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Jamie had wanted a fresh start, so she moved to the big city. Coming from a very small town with one red light, New Orleans was a whole different world. People are running a muck everywhere. So much chaos, hustle and bustle. It was over whelming and exciting all in the same moment.

While attending school at Tulane, she had just started a new bartending job at a local bar on St Peters. Pretty much the epiphany of madness can be found seven nights a week in the French Quarters. That seems to be the one place where everyone goes to rip loose.

Enjoying the change of pace, Jamie was finding it a little hard to keep up. Freshly out of a divorce, the option of suitors never seemed to stop. Whether it be the drunk tourists or one of the many fine specimens for co-workers. But alas, none of them really held any excitement or interest for her. Mostly loud mouth men with no manners and surely no idea how to treat a lady. Of all the things she could say about her ex-husband, he had treated her like a queen and she was now accustomed to that treatment. And rightfully so in her eyes.

Days dragged into weeks and Jamie could feel the stirrings of her need. It had been much longer than she would be comfortable in admitting to. Her ex had always had a knack of knowing where to hurt her and it was always in the bedroom. Reverse roles were played and he would constantly cut her off. So it was safe to say it had at least been over 6 months. Being as she was such a sexual being, this was not good. The silly men with their sloppy passes were starting to look a little good.

Before getting ready for work Friday night, Jamie lingered a little longer than usual in the shower. Losing time with the wave of self made orgasms, stepping out of the shower a little week kneed. Her lean lithe body flushed red with the heat and desire, toweling off quickly as the time flashes on her cell. Damn late again! Cursing under her breath, she quickly moved in to the bedroom closet. Hoping that she had actually hung the uniform up, she resigned to the clothes basket finally finding what she was looking for.

Stretching the tight black cotton tank top over her large damp breasts, her nipples protruding through the thin material. They both stood proud and still erect from the moments in the shower. Rubbing her fingers absently over them, new tingles shoot to her nether region. Snapping out of her self induced coma, she slides the black mini skirt over her hips, zipping the sides. The heat of the day and the heat in her loins, she decides to opt out of stocking and just pulled a thin cotton pair of panties on under her skirt. Immensely enjoying the slight breeze with every step, fanning her most intimate parts in such a way. She was feeling the prowl, tonight she needed real satisfaction. Her body was craving it.

So scrambling to finish getting ready, she finally heads out of the house fifteen minutes later, twenty minutes late for work. Jamie heads into work quickly, hoping to not anger the boss.

Rushing in through the darkened doors, she puts her purse behind the counter. Rising up from the bent position she slams into a hard chest. Creamy breasts bouncing, sensitive nipples crushing against unyielding hardness. Falling back, her face inches from a growing bulge in well fitted pair of blue work pants.

Raising her head, she realizes immediately who it was, Tim the maintenance guy. His rugged body was surely as hard as a rock, massive shoulders and arms. His waist tapered perfectly to strong thighs, shoulder length curly brown hair always in a pony tail. Jamie had checked him out many times in the month that she had worked there, but he never said a word to her or anyone else for that matter. Some even were afraid of him, most are when it comes to the silent types. His nickname at work was the Wolf, although he did put you in mind of Wolverine from those hero movies.

Tim seen her come in, he always did. Jamie was pretty hard not to notice, tall red bomb shells are scarce in this part of the world. Her hair, still wet and curly, hung down past her round shapely ass. Breasts bounced freely under her tight black shirt. Bars logo always danced as he watched her walk the bar, delivering and making drinks. Legs for days, bare tonight under her short little skirt. How his hand itched to slide underneath the fabric, to find out what she wore underneath.

He was sick of the drama of the bar and he found that an I pod was really useful in that. When Jamie had walked in the bar looking for a job, he had pulled one out of his ear to hear her voice. A pleasant low sultry voice that he could close his eyes and lose himself in it. He had found himself turning it off completely when he was upstairs and she was working. Jamie always seemed to have a funny anecdote or wise word for all the patrons. Tim had watched in amazement and humor as she glanced off each suitor. He had asked around about her and found out she was not involved. He wondered why she was not taking up female agent porno any of the dating invites.

