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After Amber left us Renee and I got out of bed to shower and dress. When we were decent, we went looking for Amber. We found her in one of the spare bedrooms writing in a small binder. I apologized for abandoning her then asked what she’d come up with. She shrugged it off as no big deal and then we started talking about her ideas for the makeover.

Renee hovered about interjecting comments regarding the selections Amber had come up with. I listened to her ideas nodding my head when it seemed appropriate. The colors she had in mind didn’t bother me at all, in fact I really liked them. It would be a nice change from the pastels my wife and I had selected maybe ten years ago. She also suggested I remove the carpeting and replace it with laminate or get new carpeting. I could see a whole bunch of trips to the big box store in my future.

Amber said she’d make a better list and get paint samples for me to ponder. She asked about my photographs. I booted up the computer to show her the folders with all my wildlife pictures. I let her peruse those while Renee and I looked over her shoulder. The girls made comments about my various shots. I decided to straighten up the house while they were critiquing my work, that way my ego wouldn’t get too bruised.

When they were done, they sat me down at the kitchen table to talk about remodeling along with attempting to sell my pictures. Amber had her act together when it came to artsy things. She suggested I create a web page to help sell my prints. We’d get together to print and frame the better photos in my collection. She’d help with all that after showing me how to improve some shots via Photoshop. It was going to be a long, slow process but she’d help. She just wanted a small cut of the profits. I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be rich by selling my artwork. I consented rather than just having my pictures on the hard drive and nobody looking at them.

Just before lunch, the girls headed back to their homes leaving me with an optimistic view of my summer. I was already busy working out, swimming, running, and biking so now I’d really have to manage my leisure time better to get all my new goals off the ground. I thought about calling my daughters to tell them of my little epiphany regarding the house. I’d have to figure out a good reason to justify having two high school girls helping me. I called my doctor and made an appointment to get a prescription for those magical erection pills. I’d done okay in the bedroom Sunday and Monday morning but I didn’t know if Renee was being easy on me or what. Insurance is a good thing when it comes to being able to perform, at least that’s what I told myself.

The girls had only a couple of weeks left in school. I figured neither of them would be back till Friday night or Saturday. I had time to figure out my plan of action as far as the remodel. I looked at the three spare bedrooms and decided to make one an office where I could sit and work on my pictures. I did some research as to the costs involved redoing the bedrooms. I figured maybe five hundred each which wasn’t that bad and I was being generous.

The remainder of the week consisted of my normal routine, working out, swimming, and running. I went to the doctor and got my pills which were more expensive than I thought they should be. I still hadn’t come up with a way to tell my girls but I was sure I’d think of something.

Friday, I got a call from Renee; she was planning on spending the weekend with me. Her mom and Leon were gone again so she wanted to come over and play. I told her it was fine and asked if Amber was going to join us. She said not Friday night but sometime on Saturday. She’d gotten the paint samples and had everything ready for me to look over so we could get started.

I didn’t make any special arrangements for Renee’s visit except for the pills which I hoped I wouldn’t need. We’d figure out dinner and all that once she got here. Hopefully, she could help me come up with an excuse so I could let my daughters know about the renovation. But then again we could just have sex and not worry about it. That idea didn’t bother me at all.

Renee arrived around four on Friday evening. It had been a beautiful, warm, May day. Knowing I rarely lock the door, she just walked in surprising Buster and Sadie who immediately trotted over for pets and scratches. I was in my “office” sorting pictures when I heard the commotion. I walked out to see what was going on. Renee was on her knees, a small overnight bag next to her as she greeted the pups. Being the little minx, she was dressed in Daisy Dukes and flip flops. Her magnificent breasts were covered in a plaid shirt buttoned just high enough to cover her breasts and of course no bra. My view was a very delightful one; her cleavage teasing me and her smile reminding me she was mine to enjoy all weekend. Henry began to stir with thoughts of delightful activities with this buxom young woman.

I stood there enjoying the show, “Hello, sweetheart.”

She submissive cuckolds porno got up noticing my focus was not on her eyes, “I missed you daddykins,” as she planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

I wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her back. My enthusiasm growing between my legs pressed against her.

