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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This is just a fantasy. The material in this story is for adults only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and older.

Chapter 01.

My name is Brad Rockefeller and I’m a 25 year old rich brat. I’m 6′ tall and 180 lbs. My father was a multi-millionaire and as an only child I’ve got money to burn. I received ten million dollars for my twenty-first birthday. The family fortune is approaching one billion greenbacks and is currently controlled by my Mother. I’m a very distant relative (fifth cousin or something) to the New York Rockefellers. I graduated from college with a degree in Mass Communications concentrating in film. I want to make films but I also want to get fucked a lot. I was a bit of a playboy in college and probably fucked a few dozen hotties in my four years. So I decided to start my own production company which will concentrate on porn. But I want to make movies out of all the erotica being written out there. Books like “50 Shades Of Grey” but I plan on making them XXX rated. The production company is called Slipstream Productions and our motto is “Erotic Romance To XXX Rated Movies.” I am looking to get many more mainstream women interested in porn.

I’ve already purchased a large warehouse and I am having it modified into offices and sound stages. Because I like getting laid, I have decided to do my own casting so I opened up my casting agency called Slipstream Adult Modeling. I’ve put ads in all papers and fliers up in various neighborhoods. I’m looking for porn stars of both sex for Slipstream Productions. I do have a couple of contacts in California who make porn movies so I will also be forwarding the casting videos out to them. Some of my interviewees may be hired by the big boys. But I’m hoping to join the big boys soon and bring adult film making to the east coast and maybe get richer.

I don’t know yet how I’m going to interview and test the males. I need a female assistant who wants to get paid for having sex.

A week after the fliers and ads appeared, I received a phone call on Thursday from a lady who would like to be tested. She says she loves sex of any kind and is ready to be a porn star. I set up a Friday appointment with her and give her the address. I explain to her what I plan on doing when she comes in and it only makes her more excited. Now I’m looking forward to the interview. She has a very sexy voice over the phone. My office is ready and I have ten video cameras up and two portable camcorders ready.

At the appointed time, there’s a knock on my door and I get up and let the young hot lady into the office. We shake hands and I say “Hi, I’m Brad Rockefeller. I’m the CEO here and the chief interviewer.”

She says “Hi Brad. My name is Penny Smyth. I’m looking forward to the interview.” Penny is smokin’ hot.

“Please sit down on the couch, Penny, and we’ll start. Now I told you what we are going to do today during and after the interview. I need to ask you again if you are fine with everything we talked about on the phone call.”

She smiles and says “Oh, Brad, I am so fine with everything you told me about. I’m raring to go. You’re pretty hot and I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Great, Penny. So the first thing I want you to do is remove your clothes. If you are going to be a porn star you might as well get use to being naked around clothed people. A normal porn shoot will have the naked actors and actresses and from six to over twenty non-participants doing such things as directing, running the cameras, making sure the lighting is right and insuring the sound is correct. There will also be other assistants like makeup artists and numerous other assistants, both men and women. So let’s start removing those clothes and give me a sexy strip tease while you are at it.”

Penny is probably the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s a blonde and as she’s stripping and dancing for me she is revealing a perfect body. Once she is naked, she holds her arms out and says “Ta dah.” She doesn’t seem self-conscience about her body at all. I catch myself licking my lips. Penny giggles.

I say “I’m going to take some photos of you now, gorgeous. Keep dancing for me.” She keeps moving and I start snapping pictures. Damn, she’s hot. After a few minutes, I tell her to stop dancing and I say “Now I need some head shots of you. Give me some nice smiles.”

“Excellent.” I snap four good head-shots of her. She could be a top model.

“Okay, sweetheart. I want you to face the couch, bend at your waist and spread your butt cheeks apart. I want a good look at that sweet pussy and ass.” She does as I ask and I’m rock hard. She’s smokin’. I take a couple of pictures of her female parts which look perfect. Yum, they look delicious and it looks like she’s a bit wet.

After I finish with the photo shoot, I tell her to have a seat and we’ll start the interview portion.

“So amatör porno Penny, have you decided on a porn name yet?”

Penny says “No, not really.”

I say “Well, you should probably come up with one. You don’t want to use your real name.”

