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Double Penetration

Joey spent the morning surfing the web and following his Discord app. Occasionally, he checked his phone to see if anyone was hanging out this weekend or gaming. While checking his apps at some point, he received a text about being a beta-tester for a new RL RPG Game. His default was to mark as spam and delete, but something in the message caught his eye.


Join us for this groundbreaking new RL game that will blow your mind. Get others to join in, like your brother Adam or your mother, Sandra. Better yet, get the whole family in on it and your friends too. You can invite them as participants or full on RL Masters like you. It’s a great opportunity to invite playful RPG and other MC elements into your world and share it with others. For a limited time, members of certain Discord groups get a 90-day free beta access with an option to sign on to a special annual membership option after beta completes.

Sign up here for your chance to enter a whole new world of adventure!

Master PC, LLC.

Joey was kind of surprised to see the names of his brother and his mother in the invite and it intrigued him enough to click the sign-up button. Once he got to the sign page, he was required to create a username and password and enter his DOB to confirm he was over 18. On the next page, in an almost creepy way it listed his family members and had the names pre-filled including his brother, mother, father, sister and even his extended family. His family members under 18 were even listed but had an X through their name indicating they were not old enough to play.

Joey completed the form and checked off all the eligible family and friends listed. He was guessing this was some VR attempt at creating RL scenarios based on feedback you enter during sign-up. Joey answered a couple of questions about current activities and school classes, intentions for college and career. There was also an option to add other players not listed. Although the list was relatively complete with family and friends, there were a couple of people he thought he might add to the list.

When reading through the list of people Joey thought he would want to be in the sim, there was a noticeable lack of anyone from school. Particularly, Principal Jones, Miss Roxanne, Mrs. Tyler, Coach Short and most notably the school bully, Billy. Joey clicked the add button and found a few search boxes, that started with State, City, Work/School/Home, First Name, Last Name. Joey started to hesitate as he continued to drill down the search criteria and the lists were pre-populated with names that he recognized. WAY too creepy. So creepy that he thought to run a anti-virus scan before continuing. Oddly enough, all clean. Hm. Joey though this must be data gathered from one of those background check databases that are way too intrusive. He completed entering the people from school and while he was at it found the neighbor, Mrs. Davis. Once he completed this step, he clicked…

The next page showed a generic looking male avatar and a bunch of physical attributes below with what appeared to be expandable sections for each. Joey clicked on the “head” attribute and several fields appeared below which seemed customizable. The fields looked to be prefilled; and oddly enough seemingly accurate. The complexion field indicated “pimple-face” which unfortunately was accurate. The hair listed black eye – sunken facial hair – none, mouth – thin clear, scarred, sun-kissed, and a few other descriptors. Joey picked clear and then clicked the apply button at the bottom of the screen. After a cold chill, Joey brought up the “mirror app” in his phone so he could see if there was a change. ‘Woah! That’s crazy!!’, he thought. Joey jumped up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He moved in close looking for his previous crater and pimple laden complexion and found nothing but perfectly smooth boy-band complexion. NO flaws at all. He tried to wash his face and rub it with a towel to see if something was amuck…. nothing. It took Joey a moment to process what he had encountered and frankly, he considered turning off all his devices and calling his doctor in fear of being jacked-up by some weird DNA modifier drug. He went down to the kitchen and went to get a glass of iced tea to try to clear his head a bit. As he sat in the kitchen, his mom walked in and immediately noticed the change in her son.

“Hey, Joey. How are…. Wow! What did you do to fix your complexion? Your skin is so clear and perfect!” his mom said enthusiastically.

“What? Oh, thanks Mom. I got some stuff from drug store that I saw on TV. I guess it’s working, huh?” Joey answered.

“I’ll say! Your skin is perfectly clear and smooth. Just… Wow!” his mom said while stroking his cheek and face.

“Thanks, Mom. It feels nice getting rid of all those pimples,” Joey answered. “I’m gonna head up and finish homework before bed. I love adiosbet yeni giriş you Mom.”

