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From all our time together, I knew Tara had a vivid imagination and actively fantasized about sex. I guess you could say she was seriously into it (sex), but that’s what brought us together. Because she loves to live out her fantasies and make them reality, it makes for some incredible encounters. Bryan and I have always felt that we were pretty damned fortunate to be along for the ride.

They were getting married and they both had been heavily involved with all the wedding plans. It was a smaller wedding and Bryan even picked me as his best man, Tara chose her sister as the maid of honor. Anyway, everything was falling into place and she had just gotten her dress. One evening she confided in us that she had been fantasizing about being ravaged in the wedding dress. I looked at Bryan and said, “Buddy, you’ve got one hell of a wedding night in your future.”

Of course, Bryan was more than willing to accommodate her fantasy, but the two of them decided to combine her fantasy with the bachelor party…they could fulfill her fantasy with a hot threesome, that included a bride, groom and the best man. I really didn’t see anything wrong with it, especially when it was decided that we didn’t have to wear the damned tuxes. It simply put a kinky role-playing spin on what Bryan had humorously labeled TTN (Thunderdome Threesome Night). There’s no post-apocalyptic attire associated with our thunderdome, just wild sex. A week or so prior, Tara set things up at one of our private “meetings” at work…you really gotta love the fuck-buddy concept. Though, I sensed they were both involved in planning this encounter. They were really excited about the evening, because they both texted me to confirm things. I arrived a little late and walked in to see Tara grinning and looking very hot in her wedding dress. She was sitting with her dress, hiked up to her hips, and Bryan, of course, was between her legs, seriously focused on some pussy.

“Get in here…you’re not that late, but we just couldn’t hold off!”

“You look gorgeous in that dress! I think I need to kiss the bride.”

“You bet!” Tara smiled and opened her arms.

Fixed on her smile and beautiful blue eyes, I brought a hand up to her face and cupped the back of her head. I ran my fingers through her hair and lowered myself to meet her lips. She slid a hand up under my shirt and pulled me closer. I deepened the kiss, when she stretched her arms to grab hold of my ass. We both moaned into each other’s lips as her tongue reached deeper and deeper into the warmth of my mouth.

I traced the opening of her mouth with my tongue and nibbled on her lips.

Finally, I broke away to leave a trail of kisses down her neck. Bryan, still hard at work between her legs, was rewarded with soft, and sexy little moans.

My eyes came to rest on her breasts, which seemed visibly bigger, in the wedding dress. I thought to myself…fuck, she’s hot in this dress. I could hardly move my eyes from that cleavage. She gasped and trembled a bit, as I popped a breast out of her gown and covered it with my mouth.

At first, I think Bryan and I were all nervous about damaging, or soiling, the dress, but we quickly forgot, as the passion escalated. She was almost breathless as she told us, “Ahhh…guys, that feels so good…I can’t wait to feel you both…I wanna be fucked really hard…by the groom…and best man.”

“Ahhh Honey, what you’re doing is fucking incredible! Will you guys fuck me really haaaarrrd?”

I raised up “Bryan, I think our bride needs some cock. Don’t you?”

Bryan buried his face deeper, as he nodded and groaned his reply.

She just smiled at us. “She does…she really does!”

We pulled her off the couch and bent her over a bar stool; I slid her dress up and laid it over her back. Inspired by the sight of that hot, little ass, I playfully swatted and grabbed it with both hands. Tara had an ass that demanded groping and grabbing; it was fucking incredible. I rubbed my hand over its warm fullness and up, between her legs; I found she was dripping wet from Bryan. We dropped our pants and I ran the length of my dick over her pussy lips; I savored the heat and wetness. Teasing with the tip of my cock, I poked and nudged at the opening, before driving it up into her. “Fuck…look at all that juice…you’re really wet!”

As I pushed it in, she groaned, “Yes, yes, that’s what every bride needs…nice big cock!”

Bryan stood, facing her and slowly worked himself into her throat.

