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I felt like I had been in the car for days. I came out to the place I was headed earlier to pick the right spot and get a few things set up.

As I made the last couple turns I wondered if one of the cars behind me was Kelsey… I had not met her face to face yet but we had been talking for quite a while. I turned off the road into the gravel parking lot. There were no other cars in the lot but my heart raced as I parked next to the trail hidden in the back corner and another car pulled into the lot behind me.

The flash of red hair told me it was her! As we had arraigned I got out of the car and wandered down the path. Going slow enough to make sure that she saw where I went but quick enough that no one would know I was there for her.

About a hundred yards down the trail I stop and wait. A few minutes later I see her. As soon as I’m close enough to see her incredible smile my heart stopped! She was even more beautiful than her pictures could show. We move to each other’s arms and melt together as we share our first kiss. No words were needed as we explored each other’s lips.

Moving apart we continue down the path hand in hand.

We walk together as the path gets less and less defined and soon we are picking our way through the woods with the river on our right and a low ridge on our right.

A few minutes later we see our destination. A willow tree had grown up next to a large flat Boulder next to the river. Climbing onto the rock I reach down and help Kelsey up. Once on the flat stone she can see that the tree almost blocks us completely from view all around us. I look at her sincan escort and smile, “I’m glad you made it” she smiles as she replies “I’m glad you invited me.”I lean in and kiss her again, moving my hand to her hips and sliding up her body until it’s resting on her cheek. She pulls me closer and we press our bodies together. Our kissing takes on a new urgency as we begin to undress each other…

As I slide her shirt off her I step back and admire her body.. Amazing… I say as I stare at her perfection. I smile as I watch her blush. I move to the basket I left this morning and spread a blanket. kneeling I slowly remove her pants and kiss every inch as I slide them down her legs. I help her down to the blanket and have her lay down. Starting at her knees I kiss and nibble my way up her legs until I find reach her wet outer lips.

Her scent is intoxicating.. Kissing up her lips and sucking them into my mouth. Plunging my tongue into her… Circling her clit but only teasing around it. Back down licking and tasting her. Plunging my tongue deep into her and then sucking her clit into my mouth. Squeezing with my lips as I rub it with my tongue. Sliding my finger inside. One then two fingers sucking and nibbling her clit.. Pushing in and out with my fingers. Her breathing intensifies. I can feel her begun to shake as her orgasm approaches. Her moaning is driving me crazy as I clamp my mouth over her clit. Sucking and nibbling.. Plunging my fingers in and out until I push her over the edge. Squeezing my head with her thighs pulling my head tighter against her with her hands. I continue sincan escort bayan to suck her clit until she collapses..

I pull her to me and she dozes head on my chest. Our legs entwined.

She woke to the late morning sun filtering through the leaves of the trees above us. She lifted herself off me and slowly untangled herself from me. Watching me sleep. While I was able to get her naked earlier I was still wearing pants. Slowly.. Trying not to wake me she opens my jeans. Pulling them down along with my underwear she admires what she finds. Precum still dripping from earlier she suddenly remembers that I haven’t cum yet. Gently Kelsey lifts my cock to her lips.. Slowly working it to full erection. Standing up she straddles me. Squatting down she guides my cock into her wet pussy.

I moan as I open my eyes and see her sliding up and down my cock.

Her eyes are closed and she doesn’t see I’m awake. I watch her ride my cock with one hand pinching and pulling her nipples and the other between her legs rubbing her clit. I slowly caress her sides and she opens her eyes seeing I’m awake and says “good morning” she leans down and kisses my forehead before continuing to grind down on my cock. I thrust up against her and she whimpers at the feeling of my cock even deeper.

I hear a sound… A laugh? Kelsey hears it now. Several people seem to be coming closer. We freeze… I see them. I point toward the river. There are three canoes coming downstream. We are somewhat hidden on our secret rock by the trees but they will come close.. As the first canoe passes we escort sincan hear their conversations a group of teens having fun on the river on a beautiful day. The second canoe passes and it looks like we may be in the clear.. I look at Kelsey and get a naughty idea… As the third passes I grind my cock up into her.. She moans and slaps her hand over her mouth. Turning to watch the final canoe to see if anyone heard. The woman in the back of the last canoe turns and stares at us. She smiles puts her finger to her lips and blows us a kiss.

I feel her muscles contract around my cock and my balls are soaked as Kelsey cums from the excitement of being caught. Grinding down on me she goes wild. The canoes and the woman that saw us mid fuck have her so turned on she fucks me with a new urgency. Bouncing on my cock and grinding into me. I explore every part of her that I can reach pinching and pulling her nipples… Sliding my hands over her thighs and ass. Back around to caress and circle her tight asshole I can tell she’s close again. I slide my finger down and rub it around her pussy lips as she rams down on my cock again and again getting my fingers soaked with her juices and then probing and pressing into her asshole. As my fingers slide into her ass and Kelsey grinds down on my cock I reach up with my other hand and wrap it around her neck. Gently firmly squeezing.. Watching her eyes as I choke her… Fucking her ass with my fingers thrusting my cock up deeper into her I feel my balls tightening.. I try to hold off but it’s to late… I spurt deep inside her. Pushing her over the edge we both moan and shake as our orgasms wash over us.. She collapsed on top of me as my shrinking cock slides out of her.. Rolling her over I slide myself down her body and kiss her sloppy wet pussy. Sucking both our juices sliding back up her body I kiss her and share our combined Flavors.

How about some lunch?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32