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After Ann had been tricked by Pastor Jules to expose herself and forced to submit to him and let him have his way with her (see part 1: “The good Pastor”), she felt ashamed, used and humiliated. But at the same time she felt elated: never before had a man satisfied her so deeply! She had to admit to herself how much she had enjoyed being in the strong hands of Jules, and the final sexual act had not been forced on her. She had keenly pleasured the Pastor, greedily kissing and sucking his cock until he came in her. And she felt proud and flattered that this good-looking young man had chosen her – an already middle-aged woman.

But what should she do now? Confront him? Avoid him? Report him? Forgive him? or let him take her again? Technically it had not even been rape, as defined by the criminal law. Did she really want to report Jules to the police? Tell them all the details, what he did to her, and what she did in the end … , and ruin his career?

Just remembering how it had happened made Ann feel excited again and she felt herself swelling up and getting wet. But what about the photos? She must get the photos back. Or had he posted them already on the internet? Thinking it all over, Ann began to realise that she held at least as much power over him as Jules had over her. If he exposed her by publishing her photos, she could just move somewhere else where nobody knew her. But she could ruin his entire career, if she chose to expose him. Ann began to smile. Pastor Jules might be a big and dangerous shark, but she got him on a hook, and she could reel him in bit by bit and make him perform circus tricks in the end.

So, on Sunday morning she went to church as usual. During the sermon (she could not concentrate on it), Pastor Jules’ eyes rested on her several times, and when he placed the host in her mouth during Holy Communion, Ann could not help thinking of what he had placed in her mouth three days earlier – even though she felt guilty of having such blasphemous thoughts. Afterwards, when the Pastor said good-bye to everybody at the church door, Ann looked him in the eyes and just said “I need to talk to you” before walking away.

Shortly afterwards she received a text message from Jules “I need to see you too” and they arranged a meeting in her flat on Monday evening. On Monday morning a bouquet of red roses was delivered – anonymously. Ann smiled – the fish had taken the bait.

She dressed carefully for the occasion: Ann wanted to look attractive but not tarty. Her black lace low décolleté push-up bra allowed her to show off her well developed bosom (mother nature had been generous with her). She also decided to wear a nice flowery blouse over it – not exactly see-through, but neither hiding everything. But she only left the top button open – let him work on the other buttons. The skirt continued the summery theme. Reaching down to her knees it did not look provocative, but it was wide and flowing, giving easy access to a roaming hand. There – she caught herself daydreaming again. What about her open-crotch sexy knickers? They were tarty all right, but once Jules got that far, that didn’t matter any longer! No stockings or tights, bare feet and little make-up: her innocent nature-girl-look was complete. To compensate for ankara escort the not so summery British weather she also turned the heating on.

When the Pastor arrived, he tried to compliment Ann on her looks, but she sternly interrupted him: “This is not about me. This is about you. How could you betray my trust so cruelly? I believed you and your cock-and-bull story of the anti-slavery project. I trusted you and you disrespected me so much. How could you? I really don’t know why I haven’t gone to the police yet. I thought you’d come to apologise, not to pay me compliments!” Ann’s tears were streaming down her cheeks (good decision to use little make-up!) but she controlled herself and poured the tea.

Pastor Jules was apologetic. “Believe me, I did not mean to trick you. I really meant what I said and thought these photos of you in chains could make people stop and think and get involved in the anti-slavery project. Maybe I had not thought it through properly. I am sorry, but once I had you all tied up, I completely lost my self-control. Having you suddenly in my power gave me such a rush. And you looked so beautiful, so tempting … my hands just had to caress you, your soft flesh, your beautiful breasts, your everything, every inch of your attractive body.”

Jules knew how effective and powerful compliments are, especially on women who are not used to receiving them. He looked at Ann in a pleading way, and noticed her heaving bosom as she was blushing and let out a little sigh. She didn’t seem angry any longer. “Dear Ann” he continued, “I want to give you something as a token of my appreciation, something to compliment your natural beauty.”

And with that Jules produced an pearl necklace from his pocket. “These natural pearls go so well with your auburn hair. I hope you like them.”

“They are beautiful” whispered Ann, “thank you Jules”. And then she added “pearls, the tears of the sea!”

“Let me put it on you”. Not waiting for her answer, Jules got up and stepped behind her chair. Putting the necklace on her gave him the opportunity to touch her soft flowing hair and to brush against the soft skin of her neck. Everything about her was soft. Jules was really attracted to Ann; he meant it, this was no longer a game to him.

“Let me look at you”, he moved round to face her, “How lovely you are, Ann. Allow me …” And he carefully opened the second button of her blouse and let the necklace rest in the valley between her full breasts. Jules took care not to touch her breasts. Instead he sighed “lovely, just lovely!”

Ann did not know what to say, she just looked at him. And then the Pastor did exactly what she was hoping for, what she was longing for: He bent down to her, took her head in his hands and kissed her on the mouth. She responded passionately, their tongues met and circled round each other and Jules tasted her soft lips and felt her passion rising.

When Jules released the embrace, he took her hand and led her to the sofa. Settling down comfortably, he took off his sweater. “Nice and warm in your flat – or it must be you giving me so much heat!” Then he placed Ann on his lap and started kissing her again, her mouth and her neck. This time his right hand was roaming over her body and had soon escort ankara managed to open all the buttons on her blouse. “Your breasts are stunning” he mumbled, and slipping his hand inside the bra, he easily popped them out to reveal their full beauty with her erect nipples. “I am not very experienced, but never have I seen such beautiful breasts as yours!”

