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I put up my hand (among others) for some work experience on a farm. Basically those selected would be heading out to the farm and working as farmhands for a couple of weeks — unpaid, of course. The up-side to this was that as we were unpaid they were unlikely to overwork us as there was nothing to stop us walking off. We also got extra credits from the school. I was one of the lucky ones and found myself shipped off to a farm out in the boondocks, wherever the boondocks happen to be.

I was the only one from my school sent there but I was quite pleased to find that the owner had three attractive young ladies who worked for him. The young ladies were all about twenty, scoffed slightly at my junior age of eighteen, but quickly proved to be willing to carry on with a little bit of flirtation, with the clear understanding that that was all that would happen.

For the first week I worked and flirted, finding out a little more about how a farm works and the amount of work required to keep it operating and make a profit. According to old Zeke the second part is pure chance and he’s quite sure that the farm hasn’t turned a profit since he’s been on it, which is seventy something years. I also found out a little more about how the girls ticked, deciding Carly was a reasonable choice to further my flirtation. If I could only get her alone. The three of them seemed to be running a mutual defence society.

I was in the stable, having cleared out the stalls and replaced the bedding with fresh hay, when Carly came in leading a very pregnant mare.

“Whatcha up to, Carly?” I queried.

“Bedding Sunshine down. She’ll probably pop tonight and I was asked to bring her in early and keep an eye on her. Basically this means stick her in the loose box and settle down with a book.”

I watched as she coaxed her chubby charge into the loose box and closed the door. Then I moved a little closer.

“This is the first time I’ve been in a position to do something like this,” I told her, and then I kissed her. Tentatively at first, waiting for her reaction, but then with more determination as she proved to be quite willing to kiss me back.

Naturally I couldn’t stop at a single kiss and Carly didn’t seem to mind so we continued. It was quite by accident that my hand finished up resting against her breast. It was, I swear it. Not that she seemed to mind too much. Her hand came up and covered mine and we continued in that fashion.

With only a thin shirt between me and the prize my mind started thinking of various things. Things like how her breasts had seemed to bounce in an unrestrained manner when she walked into the stables. Things like how I could swear that there was no bra under that shirt. Things like how easily buttons on the front of a shirt could slip undone, purely by chance.

So when that chance came wandering past I just naturally slipped my hand into the gap, now covering a bare breast, and it was warm and soft and totally inviting. Gently rubbing her breast somehow or other caused other buttons to pop free, leaving her shirt gaping quite widely.

Seeing her breasts were now exposed I moved my kisses down from her lips to her breasts. I was totally impartial, kissing both of them. Tasting her nipples had them standing nicely, her breasts swelling slightly under my attention. Seeing my mouth was occupied with Carly’s breasts, my hands were free. I took steps to rectify this situation.

Carly was wearing tuzla escort jeans but they were loose jeans, not worn as a fashion statement but as something to knock about on the farm with. They were quite loose, needing the belt she used to hold them up. I quickly determined that if the belt was undone the jeans would stay up, mainly because I had a hand inside them, exploring, and that helped to supply the volume needed to hold up the jeans.

Now I don’t want you to think that Carly was a pushover. She wasn’t. She had no intention of letting me take advantage of her without some payback. I realised this when my zipper unzipped and a hot little hand slipped inside, seeking and claiming what I considered to be my property. Now I was faced with a conundrum. Did I extract my hand from her jeans and fight her off or not. Not, I decided. I didn’t think she was going to do much damage to the goodies.

By this time we’d gone from standing to relaxing in the hay. Much more comfortable and easier to do the things we wanted to. (At least I wanted to.) It very quickly reached a point where I was going to suggest that we might proceed to a more intimate encounter, feeling that Carly wouldn’t fight me off too hard.

“Oh my god. You’re not going to stick that thing in her, are you?”

Sprung. Neither of us had noticed Rochelle, another of the farm-girls, entering the stable and catching us.