“I love you too sweetie,” She responded with a kiss on the cheek and lips.

There were so many features and attributes to pick from in his personal profile it literally took him all night. He kept applying the changes and examining his choices. At one point he went back to read the entire User Agreement email and was surprised to see that the choices would be permanent if the application was in production and “live”. At the end of the night, after an exhausting session of self-modification and improvement, Joey went to bed.

In the early AM light, Joey jumped out of bed to head to the bathroom and confirm he wasn’t dreaming all the craziness from the day before. Sure enough, Joey had always been tall and kind of lanky but would have never considered himself ‘fit’ or ‘athletic’. He most certainly wouldn’t have considered himself blessed in the size of his package. At only four inches he felt inadequate. He had only been with two girls, and one said she wouldn’t be able to feel him, the other didn’t even discuss it. She made him perform oral sex on her. So, when he got to the genital attribute, he was especially excited. Mostly, he wanted a package to looked sexy, not just big. Thankfully, the app allowed him to specify color, head shape, curve, veins, foreskin, thickness, length, temperature, flaccid shape, erect shape, and much more. It took him almost an hour to customize his full package to the point of his liking.

In the end he felt like he was a complete package. Not so many changes that someone wouldn’t recognize him, but enough where people would notice he had changed for the better. No time like the present to get dressed and head out into the world as a new man. AND…. he had access to his family and friends like he could have never imagined.

Joey admired his body in the mirror and with his morning wood still raging, he looked almost like a porn star. He reached down and grabbed his cock and started stroking slowly. He watched his cock harden even more and was amazed his cock could be this big. He decided to measure it and went to his room to find a way to measure it. He found a piece of string and held it against the length of his cock and then measured against the ruler; over 12 inches which Joey knew was almost unrealistic, but wow did it look impressive on his toned body. He measured the girth all the way around next and that was nearly 7 inches. Whenever he got to use his new tool, he’d have to be careful and made a mental note to pick up some lube to keep around. He laid down in bed to begin stroking his new tool and wow did it feel good. He wasn’t sure if it was all in his head or not, but it felt better than normal. He closed his eyes and imagined all the ways he could fuck with his new cock. Imagining himself as a stud fucking his ex-girlfriends into orgasmic pleasure. He imagined dumping his load in girl after girl. He was just about ready to blow, when he heard a loud intake of breath. He opened his eyes and his brother Adam had come through the connected bathroom and was about to close the bathroom door and saw Joey stroking. When Joey opened his eyes, he was just starting to shoot his load and his ruined orgasm continued even though he let go of his cock. Cum shot up his torso, chest and splattered on his chin when he went to get up.

“Dude! What da’ fuck?!” Joey exclaimed.

“Eh…,” was Adam’s only response as he stood staring at his brother’s spurting tool, seemingly mesmerized.

“Can’t I have some privacy, man?” Joey continued.

“Eh… Yeah, man. Sorry. I was coming to close the door and you were stro.. Dude, when did your cock get so big?! Holy shit, man. You need to be working in porn after school, not the grocery store,” Adam asked rhetorically.

“Just close the door and let me get dressed, Adam,” Joey said as he covered up with his towel.

Adam just shook his head in amazement and closed the door. Joey could hear the shower starting and started to wipe the cum from his chest. His cock was still semi-hard after the ruined orgasm, but the mood wasn’t right now, and he was taken aback by his brother’s response to seeing his dick. He was almost uncomfortable at how much he was staring at him before closing the door. He looked in the mirror and saw the amount of cum on him was crazy. He looked to have taken a cum bath in a bukkake porn movie. He managed to wipe away with his bath towel but left it soaked on top of his dirty clothes. He got dressed and went downstairs to mess with the master PC app some more.

