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I was not able to get over the unexpected interlude with Rajeev.

It stayed on my mind for days and nights later and made me simply guilty in front of Dinesh who did little to make it better or even worse – that is and was the irony if one can use that word. He just did not show any emotion on any subject of my concern and more so if it was related to the tenants, and added to this one fine morning, he returned from his morning walk and told me, “I believe Rajeev is going to continue and Ravi was asking me if we can rent them the adjoining room which we have kept for storage purpose. I think we should go ahead and give it – we will get another 1500 per month additional and to top it – we will also have the room seeing some light.”

“How can you do it – without asking me – the things in that room are very essential and we do not have enough space in the house -” tried protesting.

“Nope – let most of the things remain there – like the bed, mattress, bathing buckets and a few other things. I am told – Ravi’s school teacher who is very fond of him is going to stay with them and they need all those things. They are going to pay us for that one time and we will let them have them . It is a one time deposit of around 15000 rupees. Good money at this time.” Dinesh did shut my mouth.

“Sir – can I come in please” and as we were still talking -Rajeev entered the house from the rear side.

“Hey Rajeev come in – we were just talking about your discussion with me in the morning :” Dinesh responded and turned the other side. Just as he was talking on the phone to someone at work – I was jolted out of my wits – something was creeping on my left buttock – Rajeev was fondling my rear end with ease only to make me slap his hand off – he again put it back and this time – firmly through and through, he started to hold my left buttock and through the saree and petticoat – managed to insert his middle finger into my ass hole.

Dinesh continued to talk on the phone and Rajeev continued to massage and managed to insert the middle finger up two inches and then three into my ass and my honey lover clasped the fore finger on my pussy and now had both the holes in a vise like grip through my saree and petticoat and while I was squirming to get out of this situation, . Dinesh turned around, ” Ok Rajeev, please sign the lease papers tomorrow and take possession , am leaving now. Let us meet in the evening and conclude on the date of occupation etc.” and left the room.

He just did not turn or bother to see what this man was doing to his wife. Rajeev waited for Dinesh to close the door and turned my face littered with sweat and morning kitchen grime towards him and planted his snake like tongue on my cheeks not bothered about my repeated refusal to do anything with him and started to suck me on them and slowly but surely with his left hand’s fingers doing all they were between the legs started to eat my lips – he smelt of chewing tobacco though mild but surely was a clean guy – had kept his mouth pretty clean – could smell “Listerine” on him – while he kept sucking and pushing his tongue down to make meet with mine and eventually he succeeded in making me hot – with all these forceful ministrations – and as if it was not enough – lifted me in his two hands and carried me into the bedroom and laid me on the double bed and kneeling on the same bed – began taking his sweat shirt off – ” Rajeev – the door is not bolted – please -” and in that semi nude state he flighted down to the living room – bolted both the front and the back door only to return and torment me – this was the turning point in my life and from today – never said “NO” to enjoying SEX.

I was sweating profusely – my mangalsutra was in a disarray and the Bindi dot on my forehead had become distorted beyond shape, and slowly his hands disrobed my saree off my breasts and took it off from my torso and released the knot at the waist only to wipe his own face with the 9 yards cloth which it was now in his hands – just gaped at him with lips parted and no mental strength to put any kind of resistance, I was just flowing with the situation. The mind did not agree but the body was willing. That is erotic build up at its best. I could feel this was the first sign of becoming a slut.

He just kept staring at me and slowly ran his fingers over my face, mouth eyes and touched the nose ring with his forefinger while continuing to tug at the petticoat tie on the waist and slowly undid the garment only to push it down with his right feet while still straddling me kneeling around my waist on both sides, slowly removed the zip on his trouser and loosened the pant at the waist and eased it off his body. I just kept watching him while he did all this with one hand while the other one was prominently on my face – exploring the same with lot of patience and now inserted a finger into my mouth – making me taste and smell my own pussy and ass – which he had reamed with these very fingers a little while ago – he was incorrigible sincan escort but irresistible. I could see how much impact this boy turned man was having on me – and making me squirm for him. I needed him – more than before – incidentally must share that after the last interlude he had quietly slipped a CD into my bedroom one day which contained lurid sexual acts – and one of them was a very crude home made stuff where he himself was an actor with another female who looked extremely beautiful and but for her nose and mouth – she could easily pass off an European. She was an Indian – but a very sexy pussy. He asked me many times how I found the CD – and how could one tell him that it was a great turn On and was one reason for him to be straddling me like this today – of course that was also his intention of having doled out that CD.

