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Last night, Michael and I were perusing the stories over at Literotica as I needed to update my profile information to reflect our new group name. After I had finished all that, I went into the chat forums on the site and took a peek at what was happening in there. I had several folks who recognized my name and immediately pounced on me once I came in.

It felt good to be ‘seen’ so to speak by people who knew nothing about you but knew everything about you from the stories you write. It’s funny though how many of them already knew the cast of characters that I use in the stories. But first and foremost of all the questions asked of me last night was ‘Are you really 43?’

Both Michael and I cracked up, I must have been asked that like a dozen times. Yes, I am really 43.

Michael and hung out there for a bit before we moved on. I decided to go check out my friends and see if they posted anything new for me to read and switched over to the member side. I took their link from my Promotions Site to locate them the easy way. I first went to check out Askew Money. He’s a sweet man who is a regular poster here. I perused his titles and after asking Michael which one looked good, he pointed out the one titled, ‘That Night’.

Michael and I love reading stories together, he usually reads the first half then I read the second half. As we laid on the bed, Michael began reading the story out loud to me. I was laying on my tummy opposite of him. He was leaning back against the headboard of our bed with pillows tucked behind him. I was laying next to him with my feet against the headboard. He was rubbing my legs with his right hand as he read the story.

I had moved my arm under his right leg and was rubbing his calf as he’s been developing a lot of cramps. As he came to some good portions of the story, I would move my hand up his calf to his knee then I turned over onto my right side and pulled a pillow under my head. I rubbed his leg upwards towards his thigh and would occasionally move over it over his cock. We rubbed each other as he continued to read.

I then moved my legs into a knee bent position so that I could move up the bed. I lifted my left leg and placed the bottom of my foot flat against the bed. He was able to caress my smooth inner thighs while working his fingers upwards to the crook of my thigh. He has a special touch that he does when he’s touching me. He easily gets me into the mood when he rubs like this. I placed my hand on his cock and began tapping at the head as my fingers wrapped him. I could feel his shaft begin to swell as I squeezed him repeatedly.

He in turn began running his fingers over my lips, pushing them apart with his fingers as I focused on his growing shaft. At one point, I stroked his shaft thru my fist and that caused him to stop reading for a moment. Knowing that his mood was approaching I pulled on his cock a little more each time. He in turn pushed a finger into my moist folds and began a slow pumping. His thumb would brush against my clit while he pumped me. I was feeling quite aroused by now and as his voice began to grow softer, I knew that my movements on his thickening shaft was getting to him.

His cock was now almost fully erect as I teased the head and would cup his balls. It had been a few days since he last came so I knew the building load would just rock his body when he was ready to unleash it’s devilish force upon me and, I looked forward to it. He pushed bostancı escort another finger into my warm wet pussy and began his own rhythm. He had me moving and in between reading the story told me to lift my leg and rest my foot onto the headboard. I quickly complied.

The talent of his fingers caressing my inner walls as he would move both fingers inside me back and forth felt so good, I wanted to cum very soon but he had other plans for me. He would bring me to the edge then stop the motions. I, in turn would pump his pulsing shaft then stop. We played this little cat and mouse game before with intense results. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to cum yet so I sat up and moved between his thighs. I stroked his cock with my hand and told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum until I had at least 3 orgasms. He smiled and said ok. I knew he wouldn’t last though and somehow, he knew it too.

I now used both my hands to caress his cock and his balls. Squeezing each then relaxing. I teased the head of his cock by licking my fingers and running them over the head of his cock. Picking up the precum oozing from the slit and spreading it over the head like butter on toast. I could feel his shaft throb in my left hand. I knew he was close to his orgasm but I wasn’t letting him have it that soon. Not yet anyways.

I scooted back on the bed a little bit and leaning forward, took his head into my mouth. Licking the head like an ice cream cone before sucking it in and running my tongue over the slit. He looked down at me over the laptop and told me to watch out now. I smiled with his cock in my mouth as I closed my lips around the head and drew in as much as the position I was in would allow me. I took about a quarter of his length into my mouth before moving tongue up and down the shaft. I felt him spasm one time and eased off.

Just as I pulled my lips from his cock, he told me it was my turn to read the rest. He set the laptop down and I had other ideas instead of reading from the screen. I told him to hold a second and got up off the bed and grabbed the monitor cable and flipped on the projector mounted on the shelf above our headboard. I plugged the cable into the laptop and placed the laptop on the stand beside our bed. I adjusted the background setting a bit and lo and behold had the rest of the story displayed on the wall in front of the bed.

I would be able to lean back against the headboard and read from there as we played together on the bed. Michael looked at me and said that was cheating. I just told him that he didn’t think of it first. We use this setup to enjoy the camshows of our special friend Maria at times. We haven’t used it in a while though as we’ve been busy during those shows updating sites during the show. This came in very handy tonight however.

As I leaned back on the headboard and began reading where Michael left off, he slowly moved his way between my thighs. I felt his fingers slide back inside me and begin his pumping once more. I told him he needed to reposition s I could feel his cock in my hand at least. He said ‘no’ as I looked at him. He’s been saying that a lot and I think he likes it. So, I kept reading but needed to have my hands busy so I began to feel my tits and tease my nipples.

Michael moved lower on the bed and placed his tongue on my clitoris. He licked and sucked on my clit as I tried to focus on what I was reading. It was very hard though. We have ümraniye escort bayan a rule that neither one of us cums until after the story has been read. But, having him pleasuring me in this manner I think that philosophy was about to go out the window. He sucked my pussy so good, pumping me with his fingers while at the same time tonguing my clit hard like I love it. My hands were busy on my tits pushing them together, pulling on my nipples and looking down as his tongue flicked over my lips and clit.

