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This story took place in my first job on leaving school. I had started work at a garage and was terrified of the stories I had heard of what the mechanics did to the new apprentices.

I spent the first few days nervously looking over my shoulder, expecting to be grabbed and have my balls greased; at the very least. I was a very shy eighteen year old, with no sexual experience and as a late developer I was often mistaken for being a schoolboy.

Although there were lots of threats from the blokes I worked with, that was all there was until I got into my second week. In addition to the garage there was a shop and office which was staffed by eight women. They were mainly in their forties but they also had a new member of staff, an eighteen year old called Jocelyn, who I had developed an immediate crush on, not least because of her large, firm breasts.

On this particular day I was helping out on a job when I became I aware of the guys whispering, they were obviously plotting something. Without warning they converged on me and pinned me to the floor. My boots an overalls were removed and I was then lead away to the storeroom.

On the way I saw Jocelyn and felt so crushed that she should see me in such a state. Once in the storeroom I was tied to the shelving with my hands above me. I was completely helpless and felt incredibly vulnerable, and to then to add to my humiliation a box was placed on my head blocking my vision.

There was kocaeli escort much laughter from the guys and I fully expected them to carry out the humiliating initiation they had planned. However, I became aware of them leaving the room and I was left in silence. After a several minutes, during which I conjured up a range of horrible things they may do to me, I heard the door open and the shuffling of footsteps as people entered the room.

There was more whispering, but not like before, this time there was more voices and I realised that it wasn’t the mechanics but the women.

I felt a sense of relief at first as I naively thought they would release me. Then I heard a voice, it sounded like Cath the manageress.

“Now, what do we have here,” Cath teased.

“A helpless boy,” came the response from Sue.

“And what do we do with helpless boys” asked Cath.

“WE STRIP THEM” came the groups response.

A real sense of dread now filled me. No woman had ever seen me naked and now I was faced with the prospect of eight women I worked with seeing me in the nude.

I wriggled against the ropes holding my hands but to no avail. This just provoked laughter amongst them as they reveled in my fear. Then someone approached, looking straight down I had a very limited field of vision, because of the box, but I could see my shorts and I could see hands grabbing them and the pulling them down to loud cheers. I was left kolej escort in just my briefs still wriggling against my bonds. Surely they wouldn’t take it any further.

More whispering, then again someone approaching, this time I crossed my legs in an attempt to stop my briefs from being removed. Hands once again grabbed and with some force my white briefs were yanked down leaving me completely exposed to the gathering.

Looking down I could see my shriveled penis, seemingly trying to hide amongst my sparse pubic hair. The humiliation was intense as I was exposed to the eyes and comments of the watching women.

Then they started to crowd around me, to either side. I was bewildered until I heard Cath, “everybody smile,” and I realised that she was taking my photo with the others.

The women huddling up against me had given some the chance to put their hands on my back, stomach and someone had rubbed my buttocks. This intimate contact with a woman was new to me and to my horror I realised that I felt a stirring in my penis. I’d hoped this had gone unnoticed but as Cath was staring straight at me, taking photos she let out an excited shriek.

The women began to shout, almost in triumph, and the hands that were on me increased their touch. I could feel my cock now filling with blood and looking down I could see it arcing and then pointing straight upwards.

My humiliation was complete, I felt utterly konak escort embarrassed but my cock was betraying me as it throbbed harder than it had ever done before. A hand had started to caress my inner thigh and now moved upwards until it gently touched by hanging balls.

I became aware of the discussion taking place amongst them, it was becoming apparent that some wanted to take it further.

“Look at his teenage cock, he looks in pain it’s throbbing so much,” let’s give him a helping hand”.

They whispered to each other unsure how far to take it. Then a shout of “look,” I looked down and could see pre-cum bursting out of my erection and seeping down the side.

“Who’s going to do it?”

More whispering then someone approached. I looked down at my aching prick and then a hand came into view. Slightly shaking it encircled my cock and eased its way up and down, slipping easily thanks to the large amount of pre-cum coating my erection.

The hand quickly got into a rhythm and I started to strain against my bonds. The women began to shout encouragement as the hand wanking my cock got faster and faster. Then my legs went taut, so much that I could feel my muscles strain and I thrust my pelvis as the first blast of cum spewed out of my cock. I looked down and could see numerous spurts of cum ejaculating from my prick, then I felt completely drained and slumped against the shelving.

Applause rang out and then my shorts were pulled up to cover my embarrassment and the room seemed to become empty. I was left in this state for about half an hour until I was released by one of the guys. So ended my initiation, but as I was to shortly find out plans were being made for Jocelyn’s ordeal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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