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Like daddy. Joy’s tale. Part 4

Kim is punished and daddy confesses his past

Chapter nine

Daddy submits to Joy

Daddy was waiting outside on the road with the engine running. It was dark already and we didn’t talk much on the way home. It was true what I had told Kim, my ass was throbbing and I was coming down from the high I had been on for the past two or three hours. When we got home, I went straight to my room and stripped off my skirt to check myself in the mirror. I couldn’t really see very well though and decided I needed photo memories anyway, so I put on my dressing gown and went down to daddy’s den. I guess he knew how I was feeling, and was letting me lead the conversation.

“Daddy, would you take some pictures for me, please?” I asked him. “Of course, darling.” Was the response and I got out my phone for him. I slipped off the gown and stood naked in front of him with my hands to the side. He looked at my nipples and noticed they were redder than usual. “Clamps on the nipples, darling?” He asked. I nodded. “Bloody sore the first time, isn’t it?” he said lightly, and we both broke into fits of laughter. The tension was broken and I felt myself relaxing. My lovely daddy understood exactly how I was feeling and was full of sympathy for my stripes and bruises, and when he saw the state of my asshole he offered to apply some cooling cream. As soon as I felt it running down the crack of my ass, and his finger gently soothing the battered skin I started to cry. He took me in his arms and held me, saying nothing, just letting me rid myself of my emotions until my inner strength returned. It had been an emotional day and after a light supper I went to bed.

I was awake early and lay in bed going over the events of the day before. I remembered seeing daddy in the garden at Mistress Dee’s house and how that had cost me twelve strokes of the cane. I determined that I should have him explain himself for that. I got out of bed and had a closer inspection of my ass with deft use of mirrors. It was still marked from the cane, and a little bruised from the tawse and it felt a bit sensitive to my touch. No wonder! I had taken a whipping of 24 lashes, 18 strokes of the tawse and 36 strokes of the cane last evening. Rather more than the six strokes of the cane I got from Dee in her office. It’s all daddy’s fault, I decided, so he will be punished this afternoon.

Over breakfast we talked about my session with Dee, and when I told him about Kim he nodded, saying that he had warned me Dee enjoyed training other mistresses. It was then that I informed him that she had offered to train me too, with a particular interest in my learning how best to punish him. He paled a bit when I told him what Kim had promised to do with us. “Would you like that, daddy, to have a punishment session with Dee and Kim as the mistresses and for you and me to suffer their discipline together? Kim said she might fuck your ass with a strap-on and make you lick my pussy. Would that turn you on? Would you enjoy watching me being caned, 24 strokes, or would I deserve more? I had to drink Kim’s pee, directly out of her pussy and I was tawsed on the anus for missing a few drops. Would you like to watch that, daddy?” The expression on his face made it pretty clear that he could imagine nothing better. I told him to stand up and when he did, he had a huge erection hiding inside his pants.

“Remove your clothes, daddy.” I commanded him. “Immediately!” He pulled off his top and dropped his shorts, standing there naked at the breakfast table with his hard-on beating away and I pronounced sentence on him. “Clearly you would enjoy witnessing such a scene! For that, I am going to cane you this afternoon, twelve strokes with the light cane and twelve more with the heavy cane. And, I want you to find something for me to insert up your ass — I don’t care what it is, but I had better be impressed at the size of it or your caning will be doubled.” There wasn’t much more to say after that and we went about our morning pretty much as usual.

I kept him waiting come the afternoon, telling him that I would summon him when I was ready. I decided I would wear my short black leather skirt and lacy black bra for the occasion. My ass was still bruised and I didn’t want to be naked this time. I went to his den and found him there, so I sent him to have a shower and ordered him to present himself in twenty minutes.

A knock on the door. “Enter.” I responded, and in he came, dressed appropriately for the occasion. He was naked. In one hand he held a carrot. A pretty big carrot from our garden. It must have been about ten inches long, maybe an inch around at the tip but flaring out larger and much fatter towards the base, and when I took it from him, I noticed he must have cut notches along its length at one inch intervals, and at the eight-inch mark there was a deep groove all the way around. He had carved it in such a way that if it went up his ass far enough, it would hold in position deep inside him buca escort but still stretch his anus wide. I was impressed. No extra strokes for that, then. He opened a condom packet and rolled one over the carrot without a word, and handed me a tube of KY jelly. I knew what to do with that.