Turning away as he seen her walk in, he bent down to unload the cases of beer into the cooler. Standing up, he watched her skirt rise up as she bent down below the counter. A flash of white turned his blood to fire and he could not take his eyes off of the long tan legs in front of him. As she shoved the purse in her cubby hole, seconds of white panties peeked between her thighs. Skirt almost to her waist, he had to fight the strong urge to touch her. Lost in her bottom half, he didn’t realize she had suddenly stood up, until she slammed against him. The softness of her breasts made him groan, affecting his sleeping member to a quickly upright soldier.

As quick as she fell against him, Jamie hit the floor. Her thighs splaying open slightly as she tried to right herself in her heels, cursing under her breath. Eyes burning into hers as she finally raised hers to meet his, he could sense the need in her. Her face turned a bright red as did her thighs curiously.

“May I help you up?” Tim said softly, hold back a laugh.

Tim extended his hand to help her up, trying hard not to look back down to her pure white undies. Although it was not needed, they would be burned in his mind forever.

“Yeah, sure, um, thanks.”

Jamie’s voice stuttering a little as she tried to compose herself, her smaller hand fitting so well into his larger roughened one. If he didn’t know any better, he would say her whole body was blushing. She sure seemed pretty flustered he observed, maybe she wanted him as much as he wanted her. As he towered over her now standing figure, he brushed a few tendrils of her hair out of her face before he could stop himself.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you over. By the way, your late.”

Jamie started to say something and then quickly turned around and walked away. Tim watched her leave for several moments, until he saw the tell tale glance back.

His body now on fire from her wake, he could feel himself tight in his pants. Growing so large to the sight of her, he moved around to alleviate the slight discomfort. After a moment more of thought, he went back downstairs to unload the cases.

Rushing in to the bathroom, Jamie leaned up against the tiled wall. Heart was pounding in her ears and her thighs were slick with escaped juices. She could not stop her fingers from finding her soaked folds beneath her panties, heat radiating off of her core. She could not stop the gasp that passed her lips in the echoing bathroom. Lost in her wet wonder, she had to snap herself out of it. She hadn’t even served a drink and it was thirty minutes in to her shift.

Sliding behind the bar a few minutes later, she could feel the heat of the cherry flush in her face. Carmen was overwhelmed as could be seen on her face, so Jamie started her night. The bar stayed hopping most of the night, keeping her mind from her run in with Tim. But as the space between customers rose, her thoughts returned to the quiet man. She could see the desire in his eyes and she knew now he was the one she wanted to take home tonight. Her body reacting quickly to the mere thought of being pressed up against his hard body.

As if on queue, he came walking across the bar carrying something heavy by the way his muscles were straining against his shirt sleeves. Lost in his body movement and ending view, a customer had to almost shout to get her attention. After making a few shots of tequila for the patron, she went back to her day dreaming. Leaning against the bar, she could feel herself getting wet again. To side track her dirty mind, she decided to go to the walk in cooler and grab a few beers to start stocking for the next night.

Entering the cooler, her breasts immediately react to the cold air. Feeling a shiver run over her body, she started grabbing beer quickly to get out of there. Two trips later, she was growing accustomed to the cool air and was starting to prefer it over the muggy night’s balm. Straightening out the beer back in to order after the chaos of the night, Jamie heard the walk in door open, expecting Carmen, she made a vulgar comment about one of the more attractive customers of the night. About to turn around because she had not answered, Jamie then felt warm breath against her neck. Shivers running down her spine, as she hears Tim’s gruff voice.

“I can’t get those hot little white panties out of my mind.”

Before she could utter a word, Tim’s lips and tongue were on the crook of her neck. Jamie almost hit her knees with the contact, swaying back against his chest. Opening her body up to his searching hands, Tim grabbed her breasts firmly in his big hands. Biting gently to her sensitive skin, as his hands and fingers roamed over her body. Gentle but firm hand pushes her against the rack. Tim’s steel frame pressing against her roughly, Jamie felt his male presence female fake taxi porno on her buttocks.

