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A fiddle played a happy closing note as Emma moved across the old gym floor to find a new dance partner. Her last one had been a creepy old man who needed suspenders to hold his pants up under his Santa Claus belly and who danced slowly and tried to hold her way too close. She shuddered involuntarily at the memory. Her eyes caught those of a tall, dark-haired young woman whom she had met at a few other contra dances. They shared a smile and walked to meet in the middle of the floor.

“Hi Luce!” Emma said. “Would you like to dance?”

Luce smiled and Emma’s breath caught. She was so lovely, with her full pink lips and bright blue eyes and warm smile. “Yes, I’d love to!”

Emma smiled back. “Great! Do you prefer to lead or follow?”

“I usually follow,” she replied, almost coyly.

Emma nodded and led her out onto the dance floor. As the music started up again and they flowed seamlessly in a fast-paced reel, the couple smiled at each other more openly and held each other a little closer each time they rejoined for a partner swing. Emma was barely aware of the neighbors she swung and do-si-doed with, as they were just keeping her from rejoining Luce in an embrace. Her hand tingled where it had held Luce’s, and she wanted her other hand to be permanently formed to the shape of Luce’s upper back.

Luce laughed when Emma sent her into a twirl, and Emma grinned as she admired the grace of her movements and the shape of Luce’s hips. When the song ended, Luce and Emma held each other in a swing position for a few moments longer, grinning foolishly at each other.

“I need water,” Luce said, “but would you like to dance the next dance with me, too?”

Emma sucked in a breath to avoid laughing nervously; Luce had just broken one of the unspoken rules of contra dancing – to not dance with the same partner two dances in a row, unless they were your significant other, or someone you were very interested in – and she felt pretty damn special and excited. “That would be great!” Surprisingly, her voice stayed even.

The next dance, and the dance after that, and after that, passed in a blur of Luce’s smiles and piercing gazes. Emma was short of breath, and not just from the dancing. She was so enchanted and she couldn’t let Luce leave without her tonight. There were only two dances left, so now was her chance.

“Hey Luce, my dancing legs are a bit tired, and casino şirketleri I was thinking about heading to the Kat for a beer or two before going home. Would you like to join me?”

“For the beer or for the going home?” Luce winked with an irresistible smile.

Emma laughed. “Either. Both.” She guessed that suggesting a lesbian bar must’ve been the final push if Luce was uncertain what she was hoping for.

“I’d like that,” Luce nearly purred in reply, and they grabbed their jackets and walked out the door.

As they walked up the street, a cold wind biting their noses, Luce said, “Ya know, it’s pretty frigid out here, and the Kat is a long walk downtown, and I live just up and around the corner here..”

Emma’s heart sunk.

“Would you like to just have a drink at my place? I have some red wine, and some good whiskey that I keep for special occasions.” Luce finished, looking a little nervous.

Oh! Emma’s chest re-inflated. “Ah, yeah, sure! That’d be great!”

Soon they were climbing the stairs to Luce’s third floor apartment, her round ass swaying just in front of Emma’s face. She wanted to cup it and bury her face in it, use her tongue to make Luce squirm in pleasure… She forced herself to look away from Luce’s bent-over figure as she untied her boots just in front of her. Emma forced her concentration on her own laces.

“So, what’ll it be?” Luce asked, twisting her torso towards Emma, silhouetting her round ass and sweet teacup breasts against the kitchen’s bright light. “Whiskey. Or wine?”

‘How about you, on the bed?’ Emma thought, but she replied, “Whiskey, on the rocks. I like the burn.”

Luce smirked. “Me too. We have more in common than I thought.” She poured two shots of whiskey, handing one to Emma as she sat near her on the couch, crossing her legs towards her.

Emma was suddenly made nervous by Luce’s proximity, so she started to chat idly with her. “Your apartment is so lovely. How many roommates do you have?”

“Just one.” Luce grazed her finger around the rim of her glass. “But she’s gone for the weekend.”

“Ah, must be weirdly quiet with just you here.”

“Yup, especially since the walls are so thick.”

“Oh really? So you must be on good terms with your neighbors then.”

Luce chuckled and took another sip of her whiskey. “Yup. I could scream in my room and the folks in the next casino firmaları apartment would sleep right through it.”

Emma liked this game. One corner of her lip raised into a smirk. “I’d like to test that theory.”