She says “Okay.”


“I’m 22.”

I ask her her measurements and she says “36C-22-38 and 5′ 8″ tall.”

I say “Weight?”

She says “About 120lbs. It varies a pound or two depending on how athletic I’ve been.”

Her hair looks like it’s not bleached. I ask “Is blonde your real hair color?” Her pussy is bald so I can’t check the rug.

She smiles and says “Yes, real ‘dirty’ blonde. It gets a lot lighter in the summer.”

I say “Okay, let’s talk sexual experience. Give me a ballpark figure of the number of sex partners.”

She blushes and says “This will surprise you. Four not including one woman.”

I smile and say “Great! I’m glad to hear that you are bisexual or have at least tried another lady.”

She smiles and says “Oh, yes, I’m bisexual but with a heavy lean toward the male sex though. I just love cock too much.”

I smile. “So, I’m assuming oral and vaginal sex, right?”


“What about anal?”

She says “I haven’t tried it yet.”

I say “Well, if you want to make it big in the porn business you know you have to do anal. The producers out in California probably won’t even consider you if you don’t do anal, especially anal on your audition tape.”

She frowns and says “Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m not sure about trying anal today though.”

I say “Well, that’s okay. If you want to train yourself, I’ll loan you some butt plugs, some lube and a large dildo. You can start to stretch your own asshole.”

She smiles and says “Great. That’s nice of you.”

I say “Well, you are very beautiful and have a hot body. I’d love to see you make it big.”

She smiles again and says “Thank you, Brad. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Penny. Then in a few weeks, you can come back and I’ll take your anal virginity for you on video and I’ll get it edited into the video we’ll make today. Let’s get back to the interview. I assume lesbian sex is no problem?”

She says “Right, no problem.”

I say “Now, did she do you or did you also go down on her.”

She says “We went down on each other.”

“Great. Have you had sex with multiple men at the same time or been in an orgy where you’ve sampled multiple men.”

She says “No. Just couple sex, that’s about all my experience. No orgies, no multiple partners of either sex.”

“Okay, how about kinky sex?”

She frowns again and crosses her legs and puts her arms across her chest. She says “I don’t think so. I’m not even sure what that is.”

I say “Honey, stop covering yourself. I want to see your breasts and I never want your legs crossed, ever.”

She frowns again and says “Okay, Brad. Sorry.” She puts her hands down and uncrosses her legs.

I say “Penny, spread your legs a little. I want to see that pretty pussy.” She blushes but spreads her legs.

I say “Beautiful. Okay, so single partners only and no kinky stuff.”

I hand her a pen and a sheet of paper and tell her to write down her phone number and email address so I know how to contact her. She starts to write and when finished hands everything back to me.

“Thanks, Penny. Okay, I want you to lean back, spread your legs out and start to masturbate while I strip. Play to this camera on my desk.”

She spreads her legs out, leans back and begins to play with herself. She’s watching me strip and when I’m totally naked, she licks her lips. I can see the lust in her eyes. My penis is a pretty hard seven and a half inches. I can’t wait to get into that hot pussy. She can’t take her eyes off of it. I remind her that the cameras are recording. She smiles, licks her lips again and looks into the camera on my desk.

I let her go for five minutes and I’m stroking myself for half that time. She’s still staring at my hard on.

After five minutes, I ready to enter that gorgeous pussy so I walk over and kneel down in front of her. I say “I’m going to see how that gorgeous pussy tastes now.” Sue me, I love eating pussy.

I remove her hand and stick my face into her pussy. I begin to lick her and she groans loudly. After a couple of minutes, she grabs her legs behind her knees and pulls them up so that she’s really open for me. She tastes very good and her pheromones are making me hot as hell. I reach up with both hands and begin to play with her hard nipples. She’s got great tits.

After a couple of minutes, I reach back down and open her pussy up a little more. I start to suck and lick her inner pussy lips. She groans “Oh, God!!” She starts to breathe like she’s having problems catching her breath. When I slip two fingers into her pussy, she says “Oh, Brad, yesssss!”

I start to finger fuck her with special attention to the g-spot and a minute later she anal porno raises off the couch and screams as she begins to cum. As she’s still cumming, I move to her clit and suck it into my mouth and she screams and lifts off the couch again.

