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Melissa and Kelly spent the day shopping for new clothes. The two playmates had decided to go away to Las Vegas for a decadent, all-girl weekend. Kelly had a showgirl friend there who’d promised to show them around. Melissa’s pussy ached at the thought of loving her baby for an entire weekend.

“Why should we go to Vegas hun?” Melissa asked as she trailed a slender finger up her lover’s golden thighs. “We’ll never get out of the hotel room.”

Kelly giggled and slapped Melissa’s hand away. “You’re bad!”

Melissa planted a gentle kiss on Kelly’s soft thigh, inhaling the Jasmine scent on her skin. “And you love it, don’t you?”

Kelly giggled and nodded her head as Melissa slid down between her legs and began to eat her out.

“Who was on the phone?” Crista asked her friend.

Betty laughed gently at her newfound friend. “My Mom. She and your Mom are going to Vegas on a girl’s weekend, she wanted to let me know I could have the whole house if I wanted to come home!”

Betty joined Crista on the settee in her dorm room. “I could have one hell of a party! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a really great party!”

“What about last weekend?” Crista asked.

Betty laughed. “Hon, that wasn’t a party, that was an orgy. Oh man, was that ever an orgy!”

Crista snuggled in close to her new friend. “You don’t have to tell me baby, I was there!” She moved her face to her Asian friend’s soft lips for a gentle kiss. “Best move I ever made, going to that Sorority bash.”

“You don’t hear me complaining, do you baby?” Betty smiled, returning the kiss. “I wonder what our Moms would think, knowing we’re lovers – or that we like girls?”

Betty got up from the settee and pulled Crista along to the bedroom she shared with her roommate – and occasional lover – Jana. The beautiful blonde was one amazing playmate, the Czech beauty could eat pussy better than anyone Betty had ever been with. Although her beautiful Crista was fast becoming a very, very close second.

With the exception of Crista. She and her neighbor from home had been glad to find each other at the same college and when Betty invited her friend to the party that Jana’s sorority was throwing, Crista accepted eagerly. Betty had packed her body into the tightest black leather pants she could find, sheer black top and stiletto heels. Crista went for cute, wearing a short blue tennis skirt, yellow top and sandals. She had on the skimpiest thong she could find.

Betty had no idea it was going to be a lesbian party and was totally embarrassed. She turned to Crista and stammered out an apology, but Krista leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. “It’s cool.” was all she said.

They went into the party, talked with some of the not-yet-naked girls and generally enjoyed themselves. Jana came out of one of the bedrooms with her friend Sandra in tow, both of them ran gentle fingertips over Betty until she was sighing in pleasure. All of a sudden, she came out of her reverie, realizing Crista was standing there, watching her.

A knowing smile came over Crista’s face and she reached out her hand and took Betty’s in her own. She led the stunning Asian to one of the available bedrooms and closed the door behind her.

“I had no idea … ” Betty began to talk before Crista pressed her lips to Betty’s own.

“I had no idea about you either, until I saw the way Jana and Sandy were touching you. That wasn’t the first time, was it?” Betty shook her head and smiled shyly at her friend.

“No. I had girlfriends before college and Jana and I slept together our first night here. We aren’t serious, it’s no big thing.”

Crista smiled and walked towards Betty bahis firmaları on trembling legs. “I’ve never been with a girl, but I’ve known for a long time. Would you please make love to me?”

Betty’s heart was pounding in her chest. She wanted to, more than anything, but she wanted it to be nasty, wild, she wanted Crista to cum and cum and cum.

“I want to baby, I really do. But I also want to fuck you. Are you a virgin?”

Crista shook her head “No”.

“Good. Now baby, come over here and let Mama strip off those cute little clothes.” Crista did as she was told, Betty placed both her hands on the sides of Crista’s face, held it gently and kissed her. At first, it was soft, gentle. Then Betty’s tongue probed at Crista’s lips. It felt so right to Crista, her own tongue slid out and danced with Betty’s. She was melting into the kiss. Her thoughts weren’t coherent, all she knew was the woman in her arms excited her more than anyone she had ever known.

The two teenagers sat on the bed, kissing softly. Their lips barely brushed against each other, their was no hurry. They weren’t impatient, dumb college boys, they were young women and the sweetness was pleasant, lovely.

Crista felt her friend’s long, slender fingers curling through her blonde hair, twirling it in her fingers as they continued their kisses of passion. Crista thought Betty was one of the sexiest people she’d ever seen, she wanted so much to please her soon-to-be lover.

