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Solo Male

I had spent the entire day with a desire burning deep inside me, growing more intense and harder to ignore as the seconds ticked by. My thoughts started to wander, thinking about hands on my bare skin, touching me in the way I so desperately wanted; caressing me in the most sensitive and pleasure-giving places. These thoughts and feelings built until I couldn’t take it anymore.

With the woman who I share the room with in her bed, just five feet away from my own, I couldn’t satisfy myself here. I racked my brain for anywhere else I could possibly go, and it hit me. There was one place, so private, that I’d never be bothered: the bathroom in the basement of my dorm building.

I went into the elevator and travelled the couple yards downward, the seconds ticking by tortured me as I went, seeming to go on forever. I waited impatiently, and practically ran out of the elevator and into the bathroom to my right. I locked the door behind me, and went into the stall within, locking it too.

I removed my clothes and laid on the floor, not even caring about who may have been in there before me, so focused on what escort bursa I was about to do.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and let my mind wander. I started to imagine that I was in another kind of bathroom, one where I could go into a stall, lay on a table, and stick my ass through, my needy pussy ready to be used by a horny stranger on the other side.

As I started to fantasize, I brought my right hand up to one of my DDD breasts and squeezed it roughly, enjoying the pleasure-pain. Eventually my hand wandered its way down my stomach and to my needy little hole.

I began to rub my clit, my hand moving for me as I let myself escape into my fantasy:

I position myself on the table in the stall and slide my ass through. I can feel the excitement and arousal going me as I do. Several moments pass by with nothing happening, and I start to wonder if anyone was on the other side. Suddenly, I hear the distinct hum of a vibrator and the stranger on the other side firmly places it against my clit.

I moan, pleasure flowing through my body, my pussy pulsing with need, my hole undoubtedly dripping for görükle escort the strange man to do as he pleases.

I feel two of his fingers pull my lips apart, revealing my tight hole from their folds. He moves these two fingers and slowly pushes them inside me, eliciting another moan from me, my body reacting to his touch.

He starts fingering me, hard and fast. I feel my heartbeat and breathing quicken, my pussy clinging to his fingers inside me. He stops suddenly, a noise of disappointment leaves my mouth as he takes the vibrator off my clit.

“Is it over?” I think to myself, feeling frustrated and curious by his actions. Almost as suddenly as before, the vibrator returns to my clit, this time at a higher speed causing a noise similar to a whine to escape my lips.

He presses it firmly against my clit, I feel my legs shaking and my hips raise off the table. I hear him chuckle from the other side as he turns it up even higher. I feel like I’m about to explode, needing his cock, his fingers, anything inside me.

It’s like he can hear my thoughts, I hear him shift and feel him bursa escort bayan press against me just a moment later. The head of his cock pressed against the entrance of my tight hole as I silently beg him to fill me.

He teases me, pressing into me slightly before stopping, my legs still shaking from the vibrator on my clit. He does it two more times, convincing me that he’ll never give me what he wants. He presses into me again, acting like he was going to pull away once more, but he thrusts in quickly and forcefully, filling me up with his thick cock.

I groan loudly, my fingers clinging to the side of the table. He starts thrusting hard and fast, the vibrator never leaving my sensitive little bud. I feel my pleasure build, like water rising to the top of a dam, my moans filling the stall and the room on the other side with the stranger fucking my tight hole.

Finally, I feel myself let go, as he rams into me one last time. His cock squirting his hot cum into me. My own orgasm flows through me, my body on fire as I milk every last drop of cum from the strange man’s cock.

I opened my eyes, my hand drenched and a small puddle of my pussy juices below me. My desire was tamed for the time being. I was tired and my pussy ached from the intense orgasm. I just know that I’ll have to come back to this bathroom again to satisfy my inner slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32