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Note: All persons in this story are over 18.


We could hear the doorbell ring far within the house. My mother had broken her leg yesterday, so I had been recruited to make the deliveries that she was supposed to be doing, now that her shipment of kitchen supplies had come in. It wasn’t something that I really wanted to do, but it had to be done, and I had been able to talk my best friend Mark into tagging along.

Luckily we were making one of the last stops for the day. A number of people hadn’t been home, so we had stopped bothering with unpacking the trunk, until we had confirmed that someone was home. And it was looking like nobody was going to be home here either.

Mark and I looked at each other, turned and started walking down the stairs, towards the car. As we did so a small car pulled up into the driveway, parking slightly behind my car. The driver, a woman, was smiling in our direction.

She stopped and turned off the car, then opened the door. She leaned out slightly and called ‘Hello,’ rather cheerily.

“Good afternoon ma’am. My name is Will Jones. My mother, Sara, asked me to drop off some items you had purchased.”

“Of course!” She smiled and looked over at Mark.

“This is my friend Mark.”

“Helping make deliveries, huh?”

Mark replied for himself; “that’s right.” He looked over at me. She was kind of speaking to us like one would to children. We looked back over, and saw her starting to get out of the car.

She looked back over at us, as she moved her hand to take the door. “Do you boys mind helping me bring in some groceries as well?”

I shrugged. “Sure.” Yay, more lifting.

She smiled and said ‘thanks.’ She stepped back from behind the door and shut it, then turned and walked towards the trunk of her car. Standing behind the door, we had seen only the top half of her body. She had dark hair, slightly shorter than shoulder length, and was wearing a white top. However, once we could see the rest of her we saw that she was actually wearing something like a tennis outfit.

It was one-piece, all white. There was a zipper on the back starting at the top and stopping just slightly above her hips. It was moderate length, stopping just a little above her knees.

Mark asked if she played tennis. She did, and had played a bit just before she went grocery shopping.

As we stepped around to the back, getting a glimpse at the now open trunk, Mark and I both let out a breath.

“Sorry, I guess I should have told you how many groceries there were.”

I still have no idea how she got that trunk so full, but …

“No problem.” I reached in a pulled a couple out, stepping aside for Mark to do the same.

Meanwhile she had walked around to the passenger’s side and opened the rear door. I had a slight glimpse of her as she leaned in, bending at the waist. I heard Mark walk towards me. I took a quick look around, but didn’t see anyone else outside, to my right, so I let my eyes trail back. She wasn’t showing a lot, but she was definitely showing more leg than she had before.

As she started to pull herself out I turned away and started walking to the middle of the trunk, Mark following my example. The door shut, and I heard her walk off.

“Sorry. I’ll let you boys in.”

She had walked around the front of the car, so Mark and I walked out from behind the car, and headed towards the house.

We caught up to her as she reached into her bag for her keys. She unlocked the door and swung it open, making her way deeper into the house.

“Right this way.” We headed down a hall, reaching a kitchen. She put her bag onto a counter and walked to the left. “You can just put the bags on the floor, right here.”

I placed my bags down, then moved aside so Mark could do the same. We then turned around and headed back outside.

As we cleared the house Mark looked over his shoulder. “Holy shit man.” He talked in a whisper, but I could hear the excitement.

“Not too bad,” I replied. I tried to play it calm, but I was feeling a little excited as well. Not that we really had any chance; I had seen the pictures on the walls.

We both grabbed a couple more bags and headed back inside. When we entered the kitchen it was empty, save the bags, so we put ours on the floor next to the others, and headed back outside. Our next trip ended the same way, so on fourth we started talking. When we round the corner, however, I stopped mid-sentence.

It seems she had come back and was starting to put away the groceries. As she had earlier, she had our back to us, and was bent at the waist, putting something into the fridge. Definitely more leg than when she had leaned into the car, but enough remained hidden.

I stood watching for a couple seconds, before realizing that it was probably pretty obvious. So I moved forward, setting the bags down. I couldn’t help but glance, and was treated to just a bit of her white panties. I stepped to my side and back so Mark could move in and I could keep an eye on her. Seemingly kızılay escort oblivious to us, she continued to stay bent, reaching into a bag at her feet, pulling out an item, and putting it into the fridge.