Unable to stop her body from reacting, it found it’s way molded against him. Her breathing coming in rasps and short burst. Her heart almost stopped when his hand started creeping up her thigh higher and higher. Tim opens her legs for more access and she nearly jumped when his fingers settled on her button. Stroking it with circular motion, Jamie felt herself coming close to orgasm. Mere seconds with his hand there, was better than an hour in the shower. Right before she climaxed, he rammed his finger into her, pushing her over. Gripping her G-spot, Jamie came all over Tim’s pumping hand. Knees weak, she fell back into his arms until the waves subsided.

Turning her around in his arms, he slowly moved his hand to his mouth. Eyes locked on hers as he licked his finger clean of her juices. In her fogged mind, she may have heard him say sweet or something like that before he turned around and walked away. Leaving Jamie against the rack in the back of the walk in, bright red and still glowing. Her body shaking hard from the encounter. Embarrassment making her realize what had happened and she silently admonished herself for acting like such a harlot. Only when she was honest with herself, secretly dying for more.

Walking out of the cooler was hard for Tim, figuratively and of course literally. Her sweet taste still on his tongue driving him crazy, but no thought of washing it away. Bringing his finger to his nose, smelling her scent. He made the decision that he must have this woman tonight.

Never even considered hooking up with one of the staff, he did not care what moral or federal laws he was going to break. Tim had learned a long time ago, no one acts like their true selves in front of the boss. So he decided to play the maintenance guy and saw everything. His choice had saved him a lot of money and gotten rid of several who needed to go. But his position over Jamie may be a problem.

Tasting her and remembering the noises she made, made the decision for him. Watching her finally leave the cooler, he finishes the night’s work to be done about the time Jamie is. Locking the basements doors, he turns around to see Jamie counting out the till. She was always good with the money, never off more than a dollar. Some how even the way she licked her finger tip to count the money was sexy. Everything that woman did, seemed to be a sexual offer. Enjoying her hips swaying to the beat of the music, my dick responding just to her sight. Making sure everyone else was gone, he went to the breaker box and flipped the switch.

Eyes adjusting quickly to the semi-darkness, he reaches her and pulls her down to the floor. Crushing his body on top of hers, breaking her sound with his mouth on hers. Feeling her resisting, he pries her mouth open with his tongue. Hands running down her length, his forearms holding her upper body down.

“You know you want this, no need to fight little one.” Tim whispered softly in her ear.

Hearing his voice seemed to stop the resistance, her body now responding instead of bucking. Jaime’s lips and tongue now moving with his at a frenzied pace. Fingers entwining in his curly hair, pulling him down on top of her once again. Jamie’s hips kept coming up against him, grinding his sore member. Jamie opens her legs further and wraps her silken thighs around his torso, enabling the head of his cock to press against her most intimate parts. His trousers were getting wet through her panties. The smell of sex was strong in the air as their readiness grew. Tim slid down the length of her body, till he was eye level to her white panties barely visible in the emergency lights. Jamie’s smooth legs now resting on his shoulders, Tim leaned in to lick the wet fabric. A few dry licks, before he peeled her panties to the side to get a full taste of what was earlier on his finger.

Tightening his tongue to a point, Tim slowly traces Jamie’s lips with it. After a few rounds finally dipping in the middle, stopping to lap at her clit for a moment. Watching her body react with the contact, he fastens his mouth on the sensitive area and begins to suck. Jamie starts crab walking and screams, the sudden gush of fluid tells him she has already had her second orgasm of the night.

Chuckling a little as he drags her back in place, lowering his mouth to tease her some more. Licking and sucking her to the brink several more times before he finally let her cum again. Undeterred by her small hands pushing back against him, he continued to suck hard on her clit as she came again. Licking up all her juices, he finally pulls off of her, Jamie’s voice almost like a strangled cry. Rising up and sliding back to claim her mouth, she eagerly kisses him back. Her hips constantly grinding on his waist, a few little squirms as well.

“Please, I want you inside of me. I can not take anymore of glory hole secrets porno this.” Her eyes begging for what her mouth requested.