As if he was reading my mind, “My lovely Aunty – where is that CD – please give it back to me today, you have been troubling me now – I have only that as the copy left – it is the original one.” he pleaded as his hands kneaded my left nipple through the blouse. I did not respond – rather – to surprise and give him a consent to the act of today -undid the hooks on the blouse and slowly luxuriously removed the garment off my body and threw it on the floor. As I took my hands back to undo the Bra – he slapped them away and began to knead and press both my boobs with his hands through the bra and in one single motion pushed his finger to the middle of the Bra and snapped it off – the strap in the middle broke and yanked it off my body to throw it over. He started to stare at my bare breasts and lowered his mouth onto the left and then on to the right and sucked on them. He looked a man possessed to me.

Rajeev spoke for a minute only to tell me that he loved my breasts. He loved the way they bounced when I moved, their shape and weight and form, the way they filled his hands when he cupped them now , jutting proudly over my firm, flat belly, my nipples hardening immediately and readily at his slightest touch. He loved fondling them, kissing them, licking and sucking them, and frightened me when he told that he loved fucking them with his big, erect penis.

Make no mistake, I was elated by his devotion. His unbridled adulation and incessant adoration of my body, bordering on worship, were exhilarating. I loved the way he fucked me that day, moving from wondering awe as he fondled the breasts, to the eager frenzy of the callow adolescent and culminating in the gently reflective second round of sex of a man not much younger than me . I understood that I loved his clean, handsome features and masculine body, the smooth, hairless torso that swept in an erotically savage, slashing V from his shoulders to his hips. Best of all was his cock, the thick, long mass of cartilage that would fill my cunt or mouth or anus just so, hard and hot and throbbing hungrily in my flesh.

To let all readers know, it was perfect, just right, not too big to cause pain, yet large enough to stretch my flesh to its fullest, to probe the innermost recesses of my hungry orifices. He was an Adonis for that moment and day to me. He remained so for quite some time. He looked up at me then looked back down at my foot. Rajeev ran his fingers up and down my calf. His hands were shaking as he slid my panty off my foot. He just sat there again staring. I wiggled my toes, then laid still again.

This got him going again.

He grabbed my foot in both hands and massaged my ankle then my sole of my foot. I’m very ticklish on the bottom of my feet so I all most giggled. As he ran one finger from my heel to my toes. Then he did what would always drive me crazy even today. He brought my foot up to his mouth and started kiss my ankle the sole of my foot. Then he kissed each toe one at a time. My whole body broke out in goosebumps. As he toke my big toe in his mouth and began to suck it. He kissed and sucked each of my remaining toes with the same care as he did on the first. I held my breath so I wouldn’t start moaning.

As he toke my other foot and slid my shoe off, I came. I could feel my cum running down and make a small puddle under me. Rajeev never hurried he just sat there kissing and suck each toe. He did this for over and hour. Finally after my 6th orgasm he stopped. Rajeev got up and stripped out of his remaining clothes. When he pulled off his shorts, his cock came swinging out. Rajeev walked over to the bed stroking his cock. He reached down and pulled the nipple of both my breasts and then he pulled my mangalsutra open with one hand and kept stroking his cock with the other. I had started to sweat so when my bare skin hit the cool air a shivered.

Rajeev put his knees on the edge on the couch. Then started rubbing the head of his cock all over my breasts. Between my sweat and the pre-cum dripping out of his cock, made it slid easily. My nipples grew harder as he rubbed his cock just on the tip of my nipples. Rajeev sincan escort bayan either didn’t care if he woke me up. Or he was so excited he wasn’t thinking straight. But he swung his leg over me, so his was straddling me.

Then he put his cock between my breasts, and slowly started fucking my breasts. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them around his cock,and fucked faster. I looked up at his face. He was just staring at his cock sliding between my breasts. He started to grunting, and stopped fucking. He squeezed my breasts until I almost had to scream. Then he came. Cum hit the bottom of my chin. The the grabbed his cock and shot the rest of his cum all over my breasts. Then he rolled off of me on to the floor. I didn’t move. I watched the cum running down my breasts, listening to him breath.