Mark and I both made our way out of the kitchen, as slowly as we could, keeping an eye on her until we had rounded the corner. It wasn’t until I was reaching back into the trunk that I noticed that I had double-timed through the house and back to the car.

“Holy shit man!” Mark couldn’t keep the nervousness out his voice. I didn’t say anything, knowing I could do no better.

We grabbed a couple more bags and made our way back to the kitchen. She was in the same position, but seemingly had a different bag in front of her. This time I took a chance and moved closer to her, setting my bags down as close as I could to her. I took a brief glance at Mark, just in time for a dirty look; he’d been thinking the same thing, but I’d won out.

Again, we slowly walked out and around the corner. When we had, we hear her call to us. “How many bags do you have left?”

We took it as an excuse and stepped back into the kitchen. “I think just two more trips.” She didn’t say anything to that, so we headed back out.

Sure enough it did take two more trips. As we rounded the corner for the last time, she was in the same position as before, and with another bag in front of her. As I set the bags down, after Mark again, I took a quick look around. She still had a number of bags left.

However, once we set our bags down and had stepped back, she straightened up and turned towards us. She looked at me. “How many boxes do you have from your mom?”

I had forgotten about those. “Just two.” Just two heavy boxes.

She jerked her head behind her, over her shoulder. “You can set them in there.”

I motioned to Mark and we made our way back outside. I popped open my trunk, we grabbed the boxes, and shut it behind us.

We entered the kitchen and she was back to putting away the groceries. We stepped into the kitchen, making our way around her and the fridge door, placing the two boxes inside a small pantry.

I stepped back around the fridge door. “I put out some water for you boys.”

Sure enough, at the counter were two glasses. I took both, handing one to Mark. He stepped around me, heading towards the doorway. He wasn’t going to walk out, was he?

Duh. I watched as he pulled out a chair and sat down at a small kitchen table. I was so intent that I had missed out on the table altogether. I made my way over, and was dismayed at what I saw; he had grabbed the best seat in the house, giving him an unobstructed view of her.

I reached for a chair, pulling it out as far as I could. I leaned forward, then looked over at him. He met my eyes and grinned, before looking back at her.

We drank our water in silence. Mark, having finished his, finally looked over at me. I showed him my half-filled glass. He looked back at me, disgusted, and got up. I wasted little time in taking his seat.

He slowly walked towards the fridge, the sink being on the other side. Incredibly, I watched as one of his hands started moving out, his hand starting to clench, but with one finger sticking out. What the hell was he doing?

Dangerously, he stopped moving, with the exception of his hand. “Mind if I grab some more water?”

“Not at all. There’s some on the top shelf.” She continued pulling out and putting away groceries.

He stepped back with one foot, and put his glass on the counter, his left-hand still moving towards her slowly. He then reached into the fridge, one eye clearly on each hand.

His one finger still sticking out, he lightly pushed against the lower hem of her skirt, as he grabbed the pitcher of water and pulled it out from the fridge. He turned back towards his glass, his finger still moving up, and poured himself a full glass of water.

I, however, heard only it being poured, my eyes glued instead to her skirt. While the chair definitely given a good view before, it was giving a much better one now. I fought hard against the need to reach down as my penis hardened in my jeans.

Mark moved way, letting the skirt fall back down. It was inconceivable, but she made no move as if she noticed.

I looked at Mark and he nodded; he was thinking the same thing. She wasn’t oblivious; she was doing it on purpose.

He took the chair I had abandoned and we went back to watching.

She seemed to pick up a pace a little, and was done shortly before I had finished my water. She grabbed the empty bags, straightened up, and shut the fridge door. She made quick work of putting the bags into a ball, and threw them into a cabinet, under the counter. She looked over at us and smiled. “That’s exhausting work.”

I nodded. “Back breaking.”

She frowned. “Is your back troubling you?”

I started to open my mouth, but Mark spoke first. “We’ve been lifting boxes all day.” He frowned and looked down.

“Oh! And I had kızılay escort bayan you bring in those bags too. I’m so sorry.” She frowned further.

“Oh, it’s really no problem …”

She stopped me. “Don’t be silly. I have some lotion upstairs that I think will help.” She stepped towards us and walked out of the kitchen, down the hall.