“I missed you too.”

She giggled, “I can feel it. Dessert first or would you like to wait until after dinner?”

I grinned, “After dinner is fine. How was your week?”

She started rocking in my arms, “It was okay. We’re saying goodbye to everyone, lots of tears. I know I’ll probably never see most of my friends ever again. But, that’s fine. Amber is the only one I’m close with. I’ll miss her and you.”

I smiled at her, “Thank you. I know we barely know each other but, I missed you too, cutie.”

“Did you get your little insurance policies from the doctor?”

I winked at her, “I did. I got the one with the free bathtubs.”

“Silly, we could have dessert, dinner then dessert. I don’t think dessert is fattening or anything,” she grinned.

The dogs returned to their beds as we headed to mine. She put her overnight bag on the empty dresser then turned to embrace me once again. We stood next to the bed kissing and fondling each other’s’ backsides until she was ready. She stepped back enough to unbutton my jeans while still kissing me. Her soft hands slipped inside my loosened jeans, fumbling around until she found what she was looking for. One hand grasped my now swollen friend as the other worked my jeans off my hips.

Our kisses continued as she worked her hand up and down me, making sure I was ready. Releasing Henry, she took the bottom of my tee shirt lifting it up to my waist. I took the hint and continued removing it as she moved her hands to my ass, jerking down my boxers from behind.

I tossed my shirt to the floor while stepping out of my boxers and jeans. She stood back admiring my naked body as she loosened the few buttons covering her gorgeous orbs. She mouthed some rap type beat as each button came free. I smiled as she swayed, teasing me with her little strip tease.

It wasn’t long until she was as bare as I was. She backed up and onto the bed, watching me the entire time. I waited until she was comfortable then I snuggled next to her. She was laying on her back, I was on my side, elbow in the pillow, my left hand supporting my head. I laid there admiring her physique, my right hand gently surveying her exquisite form.

After a few quiet moments, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Touching, admiring, and adoring you. Why?”

“I thought we were going to fuck.”

“We will if you want. I’d prefer to make love to you. It’s your choice.”

She looked up at me, “What’s the difference?”

I tried to explain, “Fucking is just to get off. Making love is different. When you care about your lover you want them to enjoy the experience, the journey as well as the destination. At least that is how I look at it.”

She swallowed, “You care about me?”

I smiled, “Yes, I do. I thought we already had this little discussion.”

“We did but I wasn’t sure you really meant it.”

My fingers played with her nipples as we lay talking. Each one slowly enlarging as I toyed with them. She closed her eyes as I continued exploring her body with my fingertips.

“This does feel nice. You have a nice touch.”

I delighted in her response, “Thank you, I enjoy touching you.”

My explorations continued focused on her breasts. After a bit, I could tell she was anxious for more. My hand slipped over her tummy as I lowered my mouth to her closest nipple. Circling it with my tongue, my fingers walking down her mound, settling between her lips which were now moist to the touch.

Moving myself over her I got my oral fix by engulfing each breast in turn licking, kissing, sucking each one. My fingers played with her honey pot as she squirmed under me, moaning as I lead her on the path to another beautiful climax. She placed her hands on my head focusing my attention on her breasts. After a bit, my head was released to continue its journey over her body.

My fingers danced over her dew covered labia; the moistness covering them made massaging her much easier. I used my entire hand to cover and stroke her pussy as I kissed my way further south. I maneuvered my body managing to slip between her legs, my anxious penis awaiting the right moment to slip inside her.

She managed to whisper her desires to me while I licked her belly button, my hands now on either side of her. I rose up over her body, grasping my penis to tease her once again. I moved its head slowly up and down her sweet pussy lips until she begged me to slip it inside.

Carefully, I inserted him not wanting to rush the inevitable. It felt wonderful to be inside her, I almost let loose right then. I managed to think of less desirable things to prolong sex parties porno my erection as I began my delightful rhythmic dance on top of her. It didn’t matter what I was thinking of as long as I kept Henry from going off.