After a small snack, Joey sat down at the kitchen counter started messing with the app again. Having been a bit shaken by his encounter with Adam he was curious what options would be available on his profile. Much like his profile it had all the physical features and attributes which adiosbet giriş seemed editable. In addition, there was a personality button that opened a bunch of items including, social disposition, morality, sexual preference, gender identity, temperament, and others. Just like the physical features, these fields were pre-filled with what appeared to be his current personality features.

Adam was always a bit socially reserved and seemingly quiet with most people. He was open at home and with a couple of his close friends and even Joey’s friends as they were only a year apart in age they were only 1 grade apart in the same high school. Joey was 19 in the last few months of school and Adam was a junior. They both were not really into school sports although they dabbled in some low contact sports like track, volleyball and swim. Neither of them worked out hard so they were generally mediocre at best at high school sports. They both had friends in acting club, and both worked around the school on their study periods in the library, nurse’s and school office. They both currently attended the online sports league after school until Spring volleyball started up.

As Joey perused Adam’s profile, he noticed right away that his sexual preference listed undetermined. When he looked at the selectable options, there were only a few; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual and pansexual. He was guessing Adam lacked experience with girls leaving him in this undecided area. Now curious, Joey checked out Adam’s physical attributes and went right to his genital features. His dick was even smaller than Joey’s used to be, and his other features were also just a bit smaller in size and stature as he reviewed them. He thought about his brother’s reaction to seeing his huge dick this morning. He wondered what Adam was thinking and if he was turned on by seeing him jerk off.

His curiosity got to him and snuck back upstairs to see if he could see what his brother was doing. He had finished the shower and was in his room now. The bathroom light was off, and Joey snuck quietly through the bathroom to the other door. He looked in his brother’s room and saw him on the bed stroking his small dick with the towel over his face. He couldn’t figure out why he had the towel on his face until he realized it wasn’t Adam’s towel, but his dirty towel from earlier. The very towel that was almost saturated in cum. He could hear his brother moaning into the towel and making slurping sounds as well. Holy cow! His brother was eating his cum from earlier and jerking off to it. Joey felt the familiar tingle in his own loins as he continued to watch Adam jerk his little dick. He began rubbing the outside of his shorts as Adam continued to moan and slurp at the towel. Joey had never been turned on by gay sex or anything but seeing his somewhat effeminate brother sucking his cum out of the towel was getting him super turned on. He couldn’t tear himself away and continued to watch his brother stroke his dick with two fingers. It kind of turned him on that his dick was much smaller than his now. He almost looked like one of the trans boys from school that had come out in recent years. It was clear Adam was ready to cum and Joey watched anticipating the money shot that was about to happen. With a final loud moan, Adam started shooting his load up his stomach as he came. When he started to come down, he just laid his arms at his side and let the towel rest on his face. Joey snuck back through the bathroom and out his own door and down the stairs with his head spinning with this morning’s revelations.

“Good morning, honey,” Joey’s mom said breaking him from his reverie.

“Good morning, Mom,” he responded and went to kiss his mom on the cheek.

Joey went to sit at the kitchen table and took out his phone to open the app again and go back to his brother’s profile.

“Can I make you so… uhhhh… er breakfast?” Joey’s mom stuttered.

She had turned towards him seated at the table and was staring at his crotch when Joey looked up. Joey looked down and could see that his huge tool was clearly on display as it raged in his shorts and without realizing he was giving his mom quite a show with the bulge running down the length of his basketball shorts. He quickly sat up and turned so he was facing the table and his mom looked at him awaiting his response, somewhat flushed.

“Yeah, Mom. What are you making?” Joey answered.

“Well, I was going to make myself some oatmeal and have nuts and fruit on it. Would you like some as well?” She continued.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” Joey answered again trying not to be obvious that he caught his mother staring at his crotch.

The last 12 hours have certainly got Joey worked up to a feverish lust with his body’s transformation and his brother’s display of cum hunger and now his mom checking out his package. He wondered what his mom adiosbet güvenilirmi thought about his clearly displayed erection, then curiosity once again got a hold of him as he went to his dad’s profile to see what his mom has been looking at for the past twenty some odd years.

