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Shortly about me – my name is Kasia (33), I got married at 25 right after finishing university, which was a totally premature decision. My husband is a lot older than me (55). We don’t have much in common, and our sex life is non-existent. He wanted a trophy wife and I wanted an easy life with his money, which seemed a perfect symbiosis back then but the initial excitement sadly lasted very short. After a few years of becoming more and more an intimidated grey mouse of a housewife, I decided to get back to work, to change my clothing style (love those low cut tops), to start enjoying life (with his money), and last but not least to throw away all prude limitations I might have had before. I am a pretty, petite (just 152cm tall / 49 kg | 5 ft. / 108 lbs) dark blond with dark blue-greyish eyes and a couple of 75/34 DD breasts, all natural. These big, round, juicy breasts are a magnet that always works on both hands and minds…

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I can still remember the day when it all started. It was a warm, late summer afternoon. The leaves had already started to get colourful, but the winds blowing were still warm and pleasant. That’s the time of the year I like the most, the calm and peaceful transition from summer to autumn, so different from sudden storms and cold air coming directly after the hot weather.

We were expecting my husband’s sister Susan and her husband Mark to come for a rare visit. We were planning to set out the grill and enjoy the evening outside. I had some time to sit on the veranda, as my husband Arnold was already active at the grill, hopefully not trying to impress his brother-in-law again. I can still remember the disaster their last grilling competition ended up to be.

I was wearing a white, dotted dress with sleeves, which I love to pull off my shoulders. I like the way how sexy wearing it makes me feel, with its exposed cleavage and its open back with a bowknot tie.

My husband mentioned something in the morning about how all my dresses put my tits out on display, but who cares? I liked it. Also, I am sure nobody else will complain. Nobody ever does, do they?

Suddenly the car arrived and with a loud beep stopped at the front of our house. To my surprise, it wasn’t just Mark with Susan. They had also brought along their daughter Jannet (who must have been around 18 then) and seemingly her fiancé Luke. Looking at him, he must have been around her age or 2-3 years older at most. In a stark contrast to his rough and rowdy future parents-in-law, who seemed deep into a midlife crisis (both in their 50s), he seemed a bit shy and distanced.

“Kasia, it’s so nice to see you” Susan, with her huge bottle of wine for tonight, went straight to the welcome hugs. I felt a little bit overdressed as she had just a plain top and jeans on.

“Where is Arnold?”

“Oh, he is at the grill, at the back of the house. Nice to see you too!”

I was not able to add more as she marched straight through the house to discuss the beverages for tonight with her brother.

“Hi aunt Kasia, this is my fiancé Luke. He made a delicious salad for us.”

I smiled, as Jannet introduced him. He clumsily handed a big bowl to me, mumbling something that sounded like “ellou mirs”. They followed her mother to the back of the house and sat on the sunbeds, far enough from the stinking, smoking grill.

With a loud crash, Mark closed the trunk of the car and brought the rest of the food they. He put the bags on the pavement as he saw me.

“Wow, Kasia! You know you’re my favorite sis-in-law, don’t you?”

He smiled broadly, openly staring at my bare legs and deep cleavage, which wasn’t really surprising to me since he was always commenting and admiring my body before as well.

“Hi Mark, I am glad to see you too!” I smiled.

“Come on, give me a hug.”

He put his big arms around me, holding me tight and making sure he could feel every bit of my breasts’ full shape on his chest as snugly as possible.

“Hey, I told you not to do that!”

As his left arm held my back, his right unsurprisingly found its way down to give my ass a good squeeze. The thin fabric of my dress barely hindered, along with the tiny thong underneath, could barely hinder him. Mark was always full of bawdy jokes and comments. All the time he gave around light spanks, and liked to put his hands on one or other shapely thing. There was no sense to fight it, it couldn’t be avoided either. All you could do was limit damage with guys like him. Even my husband stopped arguing over it long ago. Susan strangely never complained even a little, maybe she liked it.

Behind the house, Arnold was already arguing with his sister over how the meat should be prepared before putting it on the grill.

“Guys, each of you do it your own way and stop fighting! Like kids!”