I moved my body against hers in a slow motion in and out of her. My dick would penetrate deep within her pussy making sure it touched her clit. Each time Henry contacted her spot she’d coo and squirm telling me that was it. I focused with short intense thrusts as she grabbed my ass cheeks holding me in place.

I lost my train of thought and couldn’t take much more. The feeling within the head of my dick against her clit intensified being inside her. She could tell I was close begging me to hold on for just a bit longer. I managed to last just long enough for the first wave of orgasm to envelope her. She squeezed my dick inside her which then set me off, pulsating my warm cum in her. My face contorted as I pumped Henry until he was spent and then pumped some more.

She lay there enjoying the feeling of fullness inside her, my throbbing dick and all the warm juiciness associated with it. She opened her eyes, looked into mine and smiled. I lay on top of her feeling satisfied with my performance as I caught my breath. She reached up, cupped my head within her hands then brought me to her face so we could kiss.

Long, wet, sloppy, delicious kisses as I lay on top of my angel. We paused for a brief moment, I looked into her eyes and thought I could fall in love with her. Then I recalled that this relationship would never fly. She was going to be gone in a month or two and I was more than twice her age.

She saw me pondering, “What are you thinking about, daddykins?”

“Oh, just how great this is between us. I know it’s only temporary but I was thinking “what if”.”

“Yeah, me too. But, I have plans and you’re rooted here. I think it’s cute that you think that way though. The bar has definitely been raised for boyfriends now. I’m going to be very picky in the future because of you.”

I smiled, “Thank you. You deserve someone who treats you well, sweetness.”

“I do, don’t I. Are most mature men as attentive as you are?

I rolled off her to cuddle while we talked.

“I have no idea. I do know that it’s most ‘mature’ men’s fantasy to bed a gorgeous, desirable young woman like yourself. It can be a very beneficial relationship for both parties.”

“What do you mean ‘beneficial’? Like she’s a mistress or something and he’s a sugar daddy?”

“There is that, yes. But he can also be a mentor for her, guiding her through the everyday trials and tribulations. Like a father would I guess only with sex. She is good for his ego whether there are any financial rewards for her or not. Does that make sense?”

She thought for a few moments, “So, what are we basing our relationship on?”

“I lust after you for one. I thought you did for me too since YOU seduced me, young lady.”

She giggled, “I guess I did. I liked you from the start. You have a nice body and you’re good to me. I found both very attractive. I’m comfortable with you. You don’t lie to me or anything like that. If I wasn’t going away to school I’d like this to last longer than the summer. I know it would be difficult to tell your daughters but, I’d be willing to prove that I’m not using you if I had to.”

I kissed her lips once again thanking her for the kind words.

“I wouldn’t mind a long term thing with you. The problem I would see down the road is if you wanted kids. I’m not planning on having any more. Grandkids maybe but no more children. You’re young and you may someday. That would be a big deal for us both.”

She sighed, “I know, it’s another reason I love you inside me. I’m worry free, daddykins.”

She kissed me quickly, giggling in the process.

“So, what’s for dinner? We’ve had the appetizer already or was that our first dessert?” she giggled.

“Silly, I’m grilling chicken, asparagus and I bought potato salad at the store. I’m not good at making it. I got a nice Chardonnay to go with it. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will. Amber will be here in the morning. We’ll start getting your house in order. I think it will be fun.”

“Right, fun.”

We eased out of bed and into the shower, staying there long enough to almost drain the fifty-gallon water heater. We were soaping, kissing, grinding and doing all sorts of fun and naughty things. We dressed in just shorts and her a small top because we knew we wouldn’t have any visitors. I made dinner while she played with the dogs and put her things in one of the drawers in the dresser.

We talked about her going off to college. It was moments like this I felt like a dirty old man. She was so much younger than me, her life stretched out before her, while mine on the downhill side. I silently thanked my lucky stars for allowing me the chance to fulfill one of my fantasies.

After dinner, spankbang porno we settled down in front of the television like an old married couple. She snuggled next to me close, exchanging just small talk during the shows we watched. I normally don’t watch much on television but I did enjoy our little cuddle time, laughing at the inane situations that passed as entertainment.