Crista let Betty push her back on the bed, she lay there and enjoyed Betty pulling off her cute skirt, her top soon followed. She hadn’t bothered wearing a bra, so once she kicked off her sandals, all she had on was the tiny yellow thong. Betty was toying with it, pressing her lips all over Crista’s soft belly, down the downy thighs, her tongue slithering all over Crista’s nakedness. Every inch of the pretty girl begged for more touches, to which Betty complied eagerly.

She tasted the salty-sweetness of Crista’s skin, Betty’s knowing tongue moved all over Crista. She nibbled the adorable, tiny nipples of her new blonde lover, she grazed her hand over the slight pussy mound, still hidden under the thong. Crista’s little murmurs of pleasure were almost like music, Betty knew she was exciting her new friend, which caused her delight.


“Yes hon, what is it?”

“Are you going to get naked too?” Crista asked shyly.

Betty giggled softly. In her eagerness to get at Crista’s body, the petite Asian hadn’t bothered to remove her own clothing. “Do you want to undress me Crista?” she asked her playmate. Crista played at giving it some thought, then nodded eagerly as she sat up and moved closer to Betty.

Crista kissed Betty’s golden skin, nuzzling her dainty little ears. “You have cute ears baby!” Crista giggled. Betty laughed along with her as she felt Crista’s hands unbuttoning her top. Crista’s hands slid along her cleavage and unhooked the lacy black bra Betty had worn, it was one of her favorites. Many of her lovers had commented on it and she was glad to see Crista seemed to like it as well.

“You’ll have to help me get your pants off, you naughty bitch!” Crista said to her with a teasing tone. Betty straightened her legs and let Crista pull them down her legs, leaving her in only a black leather thong and stilettos. Crista let an appreciative smile cross her face.

“Did I tell you how God-awfully sexy you are?” she said to her lover. Betty returned her smile.

“You’re not hard on the eyes either, gorgeous.” Betty grinned.

The two girls kissed, much more passion filling the kisses this time, and tumbled to the bed. They rubbed their bodies together, breasts kaçak iddaa against breast, Betty’s golden flesh sensual against Crista’s tanned beauty.

Betty mounted Crista and began kissing her way down the adorable body, planting tiny butterfly kisses all over the blonde girl. Her kisses were raising goosebumps on the tanned flesh and she plucked at the girl’s erect nipples, sexy on her sweet, tiny tits. Crista was enjoying her first girl-on-girl experience and she knew it wouldn’t be her last. Every once in a while, Betty would lean in for another kiss and Crista yearned for those sweet, full lips.

She could hear noises and squeals from outside the bedroom door and Crista knew, as did Betty, that a lesbian orgy was going on. She was curious to see what was going on, yet wild horses couldn’t have pulled her from Betty’s lesbian embrace. Betty was kissing and licking now, Crista knew her pussy was soaked and couldn’t wait to feel Betty’s knowledgeable tongue on her cunt and clit.

She didn’t have to wait any longer, for mere seconds later, Betty tugged off her thong and buried herself in Crista’s neatly-trimmed snatch. She ate at the hot pussy avidly, delighting in the flood of juices that trickled from the girl’s cunt. She was bold as she devoured as much of Crista as she could, Crista’s hands holding her in place as she feasted at her body.

Betty’s hot little body was wriggling sexily as she ate Crista out, and every movement of the pretty girl’s body turned Crista on even more. She already adored Betty, she was glad that they lived close together, so when college wasn’t in session, they could continue to play. They’d have to be discreet, Crista knew, but she and Betty would do this, over and over and over again.

Betty adored the sweet tang of Crista’s cunt, she was so sweet and her pussy was so beautiful, so tiny and unused-looking. She speared her tongue in and out and ran her delicate hands all over Crista’s thighs as she applied her lips to the wet pussy. Her head moved from side to side and up and down as she made love to her new girlfriend.

With every stroke of Betty’s tongue, Crista ached to return the favor. She wanted to taste Betty’s pussy, she wanted to see her friend, her lover, totally naked. “Betty, Betty, please baby, get totally naked. I want to do it to you, I want to love you, oh Betty, please, please, let me love you too!”

Betty’s eyes narrowed and she smiled seductively at her latest playmate. She moved away from the girl, stretched out for a moment and pulled off the tiny leather thong. She saw Crista’s eyes widen.

“You’re shaved. Oh baby, that is so fucking sexy!” Crista said excitedly.

