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The Sponsor


Readers, I want to thank you for following Miranda on her sexual journey. I hope you will enjoy this latest installment.




The water running down Miranda’s body was almost too hot but that was how the blonde parole officer liked it. Her fair skin quickly changed to red as she massaged a vanilla scented body wash into her sore muscles. Miranda’s body ached but it was a delicious feeling. Each faint bruise and the ache between her legs were a reminder of how Miranda had spent her Sunday.

Nude and completely vulnerable, the parole officer had hung suspended in a secret warehouse the entire day. Though not entirely by her own choice, Miranda had relished being used by six members of Austin’s tight law enforcement community. Trent, a Round Rock police officer was to blame. Shortly after Miranda had arrived in the state capital, Trent had texted her. He knew her secret and he had made one thing clear, Miranda was his to use. It should have been a problem but it wasn’t. Miranda was a coin carrying member of Sex Addicts Anonymous and the truth was, the young parole officer didn’t want Trent to stop demanding sexual favors. In fact she craved more.

The sound of her phone ringing startled Miranda from her thoughts. Glancing towards the sound, Miranda groaned inwardly. It was probably her sponsor. Since Trent had bent Miranda over the hood of his black and white police cruiser, she had been avoiding Misty. The redheaded woman was also a member of Sex Addicts Anonymous. Misty was very nice but Miranda no longer desired recovery. She just wanted to fuck and be left alone. Miranda had happily told guilt “Good-bye.”

The chirp of her phone stopped as Miranda washed the last of the body wash away. Pulling back her blue striped shower curtain, she grabbed a white towel and stepped out of the tub. Her mood was good. Still drowsy from the day’s activities, Miranda slowly dried her slender body. A slight abrasion on her left knee bore witness. Miranda had spent a lot of time recently sucking cock. The thought of all those men playing with her body made Miranda smile as she slipped into a short black robe. It was fuzzy and soft and felt good against the parole officer’s sensitive skin. Wrapping her still dripping hair in a towel she left the small bathroom attached to her bedroom. Right now, all the blonde wanted was to doze before reality TV.

The doorbell sounded and was followed by three sharp raps. Confusion widened Miranda’s slanted green eyes. It was after midnight. Unable to image who could be knocking on her door so late, Miranda headed to the front door. Long red hair was all she could see as she peered through the peephole. “Fuck!” It was Misty, her sponsor.

Miranda froze. She just didn’t need this bullshit.

“Miranda, I know you’re there. I’m worried about you.” The forty year old mother of three sounded sincere and Miranda knew she was. In the program for over twenty years, Misty cared and cared a lot. Before finding Sex Addicts Anonymous the redhead had worked in the sex industry. After losing control at a bachelor party one long ago Friday night, Misty had decided to turn her life around. Within four years Misty was a middle-school teacher, newlywed, and a crusader for the twelve-step program.

Miranda stood a little taller and forced a smile across her face as she turned the deadbolt. Opening the door she looked up to her sponsor and lifted her eyebrows.

“Well, you’re not returning my calls; what was I supposed to do?” Her voice was soft but her words firm as Misty pushed past Miranda into the two story townhouse.

“No worries. I’m fine. I apologize for not returning your calls. Time got away from me … emergencies at work…” Miranda’s voice trailed off as Misty turned to face her. The redhead’s hazel eyes weren’t amused and the parole officer knew she sounded lame. “Please, come in.”

Misty led herself into Miranda’s small living room and took a seat on the brown leather couch. Bookcases lined two walls and were full of books both read and anticipated. A small wooden rocker sat to one side of the couch and a large matching ottoman filled the center. Vintage album covers were framed and dotted the plain white walls.

“Well, do you want to tell me what’s going on, or do I have to ask?” The older woman might live a sedate life but she still exuded sexuality. From the tight C breasts that she had bought in her former life down to her flat abdomen and generous hips, Misty was still in her prime. Now she peered at Miranda with serious hazel eyes.

“I’ve been busy. That’s the truth. I’m going to get a glass a wine. You’re welcome to one too.” Miranda turned without waiting for a reply. She didn’t feel like being cross-examined. She didn’t feel guilty. Entering her galley style kitchen, Miranda grabbed the wine opener magnetically stuck to the fridge and pulled a bottle of Conundrum from the plain white fridge. The blended premium white wine kurtköy escort was Miranda’s favorite and she had been saving it for a special occasion. An intervention wasn’t what the parole officer had been imagining when she stretched her budget for the rare treat.

