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Well another day is here and I roll over to the sexiest female on the planet. She reaches out and kisses me, she slips her tongue into my mouth and jerks it out she yells go brush your teeth your mouth smells like she-male cum. When I got up she followed me to the bathroom she stopped me and when I looked into her eyes I knew she was up to something. She told me she wanted me to masturbate for her before I brush my teeth. She said that while you are jerking-off I will tell you what we are going to be doing in the next couple days.

She handed me the Vaseline and a remote control vibrating butt-plug. She said insert the butt-plug first then jack-off I know how these butt-plugs make you produce more cum and how you like something up your ass so much. She told me not to cum until she tells me to. My ass devoured the butt-plug and she was right I loved to have my ass full of something like most men when I cum. I had the butt-plug all the way up my ass and was sitting back on the toilet the butt-plug had a suction cup on the end so I could fuck my ass up and down while I jacked-off. She jumped up on the sink and started telling me what was in store for me. She said that I have been having too much fun lately and she feels like she has been kayseri escort neglected.

So for the next few days you will not cum any. So you had better enjoy this masturbation time and shoot a lot of cum. Because when you are done I am going to put the cock cage on you. Also I am going to be out late at night collecting sperm from many different men and when I get home you will suck and lick my ass and pussy until I am clean. While you are doing this I will tell you what happen that night. I will tell you how many cocks fucked me, how many cocks I sucked, but don’t worry I am going to take every load of cum in my ass or cunt. So you will have something to taste when I get home.

Some of the men might come home with me and if they do you are to please them any way they want, but YOU ARE NOT TO CUM. I will have your nuts on the wall if you cum without my approval. These next few days are to get your sperm count up. I am sick and tired of your runny clear cum. I want some that is thick and rich, deep crème color with lots of protein in it. The kind you use to shoot out of your cock when you first started masturbating. Also I am going to give your ass a break to, it is getting so stretched out that my fist don’t even keçiören escort make you holler any more.

I was jacking-off real hard and my balls was swelling up I was going to cum soon if she didn’t quite talking. Just then she informed me that when I cum she wanted me to shoot it in the glass she was holding. She also said that during the day she is likely to be fucking the mailman, pool-boy (just a young man about 20 years old) or maybe the man next door. She said that she will put her panties on fast after she cum’s so any that leaks out will be saved and I can suck her panties clean too. About that time I started shooting cum out of my prick with so much force that it hit the bottom of the glass my wife reached down and was massaging my balls, that always helps to produce extra cum.

She then reached over and snapped the cock cage over my cock and said the adventure starts now. She pulled the butt-plug out of my ass and took some kind of Chinese potion and squirted it in to my asshole, she said that would tighten your asshole up. I could feel my ass muscles tighten up a lot it felt like nothing I have ever done. She then took my toothbrush and dipped it in to the glass and got my cum on it she said ankara kendi evi olan escort brush your teeth with the cum. I started brushing my teeth and I loved the taste it is like sweet peach nectar, (I have been eating my cum for a long time) I took the glass and poured the rest of cum into my mouth.

My wife yelled don’t swallow it I want some too. So there we were trading my cum back and forth I finally pushed all the cum into her mouth with my tongue and she swallowed all of it. I thanked her for being such a fine lady. She got up and we both took a shower I got down on my knees and was sucking on her clit with the water running all around it she was loving it. When we toweled off she started putting on her make up and she had what I call a fuck-me outfit laid out on the bed. I ask her what was going on and she said I am going out to get my first cum treatment. She shaved her cunt bald that way it was easier to clean up at night when I was sucking the cum out of it. She makes it so simple for me always looking out for ways to make my life so enjoyable.

I ask her were she was going and she said that they was a lot of young men hanging out down at the corner bar. And she wanted to fine out if any of them had a big cock. My cock was trying to get hard but the cage keeps it from doing anything. She was dressed in black and had high heel fuck-me pumps on. She told me to be a good boy and she would bring me home a treat.

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To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32