We proceeded to take brazzers porno her from both ends, slamming hard to force our dicks deeper. We found ourselves pushing against each other and squeezing her body between us. Eventually, I leaned down to stroke her clit and she reacted by tightening around my cock. With Tara, it was almost like she had her hand wrapped around my dick, squeezing me. I thought to myself…fuck, this girl’s amazing…it’s hard to get enough of her, especially the kegels. What I mean…I guess…she’s always available, but you just always seem to want more.

“Shit! That’s my girl…squeeze me…fucking love when your pussy grabs it.”

I hadn’t cum for a couple days and I remember it being really hard to hold back. Just the thought of what we were doing, was enough to trigger an orgasm. She groaned and grunted as I pummeled her, my pubes slapping at her ass with each stroke. Bryan, actually, pulled out and stroked, while he watched me jackhammer his fiancée. Let me remind you…she’s still in her wedding dress and looking hot as hell. What I’m saying…I certainly understood his choice, because it did look amazing.

“Dude…that’s fucking hot…fuck her good!”

“Ahhh…ahhh…fuck me like that!”

Bryan was almost drooling and I asked, as a best man should, “You want some…?”

He nodded “Yea…I do, man.”

I pulled out so he could take over and fuck his bride, but instead, he dropped to his knees to lick her juices from me…it just wasn’t what I expected him to do. He ran his tongue all over my cock. Eventually, he sat back, smiled up at me, repositioned his stance and leaned forward to shove it deep, into his throat. I reciprocated by pumping into him…shit, it felt good.

Now, Tara stood up to watch what had transpired and immediately began rubbing; it was a little challenging because she was trying to keep the damned dress out of the way. Anyway, it was pretty hot, watching a bride get down on her snatch, while her fiancée sucked cock, soaked with her juice. I thought she was going to finger-fuck herself to an orgasm; but it was all short-lived…because Bryan pulled off me and we got back to business. Together, we pushed her back over to the couch.

I got on top, pinning her, as if I was the captor…she couldn’t even begin to hide her exuberance for what we were doing with her. She was loving every moment; she loved the aggressive, passionate sex and the dominance was essential for the fantasy. I held her arms above her head, straddled her face and bobbed my dick into her straining mouth. It felt so good to fuck her mouth like this. Bryan spread her legs apart, to keep the dress out of his way, and began fucking her like some wild animal. Knowing Tara and her needs, we both worked her over pretty hard; she wanted ravaged…we were giving it to her.

After throat-fucking both Bryan and Tara, I was seriously ready to blow and had to stop. To slow things down, I pulled out & teased her clit. Of course, watching them in action was an added bonus…a hot young couple going at it was always amazing to watch.

She began flexing her muscles around him. “O yea! That’s it Babe, grab the dick. Ahhh…fuckin’ feels good…real good.”

“Bryan, she’s tight isn’t she?”

“Fuck yea!”

When she started to buck and thrash from his thrusts, he pumped harder and spilled a huge load into her. His body visibly jerked with each spray. “Yea…yea…cumming…I’m cumming…fuckin’ cumming…fuck!”

She totally craved the warmth of jizz, coating her insides; when she felt his steamy cum spill into her, she moaned over his cries. Breathing hard and feeling waves of incredible pleasure, “Yes, yes fuck me…fuck me…give it to me!”

As they finished and trailed off into calmness, Bryan pulled out to give me a go. “Shit!” He looked at her, when he realized his dick had drooled on the dress.

Tara joked, “Oh Honey, it’s only cum…and it’s cream-colored like the dress”.

Once that was resolved, I easily slipped into the creampie, Bryan had left for me. As I shoved into her, I kissed her and felt Bryan’s seed, displaced by my cock. As it squeezed out, it ran down around my cock and dripped from my balls.

When I stroked into his fiancée, his jizz lubed her for the fucking I was giving her.

“Mmmm, that feels perfect, Rob…take me…fuck me, hard like that…stretch me…I know you wanna stretch me!”