Taking two wine glasses from the wooden drying rack next to the sink, Miranda poured a “healthy” portion for herself and Misty. Plastering a smile on her freshly washed face, Miranda returned to her sponsor.

Misty took the glass extended her way. “Thank-you, now please sit. I’m not here to jump your ass. I was truly worried.”

Sitting next to Misty, Miranda pulled her legs beneath her on the worn leather couch and took a long sip of the chilled wine. “I appreciate that. I really do. But you have nothing to worry about, I’m fine.” Seeing the look of disbelief on the older redhead’s angular face Miranda continued on, “I really am.” She sounded defensive. Miranda knew that and it made her feel even more defensive.

“So are you seeing someone special?” Leaning forward Misty smiled. As she did her blue blouse gaped open. Perfect cleavage with a light dusting of freckles was revealed and Miranda couldn’t help but notice. The middle-school teacher’s breasts were full and threatened to spill from the gray tank that barely held them in. “Are you listening?”

Startled, Miranda realized she had been staring. It was the freckles on her sponsor’s cleavage that had gotten the parole officers attention. Miranda wanted to see more. With a crooked smile on her face, Miranda raised her wine glass and took a long swig. Miranda finished off her glass as Misty sat waiting for a response.

“Sorry … um, there has been something I wanted to talk to you about.” Miranda’s voice was soft and low as she reached both her hands out towards her sponsor. As tired as she was, Miranda could feel herself beginning to ramp up. The signs were always the same, a rapid heartbeat and moisture between Miranda’s pale thighs.

Immediately Misty relaxed. This was why she had driven across town in the middle of the night. She wanted to help Miranda. Be there for her. Smiling sweetly Misty took the other woman’s offered hands and gave them a firm squeeze of assurance. “Go on, you can tell me anything … no judgement here.”

Grasping her sponsor’s hands tightly, Miranda looked up and replied, “I’ve been fucking; I’ve been fucking a lot and it’s been great. No guilt.” The blonde’s voice grew more intense as she spoke and Misty tried to pull her hands back. Miranda didn’t let go as she continued. “Now I want to show you what I’ve learned.” Abruptly, the petite blonde pulled the taller redhead towards her.

As Misty fell forward, Miranda caught her in her arms. Before the sponsor could protest, Miranda grabbed a handful of Misty’s long hair. Pulling Misty’s face up to hers, Miranda spoke. “I want you … there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s natural; Misty, it’s not a disease.”

Misty was shocked. She knew she shouldn’t be. Miranda was a sex addict. Before the older woman could protest, Miranda’s lips descended. Though the hand twisted in Misty’s hair was firm, the parole officer’s kisses were surprisingly soft. Misty felt a small thrill shoot through her and panic descended. The middle-school teacher was a faithful wife. With a show of force, Misty pushed Miranda back. The blonde let go of Misty’s straight hair and smiled.

Standing up, Misty felt anger rising in her. Before the middle-school teacher could speak, Miranda stood. Her voice was soft as she looked up to her sponsor, “I’m not sorry. I want you Misty. There is nothing wrong with pleasure…” Miranda’s voice trailed off as she waited for Misty to respond. The older woman just stood there with her heart racing.

Looking up into Misty’s hazel eyes, Miranda recognized the look of hunger on the beautiful redhead’s face. Anger still radiated off Misty but it was quickly being replaced by desire. It had been years since the bisexual woman had felt another woman’s lips on hers. Miranda’s soft mouth had ignited remembered ecstasy. The combination of anger and lust were too much and Misty grabbed the shorter woman’s head with both hands.

It was all Miranda desired and she moaned softly and bit her lower lip. The sound of submission emboldened Miranda’s sponsor. Misty forgot her husband, Will. She also forgot that the woman she was holding needed her help. There was only one thing the forty year old MILF was focused on-bending this woman to her will. With that thought in mind, Misty began devouring the younger woman’s mouth.

Two pair of lips, both feminine and dark pink met in an explosion of emotion. Misty was furious at the younger woman. The redhead was also quickly becoming overwhelmed by the sexual energy now bristling beneath her lightly tanned skin. Miranda was in heaven. Her sponsor had taken control. It was obvious in the way Misty now held the willing parole officer. Long slender fingers twisted in Miranda’s shoulder length malatya escort hair painfully as Misty gripped the younger woman’s head. Passion continued rising between the two as Miranda allowed her black robe to fall open.