“I don’t have much hair there anyway, so I just remove the rest of it. I”m glad you like it honey!”

Crista smiled. “Let me show you just how much I like it. Betty, I want to please you, but this is my first time, so I hope I’ll be good for you.”

Betty smiled tenderly at her friend & lover. “Baby, just lick at my clit, play with me a little, use your fingers and be gentle. You’re so sexy, just seeing you between my legs will get me hot!”

Crista’s blue eyes brightened and she positioned herself between Betty’s soft thighs. She just jumped in and began to eat out the pussy lavishly, enjoying it more with each passing moment. From Betty’s groans, she knew she was pleasing her lover.

“Oooh, baby, you naughty little cuntlapper, that’s good, you’re a natural. You keep eating pussy that good, you’ll have co-eds lining up at your door!”

Crista raised herself up from between Betty’s legs, face glistening with juices. “Only co-ed I want at my door is the one I’m eating out, okay?” Betty grinned. “O-Kay!” kaçak bahis she said firmly.

Crista’s tongue poked and probed at the body of the other girl, loving her and occasionally strumming her fingers over the little nubbin of the girl’s clit. Betty was right, she just instinctively seemed to know what to do to pleasure Betty, all of it seemed so natural to her.

Slurping, licking and encouraged by Betty’s moans, Crista did her best to please her new lover. She wormed her tongue in as deep as she could get it into the hot cunt, and was rewarding with the flow of Betty’s sweet juices.

“Oooh baby, we’ve got to fuck!” Betty screamed out. “Do you want to fuck?”

“Sure, but I didn’t bring a toy. Did you Betty?” Betty shook her head, but said to Crista “I know how we can fuck, lover. Just follow my lead.”

Golden skin glistening with sweat, she re-positioned herself over Crista’s head, until they were in the ages-old position of `69′ . “Just do what I do honey” she said to Crista. “Next time, we’ll get a dildo and fuck each other’s brains out!”

Crista thrilled to the fact that Betty was already thinking of a “next time”, but her mind went blank at Betty’s next move.

“OH FUCK, YESSSSSSS!!” she screamed out as Betty plunged two fingers deep into her cunt and began eating her out again. Quickly, she began to emulate the actions of her girlfriend and did the same. The two of them were rubbing together, hunching upwards against invading fingers and tongues. Groaning, moaning, bouncing all over the bed, the two women were lost in waves of sapphic lust.

The party raged on outside the door, but inside, the two were lost in a world of their own. Neither wanted this moment to end, but despite her experience, it was Betty who came first, releasing a torrent of juice onto Crista’s seeking tongue. Crista swallowed all of it eagerly and let her own climax overtake her, gushing waves of cum onto her lover’s waiting lips. They clung to each other fiercely as the last spasms of orgasm drained from their bodies.

The girls stayed together for a while after, talking, kissing and nibbling on each other. A bond had been formed, yet both girls had a strong streak of curiosity.

“Want to go outside and see what’s going on out there?” Betty said, pinching one of Crista’s pink nipples.

“Mmm-hmm” the girl said in response. “I think I could take on the world, but I really want to take on your friend Jana.”

Betty nibbled on Crista’s ear. “You had better be careful baby, she bites.”

Crista smiled back. “Maybe I’ll bite back.”

Betty held her close, not wanting to let her go for a moment. “Baby, I want to do this again. And again. You’re special, I don’t want this to end – but I want to play with others, can you understand that?”

Crista kissed her girlfriend on the nose and nodded. “I kinda want the same thing, but no way I want to stop being with you. You’re perfection, and you’re a damned good fuck!”

They hadn’t stopped, they’d been going at each other non-stop since that night. The girls know considered themselves a couple, yet each adored the pleasures of other women. Crista had indeed taken on the adorable Jana, while her “slut” of a girlfriend had taken both Sandy and a sweet redhead named Heather in a sandwich.

“So, let’s invite a few girls honey, and make it another naughty weekend, `kay?” Crista said as she cuddled in close.

Betty smiled at her co-hort in kink and said “Okay, but let’s make it a small group. We don’t want things getting out of hand, I’d hate to think how hard it must have been to clean up after last weekend. And if our moms come home early, we can just say we were having a girl’s night too. We’ll bring along Jana and Sandy and a couple of others.”

Crista looked forward to the upcoming weekend with anticipation. She bet her “girl’s weekend” was going to be a lot naughtier than her mom’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32