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by NICHOLX, 12.07.21, 2K words


Lori fried some bacon, and they sat down to breakfast. “Want anisette in your coffee, dad?”

“Always. Give it a double, sweetie.”

She poured the coffee, “I’m going upstairs for a minute, have to pee, then I’ll make some more toast.”

“Wait, sweetie, okay if I watch? I never watched a girl peeing.”

“Um, okay, if you’ll let me hold your dickie the next time you pee?” she smiled.

“It’s a deal,” he said.

In the bathroom, she let her robe slide off, then she was completely naked except for her socks. She sat on the cold toilet seat but held the pee in for a moment. Dad had a pj shirt on but was naked from the waist down, and his huge cock was right in her face, as stiff as a poker. She grasped his hips and drew him close. She leaned back a little, spread her knees wide, then spread her pussy lips and held the pubic hair aside.

“There. See my nice little pee-hole? It’s okay if you wanna feel down there, daddy, before I pee.” With two fingers he gently caressed her urethral orifice and the inflating clitoris. “Uhn, don’t rub too much, or I’ll cum!” she warned.

“Lori, you are so beautiful, sweetie, it hurts. And I saw your sweet little nubbin too, poking out of its hood, getting hard like a little dick.”

“Okay, now watch.” She let some of the golden liquid squirt out, then stopped.

She held his cock tenderly, “It’s okay, daddy, your dickie will feel better real soon. Just put your cock in my mouth, I know you want to, and everything will be alright. Just push it in slow, so I can get it clear down my throat,” she smiled. “I’m holding the rest of the pee in, and I’ll let it squirt out to help me climax, when your cum is shooting down my throat, okay?”

Kisslng her forehead, “Okay, sweetie.”

The cockhead was red and swollen, as he held her face tenderly. She laved and licked the cockhead, put it in her mouth and swirled it, then swallowed it with some difficulty, “Ulp, gluk, unngk,” and finally got the cock down her throat, as his sack pressed against her chin. She cupped his balls in one hand, fondling them gently. He fucked her mouth with slow short strokes, and after only a few strokes felt his juice begin to tingle.

“Lori, honey, I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum in a few seconds!” His legs weakened so that he had to brace against the wall for support.

As he ejaculated, she felt his balls dancing as they gave up their sperm, and used the other hand to jack her engorged clitoris, still holding the pee in.

“Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaah! Cumming now!” he announced, squirting great wads of thick hot cum deep into her throat. Reveling in the warm cum seeping into her belly, she released the pee, and it squirted out forcefully. The tingling pee feeling triggered an orgasm that struck her like an electric shock. “Mmmmf! Mmmmmgk! Mmmmf!” she shuddered and spasmed violently, with his cock artemisbet yeni giriş still deep in her throat, sending pee flying everywhere but in the toilet!

When the cum spasms finally ceased, she gently unmouthed the cock, took a deep breath, then coaxed the last wad of cum from it into her hand, and rubbed it on her clitoris and hot nipples.

“Aaahhhhh! Mmm, your cum is like a soothing ointment. I love you, daddy,” she smiled, kissing his abs.

“My God, Lori, you are so wonderful, sweetie–” He dropped to his knees, buried his face between her soft breasts, and wept.

“It’s okay, daddy,” her arms around him. She felt his tears and warm breath on her breasts…and oddly her thoughts were of her mom; she knew he too was thinking of her.

“Mom always called you Jimmy, could I call you my Jimmy? I wouldn’t call you that when anybody else was around, it would just be between you and me?”

“It’s okay, sweetie, if you want to.”

They embraced like that awhile, savoring the afterglow.

“My pee went all over us and the bathroom! Let’s clean up and take a shower, then we’ll go sit by the fire, and have a good drag of wine, and I’ll lavish some more TLC on you,” she smiled.

“What is TLC?” he said.

“Tender loving care. You are in dire need of it, and don’t even know it.”


“Soap my back, please, daddy?” she asked.

He stood behind her in the steaming shower, and drew her close. He nestled his tired soft cock between her dreamy soft buns, while he soaped and caressed her back and belly and delectable breasts. She turned her head, saying,

“Um…could you please soap me between my buns and up inside too, it’s a little itchy in there,” she said.

He said, “Uh, okay sweetie.” She reached behind herself with a soapy hand. His tired dick miraculously sprang to full attention as she stroked it twice, then coaxed it gently between her soapy buns and into the tight anal star.

“Uhngh! Oh, what a relief, the itching is going away! Please, can you pump a little for a good scratching?” she said.

“Happy to oblige, sweetie,” he said, slowly, gently pumping in and out as he kissed her beautiful neck and shoulders.

“Ahh, mmm, good, your cock feels so nice…don’t stop,” as she guided his left hand to her erect nipples, the right between her legs.

“My lil’ nubbin there needs soaping, too,” she said. “Ahh good, so good, daddy.” She bent forward a little, then reached down under her crotch, gently cupping his balls. She felt the balls moving and knew he was starting to cum, then felt the hot spunk spurting up into her ass. She fondled his balls gently.

“I can feel you nutting in me, daddy, it feels so good, fuck it all into me, deep, daddy, DEEP! Fuck your love into me, I love you daddy! Ah, I’m cumming! My legs are getting weak, don’t let me fall! Uh, uhh, ungh! Nnnnnnnngh!” as she shuddered and artemisbet giriş spasmed through a violent climax.