Pulling back, Misty shifted her gaze. Miranda stood boldly without a trace of shame as she felt her sponsor studying her nudity. Misty’s eyes widened as she took in the condition of Miranda’s pale body. Miranda’s large breasts were slightly bruised and her dark pink nipples appeared still swollen. Fingerprint bruises could be seen forming on her amply curved hips and the abrasion on Miranda’s left knee looked fresh.

“Well, you have been a bad girl, haven’t you?” There was no reproach in the hot redhead’s voice. No, only the sound of lust could be heard as Misty continued staring at the sex marks on Miranda’s lush body.

Looking up to Misty, Miranda smiled wantonly and licked her lower lip. It was all the encouragement Misty needed. The tall, athletically built woman felt something deep and primitive move inside of her. Gone was the responsible wife and mother. What remained was Misty without boundaries.

“Drop your robe.” Said as Misty released the younger woman. Miranda stumbled back with a surprised yelp.

“Yes ma’am.” A surge of pleasure shot through the young blonde as she listened to the need in her own voice. It didn’t make sense. Just minutes previously, Miranda had been exhausted, used up. Now, the familiar urgency had returned. Miranda no longer fought what felt preordained. A glaze of sensuality entered Miranda’s slanted green eyes as she let her favorite robe drop to the floor. Her body tingled all over as she stood exposed to Misty’s domineering stare.

The look on Miranda’s sponsor’s face said everything. Misty wanted the blonde. Misty’s beloved twelve-step program didn’t even cross her mind. Slowly Misty inspected what was being offered without reservation. Miranda’s large, firm breasts stood proudly with engorged nipples. A flush had colored Miranda’s normally pale skin. Emerging pale bruises traversed Miranda and the marks on the blonde’s body only further enflamed Misty.

Miranda felt herself beginning to tremble under her sponsor’s scrutiny. Moisture was leaking onto her thighs and Miranda could barely stand the anticipation. The naturally submissive woman had only recently been “persuaded” into pleasing a female detective and Miranda had been pleasantly surprised. Miranda loved eating pussy. But that hadn’t been the only thing that Miranda had learned. Being dominated by another female was hot. A thrill shot through the horny young woman as she waited to be told what to do.

The blonde’s arousal was obvious and Misty felt herself tightening deep within. Tingling erupted all over the redhead’s body as she lifted one hand slowly. Taking Miranda’s small chin in her hand, Misty lifted the younger woman’s head slightly.

“Remember, you asked for this.” Misty spoke as she ran one slender finger down the side of Miranda’s face. Passion burned in Miranda’s green eyes as she nodded her head.

Still staring at Miranda as if in a daze, Misty stepped out of her low heeled clogs. “Let’s go to your bedroom,” added as the tall redhead continued undressing.

Miranda didn’t hesitate. With a small laugh of delight, the young blonde woman turned and headed down the narrow hallway. Misty slowly walked behind watching Miranda’s ass wiggle. A smile much like that of a contented cat entered the beautiful older woman’s face as she unbuttoned her dark blouse. It had been too long since Misty had taken another woman and she rapidly dropped her remaining clothes behind her.

Miranda hopped up on the blue coverlet that covered her full sized bed. Now on all fours, she looked over her shoulder and began to speak. The sight of Misty in the dimly lit room silenced the parole officer. Miranda hadn’t missed how hot her sponsor was under her conservative garb. But Misty literally radiated all things womanly and she did it with finesse. Long dark red hair hung to the tops of her firm size C breasts. Long dark pink nipples stood proud and announced just how excited the middle-school teacher really was. A perfectly flat abdomen that had to represent hours in a gym lead to the prettiest pussy that Miranda had ever seen. Completely bare, Misty’s perfectly symmetrical lips were the dark rose of her nipples. The scent of Misty’s arousal was both sweet and musky and Miranda inhaled deeply as she smiled up at her sponsor.

Misty stared at the woman on all fours and couldn’t wait anymore. Slapping Miranda’s pale butt cheek sharply, Misty instructed the object of her desire to scoot over. Flipping on the overhead light, the redhead climbed onto the four poster bed.

“Roll over, I want to look at you.” Misty’s words were music to Miranda’s ears and she happily complied. With a sexy smile, the blond lay back on her elbows and spread her legs. Miranda loved to be looked at and wiggling a little she adjusted kayseri escort her curvy hips. Miranda wanted Misty to have the best view possible.

