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Everything looked perfect. The room was dark, except for the reflecting neon signs from the buildings outside. I had a playlist running of some of your favorite music (Portishead, Sinead, etc…). Not loud, but just audible enough to punctuate the silence. All I had to do now was wait for you, Maxine. Even the name rolls off my tongue with desire.

Every second seemed like an eternity, until the knock on the door sent an adrenalin rush through my already sensitive nerve endings. I open to the door to see you, a vision of loveliness, sensuality personified. “Maxine, I’m so glad you could make it out, please come in” I say with a devilish grin.

I offer you a glass of wine, hoping to relax you enough to be receptive to my wishes. You begin to gulp it down, seemingly stressed. “Oh Daniel, I’ve had quite a day. I worked out,then I had a great piano lesson. I almost forgot about tonight. I was all mixed up with life stuff, but then I remembered!.” Then you look around the empty space.

“Where’s the rest of the party?” you ask. “Maxine, I have to be honest with you. No one else is coming. There is no party tonight,” I reply. Looking puzzled, you question me, “But I don’t understand? I thought we were going to celebrate this big news of yours?”

The time has come to let you in on my long planned secret. “No Maxine, I’m sorry I lied to you, but I was afraid you wouldn’t come over if you knew the real reason I wanted you here.” You stand in silence until I can’t hold it in any longer. “I want you Maxine. I want you in every way. I brought you here so I could seduce you, & make love to you the way you deserve to be made love to. Sexy, radiant, glowing, orgasmic.”

I don’t wait for an response. I reach forward & slip my hand behind your back, pulling you towards me. Our lips meet in a soft embrace. I feel your initial resistance give way & soon our tongues dance wildly within each others mouths. I could kiss you forever. Such an intimate act. Perhaps the most intimate.

I open my eyes to see yours closed, lost in the moment. What must be going etlik escort on inside that pretty little head of yours? As I start to shut my eyes again, our lashes begin to flutter against each other in a ‘butterfly kiss’. We both laugh at this spontaneous act, lightening the increasingly heavy erotic mood. “Daniel, I had no idea you felt this way. I don’t know what to say.” I reply, “don’t say anything, just come with me.”

As I lead you to the bed, you sing along to the PJ Harvey song coming from the speakers. It’s a song dripping with raw sensuality, & fits the mood perfectly. I begin to undress you, taking my time with each button Like deep, dark secrets from inside you, every little bit of your naked flesh reveals something new to me. Soon you are completely nude. A goddess of divine perfection.

Leaning you back onto the bed, we continue to escalate our lovemaking. I can taste the wine on the tip of your tongue. I don’t drink anymore, but I’m drunk on something else this time. Something powerfully addictive that I need to express to you.

I need to taste you. With a slight prompt, your legs are completely spread. My head begins a long dreamed of journey. Beginning with soft kisses & licks to each of your thighs, my hand slips into your hand. I want to feel every squeeze in response to my actions. What you like, what you don’t like. I want, no, I need to know what makes you happy.

You scent becomes stronger & stronger as my teasing starts to have the desired effect. Your hips begin to buck, & soft whimpers escape your throat. I can see your wetness glistening, waiting for contact with more hot flesh. The rosebud of your clitoris begins to bloom, moving out into the open, needing attention. I can’t wait much longer & with a sudden motion, my tongue laps flat with full force directly onto your clit & the hot steel of your piercing.

You cry out in ecstasy with the sudden electric jolt of pleasure. Teasing you, I withdraw, letting you come back down to Earth before repeating this pattern for awhile. Our eyes have etlik escort bayan a chance meeting across your heaving chest & you smile in appreciation of the pleasure I’m giving you.

I add one finger, then another into your soaking center. You buck instinctively, wanting to be filled. But first I want you to cum with my tongue lapping at you. I increase the pressure & focus of my licking on the hood of your clit. Your breathing intensifies. I can feel you on the edge. Your hips begin to lift off the bed as I feel your pulse in every throb of your coming orgasm.

It begins with like a shock wave from the deep. Each spasm draws a scream of acknowledgment. Keeping my tongue pressed firmly on your clit, even through the violent chaos of your thrashing. Riding out each blast of pleasure, I would never, ever let go. Your juices flow freely all over the white sheets, and your pussy engorges to a beautiful blood red. I love watching the effects of orgasm on a women, and you are the most gorgeous of all.

After a seeming eternity, your breathing begins to return to normal, and the glaze in your eyes turns to a contented gaze. A puddle of satisfied flesh is the best description for the sight before me. However, just as I think you will rest blissfully, you surprise me. Suddenly, like a wild woman, you rip off my remaining clothes until I too am as naked as you.

You pay immediate attention to my cock, which has been throbbing hard since the moment our mouths met. Your velvet lips engulf my shaft, & I struggle within. Against every fiber of my being, I stop you. “Maxine, there will be time for that, I want to be inside you.”

“Oh Daniel. I want you too. I need you to make love to me now,” you say. I push you back onto the bed & lay on top of you, feeling your heartbeat pressed against mine. The natural wetness between your legs make my entry extra slippery & easy. With each inch, our eyes lock closer & closer until I am all the way in. We rest for a minute, making out & letting the sensations wash over us.

I slowly escort etlik begin to thrust, increasing speed as passion overtakes me. You are mine now. Nothing could break this connection. Every once in awhile, I withdraw & rub my cockhead on your still swollen clitoris & ring, making you moan. Thrusting back in, our hands lock in embrace & we are as close as 2 people can be. You feel so full, and I feel like I’m floating. A blissful joining of 2 like minded souls.

“Fuck me doggy style,” you don’t ask so much as demand! Your wish is my command. Turning you over, dirty thoughts fill my mind as your perfect ass is right in front of me. Those taboo desires will be fulfilled later, unbeknownst to you now. So I line up my cock with your upturned slit and push forward., resuming our lusty fucking.

I can feel your pubic bone grinding the underside of my shaft. That is the best part of this position for me. I reach down to stroke your clit, only to find your hand already there. “Alright! You go girl!” I declare, which makes us both giggle.

Soon however, we become lost in our passion. Emotions & physical sensations blur together. My vision becomes foggy, words indecipherable. I can feel my release building. Whispering in your ear, I beg you to come with me. With a fevered pitch, our lovemaking goes up yet another notch into overdrive. A perfect fucking machine.

“Daniel, I’m going to cum,” you say. “Yes baby, cum with me!” I reply. I can feel your contractions wrap vice-like around me. Like a thousand silk scarves rubbing against every nerve ending in my cock. With a final, desperate push I explode. A damn bursting from inside me.

Hot, thick jets of cum coat the inner walls of your most inner parts. All the while you climax with a shriek, fingers furiously rubbing your clitoris. I thrust forward to get every last drop of my sperm out, emptying myself deep into you. The pleasure is almost too much to bare. Without question, the best orgasm of our lives. All too brief, but seeming forever.

Lost in a daze, I lay on your back, my cock shrinking still inside you. We have not an ounce of strength between us, & with a soft kiss, we close our eyes to sleep. I can make out a few faint whispers as you doze off, half in dreamland already. The only one I really catch is, “I feel like you just made love inside of me.” I smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32