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I got home a little earlier than expected to what appeared to be an empty house. When I called out Cate and Jake’s names it took a bit before finally Jake answered that he would be down shortly. Something felt odd but it had been a long day so I sat down on the couch and took my heels off to relax.

It was nice to be home. Nicer to finally have both my kids home together, just the three of us. I closed my eyes and started to wonder what my life was going to be like in less than three months. The thought unnerved me to no end. I was already pushing back tears of sadness on a daily basis. A sadness that was now becoming an all too familiar ache within. I hadn’t realized just how much of me I had invested in my kids and our family. Especially Jake. Or maybe I just loved being a mother to my children so much that it was never an investment from my standpoint.

Jake was always a momma’s boy. Kind, caring, considerate, and loving. Almost naive in his view towards everyone. I always worried about him and took great care to protect him from getting hurt. I can’t believe what a handsome young man he had turned into. He definitely could be a heartbreaker if he were not such a kind and caring young man. Whoever captured his heart was going to get themselves one heck of a husband.

Cate on the other hand reminded me so much of myself and I’m not referring to her looks. She was always an independent soul. Fearless and relentless. She fended for herself most of her young life. She excelled in academics and was well liked by her peers. More importantly she always prioritized her family, our family. What I loved about Cate was her commonality. She was blessed with extremely good looks. She had been a cheerleader, prom queen, and very popular. Easy for someone like that to get a big head but she never did. She was friends with everyone and more importantly made time for everyone.

They had both grown up into two beautiful, kind, and loving children and now in less than three months they would both be off to college leaving me to fend for myself. The boredom and monotony of that situation frightened me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to cope with the loneliness let alone all the new found available time. I promised myself to make sure that the kids would not sense anything wrong with me. I didn’t want them to worry about me. I wanted them both to enjoy their college experience.

I heard footsteps and looked up to see Jake bounding down the stairs. He came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek before asking me if I had gone out with the girls. I looked at him kind of strangely. First all he was only wearing were a pair of gym shorts. Second of all it was already 7:00. I am thinking something isn’t right here. I chose to ignore my instincts and played along.

I eventually found out that both he and his sister fell asleep but as he was quick to point out in their own bedrooms. I guess being in the sun all day took a lot of energy. Hmmm, I guess. So they both fell asleep. Neither one of them ate dinner and Jake was the only one up at this point in time. Hmmmmm.

I asked him, “Do you have anything planned for tonight?”

He quickly replied, “No I thought I would stay in and relax. Not much going on. Maybe catch a movie later on.”

Hmmmmm. Something doesn’t feel right. So I continued with, “You mean a handsome young man like you doesn’t want to go out on a Friday night?”

“Call me boring. I’m just in the mood for doing nothing and relaxing at home.”

Now I know something isn’t right! Not sure where Jake was but this was not Jake. He might look like Jake, he might sound like Jake but he is definitely not acting like Jake.

I smiled and decided to continue playing along to see where this went plus I also wanted to hear from Cate. I turned and went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. I looked down the upstairs hallway and saw that Cate’s door was closed so I went into my room and closed the door.

I headed into my bathroom and took my skirt and blouse off. I almost felt like taking a shower but decided against it. I took my bra and panties off and put my robe on. As I came back into my bedroom I froze. Looking at my bed I saw in horror my dildo, my Ben Wa balls, and a pair of my lacy thongs. I was mortified. How could these kids invade my privacy like that. What makes it worse was they didn’t even think to cover their tracks. I was furious.

I stormed out of my room looking for answers. The first place I was going to go to was Cate’s room. I was pissed. How could they be so insensitive and humiliate me like this. I knocked on Cate’s door and said, “Cate it’s mom. Please let me in. We need to talk.” I stood there and waited for a response. None! Damn these kids! I was just about to pound on the door when I saw the knob turn and the door slowly open.

“Hey mom. What’s up?”

What’s up? Really? Are you kidding me Cate? I tried to get my anger under control to see if I could figure out what went on today while I was at work. I entered yozgat escort her room and closed the door. “Cate I need to know what went on today while I was at work?”

I saw Cate’s eyes immediately look down. Busted! “What do you mean mom?” she said.