I laid on the couch listening to Rajeev breathing. Little by little it returned to normal. Then he stood up and stared down at my pussy. I watched his cock slowly getting hard again. He grabbed me by each ankle and turned me around, and place his cock right up against my pussy.

I was thinking do it, do it, do it. I wanted it so bad that I was have trouble breathing. Rajeev looked up into my face. Our eyes locked.

“I’m sorry”! Rajeev dropped my ankles and started to run from the room.

“Wait! Please don’t go I want you to, PLEASE”! I pleaded to him. Rajeev froze at the door way and turned back toward me. “You do”?

“Please”! I was shameless in my pleading.

Rajeev was back over to me in a flash. He grabbed my ankles again, and pulled my legs open as far as he could. Rajeev’s beautiful cock stuck straight out pointing right at my pussy. It was like in slow motion. His cock slowly entered my pussy then stopped. Then with one mighty push he broke my resistance and I let out a tiny gasp, as pleasure shot through me.

“Are you all right”? Rajeev almost pulled out of me. I just nodded for him to continue. He ever so slowly started moving his hips. I really felt that this was right, the pain left and there was nothing left but pleasure with no guilt. Rajeev took one of my feet and started kissing and licking the sole of my foot. I could finally moan out loud. The sound of my moaning made Rajeev fuck me faster. He brought both my legs together and kissed both feet at once. I let out a loud scream as I came. My pussy felt like it was trying to suck his cock down inside me and this drove Rajeev even crazier. He fuck me so hard that I was bouncing up and down on the couch.

Rajeev had more stamina than I thought he would and in this innings my understanding of him was getting better than it was in the first one, I watched his face, it was so cute. He was pretty handsome, and his tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth. But he just kept fucking away, until I came again. This time I screamed louder. He took one of my feet and jammed the end of it in his mouth, and sucked. I came 3 times quickly in a row. Each time my pussy felt like it was trying to suck on his cock. Which made him somehow fuck me even harder. He was now fucking me so hard it was starting to hurt. I was grunting in pain with each thrust, but I kept cumming.

Then with one mighty thrust he came. I felt his cum running out of my pussy. Finally he rolled off of me, and sat down on the couch near to the bed, staring at my pussy, which was now leaking with his cum and mine.

We re organized ourselves and sat down naked on the floor – and I asked him about this teacher who was going to stay here and then he told me the mystery woman in the video – it was this teacher who seduced him and was his first fuck in life. She could not do without a fill of his pRajeev for at least 3 weeks in a year and she was returning for the same. The story of their first time was interesting her name was Kavita.

Her name was Kavita, and Rajeev was madly in love with her. She was his teacher seven years older than him, ravishingly beautiful, and, to his mind, very sexy, although she presented a demure innocence. They met in college, on the very first day, through a common friend. Kavita was slender and dusky with an oval face, large, doe-like eyes rimmed with thick mascara, and a fine, straight nose. Her mouth was sexy, the slim upper lip curved in a bow over the full, straight, lower one. She had a long, elegant neck and her arms and legs were smooth and nicely turned. The fingers, hands, ankles, wrists and toes were slender and shapely. Her breasts were full and ripe, sloping like succulent fruit, and her body nipped in at the waist and flared again to erotic hips and buttocks. Her legs were lovely, and her belly was firm and flat. She had a soft, musical voice and her smile was bright and enticing, lighting up her eyes.

Kavita and Rajeev shared an ordinary, middle-class background. She lived with her parents and sister in a small, dingy three-room apartment in Central Vizag, near the railway tracks. Rajeev lived nearby, in a similar locality with escort sincan his parents and elder brother. Neither house had very much privacy.

Rajeev pursued Kavita doggedly and she responded favorably. He was a handsome, well-built, kind youth, and hard to resist. A week after they met, they were going steady. It was two months before they first slept together. Those eight weeks were the happiest in Rajeev’s life. He walked on air. They met daily, and one look at her and Rajeev drowned. The rest of the world simply did not exist. They talked softly, for hours on end, held hands in darkened movie theatres, gently caressed each other’s arms and hands. A month later, he kissed her for the first time and was surprised by the hunger in her response as her soft, moist lips flowered beneath his and her tongue rippled into his mouth.

