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I see you when I walk thru the door. You have been pleasuring yourself, your face is flushed and you are breathing heavily. I can smell your essence in the air and it reaches deep into my brain and my body. My passion and lust for you springs out and engulfs me. Drives me to you with a force I could not resist even if I wanted to.

As I cross the room I hear the music, low in the background. A smooth sensual mixture of sounds with an underlying almost animalistic lustful rhythm. I get closer to you, our eyes never losing contact. I know that you can see how I want you as you smile. That smile that says “Take me now”. The smile that promises such sensations and pleasures and love. Your nipples are so hard, pressed against the thin silken blouse you are wearing. With every breath you take they are straining against it, begging silently to be released and consumed. I reach you and bend to kiss your mouth. Your lips cling to mine, hungry for me, your tongue darting deep into my mouth as you moan from your desire for me. My hands, almost as if they had a mind of their own, find your nipples and tweak them thru the material of your blouse. Your breath catches at the touch of my hands. I groan as I feel your nipples respond to me, swelling and getting even harder in my hands. Your hands snake around to my back, raking up and down me in a soft gentle clawing, promising such delicious sensations later.

You break our kiss just long enough to whisper in my ear … “Strip me … take me …. fuck me now”. Your voice is thick with lust as your hands grab at my clothes, almost fethiye escort desperately starting to strip me. Your words, your hands drive me mad with desire and I take your blouse in my hands and rip it from your body. Buttons fly everywhere, from your blouse and my shirt as we tear the clothing from each other. Your tits sway in front of my face from the sudden release from their prison. So alluring my mouth seeks you and sucks a nipple deep into my mouth, my jaws spreading wide to take as much of you in as I can. Sucking hard and rasping my tongue across your soft tit flesh and your hard nipple, growling as my lust and passion for you build.

You yank my shorts down to my ankles as I pull your skirt off you. Crying with delight as my cock springs out, you reach for it to stroke and fondle before wrapping your hot wet mouth on me and taking me full length into your throat. So hard and throbbing as you suck the precum from me, hungry for the taste of me. I snap and cannot stand any more delay. Reaching down I almost cruelly tear your panties off you and plunge down to thrust my tongue deep in your pussy. Your wet juices flood out over my mouth and face. Filling my head with the taste and smell of you. I lash my tongue in and out of your pussy and across your clit. Grabbing your ass and pulling you to my face hard as I thrust my hips forward to bury my cock deep in your mouth. My tongue snaking back to find your puckered asshole as my fingers slide into your wet cunt. I start to tongue fuck your ass as my cock fucks your mouth. We are both moaning and whimpering in the escort fethiye throws of passion and lust made perfection by our love.

Both driven over the edge, we pull our mouths away and give voice to our wants. “Oh baby … I want to fuck you NOW … I want my cock inside you hard and fast and deep” “Oh god honey … you have to fuck me … put this hard prick in my cunt NOW!”

Moving between your legs I rub the head of my cock up and down your sopping wet slit as we kiss. I can taste my precum on your lips as you can taste your pussy on mine. In one swift motion I drive my hard cock deep in your open hungry pussy. Burying it all the way in till my balls slap hard against your ass and my crotch grinds against your clit. Your legs spread wide and rise to surround me as I start to thrust in you in short hard strokes, staying always deep inside. Your hands go around my back and you trail your nails on me, lightly scratching for now. My moans turn to growls as the fires flame ever higher. Our hips buck and thrash as we almost desperately fuck at each other, wanting the same thing, our cumm to release together. I hear your voice, almost a chant in my ear… “Fuck me … harder … fuck me …oh god fuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeee … make meeee cuuuuuuummmmmmm!” The walls of your pussy so silken and wet and hot around my cock as it drives in and out of you, long deep fast hard strokes. The force of our fucking making your tits writhe and move against my chest, the hard nipples scraping across my skin. The sound of our bodies meeting with each hard pounding movement echoing thru fethiye escort bayan the room. Our sweat mingling between us as we grind and writhe together, oblivious to everything but the feelings the sensations from our bodies and souls.

Your nails dig into my back as you tighten your legs around me to draw me deep and hold me in you. Moving your ass under me you fuck my cock, milking it inside you. My passion breaks thru my growls and I whisper in your ear … “Oh gawd honey …. I’m going to cummmm … I’m gonna empty my balls so fucking deep in your cunt … gonna give you all of me!” You gasp out .. “Yesssssssss … oh baby …. cumm in meeee … give it to meeeeeeee … flood me while I cummmmmmmmm”

Our voices join as we peak and fall into the heavens. Bodies quaking from the pleasure and sensation and emotion that wracks us. Shouting aloud together …. “I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU OOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOD IIIIIIIIIIII’MMMMMMM CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Your hot juices flow out around my cock, mixing with the cum that bursts from me in hot streams. We buck and writhe and shake together, screaming at the intensity of our orgasms and the swell of love that flows like electricity between us. Caught in the eternal now it goes on and on and on until we can sustain it no longer and collapse together. Gasping for breath, sweat rolling off our bodies. The smell of lust and fulfillment heavy in the air as we lie together, holding on to each other as the tremors quiet. Murmuring soft sounds to one another, no words are spoken but we need no words at this moment for our hearts are singing in a language all our own. Drained of energy, filled with love and peace and contentment. We fall asleep wrapped in each other, our bodies, and our hearts, our souls joined forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32