“Oh, let me kiss your breasts”, and without waiting for an answer he kissed one of her pert nipples. He kissed and sucked and licked and teasingly bit her teat until he felt her melting. And when he slipped his hand under her skirt, stroking her soft bare legs and moving up towards her soft centre, he heard her moan a little. But then Ann withdrew a bit, saying “just look how far you’ve got me again Jules, half naked and in your arms – but isn’t it sinful?”

“There is no sin in making love,” explained the pastor. “Unlike my catholic colleagues I am not under the rule of celibacy. I am a single man and you are a single woman. Where in the Bible does God forbid sex between single people? Nowhere! Is our sexuality not a gift from God?” Ann thought it over for a while and had to admit that he was right. Perhaps a few passages from Paul’s letters, but St Paul was a woman-hater anyway. So, when Jules’ hand started roaming again, Ann was only too pleased to let him, and she longingly parted her thighs to allow his hand access to her hungry pussy.

While his hand took hold of her, Jules was talking again. “You must know how much I have been longing for you. Ever since last week I couldn’t think of anything else but you. And what excited me so much, was being completely in charge of you. That was an experience I have never had before, even though I have fantasised about it. And I think you loved it too, didn’t you my darling?”

“Yes, I did” whispered Ann, while his hand gripped her pussy. “You are in charge of me now!”

“And this is the biblical relationship between man and woman” lectured the pastor. “God made woman, because Adam was alone. God made woman so she would please and to obey Adam. You are Eve, the eternal temptress, and when we are together sexually, you need to obey be. You must acknowledge my authority over you – only when it comes to love-making of course. Do you?”

This was more than Ann had expected. But the pastor was right. And this was what she secretly wanted: to be taken, to be taken care of, not having to make the decisions, to find her fulfilment by pleasing this beautiful young man, who had already taken charge. She looked him in the eyes and said in a clear voice “Yes I do, Jules, I promise to love you and obey you.”

“And I promise to love you and protect you.” Jules retained his hand, that had been gripping her pussy all through their bible talk, and kissed her on the mouth. Then he stood up in front of her and said or rather ordered: “Now take off my belt and hand it to me. By doing so you symbolically submit to me and give me the authority to use this belt on you whenever I deem it necessary to discipline you. You are my disciple, and discipline is necessary.”

Ann was a bit scared for a moment, but then she remembered the power she held over the pastor and started to undo his belt. She pulled it out and handed it to him as ordered. ankara escort bayan “Now bend over my knee!” came Jules’ authoritative voice again, and as she did so hesitatingly, the pastor lifted her skirt up and exposed Ann’s well rounded white derriere. Her sexy knickers hardly covered any of its glory. Whack! One sharp strike with the belt came down over her bottom and Ann let out a little shriek. “That was just to teach you, my darling Ann, that I will use my belt when necessary. I do not want to hurt you, just to make sure you recognise that this is for real.” Then Jules dropped the belt and started to caress her bottom. The belt had left a pink mark on her white cheeks. After Ann had got used to the feeling, the pain ceded and gave way to a tinkling stinging sensation which was not unpleasant, warming her up from inside.

“Now take off my trousers and undress me completely!” This time Ann did not hesitate to follow his orders. Lovingly she took off his shoes and socks, his trousers and underpants, and his shirt until he stood naked before her. How much she fancied him, wanted him. His penis was fleshy, half erect, waiting for attention. Quickly slipping out of her skirt, Ann started to give this wonderful member her full attention. First she was caressing his balls, playing with them, running her fingers round the balls and up his shaft, letting her hands move round to his butt and gently squeezing it, back to his cock, gripping his rod in her hand and gently pulling his foreskin over the glans, and up again and down, exposing the shiny head of his glorious rod. She loved to feel how the penis in her hand grew and extended.

“Please fuck me now, my dear master” she pleaded, “I need to feel your wonderful cock inside my pussy!”

“Don’t worry my darling, I know you deserve a good fuck. I’ll fuck you all right, but first you kneel in front of me and kiss and suck my cock again. Just make me real hard!”

Ann thought he was already real hard, but did as she was told. She had never before given oral sex to any other man, and here she was at it again, kissing and sucking the pastor’s cock, who had not even fucked her once yet. “Take your time darling,” came his instruction “there is no hurry. We have all the time in the world.” Ann felt his hand on her head, to make sure she remained in place. She was slowly and rhythmically sucking him while caressing his hairy thighs with her hands. It felt so good that she began to think it would be just as good, if he came in her mouth instead of her pussy. But just then Jules gently withdrew and told her to kneel on the sofa. He placed her legs apart with her backside facing him, exposing once more her shining bum with the belt-mark still visible. And her glistening wet pussy was open and waiting for him. Her open-crotch knickers framed her pussy like a piece of art.

And then he slid his cock into her, in and out and in again. Again and again, in an unceasing rhythm he rammed it home. He filled her up, he fulfilled her desires. Her honey flowed, lubricating his piston. She stopped thinking, she was just his to take her. She started moaning and shivers went through her body. Just when she thought she was about to come, she felt a hard slap on her bottom, and another one and another one! Ann cried out in her climax, her orgasm and her pain became identical, she came and came like she had never come before and felt the warm sensation of Jules coming in her and filling her up. In a huge sigh of relief Ann collapsed on the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32