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It’s not been a good few weeks. The kids, work, bills, the usual things. We said that we would try to get some time together and talk about how things were going. How we were feeling about ourselves.

We had to go out to a party on Friday and we were out late. The babysitter wasn’t too happy about being brought home at 3 am, but she gets well paid.

I gave her a sleep in on Saturday morning and got up with the kids. Gave her breakfast in bed. You know how it is.

“I think we will stay in tonight”, she said “Suits me “, I replied.

Kids in bed and we are cooking dinner. There is a lot of touching, looks, etc. We are teasing each other. A bottle of wine is opened and we are enjoying the time we have together. Just us. No distractions.

After dinner I clean up and she goes upstairs. I bring our wine into the living room to where the fire is blazing away. I’m sitting down, relaxing, watching the TV.

The door opens and she steps in. She is wearing her robe but I can see heels underneath and black stockings. She dims the light a little and walks towards me. Loosening the robe, she lifts it off her shoulders and I can see what she was doing upstairs. She is wearing the underwear that I got her for Christmas. A black lace thong and bra, almost see-through. The suspender belt and stockings complete the set. She is about 5’10” in the heels and weighs about 120 lbs. Her short blonde hair contrasts her underwear and her breasts fill the bra. I have an instant erection.

“Some us time is needed”, she says.

She kneels on the floor in front of me. She is stroking my cock through my jeans and she tecavüz porno glances up at me, smiling. I help her to unbutton the fly and she slides them off, taking my underwear with them. She leans over and slips her mouth down over the shaft of my cock. A sharp intake of breath and I’m in heaven. She is amazing at this, knows just how I like it. Slow and deliberate.

A few moments of this and she knows that I’m on the edge. I ask her to stop and she leans back onto the ground. I take some cushions and spread them out as she lays on them making herself comfortable. I undress completely and bend down and we kiss. Deep and slow. I snake a hand down her back and up between her legs. Through the flimsy underwear I feel she is soaked. I rub her for a moment and she reaches down and pushes the thong to one side, giving me better access to her quim. I stroke her and push a finger inside. She is dripping and our mouths part. I move down past her lace-encased breasts and on until my nose is level with her pussy. The smell is intoxicating and I gently dip a tongue, touching her clit. She pushes forward and I know that she wants to come immediately, no messing around.

My tongue strokes become firmer and I move two fingers to her entrance. Pushing forward they enter her and her hips rise from the cushion to meet them. I push deep and continue licking her swollen clit.

“More” she says.

I introduce a third finger to the equation. But I know what she means and after lubing my finger in her pussy I slip it deep inside her ass. I can feel my other two fingers inside and rub the thin layer of skin separating teen porno them. She brings her finger to her clit to help speed the process and I lick quicker. I can feel it build and her actions become more urgent. She comes and she bucks hard off the cushions. I can feel my fingers in her ass and pussy being clenched as the orgasm washes over her. She rides my hand and pinches her clit to get the most out of this orgasm and finally it subsides. How I love to do this for her.

She is lying on the ground, face flushed, her thong pulled to one side and her sex exposed. She looks beautiful and I am in love all over again. The bad times have been forgotten.

“I love you”, I whisper in her ear. “I love you too, baby”, she says.

She rises on to her knees and asks what would you like, as if I was a paying customer. I reply by putting the same question to her.

“Well it would be a shame, the way I’m dressed, not to fuck me in the ass”, she announced. “You said the magic words, baby. You are getting into the anal sex thing, aren’t you?” “Just a little”

We are a good few years married and its only in the last three months that she has let me fulfil my fantasy of taking her that way. We have been doing it more frequently and it is now a part of our sex life. I was very careful over the years. No pushing or demanding. The occasional tease, that’s all. I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway if I thought she was doing something she didn’t enjoy but she has come around to the idea, in her own time, and now enjoys it thoroughly. Anytime we do it, it’s at her request.

I run upstairs and get the KY and on my travesti porno return she is on all fours stroking herself. I kneel behind and squeeze some lube on my cock and onto my fingers. I slide my fingers into her preparing her for me. She then leans back towards me and takes my lubed cock in her hand, guiding me into her.

“Little lower….there….that’s it, baby”

I push gently and pop, I’m in. Normally she prefers shallow penetration, not too deep. This time she thrusts her hips back towards me and takes all of my cock in one movement.


I wasn’t expecting that and nearly come on the spot. A few more strokes like that and this will be the shortest bout of anal sex in history. I gather myself and lean back. I like to watch my cock slide in and out of her ass. It gives me a thrill like nothing else we do.

“You liking that, baby?” she asks over her shoulder.

A rhetorical question if there ever was one.

“Fuck, yeah”, I reply.

It won’t be long now. I glance down at my cock, above it her suspender belt, the line of her thong, below that the stockings.

“Fuck my ass hard”, she urges.

That’s it. I can hold out no longer. I can feel it welling up in my balls. She can feel my cock swelling in her ass.

“Oooo….you’re gonna come aren’t you?” “Yes I am. I’m gonna come in your ass”

The pulsing begins and I fill her ass with my cock. Wave after wave hits me and I can feel semen pumping into her ass. I can feel it surrounding my cock in that tight space. This is the best in our short anal sex career. She’s enjoying it.

“You ok?” I ask. “Ooooooo…..yeah. We should have been doing this for years”

I slowly pull out from her ass and look down at her. My beautiful wife, with my cum leaking form her ass, in her best lingerie. She’s smiling at me over her shoulder.

I love her. She loves me. It’s simple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32