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Cock Riding


Chapter One

The deepest, darkest, depths of Peru.

It was to be Laura’s first excursion into the untamed jungles of the world having finally come of age. As a child, she had travelled significantly with her father, but she had always been left at home when he went on his tomb-raiding excursions. Her father had since perished at the hands of the mysterious group known as ‘The Pentagram’ and now it was her time to continue his legacy.

The jungle was sweltering, the humidity beyond belief. Laura had abandoned her bra and was dressed in only her loose-fitting cotton top and green khaki shorts with military grade black boots to protect her feet from the denizens of the undergrowth. Her long brown hair was tied in a ponytail, her skin tanned from her time skirting the deserts of Egypt during her father’s fatal pilgrimage to that ancient and foreboding land of many mysteries.

Peru was radically different. The jungle was alive in more ways and one, a cacophony of sounds from the beasts that hid amid the thick foliage giving the impression that they were always watching the intruders into their domain.

Laura’s expeditionary group was twenty strong, on a mission to discover the hidden pyramid that her father had written about in his memoirs. It was said to be located at a conflux of two mighty rivers and most likely buried beneath a heavy canopy of the jungle that had grown in the centuries since its use as a burial site for King Myletoph.

Laura was still young, impressionable and naïve in all too many matters of the world, reason enough for her to have hired Mark Thane, her gun-for-hire, a rough-luck mercenary whose website portfolio had created a most appealing impression. Twenty years her senior he was ruggedly handsome with a perpetual shadow of a beard, and with grey/green eyes that easily held her own whenever she attempted discourse. On top of this, he had a most distracting bulge in his combat trousers that had a habit of stirring her hormones when her gaze wandered (as it often did).

Naturally, she had fantasised about fucking him, about the size and girth of his manhood as he revealed to her in whatever setting took her pleasure. In her fantasies she would smell his strong scent as he rode her into oblivion, his rock hardness shoved deep inside her love tunnel. Not wearing a bra during her excursions into the forest often entailed that her aroused nipples were easily discernible beneath her top, a fact that had drawn the attention of the labourers who had accompanied them on their mission into the depths of the virgin jungle. She had no interest in any of them save for Thane, for until now it had only been girls that had captured her attention during her ascent into adulthood.

It had been her first manisa escort lover, a stunning natural blonde with short, cropped hair, named Sandra McGee, who had been the one to claim her virginity. There had been little that Sandra had not been willing to do, their sexual experiments the kind of thing that most teenage girls can only dream about. It had also been the means by which Laura had discovered the illicit thrill of golden showers.

The rain had been lashing against the windows of Sandra’s bedroom in her university dorm, the night outside as black as pitch. Despite the tempo of the water slashing against the glass, there had been little to dampen the soft moans issuing from Laura’s throat as Sandra’s tongue had explored her pussy crack with a lover’s fondness for detail.

Laura had been lost inside a whirlwind of bliss at the ministrations being applied to her love lips and to her small fleshy clit and had barely registered the moment when Sandra, naked as a new-born had moved upwards to straddle her toned, smooth belly.

‘I have a special treat for you,’ Sandra had whispered and it had been at that moment when she had started to pee.

The heat of Sandra’s hot piss spraying over her bare flesh had aroused Laura far beyond anything she could have believed possible, jarred from swooning and brought to full attention. She was caught between utter arousal and downright disgust at being peed over. She had stared past the upright mound of her bare tits and erect nipples and at the sight of Sandra’s pee shower flowing at full strength, spraying from her shaven pussy slit as she went to the toilet over her lover.

Their resulting love fuck had been the best that Laura had ever experienced, more so that Sandra had insisted that Laura return the favour. Laura had moved to Sandra’s back and had placed her muff into her lover’s hair whilst slowly allowing the urge in her bladder to have its release. It had been an extraordinary sensation to have a wee over the back of a girl’s hair, squirting her hot wet stream over Sandra’s short golden strands. It had been so dirty, yet so thrilling that it had driven her hormones into overdrive and this was why she had become so fascinated with peeing; either pissing in naughty places or over her female lovers, or videos on the Internet. It was also the reason that back in the present, she desperately wanted to see her hired trouble-shooter produce his dick and let her watch as he sprayed his hot piss all over her!

They had been out in the jungle for five days now and Laura had not yet acted on her fantasy. The men tended to head off together when they needed to answer the call of nature leaving her to spray the jungle leaves with her toilet shower, all alone. Today, she was determined, that it maraş escort was going to be the day when that changed!