I start to flick her clit with my tongue and she screams again. “Holy fuck!!!!”

After she’s cums for a couple of minutes, she pushes me away. She’s breathing really hard. I smile up at her and eventually she looks me in the eyes and smiles. “Wow!! That was something.”

I stand up, take a step back, turn sideways so the camera on my desk can get a good view and point at my hard cock. She smiles and slowly gets up off the couch to kneel in front of me. She grabs my rock hard cock and begins to lick the head. Soon my cock is buried in her mouth and she’s sucking the hell out of it. She’s not bad. She starts to fuck her mouth with it. She’s not deep-throating it but what she is doing feels great. Soon I pull her up, kiss her and tell her to lay down on the couch.

She lays down and spreads her legs out wide. She then pulls her knees up and looks up at me. I roll a condom on and slip into her. We both sigh when I hit bottom. She’s pretty tight and it really feels so damn good. I soon start to move in her and she starts to moan. After a minute or so, I begin to pound her good. She hits another orgasm after two more minutes of fucking her hard and she continues to cum every couple of minutes. After three more orgasms, I pull out. I tell her to get up, I want her on top for a while.

I sit on the couch and she climbs on. She starts to bounce up and down on my hard one. I start to play with those hard nipples again. She’s moaning again and then she leans down and kisses me. When she breaks the kiss and sits back up, I reach one hand down and start to rub her clit. She’s not real big there but it’s hard so it’s easy to find.

She’s moaning constantly and lasts two more minutes and then she screams again as she begins another orgasm. She’s really clamping down on me but I manage to make it through another of her orgasm. It’s really hard and I’m fast approaching my orgasm.

I tell her to get up and lean over the arm of the couch. I slip into her and start to fuck her doggie style. She hits another orgasm quickly. I’m still okay but I’m getting close. That pussy is tight. I begin to play with her anus then slip my finger into her. She immediately screams and her pussy clamps down on me hard. I last through that orgasm but I pull out and tell her to turn around and kneel. She kneels and opens her mouth. I’m jacking off. The first stream goes right into her mouth and I aim the rest at her face.

Six shots of cum later, I’m done. She looks great with that cum on her face so I tell her how wonderful she looks. I help her stand and kiss her lips. I tell her to go through a door behind my desk. There’s a full bathroom there.

She cleans up and comes back in a couple of minutes later. I tell her to sit down. I walk over and hand her a $100 bill. That’s what I pay for the casting. She says “Thanks, Brad. I didn’t know I got paid for making the audition tape.”

I smile and say “I’ll pay for all the sex you have here, honey.”

I sit down at the desk and remotely stop the cameras. I look at her and say “You are really good for someone with such little experience. I really like you, Penny, but I have a problem and maybe you can help me. I need a female assistant to specifically test any males that might come in and also to test any other ladies for a little pussy eating. Would you like a job? I’ll give you $200 for each pussy eaten and $500 for each cock sucked and fucked on camera.”

She says “I could use a better job. I work two jobs part-time now and only get about 30 hours a week at minimum wage.”

I really like this young woman. I say “I’ll tell you what I will do. I’ll give you the bonuses I just mentioned and hire you for $40,000 a year to start……but you must fuck me whenever I want it. I really like you. If you work out, I’ll give you a $20,000 raise on the anniversary of your first year. And your pay starts today if you say yes.”

She smiles and says “I accept, Brad, and thank you very much. I look forward to working with you and for you. I also look forward to fucking you whenever you want. Today’s sex was the best I ever had.”

“Great. I’d also like to put you under contract. I’m just starting my own porn production company and I need stars. We should be ready in a couple of months to start shooting. It pays by the sex act. I haven’t firmed up the rates yet but it will be at least what you are going to be getting as a interview tester. That’s $200 for each pussy eaten and $500 for each cock sucked and fucked. In addition, anal sex is $1000 per penis in the ass. So for an anal orgy, you could make up to $5000 a shoot. For the kinky stuff, it’s even more. Sound good?”

She smiles and says “Sign me up! But what exactly do you mean by the kinky stuff.”