Matters progressed rapidly after that first, glorious kiss. Kavita didn’t object when Rajeev slid his hand into her blouse and fondled her breasts. Her response excited him, and he goaded her to let him masturbate her. Her face suffused with excitement, Kavita opened her legs for his fingers. The ensuing orgasm was intense and her expressions entranced him. He asked her to jerk him off. A few days later, on the darkened staircase to her flat, she lifted her skirt over her hips and allowed him to lick her slit, orgasming with a stifled moan. The next afternoon, unbidden, she sucked his penis till he came, and, to his utter delight, took his jizz in her mouth. Their lust was uncontrollable.

Rajeev found a hotel in the suburbs that hired rooms by the hour. At first, he was hesitant: The hotel was incredibly sleazy. But Kavita insisted, quietly and gently, and he gave in. He booked a room for three hours, ignoring the manager’s filthy leer. In the dark room, on the bed with the soiled sheets, Kavita and Rajeev made love with a hungry desperation.

She said she was a virgin, though nearly 25 years of age and so was he with no sexual experience but she guided him gently. Kavita surprised him with her eagerness and willingness. They fucked incessantly for over an hour, in a variety of positions, and Kavita came again and again in a series of shattering, multiple orgasms. They rested for a while, dozing in each other’s arms, and then, to his delight, she woke him with a caress, going down to take his penis between her lips. Rajeev thought she was irresistible.

Over the next several months, they used the hotel as a second home. They were there almost daily, spending long hours exploring each other’s bodies, never tiring of it. The manager’s leer changed to a bored, indifferent shrug. Inside the room, they could hardly wait and flung themselves at each other, tearing off their clothes in a frenzy. The first fuck was invariably a mad, frenetic tangle of limbs, feverish kissing, loud moans and cries and a hard, demanding thrust from him that drew a choking cry from her. They grew adept, and soon learned to stop at the very threshold of the first, cataclysmic orgasm. The forced denial only aroused them further, and for the next hour or more, they would fuck in every manner they could think of, trying to draw it out as long as they could.

Kavita was superb in bed. One of his most enduring memories of that time was of Kavita in her favorite position astride his hips, impaled on his erect penis, her lovely long neck arched, her head flung back, her face suffused with lust, her mouth open in an ‘O’, her eyes half-shut. Moaning, she would drag her hands sensuously up her slender, curved body to her breasts and then squeeze them erotically, while her hips undulated and gyrated over his. She loved ‘dirty talk’ and her love-calls were literature of obscenity.

“Yes! Fuck me, lover! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me like a whore!” she often gasped.

Kavita rested at nothing. It was she who first suggested they try anal sex. Rajeev was bowled over, deeply aroused, yet worried, not wanting to hurt her. She begged him to do it, insisting that she wanted it, too. And when he finally relented and gently eased his inflamed penis into her asshole, Kavita’s cries were unmistakably those of lust. They were at the hotel one steamy afternoon, and Kavita’s body was streaming with sweat already. She was kneeling on the bed, her forearms on the floor, her buttocks thrust back, her body angling sharply downward.

Rajeev was on his knees behind her, ram-fucking her cunt savagely from behind. His hands on her slender waist, he slammed his hips back and forth, gasping and crying out. She moaned loudly, jerking and rocking under him, her swollen breasts jiggling with the savage thrusts. His cock pistoned in and out of her cunt, his balls and thighs slapping against her buttocks.

“Harder!” she gasped. “Fuck me harder!”

Rajeev stopped with a gasping growl and jerked her back onto the bed.

“Want your ass, whore!” he rasped. “I wanna fuck your butt!”

“Do it like this!” she gasped. “Quickly! Do it like this!”

Rajeev slid out of her cunt and pushed his cock-head to her puckered anus. Kavita groaned in tension, but her sphincter was relaxed and open. Rajeev pulled her buttocks open and, flexing his buttocks, slipped his cock-head into her anus. Kavita cried out, her breath coming in shuddering, shaking gasps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32