Mark stood, putting his glass on the counter and started to follow. I reached out, and he turned. He smiled and jerked his head down the hall.

I stood, putting my glass next to his, and followed him down the hall. We turned, walking up a set of stairs. At the landing we turned left, walking down the hall. We reached the first door and looked in; it was a large bathroom. She turned and looked at us, slightly surprised. She smiled.

“Okay, who’s first?”

I started to raise my hand, but Mark walked in. I sighed and followed. He walked towards her, at the center of the bathroom. I had noticed the bathtub on the right-side from the doorway, so I looked to my left and saw a toilet. I reached out and put down the cover, then sat down. As I looked back over at Mark she had a hand on his arm and was turning him around.

“Now talk of your shirt.”

He reached down and pulled off his shirt. Seeing him in profile, I was a little embarrassed; I wasn’t anywhere as fit as he was. His back unclothed, and facing her, she poured some liquid from a bottle onto a hand, then set the bottle down on the sink behind her. Her hands came together and rubbed against each other. She moved her hands to his shoulders and started rubbing.

I watched as she massaged first his shoulders, then his neck, before making her way down his lower back. She stopped a couple times to put more lotion on her hands. He time he made a sound of disappointment, bringing a small laugh from her.

Finally, it was my turn. I started to stand and realized that I still had a hard-on. I put my hands down and stood up, making my way in front of her. I quickly moved in front of her while she was turned, putting more lotion her hands. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it on the floor. Mark hadn’t grabbed his yet. I looked over and he had taken a seat on the toilet as well, a big grin on his face.

When her hands touched my shoulders I was expecting a bit of cold, from the lotion. However, instead of chilling it warmed. “Ooo.”

She laughed. “It’s a warming lotion. It melts all your pains away.” I definitely couldn’t disagree with her on that.

It didn’t seem long before she was done. “There you go.”

I looked over my shoulder. “Thanks.”

I started to bend down to grab my shirt when Mark stood and started over. “Now I believe it’s your turn.”

I looked at him and then her. She smiled. “That’s not necessary …”

“But it’s the least we could do.”

I started in. “That’s right. I’m sure your shoulders are hurting from putting away those groceries.”

She smiled. I straightened as Mark put a hand on her arm, moving her towards me. I stepped aside, letting her take the place I had stood in. He slowly turned her around.

I looked over at him. He met my eyes and winked. He had a plan, so I let him take the lead.

He moved his hands to her shoulders and started rubbing, before looking over at me and jerking his head towards the bottle of lotion. I reached behind him and grabbed it, giving it a quick shake before opening it.

Mark moved his hands towards her neck, taking the zipper at the center of her neck between two fingers. He started to move it down when she started to speak. He interrupted, however, before she could get anything out. “We’ll just unzip this a little bit so we can get access to your shoulders. This lotion really works wonders.”

She let out a quick laugh. “Okay. Just a little bit though.”

He smiled at me. “Of course.”

He unzipped past her shoulder blades before she started to speak. He stopped before said anything, and spoke quickly. “That should be far enough.”

He put out a hand and I poured some lotion into it. He rubbed his hands together briefly, before moving them to her shoulders. I watched as he rubbed her shoulders, but then he stopped. He looked at me. “Why don’t you take one shoulder and I’ll take the other?”

I didn’t hesitate pouring lotion into a hand. I set the bottle down and was rubbing my hands together as he stepped off to the side. He moved his right hand to her right shoulder, moving her dress off her shoulder. His left hand moved down the center of her back, then back up, then back down. I put my left hand on her other shoulder, moving the dress off it as well, and moved my right hand to the zipper. “Good idea.” I took the opportunity while speaking to pull down the zipper slightly more.

We continued rubbing her shoulders, and Mark rubbing her back for a couple of minutes. When I looked, I noticed her eyes were closed. Mark stopped and grabbed the lotion, putting more on a hand. But, before rubbing his hands together, he put his hand up to the top escort kızlay of her dress and pulled it down. Her eyes opened in surprise.

He met her eyes and spoke quickly. “We can’t give you anywhere as nice a back massage if we don’t have the same access.” He motioned towards a bra strap. “It’ll be just like you were wearing a swimsuit.”