Leaning over her face, his man hood grows at the request. Not being very specific, he decides to use that pretty mouth of hers first. Placing his knees right above her shoulders, he presses his huge cock in to her protesting mouth. All that could be heard in seconds was choking and gasping on her part. Tim grabbed her hair from the back of the head, forcing her face up closer to his balls. Each attempt to force him self even half way in, results in hitting the back of her throat. Even with her gag reflex, he is only admitted another inch before he must stop. Grabbing the sides of her head, Tim starts to face fuck her rather rough. He caught himself slowing down a few times to stop the waves of orgasm from cresting. He did not want to cum this way, but God her mouth was like a little slice of heaven. Reluctantly pulling out of her mouth, he slaps her with his hard dick in the face. Jamie starts breathing hard, catching her breath. Not giving her time to regain composure, Tim lines up swiftly with her soaked pussy.

Pulling his pants down completely, he rubs the large head on her weeping core. Jamie starts to pull away from his pursuing member, forcing Tim to grab her hard around the waist. Unable to stop himself, he slams fully into Jamie’s ever so tight pussy. Groaning as her soft silken walls crush and squeeze his cock from all sides. Having to not move for several moments to collect himself, her cunt feeling like a virgin’s. Smiling at his good fortune and find, he starts to slowly pull out to bury himself in her once more.

With his first penetration, Jamie thought she was to be split in two. His monster cock ramming into her was the biggest she had ever seen, let alone had. As she screamed out in surprise and pain, Tim covered her mouth with his hand. Even in the darkness, Jamie could see the sex-crazed look in his eyes. After a few stretching strokes inside of her, Tim grabbed her hips to pin her down. Jamie tried to buck him off of her with each slow stroke, his dick going so deep.

“Just relax, it will fit.”

His words did nothing to qualm her fears, pain still rushing to her with each thrust. Jamie could feel one of his hands snake off her waist and start rubbing her clit with that magical touch. Pain turning to pleasure, she started to relax, taking more of Tim’s beautiful dick inside. She could hear his groaning, the fact of his holding back very obvious. Wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling his rock hard body closer to her. Kissing him hard on the mouth, his tongue dancing as he was inside of her. Never speeding up, just the same slow strokes as if he was afraid to break her.

Feeling rather use to his huge dick now, she started bouncing against him to pick up the pace and go deeper. A small moan of displeasure when he wouldn’t go faster, her eyes asking for it all.

“I don’t want to hurt you Jamie.”

“It has been so long Tim, I don’t need love making, I need to be fucked.”

Hearing her words whispered in his ear was his undoing, pressing deeper in to her enjoying her sudden intake of breath. He was not even fully in yet and hitting bottom. Pulling out roughly, he pushes her back down on the floor. Grabbing her upper thighs in a bear hug, he yanks her lower body up towards his face. Burying himself in to her pussy, suckling her hard. Holding his grip firm as she tried to get away, he nibbled and licked her till she was a mass of gasps and pleas.

Pulling her legs further up, he slides back in to her pussy with ease. He pushes further in, until his balls are resting on her ass. His dick twitching at being fully sheathed and squeezed so tightly. Jamie’s eyes had glazed over.

Unable to resist any longer, Tim starts fucking her hard and fast. He could hear her screams as if far away, he was fully focused on her wet center. The feel was amazing and he was close to losing it seconds in. As he cums he continues to pump inside of her, their cum mixing together in her womb. Slowing the pace but never stopping, Tim can feel his dick growing hard once more.

Jamie hoping for a reprieve started pushing against his chest saying, “No more.” Opening her legs to slide fully between her smooth thighs, Tim had to moan to be fully inside again. Surprised that he was still as turned on as when they started, he started his fast pace in her vice like crevice once more. Tim could feel himself about to lose it again, so he pulled out slowly.

Standing her up and pulling her up with him, he pressed her body down to the counter. Face down with her ass up as an offering, he could not help but slap it sharply. Gaining a curse from this women Grabbing a hand full of her long red hair, he jerks her up against him. Biting her where her neck and shoulder meet, taking the moment of her struggling to slam back into her. With a roar he plummets Jamie, her body knocking against the wood counter. Grabbing one of her nipples with his free hand, he twist ruthlessly on it. Feeling Jamie release more cum, lubricating and turning him on further. He continued to bang her harder and harder, until he was close once again to his end. He slowed down the stroke to lessen the friction, her pussy was still milking his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32