“Ah, that is my intention,” I admitted, “as long as Carly is agreeable.”

“And what’s wrong with it, anyway?” asked Carly.

“Are you kidding? Can’t you see the size of it?”

“Not really. It feels as though it’s a normal size,” Carly giggled.

“Well it’s not. It’s huge.”

“Um, Rochelle, flattery will get you everywhere but I am only average,” I pointed out. (Okay, maybe a little more than average, but only a little.)

“Ha. That’s what you say. You’ll rupture something if you stick that in her. Leave her alone.”

“Isn’t that my decision?” Carly wanted to know.

“I’m just trying to stop you making a dreadful mistake,” Rochelle explained.

“I think you’re being a little naïve, Rochelle,” I gently chided. “Tell you what. If Carly is willing I’ll just slide it in and out so you can see that it fits quite nicely. What do you say, Carly?”

“While Rochelle watches?” she asked, sounding a little doubtful.

“Certainly while Rochelle watches. We can’t demonstrate it to her if she’s not watching, now can we?”

Carly was biting her lip and looking slightly guilty. She was going to go along with it feeling incredibly wicked while doing so. Rochelle was blushing and looking shocked. I smiled at Carly.

“Head down, bum up,” I suggested softly, “so she has a proper view.”

Trying to stifle her giggles Carly pushed her jeans further down while rolling over onto hands and knees. I pushed my own trousers down a bit more as I took up a position behind her, reaching for her and rubbing her mound. A glance at Rochelle showed that she was blushing furiously, but watching anyway. I parted Carly’s lips and pressed the head of my cock against her. Then I started pushing, slowly.

I was keeping one eye on Carly to see how she was reacting and the other one on Rochelle for the same reason. The look on Rochelle’s face said she didn’t believe that this was happening but she kept watching anyway. For her part Carly was starting to push back against me, wanting tuzla escort bayan me fully inside her.

I slowly pressed forward until I was fully inside Carly. At that point I just as slowly pulled out again. I promptly got a quizzical look from Carly but I just winked at her and turned to Rochelle.

“You see, Rochelle? Nothing to be worried about. Carly handled me with no problems. Now I’ll demonstrate to you that you won’t have any problems either.”

“Wait a minute. You can’t stick it in me.”

“Of course I can. You’ll find that it doesn’t hurt a bit. Some people find that sort of thing quite enjoyable. I just feel that you need to experience it for yourself to stop having these nervous qualms about what is really a very natural thing. Don’t worry. You can trust me. It’ll be the same as with Carly, just in and out, giving you a chance to feel what it’s like. Carly will be right here to stop me doing anything more.”

“He’s right. Stop panicking, Rochelle. Um, why don’t you lie on your back? That way you can watch as he does it and you can tell him to stop at any stage.”

To further encourage her, Carly was dragging Rochelle down onto the straw. As soon as she was lying down Carly lifted her dress (which you shouldn’t wear while doing farming chores) while I took hold of her panties and pulled them down. Rochelle gave a horrified squeak, her hands hastily covering her groin.

“B-but I don’t want to,” she protested.

“It’s all right,” I said in a nice calm voice. “It’s not as though I’m going to have sex with you. I’m just giving you a little demonstration so that when you do decide to have sex with someone you won’t panic over the size of his erection. It would be rather embarrassing if that happened.”

Rochelle was still shaking her head while Carly pulled her hands away from her groin. I’d eased her legs apart and was kneeling between them, letting her see my erection brushing against her slit. I brushed the head back and forth along her slit for a few moments then parted her lips and started pressing home.

Rochelle was making a nervous whimpering sound as I pressed deeper, quite plainly scared of what was happening but not willing to struggle or resist too much. I wondered what her back story was. I pushed deeper into her, taking my time and letting her adjust to my presence within her. Even making allowances for her nerves and taking it slow it really wasn’t very long before my groin was pressed firmly against hers, my cock fully inside her. I just held steady like that for a moment.