Cate, Cate, Cate!!! She was always the cool, calm, and collected one when everything around her was going off the rails. “Cate it’s a very simple question. What where you guys up to while I was at work?”

“Okay mom. I know you. You think something was up. Tell me and get it out in the open so we can speed this process up.”

That’s my Cate. A good defense is a good offense. The problem is that I know all her tendencies seeing that I raised her. Fine by me I’ll play by her rules. She still is going to give me what I want. Answers! “Okay Cate, come with me please.” I stood up and pointed to her door. As she got up I noticed her face was very flushed. I also noticed she only had a top on. I said, “Ahem,” pointing to her bottoms, “Maybe you should put some clothes on?”

I saw her face and knew she was embarrassed. “Sorry mom, I just woke up.” Well at least that part of the story between the siblings was consistent. I smirked as I saw her put some shorts on. I couldn’t resist a jab so I said, “So now we are going commando?” She stuck her tongue out and walked past me into the hallway. Defiant and confident as always. I pointed to my room, “In my room. Now!” I saw the look in her eyes when I think she finally realized what this was all about.

As we went into my room I closed and locked my door. Cate and I were going to have a frank discussion between mother and daughter. I stood watching Cate’s eyes wander to my bed and then back to the floor. I let her stew for a little while just to make sure she understood how pissed I was. Finally I said, “Well would you care to explain what I’m seeing on my bed?”

What happened next shocked me to no end. My fearless, independent dynamo of a daughter sat on my bed and started to sob uncontrollably. Her breathing became erratic, gasping at air, she sobbed, “I am so sorry mom. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

I looked at her and realized this was not an act. My poor little baby was hurting. I quickly went to console her, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her tight to me and saying, “Its okay baby. Talk to mommy. Tell me why you are so upset.” I rocked her in my arms knowing she was hurting. What on earth could have happened today to cause this type of reaction.

“Shhh baby. It’s okay. Just talk to mommy. I’ll always love you. Just be honest with me.”

It must have been five minutes of holding Cate close to me before she finally started to relax. I ran my fingers through her hair kissing her head and whispered, ” Tell me why you are so upset. Please baby. Let mom help.”

She started to whimper again saying, “I can’t mom. It’s so embarrassing. I’m so bad. I am so sorry it’s all my fault. It’s my fault.” She started crying again. I held her close wondering what on earth happened today.


I can’t believe I left the damn toys on her bed! What was I thinking or maybe what was I not thinking. Seeing the toys on the bed hit me hard. I started to cry knowing that not only had I screwed up big time but I also hurt the person I love most, my mom. I sat on the bed sobbing uncontrollably when I felt mom put her arms around me and try to console me. All I could do was say, “I’m sorry.”

I thought about how I acted all day. I lost all sense of thought as I obsessed over my brothers cock. I can’t believe that I was driven with and obsessive lust that, I not only seduced my brother into showing me his cock but I also had my brother get me off with his fingers. How crazy is that? The thought made me cry harder as my mom continued to try and soothe my obvious distress.

What do I say to mom? “Oh mom playing with your toys is not the only thing we played with today?” Yeah right. I needed to come clean with mom as she knows me all too well. They key would be how much information do I surrender before getting my point across. My breathing was starting to return to normal as it felt comforting to be held by mom.

I heard, “Honey just tell me why you are so upset? I love you. Let mommy help you.”

I whimpered, “I can’t mom. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so bad. I’m sorry.”

“Baby please tell me. I can help. You aren’t a bad person. Stop saying that.”

I blurted, “I saw Jake’s cock.” Oh shit why did I say that?

“You what?”

I softly replied to mom, “Mom I came home and saw Jake’s cock. I didn’t mean to but I did.”

Mom giggled, “That’s okay Cate. I am sure there was no harm done.”

I pulled away and basically shouted, “You’re wrong mom. Jake’s cock is the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

“Cate, that’s too much information. You saw his penis. What’s the big deal?”

“Mom it’s not a penis. It’s a huge cock. Have you seen it?”

“Of course I haven’t seen it. What are you saying?”

I took a deep yozgat escort bayan breath and hoped for the best, “Mom, Jake was in bed stroking his cock with the door open. He must have thought he was home by himself. The bad part is I stayed and watched him masturbate. In fact it got me so horny that I played with myself until I came. You see why I feel so bad? I was so mesmerized by the size of his cock that I made myself cum.”