While Bryan watched, I grunted and rut into her, using every inch of her pussy’s castingcouch-x porno depth. Barely able to hold back my cum, I fucked her how she liked it, with deep, forceful strokes. It’s so satisfying to fuck really hard, knowing your partner wants it just as bad…wanting as much as you can give. I couldn’t handle much more, though; especially when she began telling me how good it felt and how she wanted another load.

As I thrust into her, I felt it rising from my balls. I moaned and began pumping it into her belly, mixing my jizz with Bryan’s. “Fuck! I love it…love being filled with cum.”

As she finished milking me, her body stiffened and began to quiver, again. She was squealing and moaning with another one, already! As she rocked her hips back & forth, my cock popped out and cum flowed out everywhere. I thought to myself…Fuck, more cum on the dress!

Instead of checking out the soiled dress, though, we were all drawn to the wet cock; it was hard, pulsing and glazed with threesome sex. Fuck, it looked sweet!

As Tara recovered her breath, she declared, “That has to be yummy!” She dropped to her knees and ran her tongue over it. She looked up at us and said “You boys are gonna love this.” She ran her fingers over its length to wet them and offered us a taste. Together, Bryan and I licked her fingers dry.

Bryan “Tha’s good, Honey!”

“Now, I really do need to wipe off my dress.”

“Let us help you, Babe.” I pulled the dress up over her head. “Bryan and I’ll clean it …we made the mess.”

Before we left with the dress, I said, “We’re not done with you, though!”

Bryan smiled and was quick to add “We intend to fuck you all night…just like the wedding night!”

When we came back, “Your dress is hanging up to dry…we used a wet cloth; it should be okay.” We were struck by what we saw when we came into the room; Tara was breathtaking! She was leaning back on the couch, with her legs spread, to display an amazingly wet creampie…something we proudly created together.

She wanted more from us and knew exactly what she was doing “Hey guys, check it out!” She inserted & swirled a couple fingers and brought them up to her mouth. She looked right at us while she licked the creampie from them…she shoved them into her mouth to finish it off.

Neither of us replied or said a word; we just looked at each other, acknowledging our shared desires. We both wanted to fuck the hell out of her. Tara was certainly living her wedding dress fantasy…but, at this point, I think everybody’s fantasies were being fulfilled. We grabbed her hips and pulled her to the end of the couch and propped her ass up on the arm. Her pussy was pointed toward the ceiling and staring us in the face…fuck it was hot!

I shoved in my cock and began to drive it into her. You could hear each stroke, audible from our juices squishing around inside her. I was mesmerized by her breasts, as they shook and bounced, each time I impacted her body. My buddy (the groom), awaiting his turn with his fiancée, had begun to stroke.

“Yes, yes, that’s what I need! Fuck me hard!” I replied by furiously pumping into her for a long stretch of time.

Finally, I pulled out and stepped aside “You’re up, bro.”

Bryan jumped over to take my place, drilling his rock hard dick into her. “That’s my girl…so fuckin tight…damn, you’re tight!”

We swapped her back and forth, until we knew she was close. As her breathing hastened, I reached between them, to finger her clit. It was literally seconds, before we triggered another tumult of orgasm. He rammed himself into her and held it deep inside, while she finished.

She started to squeal like a teenage girl, as we both stroked out loads and glazed her body with seed. I had a couple little spurts at first, but felt a rising warmth that soon sprayed out over her body. We finished by slapping our dicks over her to shake out the last of it. Her body was glistening; I dragged my dick through it, smearing cum and stirring our loads together.

She sat up and sucked all she could from both of us. She slowly and thoroughly licked her lips as she said, “Guys, this bride needs a shower. But, while I’m showering, can you entertain Rob?”

“Got it, babe.”

“Before I leave, Honey, I got something for you.” She leaned over to kiss Bryan and share what remained of their fantasy. Bryan explored her mouth with his tongue; it tasted like threesome sex and it made his mind spin wildly over clips4sale porno what was happening. When she asked him to entertain, he realized, she was truly committed to his man-crush. And Bryan was excited about what lied ahead.