Luce set down her drink and collected Emma’s empty glass from her. “Come, you can test it from my room.” She stood, smoothing her dress over her hips, and took Emma’s hand.

Emma followed her into her bedroom, pretending to be intent on discovering how thick the walls were. She brushed her fingertips along them, then rapped on one wall, pressing her ear to it and straining for a response. “Nope. Nothing.” She smiled and turned around to see Luce sitting on the bed smiling back at her.

“Why don’t you really test it out by making me scream?” Luce slid her legs open, inviting Emma between them.

Emma smiled and slipped in, pressing her lips to Luce’s. Luce’s hands tangled in Emma’s hair while Emma’s caressed Luce’s hips, then glided up under her dress to cup her ass cheeks and finger the band of her panties. Luce broke away to unzip her own dress and Emma slipped it easily over her head and pushed her back onto the bed, climbing over her to press her lips to her neck. She nibbled gently and Luce moaned. Luce’s hand slid up under Emma’s dress and dipped in between her ass cheeks, wagging between them. Emma’s hand went to Luce’s breast and squeezed. She rolled it around and pinched the nipple a few times. Luce nibbled at Emma’s ear and Emma found her lips again, grasping Luce’s neck roughly as she began to grind and undulate her hips against hers. Luce moaned and squeezed Emma’s cheeks roughly, then slapped her ass. Emma smiled into her neck. Luce’s fingers slipped down into Emma’s crack, rubbing her slick crotch quickly. She let Emma’s grinding plunge one of her fingers inside her, then two, then three. When she jammed in a fourth finger, Emma moaned into Luce’s ear.

Luce rolled her over, tangling their legs together and continuing to finger-fuck her while she sucked on her nipple. “Oh, oh fuck,” Emma murmured. Luce’s thumb rubbed against her clit and Emma tightened rhythmically around her fingers. She continued to plunge in and out of her and took one last suck on her breast, nibbling and gently tugging her nipple as she pulled away. Her mouth travelled up over her collarbone and neck as Emma began to shudder, finding her lips just as Emma güvenilir casino came hard on her fingers. Emma moaned into Luce’s mouth as her vagina squeezed her fingers. Luce slipped two into her mouth to taste her, then offered the other two to Emma, watching intently as she sucked them clean.

Emma took a few more deep breaths, still recovering from her orgasm, and then rolled on top of Luce. She kissed her lips gently, then took them between her teeth and tugged seductively. “Your turn.”

She trailed kisses down her neck, over her collarbone, pausing at her breast. She sucked her nipple tentatively at first, then plunged her mouth over it. Her sucking grew voracious and Luce moaned. Emma moved to the other breast, nibbling first before sucking more. She watched Luce gasp as she took as much of her breast into her mouth as she could.

When Luce’s moans turned to whimpers, Emma knew it was time for a different sort of attention. She slithered down into between her legs and began to ghost her tongue over Luce’s clit. Luce squirmed up against her mouth, impatient for more. Emma smiled and pressed her mouth over Luce’s mound, working her deeper and deeper. She dove her tongue inside her and relished the gasp that Luce released. After a few tongue thrusts, she replaced it with four fingers that pushed rhythmically into her. Luce moaned. Her hips bucked when Emma focused her mouth on alternately sucking and flicking her clit. She pulsed her fingers deeper and quicker into Luce as her breath became more ragged. One arm she wrapped around Luce’s thigh to restrain her squirming. Luce began to moan with every thrust. Knowing how close she was to the edge, Emma pulled away and smiled wickedly up at her.

But Luce would have none of it. With a screech of exasperation, she pushed Emma’s face back into her engorged pussy. Emma gripped both her thighs and devoured Luce with an unsustainable frenzy. Luce’s hips bucked wildly as she screamed at her orgasm, and Emma only stopped when Luce moaned, “okay, okay”.

The neighbor banged on the wall to indicate their annoyance, and both women burst into giggles with their limbs intertwined. “I guess the walls aren’t so thick after all,” Emma said.

Luce smirked. “Oh, they are so thin. It just seemed like a sexy opener.” But her post-orgasm confidence showed no hint of sheepishness.

Emma laughed. “Well, I guess we’ll have to be quieter next time. Though I’m not sure if that’s possible.”

“Next time,” Luce smiled. “I like the sound of that.” After getting up to turn off the lights, she slipped her arms around Emma, and together they drifted into a sweet sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32