She kept her eyes on him, but didn’t resist as he pulled her dress down further. Taking the hint, I kept massing her shoulder but let my other hand take hold of her dress and pull it down. When we were done, the top lay at her waist.

Mark rubbed his hands together and went back to rubbing her shoulder and back. However, she kept her eyes open and on him.

I didn’t need any more yet, but I stopped, took the bottle, and poured some more on my hand. I rubbed my hands together and moved one hand to her shoulder, letting the other fall on her zipper again. I looked over at Mark, and while he didn’t meet my eyes, I know he saw me. He moved the pinky on his left hand away from her back and made a motion downwards. I pulled the zipper down, not stopping until it could go no further.

She looked over and me somewhat surprised, and Mark took the opportunity to let his left hand go further down her back, before raising it, taking hold of her dress, and pushing it down. As it fell she moved away from both of us.

“Boys …”

“Swimsuit …” Mark started.

She gave him a warning look.

“You’re right.” He reached down and undid his jeans, pulling them down his legs.

She gasped. He very clearly had an erection. “Umm …”

He looked towards me. “It wasn’t fair,” he motioned for me to drop my pants, “but now it will be.”

She looked over at me and I took off my jeans as fast as I could, putting my hands in front of me once they were off. I very clearly had an erection as well.

She looked back and forth at us. “That’s not what I had in mind …” But Mark had already moved beside her, taking her arm and trying to spin her back around.

She resisted, and without thinking I moved to her other side, assisting Mark. Gently.

She laughed quickly and stopped resisting. “Fine. But the massage is almost over.”

Mark moved behind her and glanced over at me. He mouthed something.

I moved my right hand to her shoulder, rubbing it slightly, then letting it trail down her arm, to her hand. As I did so, I moved in front of her and took her other hand.

Mark, now fully behind her moved his hands to her waist, then put his chin on her shoulder.

“You know, you really teased me and Will down in the kitchen.” He paused. “You kept bending over, showing us your panties.” He moved his right hand down the front of her body, before stopping at her crotch.

She laughed slightly and looked at me. I met her eyes and smiled, before looking back down at her crotch.

Mark moved a couple of fingers under her panties, pushing them aside. Her pussy came into view. He moved his hand back to her hip and with both hands started pulling her waist towards him. I stepped back, gently pulling her toward me.

When he had her where he wanted her, he moved a hand back to her crotch. He bent slightly, then moved his hips forward. She gasped slightly as his penis slipped into her.

He pushed himself further against her, driving himself all the way into her. He paused, then started to withdraw, before pushing back into her. The formalities done, he started pounding her in earnest.

At first she looked like she was going to scream for help, but her eyes closed and she started panting instead.

Mark made eye contact with me, and mouthed something. I shaked my head, but he nodded. I took a deep breath and moved both her hands into one of mine. One hand now free, I moved it to my underwear and pulled out my penis.

Her eyes remained closed until the tip of my penis touched her lips. He eyes jerked open, then relaxed. I hesitated, but she moved forward, engulfing my penis with her mouth.

I had never had a blow job before, but the way her mouth and tongue moved … it was clear even to me that she had given them before.

I was boiling inside, so it didn’t take long for me to cum. I couldn’t meet her eyes as I pulled out, but I finally looked at her. She swallowed my cum and smiled at me.

Mark kept pounding, but eventually slowed, then shook as he came within her.

She worked her hands out my hand, turned, and took Mark’s penis in a hand, before guiding into her mouth. It moved up and down his penis, sucking any remaining cum, and her fluids.

Feeling less stunned, I moved my hands to her ass and gently rubbed them, wanting to use my penis on her, but knowing that I couldn’t get it up again. I was okay just spending the rest of my time touching her.

After she finished sucking on him, we didn’t really know what to do.

She stood up and looked from one of us to the other. “Don’t you boys think you should be going?”

We nodded and grinned, slipping our clothes on.

Mark led the way out, and when I looked back, she was stepping into the shower.

We headed through the hall, and down the stairs, opening and shutting the door behind us.

It was then, I think, that we both started to feel a little nervous, but tried to walk to my car as smoothly as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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