I watched as my mom was starting to breath differently. Not sure why. I hope it wasn’t because she was getting angry with me. Finally she said, “That still doesn’t explain why my sex toys and underwear were on my bed?”

“Mom, I wasn’t thinking right. I was obsessing with Jake’s cock all day. You would as well if you ever saw it.”

“Stop that talk right now Cate. I am Jake’s mom and I will neither want to see his penis or obsess over it. Tell me what happened and keep your comments about me to yourself.”

Ouch! I must have struck a nerve.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my daughter. It was too much for me to process. I tried to slow my breathing down so as to not get worked up but she was pushing my limit telling me I would obsess over my son’s cock if I ever saw it. The nerve that girl has.

She continued, “Mom we were lying by the pool just relaxing when Jake asked me if I had spoken with you lately? I said no and asked why? He said he was thinking you were getting sad knowing that we would be going to college soon.”

Oh my little boy! He touches my heart in so many unexpected ways. He is a mommas boy. I need to make sure to sit down and reassure him that I will be fine, even if it is a lie. I felt a little teary eyed and asked, “Well that doesn’t explain anything. I’m sure I’ll be sad when you guys leave but I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl. Go on.”

Cate went on, “Well he started going on about how you don’t date much and won’t have any companionship while we are away at school. I told him that you were an attractive and sexy woman that won’t have any problems getting dates.”

“You know I’m perfectly fine with my life the way it is. I don’t neither either one of you trying to solve non existent problems.”

“I get it mom but remember I was obsessing on his cock. I saw he was getting uncomfortable talking about your attractiveness so I decided to push the envelope. I asked him if any of his friends thought you were hot? Eventually he confessed that they all thought you were an MILF.”

“What’s a MILF?” I asked.

“It stands for Mother I Would Like to Fuck.”

I gasped and drew my hand to cover my mouth. “Why are you talking about me like that? I am at a loss for words.”

“Mom, chill out. You are beautiful and sexy. You just don’t see yourself that way but you are. Look at your legs, and boobs. I’m so jealous. I wish I looked as good today as you do. Don’t be embarrassed by your looks. You are my hot sexy mom.” At that point Cate wrapped her arms around me and said, “I love you mom. Thanks for always being there for me.”

Cate began to stand up when I pulled her back down and said, “You still haven’t explained these.” as I pointed to my toys and underwear on the bed.

“So I was teasing Jake as to whether he thought you were an MILF or not. He finally admitted that he thought you were beautiful but that he didn’t look at you that way as you were his mom. I was looking at his bulge and I noticed he was getting hard.”

“Cate, you are now just making things up. There is no way to tell if he was getting hard.”

“See mom that’s where you are wrong. His cock is so big, once it starts to grow you can see the tent grow in his crotch. Pay attention next time you are at the pool with us. I bet his swim trunks will start to tent. Anyways I wanted to see his cock grow so I led him up to your room to explore. This was all my fault. I actually had to drag Jake along so please don’t be mad at Jake. This was all on me.”


I can’t believe I told my mom that Jake’s friend thought she was hot. The truth is she is. She is so hot and sexy I just wished she had a lover to keep her happy and satisfied, then she wouldn’t have these damn toys that got me in so much hot water.

Anyways mom persisted on getting an explanation so I smirked, “I brought Jake in to your room and started searching looking for something to embarrass him with and to get a “rise” out of him.”

My mom frowned, “Young lady you are not making me happy.”

“You wanted me to be honest. I am being honest.” I leaned back and grabbed her dildo and said, “Jake’s cock is much bigger than your dildo mom. See why I was obsessing on his cock?”

I saw my mom make a little gasp before saying, “Cate how many cocks have you seen?”

I grinned thinking that mom had finally said cock instead of penis. I brought my hand up to my chin pretending to try and recall how many cocks I had seen when mom yelled, “Cate!”

“Oh relax mom. I’ve only seen a couple in person. Most of the escort yozgat cocks that I’ve seen are on the internet. I’m still a virgin mom. Chill out. It’s a cock but oh my it’s a huge fat cock.” and I smiled as I put the dildo down and grabbed her underwear.

