 Hollings Springs Road; a woman stood at her counter. Left hand holding a wooden spatula, her right braced against the countertop, Dr. Kayla Macklemore-Laughlin mindlessly stirred her pot of blended cheeses. While for most women this task might seem daunting, Kayla was a pro. Seasoned by years of working in plastic surgery suites since she graduated med school. Especially now that she was working on the most important part of her “family famous,” three cheese chicken spaghetti. Making sure not to burn the three-cheese sauce was the most crucial ingredient of her recipe. Today however, was an effort in absolute will power. Today, Kayla was enraptured in a video playing on her tablet. The house was empty, she was only sheathed in a loose-fitting, flower covered sundress, and she was watching for all intents and purposes…porn. With blue tooth earbuds in her ears, Kayla was watching the propped open tablet play out a scene that was all too familiar. It showed a well lit bedroom, the occupants therein busily in the throes of a passionate, hot, sweaty love session. The actors were moving their heads vigorously. The woman stuffing the thick, veiny phallus down her throat. While the man underneath her was craning his neck like an oil drill between her thighs. The sound of their lovemaking reverberated in her ears through the tiny, wireless buds. She could hear the woman’s struggled cries of ecstasy from her lover’s attention, as she watched her body go stiff on the screen.

Mindlessly, Kayla continued to stir the pot, as the scene shifted from there. “I want it…I want it now.” The woman told her mate. As the actors moved, Kayla moved as well without conscious thought. She knew what came next. Grabbing a hold of the countertop in her right hand, she maneuvered her sex starved mons over the prominence of her thumb knuckle. Pushing against the protuberance, the pressure sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. For an instant…her eyes closed at the sensation. Relishing in the release of a bit of her pent-up sexual frustration. Opening her eyes, they refocused on the screen. The actors moving to their next scene. The woman had gotten on all fours as the man positioned his muscled form behind her. Slowly, she watched him sink his dick into her body. Marveling as it disappeared inch by glorious inch. The woman on the screen gasped deeply, the sound building on the monstrous orgasm that was threatening to explode from inside her. The actors moved slowly, deliberately, making love to the beat of a barely moving metronome. The woman cooed and hissed as her lover methodically impaled her upon his shaft.


The woman was spurring her stallion on, begging him to pick up the pace. As if to mimic the action in real time, Kayla stiffened her lean into her knuckle. Each push coming closer and closer to bringing her off. So great was her arousal, she could feel the tiny droplets of her cum trickling down her leg.

The actors picked up the pace. The man grabbed the woman’s hips and started to shove his cock into his lover deeper. The strokes coming harder. The sound of flesh slapping together crashing through the implements in her ear canals.


The woman leaned backward off her elbows, exposing her swinging breasts to the camera as her lover began to pound out a crescendo into her body. Kayla began to bounce off her knuckle. The action causing the nub to rub her sensitive clit over and over. Her eyes closed into slits and her nevşehir escort bayan mouth stuck open in a perfect “O” as her orgasm came closer still.


Kayla was lost in the sound of the woman’s cries of pleasure. She knew this scene. The man’s next move would be to wrap her in his arms. One hand on her breast, tweaking the nipple between his fingers. The other hand, snaking between her legs to rub her clit and strum it like a guitar virtuoso.


As the man and woman grunted through their collective orgasm, Kayla was on the verge of experiencing her own. Her eyes shut. Her mouth agape. The world began to fall away as her pussy was set to blast off.

Strong hands rubbed around Kayla’s waist. Arms encircling her body in a strong, velvet like vise. A massive body leaned her into her knuckle off pace. Throwing off the sensation. Intruding on her moment of self-love. Causing her brain to panic!


Kayla’s scream resounded throughout the stillness of the house as she spun around, total fright enveloping her. Dropping the spatula, Kayla turned through the embrace to face her attacker. Looking up into the chocolate skinned, black, short cut hair, meticulous goatee, and deep, dark, loving brown eyes, of her older brother…Dr. Sean Laughlin.

“Hey Kayla…didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you heard me come in.”


The kiss caught Kayla off guard, it also disarmed all her panic and resistance. Sean’s kisses had always had that effect on her. His hands roamed her sides, sending butterflies swooping through her stomach. Crashing against her will and disarming her resolve. It had been a full week since the two doctors had had a moment to indulge their taboo pleasure. Their shared secret. Their hidden desire. And seven days…was far too long.

When Sean released Kayla from his lips, she was swooning. Caught up in the wave of carnality that still flowed through her. Although…her nether regions were still on fire.

“What was that you were saying?” Sean asked. His strong assured confidence dripping on his words.

“Ummmm…..I forget.” Kayla sighed.

“Uh huh….what are you watching anyway?”

“NOTHING!!!” Kayla spat. Turning in fruitless hope of stopping her brother from seeing the screen.

Sean tightened his vise like embrace of his sister and looked at the monitor. The scene had changed to the two lovers shifting back into the 69 position to begin their carnal affair anew.

“Ohhhhhh…you’ve been watching us again? Kinky. I like it.”

“Stop making fun of me Sean….you know it’s been awhile.” Kayla blushed. “I have needs you know.”

“Mmmmmmm…something smells good.”

“Silly…it’s just my three-cheese chicken spaghetti. Don’t act brand new. You’ve had it a zillion times.”

“I wasn’t talking about the food…”

Without warning, Sean pulled up the hem of Kayla’s dress up to her waist, while his hands lifted her off her feet, planting her ass softly on the counter. Dropping to his knees, Sean launched his tongue into Kayla’s hot, wet slit. Devouring the pungent juices that flowed like water out of her core.

“OH! MY! GOD!! OH SEAN!!! OH FUCK!!! Sean….Sean….SEAN!!!”

Sean lapped at Kayla’s pussy like a starving man. Using the broad width of his tongue to slather her hole, while the tip rolled her over stimulated clit again and again.

Kayla could do nothing but hold on tight. Grabbing her brother’s head, she pulled him harder into her pelvis. Rocking her clit back and forth over his tongue, lips and nose. Because of her motions against her knuckle earlier, her orgasm was swift in coming. With nothing else to grab ahold of, Kayla grabbed the countertop with her other hand. Her grip tight enough to strain the muscles in her arms and blanche the mocha color right out of her knuckles.


Kayla’s body went into violent convulsions as her orgasms ripped through her in multiple waves. Between Sean’s masterful cunning skills, the absence of sexual gratification, and the previewing of their past sexual liaison, Kayla was lost in a tumultuous sea of lascivious spasms. Her ordeal led her to howl at the top of her lungs as Sean continued to lap up the sweet drizzled offerings from her pussy. Her breath was ragged. Her voice hoarse. Her skin was on fire as Sean’s attention caused her to twitch uncontrollably. She needed him to stop. For her own sanity. Before he brought her to the level of spastic, unintelligible speech.

“OH FUCK!!! SHIT!!!! NO FAIR!! NO FAIR!!!” She babbled, squeezing her legs together and placing her hands on top of her lover’s head, Kayla pushed Sean away from her tender center. “Oh fuck! I think you’re trying to drive me INSANE!!!!”

Sean stood up from his position on the floor to pull his sister into his body. The sheer contact to her lover cause a smattering of aftershocks to ripple up and down Kayla’s spine as he wrapped her in his embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32