The redhead stared at Miranda’s bruised and battered body. Despite the obvious use of her body, the young parole officer’s pussy glistened with desire. Her bare lips were already slightly parted and Misty immediately noticed.

“You really are a little slut, aren’t you?” The words the middle-school teacher chose were harsh but her tone wasn’t. Misty liked Miranda. The older woman always had. Ever since Miranda had asked Misty to be her sponsor, Misty had felt a kinship with the younger woman. The married woman knew all too well the temptations of the flesh.

The scent of Miranda surrounded Misty and she felt herself move. Straddling the other woman, Misty grabbed both of Miranda’s large size D breasts, Misty squeezed the sore flesh. Miranda’s body responded immediately and she let out a yelp. The feel of a female was sweet in Misty’s slender hands. It had been years since the mother of three had let the beast out. Twisting Miranda’s sensitive pink nipples, Misty felt herself let go completely. Touching, tasting and controlling the curvy blonde was all the redhead could think about. Misty’ most base side was not only at the party, it wanted control.

Misty’s slender legs gripped Miranda with muscles toned by hours of structured exercise. The forty year old MILF had known she was exceptionally beautiful since she was very young and Misty hadn’t let time diminish her at all. She liked looking better than other women and Misty’s husband Will liked it that way too.

Misty knew if her silently coiled husband could see her now, he would approve. More than once, Will had made it clear. He wouldn’t mind if his bisexual wife took a lover. The only condition, of course, was that Will wanted to watch.

Misty though about texting Will but the beast whispered, “It can wait.” With no more hesitation, the married woman began to pull Miranda’s nipples more aggressively. Small whimpers entered the air and Misty felt a clenching deep inside. Moisture ran down her slightly freckled thighs and mingled with Miranda’s own excitement. The combined aroma was intoxicating and Misty began to rub her bare pussy into the younger woman. Grinding her clit into Miranda, Misty lowered her head and nipped at the tender flesh she was playing with.

Moans small and almost cat-like exited Miranda as Misty lavished her ample breasts with attention. Miranda groaned as she watched her sponsor playing with her nipples. Arching her back, the parole officer whimpered louder and grabbed Misty by the back of the head. Pushing up, Miranda pressed her breast further into Misty’s mouth. The tingling deep within the blonde grew and began to demand release.

“Harder … please.” Miranda whimpered in need.

Misty didn’t need any more encouragement. The feel of a woman’s nipple in her mouth after so many years was exhilarating and Misty happily began to bite the engorged flesh. “Almost” too hard was exactly how Miranda liked it and she thanked Misty in a voice both low and throaty.

“Oh God, yes.” Miranda continued wiggling and gasping as Misty kept abusing the younger woman’s pink flesh.

Continuing to grind her engorged labia into Miranda’s pelvis, Misty lifted her head. Her almond shaped hazel eyes were no longer the same. The only way to describe the look on the middle-school teacher’s face was crazed. Lust had taken over and the primitive was on the move.

Red hair cascaded down the nude woman and previously concealed tattoos were on full display. Two half-sleeves of Asian inspired art in hues of red and orange gave Misty an exotic look. The masterpiece that had taken hundreds of hours and even more dollars continued down Misty’s slender back. The woman was exotic to look at and Miranda was enjoying the view.

With feline-like movements, the breathtaking forty year old began to move down Miranda’s wiggling body. Small kisses and nips left a trail of desire down the blonde’s abdomen. Pausing, Misty inhaled Miranda’s aroma. The salty sweet scent made the married woman’s mouth water. With a hand on each side of Miranda’s curved hips, Misty stared at what screamed for attention. Highlighted by a dark blonde landing strip, Miranda’s pussy gaped open. Moisture pooled between the parole officer’s pale thighs and Misty liked her lips unconsciously.

Watching her sponsor, Miranda thought she would scream. Need was twisting deep inside and Miranda lifted her hips and whimpered.

“Patience … I want to look at you. It’s been so long … too long. Your pussy is perfect.”

Pleasure from Misty’s words radiated through the younger woman and she whispered, “Please.”

Misty blew a little air over Miranda’s engorged clit and the blonde groaned. Smiling, Misty blew a little harder. This time Miranda voiced protest. “Misty, stop teasing … please.”

Misty was enjoying Miranda’s discomfort. She was especially enjoying the little pleas for pleasure. That was a game Misty’s husband liked to play. At times, Will would make her beg. As much as Misty enjoyed her dominating husband, right now she was thrilled to be in charge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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