“Well, it could be anything anal breakers porno from having you tied up and fucked good to getting spanked to being whipped and having to wear pussy and tit clamps. But it’s all voluntary. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to but I think you might find out you like being tied up and fucked hard.”

“Okay, as long as the contract doesn’t say I have to do something I don’t really want to do, I’m in.”

“Don’t worry. And I’m still going to finish your audition tape and forward copies to two producers I know in California.” She smiles.

I get the contract out and put the amounts I just mentioned in the blanks on the contract. I sign it and hand it to her. She reads it and signs it. I hand her the job paperwork for the IRS and Social Security. After she finishes with the paperwork, I tell her to come around the desk and sit on my lap. She does and I give her a long French kiss. I’m rubbing my hands all over her naked body. “So Penny, do you have a current boyfriend?”

She smiles and says “No.”

“Would you like to go out for supper tonight? We’ll make it a date.” I can’t help it, I’m really taken by this beauty on my lap. She’s definitely hotter than all the babes I had in college.

She looks me in the eyes and says “I’d love it.”

I say “Let’s go into the bathroom, take a shower and get ready.”

“Okay, Brad.”

Into the shower we go. I love showering with a hot female. It’s a whole lot of fun. By the time we are done, I’m hard again. Penny says “Would you like me to take care of that?”

I say “Not right now, honey. After we eat I’ll show you where I live and then we’ll get naked again. I’m looking forward to fucking you again.”

As we are getting dressed, she says she needs to call her roommate and let her know she’s got a date tonight. She doesn’t take long and we’re both ready to go.

Since she’s not dressed for a fancy restaurant, I take her out to one of the three star ones. We have a fine supper and talk a lot. We basically tell each other about our past lives. She went to a local college but only finished two years. She told me her father threw her out of the house when she finished high school. She did the two years of college on her own without financial help from Daddy. She says when the economy went into the crapper, she lost her job which was in manufacturing and paid $15/hr. That’s why she couldn’t continue with college. She says she’s not close with her Dad but she talks to her Mom a couple of times a week.

I told her about finishing college but I didn’t tell her I’m the only heir to a nearly billion dollar fortune which my Mother controls now. If we get close, I’ll let her know. I want her to get to know me and not to worry about my money.

After we finish eating, I grab her hand and we head for my apartment which is a penthouse apartment in one of the better buildings in the city. When the elevator door opens, her mouth falls open. I pull her into the apartment. It’s a three master suite apartment. She’s looking around with her mouth open. I reach up and close her mouth. She laughs.

She says “Brad, are you rich?”

I smile and say “Well, let’s just say I’m doing really well.”

I break out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I open it up and pour the drink into the glasses. I hand her one and say “To a great working relationship and an enjoyable sex life for both of us.”

We clink glasses and take a sip. “So do you feel like taking care of my problem now?” She reaches down and grabs my crotch.

I’m fairly hard. She smiles and says “I’d love to have that pounding into me again.”

I smile. We’re going to get along just fine.

We spend the rest of the night really getting to know each other, physically and mentally. In the morning after I fix her breakfast, I take her home and ask if she’d like to go clubbing with me tonight. She readily agrees and I tell her I’ll pick her up at 8pm.

Saturday night is one of the best dates of my life. She likes to dance and party so we hit several night spots and really enjoy each other. At midnight, I ask if she like to come back to my place and spend the night. She doesn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’.

We head to my place and she tells me she’s really sweaty from all that dancing and she’d like to shower before we get intimate. I agree and we both quickly remove our clothes and hit the shower. The rest of the night we spend in each others arms making love (well, fucking anyway). I take her home in the morning after feeding her. As I drop her off, I tell her I’ll see her Monday at 9am at Slipstream Productions.

She smiles and gives me a long kiss.


On Monday, we are both at work. She’s quit her piss ass jobs and she’s happy to join me. She’s just sitting on the couch we fucked on for her video. She has the smallest butt plug in. I’m doing some computer work, basically looking at erotica on line. I’m looking for my first story to turn into a script. I need to hire a couple of script writers. She has a short skirt on and she keeps on flashing me. She’s got no panties on and I can see that butt plug in her ass too. I think we are going to have to take a break soon and I need to bury my hard cock in that sweet pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32