“There, you see. It didn’t hurt at all, did it? You’re certainly woman enough to handle a man. Now I’m going to pull back now.”

I pulled back just as slowly as I’d thrust into her, pausing just before I disengaged.

“Are you okay?” I asked, trying to sound sympathetic to the turmoil she was obviously feeling.

She gave me a stiff nod, eyes still looking down at where my cock was still connected to her.

“I don’t suppose you noticed but when I demonstrated on Carly she pushed to meet me as I entered her. This made it a lot easier for both of us to connect. What I’m going to do is enter you again but this time I want you to press up against me as I come. That will let you experience the difference. Okay? Just in and out again.”

I didn’t wait for her agreement, pushing slowly back in. It only took a moment or so and she was escort tuzla pushing tentatively to meet me. As I went deeper her tentativeness dropped away and she was pushing quite firmly against me, gasping a little as she did so.

When I pulled back again she was slightly flushed and breathing harder.

“Was that a little better?” I asked to which I got a feeble smile.

“Okay, then how about we do it a few more times to help you get accustomed to it. Don’t worry, it’ll only be a bit of exercise. I’m keeping the actual sex part for Carly after we’ve let you have this little lesson.”

Innocent, gullible, naïve? Whatever, Rochelle wasn’t protesting any more as I started slowly thrusting into her. She seemed to be moving quite happily under me, pushing harder each thrust to take me more fully.

I flicked a glance at Carly and she was looking amused and aroused. I’d better be able to perform once I’d finished playing with Rochelle as Carly had used the interval to strip completely and was sitting there naked, watching us.

For her part Rochelle was getting way excited. She was making eager little noises, bucking under me, her legs having come up to wrap around me. I was quite startled. I’d thought she was aroused but I hadn’t guessed just how much she was aroused. She was clinging tightly to me, urging me on, with me trying to hold back just a little. It didn’t make any difference where Rochelle was concerned as she gave a squeal and climaxed, almost crushing my equipment in her throes.

I pulled out and Rochelle just relaxed there, looking happy and dazed. I turned to Carly, indicating I wanted her to roll over. She seemed happy to oblige, settling onto her arms and knees, her head resting on her folded arms. I moved behind her and drove in forcefully. (The hell with taking my time.) She gave a small shriek and reacted the same way as I attacked, eagerly and forcefully. Rochelle was watching us, eyes wide, now looking startled and slightly stunned at what we were doing.

I gave Carly everything I had, relishing the uninhibited behaviour that we were both displaying. My arms were around her, playing roughly with her breasts, while Carly was pushing them hard against my hands, lapping up the attention.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about my partner’s sensitivities I just went hell for leather, banging in hot and hard, with Carly happily doing the same. What I did find somewhat amusing was that I was just keeping on going. I’d thought that my playing with Rochelle would have left me with a short fuse but it hadn’t worked out that way. I’d already been banging Carly longer than my entire session with Rochelle. Not that I was going to last much longer.

“Ready when you are,” I whispered in her ear, and she seemed to redouble the effort she was putting in. I held back a little waiting, and when she started crying now, now, now, I was ready and gave her my all.

Carly gave a soft cry and climaxed while I simply climaxed with a groan, feeling it was way overdue.

Rochelle gave me a nervous smile.

“Um, if I’d agreed to let you have sex was that what you’d have done to me?” she asked.

“That depends,” I explained. “Would you like me to do that to you? Or something similar? You could always experiment to find out what you like. I’m quite willing to help.”

I ignored the way Carly was sniggering. That was just rude. I did wonder though whether she would explain the nature of our exercise to Rochelle. Still, it should be interesting over the next few days. All I needed was to find a way to get Miranda away from the others and see what happens. Time would tell.

(Of course, I could be wrong and the two girls had been having me on. Nah — they wouldn’t do a thing like that to a nice boy like me.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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