When Tara jumped into the shower, Bryan and I, grabbed a beer and rambled on about the upcoming honeymoon and, of course, the Wedding Dress Fantasy.

“Bryan, I don’t know if I could drag myself out of the room, on the honeymoon; you’re a lucky guy.”

He laughed but became more serious…or sincere, “I feel lucky to have both of you…and that Tara is okay with everything.” And again, he leaned down to finish me; he grabbed it and gently stroked out the last droplets and bathed the head with his tongue.

I told him “I could really get used to this.”

He replied, “I hope so…I want it to continue.”

Finally she finished her shower and came out, wearing a t-shirt with her muff peeking under the bottom. We finished a beer, started a movie and immediately fell asleep. I remember nothing about the movie, but I don’t think any of us would. In the middle of the night, Bryan and I woke up to see Tara sprawled out over the couch, with only the TV casting a glow over the room.

It didn’t take us long to quietly develop a plan. We slowly and gradually spread her legs. Each of us taking turns, we softly licked her pussy, as she slept. I watched Bryan work the very tip of his tongue into the tiny gap and she stirred a little, spreading her legs wider. When I took over, I went after her clit, licking & lashing it, before taking it between my lips and sucking it into my mouth. As I pushed a finger into her, she finally woke up and pulled my face into her crotch…an incredible feeling…I love it when a woman does that. She groaned in pleasure as her muscles clenched tightly around my finger. Now, her clit was really hard…it was a pink bead that I could readily suck, while working it with my tongue. Her hands grabbed at my hair to hold me even tighter. “Mmmm, this is what every girl wants to wake up to…amazing!”

I tongue-fucked her while Bryan moved up to work his dick into her mouth. I could see him teasing her, bouncing it against her face and dragging it over lips. I could hear him fucking her mouth like a pussy and groaning with pleasure. When she began to shudder in strong waves, her legs tightened around me and she rolled her hips over my face. Her cries grew increasingly louder and her body rocked again and again, as we pleasured her through another orgasm.

Fuck, she’s nonstop sexy…this girl has some needs! Serious needs. I watched her slip her hand between her legs and cover it with wetness. She placed it on my lips and I gratefully took her fingers into my mouth and cleaned them.

Bryan finished himself by stroking over her…a big warm stream flowed over his hand and onto Tara. When he pulled his hand away, it left behind trailing strands of semen. His cock jerked a couple more times, oozing a smaller flow that ran down over his cock head. He stood over her to finish out the pleasure of his orgasm, while the last drops dripped onto her belly…fucking incredible…just fucking incredible!

She flashed a big smile, “Love my boys…you make me feel sooo good.”


A couple days later at the wedding, I danced with Tara…she kissed my cheek and discreetly squeezed my ass. “Rob, I want to thank you again for being a part of our wedding. You mean so much to us…you’ve done so much for us. I hope we can continue our meetings.”

“No need to thank me…and Tara, just give me a call. I love our meetings, too. It’s cool with me as long as Bryan’s cool with it.” I gently kissed her forehead, as we danced.

“No worries…my husband…I can call him my husband! As long as he gets to do threesome nights, he’ll be cool with it all.”

“You know Rob, I didn’t get the dress cleaned…I liked the idea of having cum from both my guys on the dress.”

“What? Really?”

“Remember…something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…your cum is something borrowed.” We both laughed and I squeezed her a little tighter.

She looked up at me and whispered, “I’d give anything to grab that hot ass and drive your cock into me.”

I will never tire of hearing that from Tara; it felt good. I grinned and replied, “Now that would be a scene…Tara, probably not a good idea at your wedding.”

“I know…I know…I’ll give you a call after we get back from the honeymoon?”

“You better give me a call.”

We finished our dance, hugged each other and I said “You two have a great time…I expect some great stories, and there better be some damned good beach-sex.”

“You bet,” and she squeezed my hand as we parted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32