“What do you mean, ‘like kids’? The kids seem to be the most mature ones here”

Jannet bantered immediately from the sunbeds. She and Luke had made themselves comfortable and were sitting relaxed. They had their smartphones in hand, mecidiyeköy escort making me wonder if they even talked to each other beyond just exchanging messages, comments and likes on social media.

“Mark here you go, let’s start the evening.”

My husband, with a broad smile on his face, handed over the first beer to his brother-in-law, who had even a broader one. They had obviously been looking forward to this evening for a few weeks already, I thought to myself.

Susan woke me up from my contemplation, asking for glasses to pour out the wine from the bottle that she had brought with her.

“Yes sure, let me bring some from the house, I’ll be right back.”

I went straight to the kitchen. As seldom as I drank alcohol, it was no surprise that I could not find them at first.

“They must be stored somewhere at the bottom.” I thought to myself going through the lower shelves, looking for the cardboard box, where they were kept away from dust. To reach it I had to really lean down, exposing almost all of my butt, as I felt the hem of my dress slide up my thigh slowly. Had Mark followed me here, he would have squeezed me out like a ripe lemon. Although, it might not have been just the lemons that would get the squeezing. I chuckled to myself, thinking he would totally enjoy the view.

Feeling sure that I was alone I leaned down without care, my ass all exposed. Nevertheless, I could not resist taking a peek behind my back just to be sure.


I instantly hit my head at the top of the shelf.

“Luke! You scared the crap out of me!”

How long had he been standing here already? Struggling to lower my dress back down, I put the glass-filled cardboard on the table, with a loud ‘bam’ and some glasses jingle.

“I am so sorry, I had nothing wrong in mind. Could you tell me where the restroom is?”

Yeah sure! Then why are you so red on your face? Nothing wrong, just checking out the color of your thong. Thinking to myself, I was ready to confront him, but then I smiled and showed him the way.

Before going out again, I checked if my dress was not exposing too much. But then, the more I pulled on the bottom, the more the top was put on display. Ahh chuck it, let’s just enjoy this, I laughed to myself as I arrived back at the grill with the wine glasses.

We had a garden table with a few chairs and a garden lamp hanging right above it lest we had to pick the food randomly in the dark. I really liked that atmosphere and energy, when you sit outdoors with your close ones and just enjoy the moment.

The men were already finishing their second beer. This evening might not quite be as long as planned, I smiled at them with pity.

We were laughing and enjoying the warm late-summer evening. Although, as the hours went by, the jokes and topic got more loose. Alcohol was not really my thing, so I inevitably was the most sober one in the whole party. I was sipping my glass of wine through half of the evening, and that was already enough for me. The ‘kids’ excused themselves after finishing their meal and disappeared into their room.

“Just remember to use condoms and do not use them more than once!”, Mark roared behind them.

“Don’t embarrass her. You know she doesn’t want to go this far yet.”, Susan immediately retaliated, making it clear that her daughter is still a virgin and that shouldn’t be pushed.

“Oh come on! The sooner they start the better, right?”

Mark gave a playful spank on my bare thigh to emphasise how much he meant what he says.

“You’re unbelievable, Mark. I bet you started early and became the neighbourhood mum’s bogeyman, didn’t you?”

“Well, ummm, you know…”

“He was my perfectly innocent schoolboy. It took me two whole years to get him to lower his pants! And you don’t want to know how old he was at that time.” Susan came to his rescue, and made us all laugh.

“Says the one who was so experienced at that time. What about you guys? How did you start popping those cherries, Arnold?”

“Guys, it’s ancient history. Especially with so many legends out there”, Arnold laughed. “It was some neighbourhood girl, the usual story, nothing interesting to talk about. what about you hun? We never actually talked about this.”

He was right. When we first met, I was finishing University and he was a well settled businessman, slowly approaching 50. He never really asked about me, just wanted me to be his. While a younger man would have died of curiosity to know his wife’s prior sexual experiences, Arnold was a lot more tactful regarding such things. A real gentlemen in comparison to his brother-in-law.

“Mmmm, isn’t it getting cold? Let’s start a campfire, maybe?”

“Haha, we will, no worries. But first, let us know when you first spread those fine thighs.” Mark again leanede in my direction and playfully rubbed along my thigh at this opportunity.

“I will need another glass of wine before I tell that.”

Susan swiftly filled my glass with what was still in the bottle, mecidiyeköy escort bayan visibly excited at the story to come.