“Daddy, you have given me permission to discipline you as and when I want to. Today, I am going to punish you for several reasons. First, you exposed your erection to me at breakfast this morning, evidence of your desire to see me humiliated and punished by two cruel mistresses. For that, you will receive twenty-four strokes of the cane. I am going to fuck your ass with the carrot you gifted me, and the carrot must remain in place while you are being caned. Should it come out, the caning will start again at stroke one. Secondly, I was caned yesterday for your transgression — you were caught in the garden of Mistress Dee. For that, I believe she intends to summon you herself to make amends, but I took twelve strokes of the cane from her for you. As a result, I intend to double the caning I have already awarded you. You are to receive a total of forty-eight strokes of the cane, from me, now. Do you have anything to say to me?”

“Oh Mistress Joy, I apologise for you having to be punished for my curiosity. I just had to see Mistress Diana again. I am sorry I was caught, but just a glimpse was enough to assure me it was indeed her, and knowing that reminded me of my submission to her discipline and how I long to be subjected to it again. I am ready to take the punishment you have awarded me. Thank you for caring about my needs, and for giving me what I crave.”

Well — I guess I knew we were playing a bit of a game, and playing out our roles in it, but this game included some pretty crazy rules, and consequences. I slowly slid the carrot eight inches into my daddy’s ass and it held firm as I thrashed him with first the light cane, and then the heavy one. He took his caning well, as I expected because I didn’t cane him too hard. I too was still learning. When he came down from the chair, his ass was striped and his cock was as rigid as an iron bar. I told him to lie on the carpet as I was going to empty his balls for him. He obeyed, and I stroked his cock until he erupted with a gigantic volume of cum — into a glass that I produced just at the right moment. It was a champagne flute, and when I had squeezed the last drops of daddy’s cum into it, I measured it at just over two inches deep. Even daddy was impressed at the volume of his cum. Then I gave him the good news: he was to drink it all. “You refused me last time I offered you the chance to do it, but today I insist. Just like you said you wanted to watch me drink Kim’s piss, daddy, I am now going to watch you drink your own cum. It’s only fair.” And with that, I held it to his lips and poured it into his mouth. “Roll it around your mouth, daddy, and taste it before you swallow.” I ordered him. He did. I wondered if he would puke, but he didn’t. Instead, his cock got hard again and he thanked me.

“I have done that before, Joy, in very different circumstances which I may tell you about one day, and that is why I told you I didn’t want to swallow cum again, but being made to do it by you, Mistress Joy, was a massive turn on. Thank you for being such a clever dominatrix as to find new ways for your daddy to debase himself in front of you. Your mother would be so proud of you.”

Chapter ten

Kim gets her comeuppance

Within a few weeks, daddy and I had established a new lifestyle. We decided that he should report to me for punishment every Sunday lunchtime with a list of confessions worthy of punishment and I would pass sentence. I would then carry out his punishment in the afternoon and having caned him, and fucked his ass with various inventive instruments he provided me with, I would sit astride his legs facing him. Not every time, but occasionally I would be naked which he loved, as it opened my pussy wide and as it began to ooze my juices, I would dip my fingers up my cunt and use the juice to lubricate his dick as I brought him to his once-weekly massive, copious climax with my hands. Before he was permitted to ejaculate, though, he had to beg me to feed him his cum and force him to swallow it. He began to like that more and more — the submission, especially to me, his daughter, the humiliation and the taste — or so he told me. For most of the rest of the week, we would carry on as normal and not even discuss my, or his, newly discovered interests unless there was good reason to do so. If we did have a discussion, it was always on a Wednesday evening, so he would have four more days to build up his huge ejaculations. We never thought of having sex, but I did confess to him one evening that I was developing a curiosity about having objects inserted up my ass. I asked him what was so great about that and he just said I would have to try it to find out. Otherwise, we wanted to have as normal a life as possible beyond our sexual needs and buca escort bayan not let them dominate our lives. He needed to concentrate on work, and I my studies even through the Easter break.

