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Big Tits

My job would take me on the road about one week each month. This was one of those weeks. I had to go to Louisville to meet with one of our clients and show them how to use our product. On the last night I was there, I was tired of sitting in my hotel room so I decided to go out and get a beer. I drove downtown and happened to see a little hole in the wall club that had a Bud sign and a topless girls sign in the window so I parked the car and figured watching some dancers while having a beer would be even better.

I walked in and it was a small place with just one stage sitting right behind the bar. Since it was barely 5 PM the place was pretty empty. Two other guys spread out at the bar. I took my seat and ordered a Bud and watched as the dancer danced topless to some 80’s rock.

I was sipping my beer, enjoying the show when another one of the dancers walked over and sat next to me. She introduced herself as Monique. I asked if she wanted a drink and she nodded and ordered a juice from the bar. She was a very attractive black woman, with a great figure. She was shorter, about 5’5″ in the heels she had on, she was also wearing a tiny white bikini. The top just barely covered her nipples and couldn’t cover her areolas. I was very happy to be sitting next to her. We made small talk, she asked where I was from, how long I was there, etc when the song we were listening to ended. She then asked if I wanted to go back for a private dance. I asked how much they were and she said it was $20 per dance or 3 for $50. She then whispered into my ear that she would make sure the 3 were worth it. With an endorsement like that, I said that 3 it was.

I paid the bartender for the drinks and dances and Monique lead me back to a little room that only had a curtain for a door. In it was just a chair and nightstand. As I sat on the chair and Monique set her handbag on the nightstand then sat on my lap with her arms around my neck as we waited for the song to finish. My eyes kept drifting down to her amazing tits, which she took in her hands and held them. She smiled and marmaris escort asked if I liked her 36D’s? I nodded yes, and then looked up into her eyes. She was looking into mine and let me know I was her first dance of the night and she thought I was cute. She also informed me that she didn’t like rules. That had me thinking this could be a very hot private dance and I couldn’t wait for this song to end so it could start.

As the next song started, Monique untied her bikini top and threw it over to the nightstand. Seeing those light brown nipples, and her breasts with just a bit of glitter, along with the perfume she had on had me so excited, so hard at that point. She danced on my lap, grinding on my hard-on, while taking her tits and pressing them on either side of my face. I had my hands at my side, wanting to touch, but not doing so, so that I wouldn’t get kicked out. About halfway through the song Monique took my hands and led them to her tits, as she leaned forward and said, “No rules, remember?”

With that, I played with her tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers, burying my face between them. Her dark skin was so smooth against my face. Her nipples were so hard under my fingers, like pencil erasers. The more I played, the harder Monique danced on me. As the song was ending, she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and spread her pussy open. Her glistening, wet, pink, little pussy contrasting with her black skin was so sexy. It was my first time seeing a black pussy in person, and I loved her tightly curled black bush. She rubbed her pussy, slipping a finger inside it, then pulling it out showing me how wet she was. I took her finger into my mouth tasting her juices as that first song ended.

As we waited for the second song, Monique unzipped my pants. I felt her fingers slip inside my pants and rub over my hard cock. She wrapped two fingers around it and pulled it out through the opening, then got up and stood in front of the nightstand and pulled something out of her bag. I sat there, my cock pointing straight up as it stuck through my pants, marmaris escort bayan as Monique stepped back and kneeled between my legs. The music started and I watched as she opened a condom and set it on the tip of my cock. She leaned down and held the tip of the condom in place with her lips while her fingers gently rolled it down my cock. Just watching and feeling her do that got me even harder and had me losing control. I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair. One of her hands then ran up under my shirt as she rubbed over my body, her lips sucking hard on my cock. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, I could see her tits bounce. I leaned forward, my hands ran down her back and around, cupping her tits, feeling her nipples brush against my hand with each bounce. I looked down her back and could see her other hand rubbing her pussy. Her whole body was thrusting back and forth as she sucked. I was getting closer and closer and started pushing my cock harder into her mouth. She would pull back just a bit each time my cock would touch the back of her throat. Feeling I was getting to close, she pulled her lips off of me and looked up. She pressed her finger on the opening of my cock and said, “Not yet, there is still another song to go.”

I looked up, doing what I could to hold off. Monique gently rubbed my balls through my pants as she looked up at me. I was finally able to look down and saw she was still rubbing her pussy, her eyes closed. I reached down and pinched her nipples and I played until the song ended. She slowly slid up my body, straddling my legs as we waited for the third song to start. Her bikini bottom still pushed off to the side. Her pussy was leaving a wet spot on my pants as she slid back and forth on my leg.

As the third song started, my hands were cupping her tits. Monique rose up, pushing them into my face and I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt my cock sliding into her as she slowly lowered herself back down. With my tongue I pressed her nipple against the roof of my mouth. My hips were pushing my cock escort marmaris up deeper inside her. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock. I then leaned back, her nipple popping out of my mouth. I watched her body as she rose up and down, riding my stiff cock. One of her arms wrapped around my neck as she steadied herself. Her other hand was rubbing her clit and we started fucking harder and faster. I wrapped my arms around her and watched her tits bounce as she would drop down on me. Halfway through the song she dropped down on me, and then buried her face into my chest. I heard her moaning, “Oh God, Oh God, yes, right there, yes” followed by one long moan that was muffled against me.

Hearing that and feeling Monique’s pussy tighten, was as much as I could take and I pushed up hard and deep inside her as my cock began to fill the condom. My arms were wrapped tight around her, holding her body tight against mine as I thrust up hard inside her. My cum shooting in waves as I pressed my lips against her body, trying to keep my moans as quiet as possible.

After I came, I leaned back, and Monique leaned forward on top of me. My cock still buried inside her. She brushed her fingers over my cheek and pressed her lips to mine. Her lips were so soft, so gentle on mine. Our lips parted and we kissed for the remainder of the song, our tongues tasting each others, our hands still exploring each other’s body.

As the song ended, Monique rose up, my cock sliding out of her and I twitched as the head of my cock left her pussy. She slipped the condom off of me, tied it off and pulled a tissue from her handbag. She then slipped her bikini top back on as I pushed my cock back into my pants. As we turned to walk out of the little room, she looked back and asked if the three songs were worth it. I had a huge smile on my face and let her know that was by far the best way to go. She gave me a quick little kiss, then opened the curtain and we walked out. She took my hand and led me back to the bar, where I sat and had one more beer. Monique had walked back to the back room, she said she had to get ready to go up on stage. I finished my beer and went back to my hotel room. That night I drifted off to sleep with visions of Monique riding me, that let me sleep with a big smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32