When Joey went to his dad’s profile, again he went right to physical attributes, then genitals. He was surprised to see his dad also had a little dick like his brother, and even smaller than Joey and Adam used to be before finding the Master PC app. He continued to peruse the other attributes of his father and found most to be nondescript for the most part. He was surprised to find that his father was listed as bisexual and had cuckold listed as one of his fetishes. Joey continued to review his dad’s profile critiquing his physical and personality attributes while thinking of his mother, wondering if she needed something she wasn’t getting for the past twenty years. He assumed that his mother’s demeanor this morning explained her response to seeing Joey’s huge bulge. As Joey sat at the table reading his dad’s profile, he began to focus on the fact that his mom hasn’t had a dick or a REAL dick in the past several years or maybe ever.

Joey had always thought his mom was attractive but hadn’t thought about her sexually for years. He wanted to check out her profile and see where she landed. He wasn’t really surprised about much except a couple things like her weight and breast size. He had always assumed she was a D cup, but apparently only a C. Her weight was also a little big, but she wears it well for the most part. Her butt was always kind of flat, so he guessed most of the extra weight was in her gut which you could never really see as she always wore loose clothing. Her sexual preference was also listed as bisexual and her fetishes listed cum, femdom, and SPH.

Joey had to search up SPH and found a whole new genre of porn centered on humiliating men with small penises. He imagined his mom teasing his dad about his tiny dick and was seeing her in a whole new light. Then she imagined her teasing Adam as well. He was getting super turned on at this point and his dick was seriously aching in his pants. He put the app down and started watching his mom make breakfast. As he watched her, he imagined all the things he would do to her body. He would upgrade her ass and tits; her legs and hips looked good but could use a slight update.

Joey turned and watched his mother continue to make breakfast for him and was getting super turned on imagining his mother with a meaty ass and bigger tits. He was thinking of her on her knees stroking and sucking his new huge cock. He wanted to see if he could get some more reaction out of his mom and stood up then walked up behind her. He reached out and started rubbing her shoulders and neck. She started a bit, when he first touched her, but relaxed after glancing back and seeing him.

“Mmmmm. That feels nice, Joey,” she said affectionately.

Joey was a bit taller than his mom and easily handled her neck and shoulders. She drew close to him as he kneaded her further and then naturally leaned back into his hands. As she did so, he pushed his hips out slightly so when she backed up even more, her ass pressed right up against his raging hard on. She hesitated but didn’t pull away. He continued rubbing her neck and shoulders with his full hands and started to slow it down, so it seemed more intimate and sensual. She pressed against him further and clearly must have felt his erection which was now nearly pushing her back as it ached exceedingly.

“Joey, I’m not sure where you learned to massage a woman’s neck, but you are going to make some girl really lucky,” she said.

“I only want to make one girl lucky right now, Mom,” Joey responded.

“Well, you’re going to get me weak in the knees here shortly and then I won’t be able to finish cooking your breakfast,” she answered.

She shivered a bit and stood up, then said, “Have a seat now, my handsome boy. Your breakfast is ready.”

Joey went to sit down facing his mom with his legs spread slightly more than natural and waited for her to bring his breakfast to the table. She brought some bowls and silverware over only hesitating a second while glancing at Joey’s crotch. He could tell she was clearly flushed seeing his aching erection down the length of his thigh. She set the bowls down leaning over her son and went to get the fruit and walnuts as well. Again, she leaned over her son and lingered a few extra seconds while adjusting things on the table. He was pretty sure she was using these moments to get a long look at her son’s package. Finally, she returned with the pot of oatmeal and began filling a bowl for herself and then Joey. She wasn’t watching what she was doing and spilled some on his shorts.

“Oh dear. Let me get that,” his mom requested.

She quickly set the saucepan down on the table and took a rag from her apron started cleaning off Joey’s shorts. Sure enough, this involved her rubbing his cock and she hesitated for a second then continued wiping his shorts. Joey looked up at her face as she wiped his shorts and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32