“Now this is what got the biggest “rise” from your son. I found it in the drawer and shoved it in his face asking him, Do mommies wear these type of underwear or do MILFs?”

Mom definitely was struggling with what I was saying. I’m thinking she was getting turned on by the thought of Jake and his friends lusting for her. Hopefully it will drive her to date more. She really does need a lover. “That’s it mom, we heard you arrive and we scampered to our rooms.”

She asked me, “So neither one of you were asleep?”

Of course I left a lot more of what happened seeing no need for her to know. “Nope we just pretended to be asleep. Like I said mom. I was bad today. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t get Jake’s cock out of my mind. Can I go now? I’m thinking of sleeping over at Casie’s house tonight if it’s ok with you.”

“Yes we are done. Not sure I can take much more of this conversation tonight. Will I see you tomorrow morning?”

“Thanks mom. I love you. Yeah I’ll be home in the morning. I’ll call if plans change. Want to lay by the pool with me? Maybe we can get a “rise” out of Jake?”

“Cate leave now before I change my mind.” as she pointed to the door. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.


I couldn’t believe what I had just heard from Cate. I’m not sure what to think. It’s obvious that both my kids were no longer children. They were young adults and with that came curiosity to explore feelings that had not existed when they were younger. I got up and put my toys away, tentatively pausing with the dildo and thinking how could Jake’s cock be bigger than this?

I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I took stock of my breasts and butt. I had aged pretty well. Looking at myself I had to admit I was very attractive. Although I’m not sure why healthy young men would be attracted to me rather than some hard body their age. I must admit it did make me feel good. So good that I thought I would call Tom to see if he wanted to get together tomorrow night. Tom had always been after me to go out to dinner. I always turned him down, not because he wasn’t attractive but rather because I just wasn’t in the mood for companionship. My kids were right. I did need to find a companion. Maybe Tom was the guy.

I called Tom and he was surprised. He said absolutely and was looking forward to taking me out to dinner. He agreed to pick me up at 6:00 tomorrow night. I took a nice long shower. My body was sore from standing around all day. Especially my feet and legs. I put a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and headed downstairs. I needed to talk to Jake now that I had a better idea as to what happened today.


Man I’m not sure what was happening upstairs but I pretty much knew that I did not want to have any part of it. I heard both Mom and Cate shout but I couldn’t make out anything being said.

Finally I saw Cate come bounding down the stairs. She came up to me and hugged me.

She looked up and said, “Listen well as we don’t have much time. Mom found the dildo and underwear on her bed. I’m sorry I forgot to put them away. Long story short I took the blame. I told her that I made you come upstairs with me. I didn’t tell her about us and you shouldn’t either. I told her we were in her room with the toys and we ran to our rooms and pretended we were asleep. She is okay with it. Just don’t lie about the sleeping part. Oh and I did tell her about being an MILF. I know, I’m sorry but I couldn’t tell her about us. I think she was pleased that you and your friends found her to be an MILF. I am going to sleep over at my girlfriends house. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She gave me a quick peck and a good squeeze before leaving me alone with mom. Shit I’m going to fuck this story up. I know it. Mom knows me too well. What makes things worse is Cate left without making me cum. Damn her!

I sat on the couch to watch a movie when I heard mom coming down the stairs. I took a deep breath and hoped for the best.

“Hi Jake, what are you watching?”

“It’s some romantic comedy. I just turned it on. I’m probably going to go up to my room and play some games.”

“Mind if I sit down while your still here?”


I saw Jake sitting on the couch. Still just in his gym shorts. I asked if I could sit down. I wanted to talk about today as well as his concern for me on leaving for school. As I sat down my eyes gravitated to his crotch. Oh my god I thought. I am so bad. I have to admit that Jake had become a very handsome young man.

“So Jake, I spoke with Cate about today. Would you care to reevaluate what you told me when you came down the stairs?”

His face reddened and his eyes drop down. Busted! Hopefully he owns up to what happened after all this was mostly Cate’s doings.

“Mom, I’m sorry. We were in your room when you got home and we panicked. I said we were asleep so that I wouldn’t get into any trouble.” He looked remorseful and embarrassed. I also wasn’t too comfortable with having a discussion about MILFs and dildos with my son so I let it go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32