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After that first morning with Monica my life was changed, increased to a new level of lust. Having had her young willing body once my driving goal was to experience her body in ever way possible. For most of my waking hours I dreamed of feeling her pressed against me and feeling the warmth of her inner body as my cock penetrated her ever opening.

During that first day the opportunities to quench my lust were endless. I have never had so much lustful sex since before my first marriage. Monica had invited one of her girlfriends over to sunbath that afternoon. Like normal teenagers they giggled and laughed as the changed into their bikinis and came down into the kitchen to make lunch. They were both clad in small string bikinis that barely covered their shaved crotches and nipples. My cock was bulging as I sat there watching the two of them move around the room. They knew they were driving me crazy and they both enjoyed it. The thought of having just fucked Monica kept drifting back into my head and I could not concentrate on anything except their bodies. My erect cock pressed hard against my pants and I couldn’t stand up without displaying how obviously aroused I was. As the two teenage girls left for the back yard to sun, Monica stepped over to me and kissed me on the lips pushing her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my erect cock through my pants. She whispers in my ear, “I’ll be right back, hold that thought.”

After only five minutes of sunning, while I watched through the window, Monica got up and came back into the house. She quickly came over to me and took me by the hand, leading me to the kitchen counter. Without a word she leaned forward placing her chest on the counter and reached around and pulling her bikini bottom down to her knees. I didn’t need any more hints; I pulled my pants down and moved forward positioning my erect cock at the entrance of her cunt. Monica turned and looked back at me as she explained, “I need your cum in me and I thought you’d like a quickie while you watch Julie sunning herself.”

With that I rammed kaçak iddaa my cock deep into her waiting vagina and through her cervical open with one smooth stroke. I reached around and cupped her breasts through her bikini top and held onto her nipples while as quickly as I could I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt until I climaxed deep inside her, depositing my thick semen in the depths of her womb. We stayed locked together, cock-in-cunt, as my erect slowly softened and slid out of her of her sloppy hole. When I fell completely out I twisted Monica around and kissed with a deep passionate kiss to thank her for being so thoughtful of me. As quickly as she had come in and lead me to the counter, Monica pulled her bikini bottom back up, to stop the leaking sperm, and ran back outside to her spot next to Julie. I was left standing there with my pants down around my ankles and my flaccid penis glistening with her vaginal secretions. Life was good. After our short adventure I pulled up my pants and went into the living room and relaxed.

Monica and Julie came in from their sunbathing about two hours later. Both girls looked beautiful, shining with a coating of baby oil, as they ran through the living room and made their way upstairs. Shortly after that I heard the water running as they showered and cleaned up. Being typical teens they eventually came down dressed in cut-off shorts and braless tee-shirt tops displaying their youth breasts and nipples. Monica came over and brushed her breasts into my face telling me, “I still have some of your cum in me, it didn’t all leak out yet.” That’s all I needed, the though of my sperm still inside her, to start fantasizing about fuck her again. For the rest of the day Monica and Julia ran around the house making their plans for the next week of school and talking about their boyfriends. After dinner Julie left for home and Monica finished her homework. When she finished, Monica came and got me, telling me it was time for bed. I didn’t need to be told twice; I had been waiting for this time since I fucked her at lunchtime. kaçak bahis Going upstairs, we decided that we would us Monica’s bed and not Marie’s, so we wouldn’t leave any evidence, for her mother to find, of our sexual adventures.

I undressed and slipped into Monica’s bed while she was in the bathroom. When she came back she was naked. Her body was beautiful; her white breasts pointed straight out, accented by the tan around them and the darkness of her nipples. Her cleanly shaved crotch directed my attention to her pink full labia. She was a vision of youthful beauty and I was reacting as any male would with an erection that had the first drop of pre-cum sitting on its tip. I pushed the sheet back and allowed Monica to climb into bed, as she told me, “Now I have homework for you.”

We automatically moved into a ’69’ position and we started our mutual oral pleasures. I used my fingers as well as my mouth to full stimulate Monica as she pumped my cock with her mouth. I could taste the last portion of my semen, still deep inside her from earlier that day. Between her mouth on my cock and the sweetness of her cunt, I had reached the point where I needed to have my cock deep inside her tight vagina. So I turned around and started worked my way up her body past her breasts leading to a passionate kiss. As we locked in our kiss Monica spread her legs and wrapped them around my body. My cock automatically lined up at the entrance to her cunt as Monica pulled me forward, with her legs, and I slowly entered her now wetly lubricated hole. With just my cock-head inside her I pulled back out invoking her passionate cries for me to enter her again. With one long slow push I re-entered her vagina and once against pressed up against her cervical opening. I stopped and laid completely still whispering my question into her ear, “Have you ever had a cock in your ass?” Monica’s response was, “No, but if you want we can try it.” With her response I knew my next goal.

I round off Monica and took her mother’s K-Y jell from the nightstand where I had placed it, illegal bahis just in case Monica accepted my offer for anal sex. I pulled Monica up on to her knees with her chest on the bed and placed pillows under her stomach. While I told Monica how perfect her body was and how I had lusted after her since I first saw her. I applied some K-Y to her virgin annual opening and the tip of my cock. Finally, we were ready to share her first anal experience and I was going to be the lucky guy to break her in. I continued to reassure Monica that this was going to be a beautiful experience and that all she needed to do was relax and let me do the work.

I placed the lubricated head of penis against her well-lubed anal opening. Then slowly I pressed my attack forward. Little by little I worked my erect cock deeper into her as she clenched with some small amount of pain. I told her that in the future, the pain would become pleasurable, like when she first lost her virginity. When my cock was completely inside her ass I remained completely still and pulled the pillow out from under her stomach allowing her to drop to the bed. We lay there for several minutes as I kissed the back of her neck, letting her anal open adjust to its first cock. When she became comfortable, we started towards her first anal climax. Slowly I started pumping my cock in and out of her tight opening, increased the pace and stroke depth as she became more relaxed with my cock in her ass.

After only a short time Monica started responding and reached her first orgasm. “God, this is great, I can feel you moving all threw my insides; my cunt is being pushed like never before.” she gasped. After several more of her orgasms my cock erupted it’s sperm filled load deep into her bowels. Monica screamed out with her strongest and final orgasm as the last pulse of my cock subsided. I pulled out and collapsed next to Monica asking her, how she enjoyed her first anal sex. She looked at me with a smirk and replied, “I have always wondered what anal would be like. Your cock moved my insides like nothing else has ever before. Now that I know how great anal sex is, we’ll have to do this again.”

With that I pulled her young body against mine and we both dropped off to sleep, locked in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32