The group of explorers had been climbing steadily for several hours, the jungle thicker than ever as it followed the contours of the land. Thane had been leading the group with Laura refusing to leave his side and always keen to share her water bottle whenever they came to a rest stop. They were both covered in sweat, the day hot and clammy like all the others that had preceded it in this god awful place where the constant chatter of the hidden monkeys never ceased.

The play of light through the thick canopy broke as Laura and Thane exited from the press of thick trees, onto a rocky outcrop trust away from the stark cliff that rose from the green valley below.

‘My god, what a relief,’ said Laura pushing a hand through her sweat sodden hair.

‘Look, Laura, look,’ urged Thane suddenly pushing ahead of her and going to stand on the edge.

Laura rushed to join him, taking care not to get too close to the empty void. The view was incredible, the jungle stretching in all directions to the horizon. It was as though they had left the world they had known and had been transported to a place of primordial beauty. She could easily imagine dinosaurs pushing through the foliage in the valley below.

‘There, see, where the rivers flow and meet. Can you just make out that spear of rock jutting out?’

Laura’s heart began to race as she followed his directions. Her keen eyesight quickly settled on what could only be the pyramid her father had written about. She moved closer to Thane, smelling his manly sweat. Her nipples were hard beneath the thin material of her blouse, a certain amount of cleavage on display. She noticed that he had noticed, his gaze wandering for a moment before a sense of duty saw him avert his eyes.

‘That must be it!’ Laura exclaimed. Her excitement was making her hornier than normal. Thane was on his radio, instructing the hired help to break for camp, their journey at an end for the rest of the day at least. The level of light was beginning to drop and the jungle was not a forgiving place after dark.

‘Let’s go re-join the others,’ Thane said, returning the yellow walkie-talkie to his belt.

‘No, let’s wait a while and watch the sunset over the jungle,’ Laura said. God, was her voice husky?

‘Then I’ll leave you to it for I really need to pee. I must have drunk a hundred litres today what, with all that water you’ve been giving me.’

‘Why leave when there is a perfectly good ledge you can pee off here…’

There was a long silence whilst Thane’s gaze held her fast, trying to gauge the extent of her offer and what she was really implying.

‘I thought you wanted mardin escort to stop and watch the sunset,’ he offered after another couple of moments. He was fully aware that Laura’s attention seemed to be focused on his crotch, the bulge beneath noticeably bigger than normal.

‘I do, but I also want to watch you take a pee off this ledge and water the jungle below. If it makes you feel any better then I’ll go at the same time.’ With that, she started to fumble at the fastener at the top of her shorts. They fell down her long tanned legs, revealing her white cotton panties, stretched tight around her shapely buttocks and muff, the outline of her pussy slit easily discernible to the seasoned gun-for-hire.

‘OK, if that is what you want?’ Thane said with a sudden grin. He reached for his fly. Laura’s hormones surged – she was about to see his cock!

Even as her companion made to produce his manhood Laura whipped down her panties whilst making to squat. She knew that Thane couldn’t see her bare pussy from his position by her side but that was something she was prepared to change, possibly after she had sucked his dick following his piss off the rocky shelf.

The moment arrived. Thane’s cock was a thing of wonder, almost fully erect, his foreskin clear of his bell-end as he took aim. Seconds later and a thick stream of clear piss was leaping forth and spraying into a flowing arch that sailed over the edge, christening the jungle below and its many inhabitants with a human-made shower.

Laura tried to start peeing, desperately wanting to match him in releasing her hot wet payload and spraying the rock beneath her bare buttocks with a stream of piss. She just couldn’t – she was too turned on!

She stared at Thane’s cock. He was aware of her gaze and seemed to be enjoying the experience almost as much as she was. His flowing fountain was sailing through the air, his stream of hot piss vanishing over the ledge. Laura knew that there was precious little in the world that would prevent her from sucking his dick the moment he had finished his leak, better still if she was pissing at the same time. It would be such a wonderful combination, the delicious feeling of relieving her pee over the rock combined with placing her tongue around Thane’s bell-end.

A subtle crack filled the air. The ground beneath the couple shifted perceptibly.

‘What the fuck…’ Thane’s diminishing piss shower wavered around in the air as he struggled with his balance. Some of his pee landed on Laura’s flesh. So deliciously hot!

Any further amorous thoughts were shattered a moment later as the sound of splitting rock filled the air. Thane turned and threw himself forwards just in time to catch the lip of the new cliff edge as the original segment broke away. For Laura, who had been in her girl-about-to-pee squat, there had been no chance to save herself. She was carried into the void, falling towards the jungle below that only moments ago had been receiving Thane’s golden shower.

…to be continued.

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