Around ten we both started yawning and decided to have dessert once more. I let the dogs out while she got ready for bed. When I returned to the bedroom she lay spread eagle in the middle of the mattress; on each ankle and wrist I spied handkerchiefs or something and her with a blindfold on. I stopped dead in my tracks and took the whole sight in as my jaw dropped in reaction to her preparation.

“What’s this?”

She grinned, “I thought we’d do something different. I’ve never been tied up before and I trust you to not hurt me. I want to see what it’s like if that’s okay with you. I’ve been told a blindfold adds to the sensations.”

“Well, okay. I don’t know if those will stretch to something I can tie off to but if you’re willing, I’ll try.”

She was in the middle of my king-sized bed. There was no way those scarves or whatever they were would stretch to the bed frame. I told her to wait for me and she laughed. Yes, I make stupid comments from time to time. I went into the kitchen remembering some kite string I had in the junk drawer. I grabbed it and the scissors. I took them back to the bedroom where she was patiently waiting for me. I proceeded to tie each of the scarves to the frame doubling up the string so she couldn’t easily break free. The scarves weren’t too tight on her so I wasn’t worried about marks when we were done with her experiment.

“Okay, you’re tied up but not too tight, test it.”

She gave each limb a tug and was satisfied she was restrained enough.

“Now tickle, tease and torture me. But not too hard.” she giggled.

I’d never done anything like this before. My wife and I had a very ‘vanilla’ sex life, so this was a complete shock to me. I had no clue what to do. I looked around for something to tickle her with. Not seeing anything around the room, I remembered a small duster that I never use in the hall closet. I quickly retrieved it making sure it wasn’t dirty then crept up next to the bed. I leaned over her feet and lightly dusted each one in turn. She squirmed, giggling as I tried to think of things to do with her.

Then I just sort of played it by ear. In one hand I used the duster to tease her toes while I used my forefinger on the other hand to trace the bottoms of her feet. This dual action approach caused her to shiver and spasm stretching our makeshift bondage thing to its limit.

She tried to get away but the scarves and my rope work didn’t let her get far. My inept attempt at being sexy was actually working. I continued giving her the double treatment, moving up and down her lower body not saying a word to her. From giggling and laughing she went into moans and encouragement. So, I did what she wanted me to and worked my way further up her confined body. I moved to one side of the bed extending myself over the mattress. I dusted her nipples, belly button, head, toes, and all points in between.

She was enjoying it more than I thought she would. I could see her glistening lips between her legs when I moved back to the foot of the bed. With her legs spread eagle her swollen labia looked extremely inviting so I slipped my face between her thighs. With one hand still holding the duster, I reached over her tummy to lightly dust as my tongue slurped up her sweet nectar.

The girl nearly came unglued. If her legs hadn’t been secured she probably would have squeezed my head so hard with her thighs it would have been like a walnut in a nutcracker. She bucked and thrashed about as I traced the familiar honey pot between her legs. She kept encouraging me at the top of her lungs. She finally climaxed to my delight and hers too. I withdrew my face, cheeks glistening and left the bed. Henry was at full attention waiting for an invitation to visit her once more. She barely caught her breath and was still panting when she asked me to untie her so she could thank me.

I again did as requested releasing her legs then her arms. She ripped off her blindfold, sat up, and kissed me hard on the lips. She pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to inhale Henry like she’d been starving. Her mastery of the blow job coupled with my anticipation resulted in a quick explosion in her mouth.

When I came, her expression looked as if she were a chipmunk with the entire winter nut supply in her cheeks. I guess those pills work because she said it was the biggest explosion she’d ever felt. I beamed of course, proud of Henry and his capabilities thanks to the miracles of modern science.

When she’d finished swallowing, we both collapsed on the bed to discuss our experience. I admitted I had no clue what I was doing. All she could say was that she enjoyed the hell out of my ignorance and maybe we should try tying me up next time. I had to think about that one for a few before saying, sure.

We talked for almost an hour then turned out the lights. Both of us slept soundly and didn’t wake until Amber knocked on the front door making the dogs bark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32