I looked at where I was reading then glanced down the page to see how much more there was. I had a bit to go still and began reading faster. Well, he caught on and told me to slow it down. He told me that I had to pause at least one full second after each period. He was driving me nuts. Easier said than done I tell you!

I kept reading at his pace, he pulled his fingers from my pussy and moved down. He pushed his forefinger into my ass as I slid down further on the bed. He began pumping my ass while his tongue flicked my clit. I told him there was now way I could hold off and he told me that the rules are the rules and reminded me that I always follow the rules. Yeah, thanks! He pumped my ass faster and harder, his tongue on my clit was shooting bits of spasms into my brain as I tried like hell to hold off my orgasm.

He had me to the brink of orgasm and either had a feeling I was about to cum or knew there was no going back but he abruptly got up, pulled his tongue and fingers from me and laid down a resounding quick slap to my inner thigh that echoed the room. I glared up at him and he said, good it took your mind off your orgasm and got up and walked away from me. Oh that asshole! But I had to laugh… I had done the same thing to him about 3 weeks ago.

He returned shortly with a wireless remote anal plug that a friend sent us from Los Angeles. He told me to lift my ass up and pushed the tip into my pussy. He then moved it in and out and gave it a twirl. He then pulled it from my pussy and pushed the tip into my backside. He pushed a little more as this had a wide mid section but I wanted to all and told him to slam it in me. Not having to be told twice, he did just that. He pounded that into my backside as I gasped. He then told me to settle back down as he moved again between my thighs. He asked if I was done reading and I said no, he then told me to get a move on then.

As he positioned himself back between my thighs, he went right back to lapping at my pussy as he teased my clit with his tongue. I kept on reading as much as I could and at each sentence, he would flip the switch of the wireless plug and send me into contractions. He said that was a reminder for me to pause at the end of each paragraph.

As I looked down the page I only had a little bit left to go and sped up my words but slowed near the end of the sentence. His tongue was now buried inside my folds and he had two fingers pumping me. Just as I neared the end of the story, he buzzed me again but left it on. His tongue moved in circles as I felt my orgasm approaching. I tried to finish the last sentence just as my body erupted. I felt my eyes snap shut as I grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper into my pussy.

The vibrations going on in my ass and his fingers picking up the vibration sent me into a tailspin as another more powerful orgasm racked me. He moved his fingers in and out of me as his tongue licked and kartal escort swiped across my clit. He shut the buzzer off for about 3 seconds before kicking it back on again just another orgasm gushed thru me. He kept right up with the way my body was arching, the movements of my hips as I ground my wet pussy on his tongue. HIs fingers still pushing and pulling out of me. He had consumed and I couldn’t wait to attack his cock.

He lifted himself up and moved backwards. As he leaned back on the bed I was on him. He still had the plug in my ass but I went right to work sucking his cock. I took him long deep motions, the head hitting the back of my throat as I took his length inside my throat. I released him all the way to the head before moving over his shaft again. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and began pumping in my fist while sucking the head.

I could feel his body tense and knew his orgasm was coming. I released my grip from his shaft and slammed 2 fingers into my wet pussy. He flipped the switch on the plug and I reached back and pull it from my ass. I took my mouth of his cock but spun around and getting up on my knees I moved over his erect cock and reaching between my thighs guided his thick hard cock into my ass. I rode him like most women ride a cock in their pussy. I didn’t even flinch as I slammed my ass on his thick cock. Oh it felt so good!

I pumped, rode and rocked on his shaft. I would squeeze my muscles and let them massage his shaft. I built up to a nice motion and soon he was moaning and gasping as I took all of his length onto my waiting ass. I fucked him long, deep and hard. I wanted to feel his hot cum to fill my bowels and he moved sideways but remained inside me. I got up on all fours and lowered my head down onto the pillow as he held onto my hips and pulled me backwards on his cock. I was moaning loudly telling him cum in me. To fuck my ass and make me proud.

He drove himself deep inside me, my hips were meeting his thrusts as his cock filled my anal walls. I reached under myself and rubbed vigorously at my swollen clit as hit the right spot when I felt my orgasm explode from my body, this in turn sent a shockwave thru him as I felt his grip on my hips grow tighter, his hands pulling me back onto him. His orgasm built up and built up until her finally moaned out one long loud groan and I felt his hot sticky cum splashing my insides. His hot seed coating my innards from my intestines to my sphincter. I moved on his cock wanting to milk all I could from it.

He pulled out of my ass and leaned back, I moved and turned myself around so that I was under his wet cock. He stroked his shaft as I was able to manage a few drips of his cum onto my tongue. I swabbed my tongue over the head of his cock as he pushed the head into my mouth. I sucked him as more left cum leaked out.

I put my fingers to work and brought myself to another raw intense orgasm. Oh it felt so damn good… we both collapsed next to each other. His cock laying against my thigh still hard as he wanted more. I could only catch my breath and enjoy his cum on my tongue. I asked him which story is next and he turned and looked at me and said, lets check and see what Don has on his page. I said ok as Michael got up and went to the bathroom as I grabbed the mouse and brought up his page.

We decided to re read his Wild Night in Vegas but it’s such a long story that we’d gone out of our minds so we decided to read just the last page of it. It had Michael paired with D and I with Don…. what else is there after that… but that story is on it’s way…. as well as his story and our results from his Lucky in Vegas…. Thanks David, Thanks Don…. more to cum!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32