“Here you go, Kasia. Now out with it”, she smiled.

I took a long sip.

“I was once sleeping at my mom’s besties house over a weekend. I called her aunt Gabriella. I remember, there was a terrible storm that night. Because her husband was out on night duty, we were sleeping together in their big bed. I think we were both a bit scared and just felt more secure with each other.”

I took another sip. It seemed I had their full attention, no one disturbed the silence.

“I don’t remember exactly why, but at some time we started discussing relationship stuff. She asked if I had a boyfriend and any experiences. She told me about herself, about how it all started for her with her best friend. She went on to me if I had a girlfriend who I felt especially safe with, whom I could experiment with. This caught me by surprise. I admitted that while I had not thought about it before, the idea seemed pretty intriguing to me.”

Another sip. It was like if the atmosphere was feeling hotter again.

“She started caressing me, gently stroking my cheeks, then my arms, my stomach. It sent wave of thrill through my body as she finally cupped my breasts for the first time.”

“Oh, I bet!” Mark remarked, staring at my chest with a truly primal desire in his eyes, not hiding how much he was enjoying the display that my chest put.

“Then she began to kiss me. There was no turning back from there. Her hands were all over my body, groping me wherever they went. She swiftly put my clothes off and got me completely naked in no time. She went down to lick my pussy. I can still remember how intense the orgasm was, probably one of my strongest ever. I remember holding her close to my body as I screamed in pleasure for the first time in my life. I hugged her once I calmed down, but I guess I didn’t want her to feel left out. Our hug soon turned sexual, as I began to play with her full breasts, gently rubbing them and brushing over her hardening nipples with my fingers. I even tried to return her oral favor, regardless of how unskillful I might have been at the task.”

I needed another sip. Hopefully, the wine would last long enough.

“Honey, I… I am shocked! I never thought you could be bisexual.”

“Had her first time and still a virgin. A dream!”

“Wow! You were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time.”

Ignoring all the remarks around me, I continued the story. There was more to it.

“The next day, I felt she kept preparing me, although I could not figure out for what. She kept asking me about my virginity, how I feel about still being a virgin and so on. She also tried to make sure I did not hold on to any stereotypes and urban legends that are nowhere near the truth. Her husband was also around that day. They were both very friendly and caring. As evening approached, I was sitting next to her on the couch. Her arm around me, she was caressing me and hugging me gently all the time, until finally, she explained what they had in mind. She asked me if I would like to repeat what we did yesterday… this time, including her husband.”

A sip. Give me wine, I need more. I was not even looking at any one of them. I could hear a dog barking, somewhere far away in the night.

“Before I even had a chance to respond, he took me in his arms and carried me to their bed. She was immediately all over me caressing and kissing me. He sat back in an armchair, watching how his wife squeezed my firm breasts. Exposing them, she started sucking on my completely hard nips. It felt so good! She had thrown me deep into an abyss of ecstasy, even before she had pulled down my thong. And when she finally did that, she started licking my wet, virgin pussy.”

Oh my God! I’d completely lost control over myself. Why was I going into so much detail? What had happened to me? Okay, no more wine now!

“Immediately after making me cum with her magnificent tongue, she took my head into her lap and started gently fondling my breasts. She so obviously enjoyed playing with them. At the same time, her husband was already positioning his hard cock between my thighs, ready to thrust into me. He was not huge, maybe not even qualifying as big at all, but at that time, it was the biggest cock ever to me, a real python. I screamed as he finally pushed in, breaking my hymen. With her fingers clamped tight on my tits, I moaned loudly with every thrust, as I got fucked for the first time in my life. It was so intense! She leaned forward and vigorously rubbed my clit, and I almost immediately came again. When he was about to finish, he pulled out and squirted his semen all over my stomach and tits. I only remember her hand massaging his warm cum into my breasts, while I was falling asleep exhausted, cuddled into her naked body.”

I was breathing slowly and deep when I finally finished the story. My breasts were heaving out with every breath, stretching escort mecidiyeköy my dress to its limits. I didn’t even notice how excited I’d gotten. My nips were clearly hard and erect, poking through the flimsy fabric.

