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It was still early and Jeanne and I were asleep in bed. I woke up first and looked over at her lying there naked, listening to her quiet, rhythmic breathing. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping. She was lying on her side facing me, eyes closed, long blond hair sort of jumbled up, with her warm breasts pressed up close against me. One leg was draped over my butt. We had gotten back together after the farmhouse encounter.

It was a relaxed Saturday morning with no schedules to keep. I reached behind her leg and started running my fingers up and down the outside of her pussy. Not getting a reaction, I turned her face toward me and gently rubbed my mouth against her soft warm lips. She stirred and those beautiful green eyes flickered open. She kissed me and let out a little excited moan as she became aware of what my fingers were doing to her pussy. I continued fingering the soft skin around the edge and she became instantly wet. It was pretty obvious that, on this particular morning, Jeanne and I wanted the same thing.

We didn’t talk, but continued kissing and caressing each other. She was very cooperative and, as my fingers rubbed over her clitoris, her eyes rolled up in her head a little and she whispered softly in my ear “Oh B…, fuck me unconscious like you did that day at the farm …”

When she put it like that, I didn’t need to be asked twice. In fact, my dick got instantly hard just thinking about it. I rolled her over on her back, spread her legs out, and started teasing the lips of her pussy with the tip of my cock (gawd, her pussy had become wet). Then I gave it a quick thrust in and back out. This must have startled her bahis firmaları because she let out a little gasp, like the sensation had taken her breath away.

She was now totally wet and I continued massaging the soft skin around the outside of her pussy with the tip of my cock and then thrusting it in and out at unexpected intervals just to tease her. Each time she let out a gasp and her eyes rolled up a little in her head. I could tell that she was very turned on and soon I was on top fucking her hard, the way she liked it. I had her head propped up against some pillows and my arm was under the middle of her back, pulling her warm body up close against me. I could feel her erect nipples brushing against my chest with every thrust. Her hand was gripping my butt pulling me into her and she was breathing very heavily now, even gasping for air at times. I continued to pump her harder and deeper and, as her pleasure mounted, she let out a soft deep moan of pleasure and anticipation that I knew meant her orgasm was close.

Her vagina involuntarily tightened around my cock as she started to climax and she let out a long deep moan of complete ecstasy. I kept fucking her deeper and faster. “Ohhhh…..” she groaned as my cock finally found her sweet spot and her eyes rolled all the way up in her head. Then her arms tightened around me and her fingers dug into my flesh as we both came together. She gasped and held her breath, not wanting anything to interrupt the sensations that were flowing through her body. After a few moments of ultimate pleasure, she exhaled softly and I felt her body start to become limp and pliable. Her eyes were still rolled up in kaçak iddaa her head and she was becoming unresponsive. I put my hand under her neck and lifted her face toward me so that I could give her a kiss of gratitude following that great orgasm, but her warm lips and tongue offered little resistance. Her pussy had relaxed its grip on my cock so fucking her was easier, but there were no more moans or heavy breathing. Her head and tits just jiggled back and forth. Finally, her eyelids flickered and closed as both arms dropped to her side and her mouth fell open when I laid her head back on the pillow. Jeanne was silent, but was she really unconscious, I wondered?

I was fucking her slower now, catching my breath, and watching her body rocking back and forth with the motion of my cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her juicy wet vagina. Her whole body was now limp beneath me and, as her legs had relaxed, the pumping motion pushed them further apart. I waited a few more moments then softly called her name, but there was no response. I reached down by the side of her breast and shook her warm body. Her head rolled limply back and forth, bouncing a little as it came to rest against her shoulder in a jumble of blond hair, but again there was no response from Jeanne. I grabbed her wrist, laid one arm back over her head, and moved her face to the side so that I could feel her underarm for a pulse. Jeanne was ticklish and I thought that my fingers touching her warm underarm would at least cause a stir, but there was no reaction from her to any of this, not even a flinch. I shook her again, harder this time. The arm that was lying over her head slipped off the kaçak bahis edge of the bed and dangled at her side, but there was still no response whatsoever from Jeanne. She appeared to be unconscious.

I put my hand under her neck and turned her head toward me, brushing her long blond hair out of the way so I could see her pretty face. Her lips parted as I turned her face and I could hear her shallow rhythmic breathing. I gently patted her cheeks and shook her head from side to side, once more trying to arouse her, but there was still no reaction from Jeanne. Then I carefully lifted each eyelid one at a time. Both eyes were still rolled all the way back in her head so that all I could see were the whites. I let her head fall back on the pillow. It rolled limply to one side. Jeanne was definitely out cold.

I slowly (and reluctantly) pulled my cock out of her vagina, got out of bed, and picked her up under the arms. I slid her limp body around in the bed so that she was lying across the width and positioned her so that her neck was a little off the edge. Then I let her head and arms fall back off the mattress. Her hands and long blond hair almost touched the floor and her mouth again fell open. Her arms dangled for a few seconds back over her head. I massaged her taught breasts and fingered her moist pussy for a few moments and then slowly slid my cock between her parted lips. Her warm mouth felt so good on my dick. I instinctively reached under her neck and moved her head up and down a few times. She made a cute little gurgling noise as my cock reached the back of her throat. Soon I was pumping her head up and down faster and faster, watching her long blond hair dangle between my legs. Her breasts jiggled back and forth and I could feel her arms dangling behind me brushing against my legs as her limp tongue tickled my cock until I came a second time in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32