Back at college, emotions were always simmering. Mistress Dee noticed this and some weeks after our session she brought us all into her office for a chat. We all had to confess our feelings, about ourselves and towards our colleagues after what we had all done together. Amy reported that she had enjoyed immersing herself into the slave role, and very much enjoyed the level of punishment she had been subjected to, which, although quite hard, had not challenged her too much. She hoped to be challenged more severely next time. She was in awe of Dee, and also of Kim and felt that it had been a good idea to submit together with me. She appreciated my self-sacrifice in swallowing so much piss on her behalf and had enjoyed the ministrations of my tongue on her poor swollen pussy. She said I was welcome to do that with her any time I wanted to!

Kim said she had thoroughly enjoyed the session and hoped we would be willing to submit to her again. The highlight for her, she claimed, was pissing on my face knowing that she was going to make sure I would earn extra punishment for failing to swallow it all. When I asked her to tawse my anus, she told us she had almost orgasmed. As Dee had informed us, she was also a willing slave herself sometimes, and enjoyed being caned extremely hard. She hoped that we too would learn to take a beating like that one day. She said she had great hopes particularly for Amy to reach that level of surrender.

I admitted that the session had exceeded my expectations and stretched my imagination greatly. I enjoyed submitting to every humiliation, and I did orgasm when Kim tawsed my anus. Everyone laughed at that, and I went on to say that I had already punished my dad for earning me the cane but since I had become a piss drinker, I was now teaching him to be a sperm eater. I said that I knew I could take a harsher beating with any of the instruments that were used and I was rather looking forward to doing so as well as learning much more about how well I might submit to the many other devious instruments of punishment and torture that I saw in Mistress Dee’s dungeon.

Dee told us she was very pleased with our attitudes, and with the way we had so willingly entered into roles we were all playing out. We had to bear in mind that this was our ‘play time’ and real life must take first place. However, if we were all willing, we could arrange a second session later in the month, with the same group of four in the same roles of mistress and slave. We all said that would be great, and we all shook hands on the agreement.

Immediately, Dee smiled, clapped her hands and looked sternly at Amy. “Do you remember our bet, Amy? One thousand pounds against 36 strokes of the whip. I want to hear you beg Kim to whip your cunt, harder than before, thirty-six strokes and to make you scream at every stroke. You accepted the bet and now we will all bear witness to your plea to ensure that you honour it within the given time.”

Amy blanched. Had she really forgotten? I couldn’t believe she had. She stood up and looked at each one of us, making eye contact with us all. She walked slowly around the room. Was she about to walk out? No. She walked over to Kim and knelt in front of her on one knee. She took Kim’s right hand and looking her straight in the face, she said in a trembling voice, “Mistress Kim. The last time I submitted to you, I was bound naked with my legs spread wide and my pussy gaping in unprotected helplessness for everyone here to see. You gave me twenty-four feeble strikes with your whip directly on my cunt. I call on Mistress Dee and my fellow slave, Joy, to bear witness that I beg you now to once again bind me naked and immobile, my legs widely separated and my cunt completely defenceless for you to give it a severe whipping of thirty-six strokes. I want you to make me scream at each stroke. If I do not scream at any one stroke, please increase the strength of the strokes and repeat that stroke twice. I implore you. Please accept my request.”

A triumphant smile came to Kim’s face. She looked haughtily down at Amy. “Slave Amy, I will hear you beg me one more time before I give you such a severe whipping. On the last Friday of next month, you will report to Mistress Dee’s dungeon where you will be tied with your feet spread wide and your knees held tightly apart with straps. I will play with your cunt before I whip it, to encourage your inner lips into view and your clitoris from its hood. You will then beg me again to whip you there, and I will make you scream, and believe me, I will relish every scream I bring forth. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

With a little sob, Amy stood up, turned around and faced us all. “Nothing would make me happier, Mistress Kim. I loved submitting to you last time. Next time I will beg you to allow me to drink your piss, like Joy did last time, and escort buca to lick your pussy clean until you orgasm into my mouth. If I spill any, I should receive twelve direct strikes on the anus from your tawse.”

“I will make sure you spill a little; enough to earn the penalty.” replied Kim, and while Mistress Dee jumped up and clapped again, I was struck dumb. Would Amy really see this through? She had sounded sincere enough but she seemed to be jumping several levels from our first experience to what she was asking for now. Would I be able to keep up, or would I be a disappointment to everyone in comparison? I was massively turned on nonetheless by everything I had just witnessed and decided to dip my toe into the conversation.