The moment I looked up at their faces, I knew I’d gone too far. I had shared too many details, had pushed the line and made them visibly uncomfortable. Them being my husband and his sister. Mark, of course, was amazed. But even he realized that pushing the topic might go too far at that moment.

“Thank you for the story, Kasia, but I feel it’s gotten a little late, hasn’t it?”. With that, Susan got up and started to clean things up.

Might as well clean up now, I thought. It was already half past midnight, and I started to help her. I felt sorry to cut down the party like that, though. Mark kept starting at my tits secretly. I knew that he would have loved the evening to go on, with a lot of hugging, cuddling, and touching involved, but his wife would have made sure that didn’t happen.

We gathered the dishes and the rest of the food, and went back to the house.

“What has gotten into you? Is all that true?”

Arnold was the one hit by my story the most, he was totally shocked. He seemingly never expected me to have any experiences with women, let alone to have lost my virginity to a couple. Well, I now had a lot of work ahead of me. I had to reassure him those that those were just things of the past. I needed a good story to tell him how young, naive and irresponsible I was.

He just shook his head and went to the living room, leaving me alone with the rest of the cleaning outside.

When I got ready and went back inside, it was all quiet and peaceful. Arnold was sitting in front of the TV and slowly falling asleep. There was no trace of Susan and Mark, or the kids. I went up to check the bathroom. It was surprisingly unoccupied, so I rushed to my room to get my favourite chemise as well as my bathrobe.

On the way, next to Susan and Mark’s room, I had to stop. Are they really? I had to put my ear to the door to hear better, but those sounds couldn’t mean anything else, bed squeaking, regular moans and grunts. Seemingly not only Mark got really horny while listening to my story. Well, good for them.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and went straight into the shower. I love my warm, evening showers, when the water flows along my body, making me feel cozy and relaxed. I couldn’t help but move my hands up to my breasts almost straight away, and gave them a squeeze, slowly massaging them. It made me realize how horny I was already, I needed it so much. I rubbed my nipples, and pinched them to make them as hard as possible. My pussy felt so soft, and wet as I ran my fingers along my lips. I almost immediately slid a finger inside, and started masturbating. My other hand rubbed my clit, while I finger fucked my pussy. I wanted to cum so bad, after I had brought back all those memories. I was rubbing faster, working my pussy more and more, enjoying myself, starving for ecstasy, desperate to build up a climax. But it was not meant to be. Soon I felt like my hand was losing its strength. It was always hard for me to keep up pace while standing.

“Uhh…”, I sighed. I might need to finish this later, when in my bed.

It took me some time to finish my other evening bathroom activities, until I finally reached the door to my room. I have been sleeping upstairs for a long time already, as Arnold watched TV until very late almost every night. I hated it, so I moved out of the main bedroom upstairs, where I got my peace.

When I was in my room, I dimmed the lights, threw off my bathrobe, and slipped into the bed only in my lace green chemise. I knew what I was up to, so I skipped the thong altogether. Reaching out to the drawer, I took out my pink rabbit dildo.

“Mmmm honey I can’t wait…”

It felt so good to rubbing it over my pussy. It felt so intense as the tip moved along my pussy lips and started tracking down my clit.

“Exactly what I needed”, I muttered to myself, as I started to totally loose myself in my world of pleasure again. How I enjoyed the moment when it slid inside me for the first time that night, when I finally started to fuck myself with it. My wet pussy, already worked up before, accepted it eagerly as it slid in with ease. Then I could only enjoy my most loyal lover rhythmically penetrating my vagina with long, sliding movements. The other end constantly molesting my clit was always the most reliable climax assurance for me. I closed my eyes, trying to remember that night when Gabriella and her husband fucked me for the first time, aiming to make the experience even more intense. I put my hand to my breast, to caress it as she did, while the dildo had to be enough to resemble his cock pumping my pussy.


FUCK! I instinctively pulled the blanket over me, and stashed the dildo under the pillow as fast I could. The door opened slowly, with a quiet squeak, while my heart was pounding like crazy.

It was Luke!

He entered the room half asleep, in his boxer shorts only. He closed the door behind him and slowly dragged his feet towards the bed. He must have mistaken the rooms. Wow! Is that a hard-on? He must have cuddled with Jannet and she left the poor guy unattended. I would have masturbated in the bathroom if I was him. Although, he could have had similar problems as I do with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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