Looking down, he watched his soapy cock disappear, reappear as it sawed in and out between her soft buns. He held her up and his own legs felt like rubber as he ejaculated into her beautiful ass, moaning in relief, “Aaah! Aaaaagh! Unng! Uunnnnnngh!” He spewed a huge volume of cum into her, and it was dribbling out of her ass even as he pumped it in.

Exhausted, he sat down on the shower bench, and she sat across his lap, as they enjoyed a nice relaxing warm rinse, with his arms around her. His still-hard cock stood up between her legs, and she soaped and washed it, getting it ready for its next adventure.

Almost afraid to say it, “I think the only way I haven’t ravished you, sweetie, is between your sweet, lovely breasts, so maybe next time we could try—“

“Hmm…actually I also have some other good places where you can screw me, but let’s save those for another day. If you want to fuck me between the boobies, stand up and let’s do it now while we’re still slippery,” she smiled.

She got down on her knees in front of him, then took him deep into her mouth, licking and bobbing a few times. She nestled his cock between her heavenly soft breasts, squeezing them together. Then she moved slowly up and down, her soapy breasts stroking his cock tenderly, gently, pausing now and then on a downstroke to lick his tip. Her nipples were fully distended, hard as bullets, and she looked into his eyes lovingly, unabashedly, seemingly relishing this.

“Does it feel good? I love to make you cum, daddy. I love to swallow your sweet hot milk and have it squirt all over my face,” she smiled.

After a few strokes, he tapped her shoulder to warn her he was about to cum. She just gently took him into her mouth, and eagerly swallowed his entire ejaculate. Then licking her lips, she cupped his balls and smiled up at him, eyes twinkling, “Was it good for you, my Jimmy?”

He just smiled, and kissed her hand.

Before going downstairs, she pumped a good dose of gel up her ass. Better safe than sorry, she thought.


They had some more coffee and toast, then sat naked by the fire, sipping wine. The fire was getting low, so she got some more sticks. She was still hot as a firecracker and wanted her pussy to be fucked deep and hard! Putting the sticks on the fire, she bent way over, making sure he got a good long look at her bare ass and gleaming slit and puffed clitoris, and she indeed had his full attention.

“On your knees, wench!” he laughed. “I’m gonna shove everythimg I have up your pretty little ass!”

“Okay, but please screw my pussy first until I cum, then pull out and give it to me in the ass, please, daddy.” She wanted his cock in her right now, and did not want to delay it with foreplay. She got on her knees and laid her forearms artemisbet güvenilirmi and face on a pillow, so her ass was really sticking up for a good doggie-fuck penetration.

He got on his knees behind her and slid a finger into her vagina, finding it sufficiently wet. He jacked his cock a few times, producing a wad of precum, and lubed the cockhead with it. He pushed the bloated cockhead in gently past the vaginal lips, then pushed rhe cock in to the hilt, pressing the soft tip gently on her cervix.

“Unngh! Omigod, I feel your sweet cock on my cervix! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard, daddy! Shoot your hot cum into me, please!”

He would not thrust hard for fear of hurting her, so he pushed in with gentle deep strokes to caress her cervix, and pulled out with faster strokes. They fucked like that for half an hour, then her legs and ass began to shudder as he felt her vagina begin to flutter and spasm.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum! My back, oww! Squirt it into me now, please!” Her back arched painfully as her tender body was wracked with a cataclysmic orgasm, “Uhh! Unngh! Owww! Ahhh! Nnnnnnnngh!”

When she started to cum, he pushed clear in and ejaculated, “Aaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!” flooding her cervix with his hot thick cum, which she loved.


Exhausted, they slept long, then lay by the fire, resting.

She kissed his cheek tenderly, “Thank you, my Jimmy,” she smiled.

“For what?”

“For giving me what I wanted, and so badly needed,” she said drowsily.

“You’re welcome, sweetie, no extra charge,” he smiled.

She snuggled on his chest, “Do you still want to…give it to me in the ass? I jellied it for you,” she asked coyly.

“What a silly question. Let me put a couple sticks on the fire, then you lie on your left side and I’ll spoon behind ya.”

The fire crackled and blazed anew, filling the room with cozy warmth and the scent of pine.

He spooned behind her, drawing her close, his hand on her breasts, kissing her warm neck and shoulders.

She snuggled her tushy into his lap, and felt his already-hard cock pressed against her buns. Then she spread her soft buns apart, “Now don’t be shy,” she teased.

He gently pressed the velvet tip of the cockhead against her tender star, then slowly pushed into her rectum until the whole length of cock was inside her.

“Does it feel good, daddy?”

“Lori, sweetie, it is so wonderful, I’m sorry, but I have to cum already. Is that okay?”

“It’s okay. Just let it go, shoot it all into me. We can do it again later, and the pumping will last longer. Give it all to me, I can never get enough of your warm sweetness. I love you, daddy”

He kissed her neck, held her breasts gently and relaxed, moaning his relief, feeling his back would split, as everything he had spilled into her beautiful ass, “Mmm, ummmmh, Aaaaaaaaaaaah!…God knows I love you, Lori.”

“I know, dad…I know.” She had tears because she knew things would not stay this way,,,they had to change…

Outside, the snowstorm raged on as darkness fell, but inside they slept, cozy by the fire, luxuriating in each other’s warmth…

* * * * * * * * * *

[ Dedicated to Brittni ]

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