“Mistress Dee. It is only a month since we had our introduction to your dungeon. I wonder if Amy isn’t taking things a little fast? Shouldn’t we leave something unfulfilled at the end of a session to have us coming back for more?”

“Didn’t you tell us a moment ago that you too want to be tested more thoroughly, Joy?” Amy retorted. “If it were me, Mistress Dee, I would award slave Joy a punishment for her comment.”

“I agree, Mistress Dee.” pipped in Kim, “She has no right to restrict Amy’s progress. I recommend the cane. Now. Twelve strokes.”

We were in Dee’s office, with no other tutors anywhere nearby. Mistress Dee stood up and walked to her door. She turned the key and locked it. Coming back to us, she spoke in a very controlled manner. “Kim. You forget who is in charge here. You have no authority over anyone outside my dungeon and you have no place to recommend punishment for anyone other than yourself. It is you who will now be disciplined for usurping my authority here. As you know, I am always ready for a game, so we will play one now to determine your fate.”

Reaching into a drawer in her desk, Dee brought out three dice; one blue, one red and one yellow. “I will roll all three dice. The one with the highest number will choose the instrument of your punishment. Red will earn the cane, blue the whip and yellow the tawse.”

She rolled the blue die; four. The yellow scored two. “Hmmm, are we hoping for a red five or six?” she asked us. Nobody spoke. She rolled. Six! “You will submit to the cane, Kim. Now to find out how many strokes you are to receive. This is a simple case of multiplication. We will multiply the numbers from each die; blue multiplied by yellow multiplied by red. Kim will roll.”

Kim took the blue one and rolled a four. The yellow came up as a two. “You have eight so far, Kim. If you roll a one, you will get just eight strokes of the cane. Do you accept the challenge?”

“I do, Mistress. But before I roll, would you inform us how hard the strokes will be?” answered Kim. A fair point I thought to myself.

“Ah yes, the submissive slave Kim wants to know how hard her punishment is to be. Well, Slave Kim, for that is who you are this afternoon, I shall tell you. Depending on the number you throw with the red die, each will bring you eight strokes. As you know, when a caning is awarded it will be carried out to the full. Each set of eight will increase the severity of the strokes. I will start with mild and the progress through medium, hard, very hard, extremely hard and if you are unlucky enough to score a six, the final eight strokes will be applied without mercy. I am not going to ask if you are happy with that, I shall ask Amy instead to comment and to tell us what number she hopes you will roll. Amy?”

“You have told us how much she loves hard punishment Mistress, and I for one would love to witness Kim taking a severe caning, so I hope she rolls a six.” Amy replied.

And she did. Kim took the red die and rolled it across the table. It was a six. “Six sets of eight strokes of the cane, and the final set to be applied without mercy. What a lucky girl you are, Kim. Prepare yourself. You know how a slave must present herself for a caning. Meanwhile, you two girls can help me. Go to that door in the wall. Inside, there is a frame on wheels. Please wheel it out here.”

There, inside the large cupboard was indeed what turned out to be an A-frame caning bench. We set it up in a position where Amy and I would have a close-up, grandstand view of Kim’s buttocks, soon to receive the cane. As we completed that, Mistress Dee instructed us to assist Kim into position. She had stripped off all of her clothing and was standing with her hands behind her neck, feet eighteen inches apart, naked and looking only a little anxious. We hadn’t seen her naked before and I could see that my previous estimate was about right. Her tits seemed about a 36C, with large brown pierced nipples. Today she had nipple rings about an inch across. She also had a ring through her belly. Her pussy was completely bare and fully exposed. As she turned around, I beheld the most beautiful ‘bubble butt’ I had ever seen. Round and hard, like ostrich eggs. Amy and I led her to the A-frame and she stood up on the support bar, spreading her feet to the outer limits of the bar. Leather straps with buckles awaited her ankles and we secured her there. Longer straps allowed us to separate her knees and secure them too so she was now unable to close or move her legs. As she bent over the padded top, her ass was in the perfect position. She leaned further and placed her hands on another bar opposite her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32