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I am ecstatic, yes, I really am! I would not have imagined this even in my wildest dreams. I think I must have won the lottery last night.

But let me explain and you will understand how I became in one evening a MILF addict, a perv, a voyeur, a dogger and a cuckolding bastard. Yes, all of that! It is not all about me though. Indeed, all this happened because of my mother. I have discovered a new side to her …a side so distant from the usual caring, family-oriented Mum that I have known until now. How could I have guessed that she would turn into a total slut?

Let’s start from the beginning and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Josh, and I am a 21-year-old student at a well-known business school in central London. I still live at my parents’ home in the beautiful county of Surrey near Reigate in England. We are lucky to have a pretty big house in a very leafy area and contrary to many of my fellow students, I have not had the urge to rent my own pad in a shabby London neighbourhood. My only brother is two years older than I am but we now have a pretty faraway relationship as he has had to leave for the North of England to pursue his Law studies. My father Michael is himself a successful lawyer and a very softly spoken gentleman, totally dedicated to his job based in the City. I am sure that most parents would brand him as the ideal son-in-law. That is probably why he seduced my mother when they met at university. Undoubtedly, she must have seen in him a handsome young man with a promising career and polished manners. Having said that, he too, won the lottery when he met my mother Linda. I guess that it did not take my father too long to figure out that she would be the woman of his life. Not only was she a bright young lady but also a very attractive one. Now 48 and a well-known property consultant in South West London, I reckon that she has become more beautiful than ever. Dad still thinks the world of her and cannot do enough to make her happy. How could it be different when he is so lucky to have a perfect trophy wife? Being a 5’10 blonde, very leggy and still the perfect 10, she draws a lot of attention on top of her professional success.

I was still a teenager when I realised that her anatomy had suddenly changed five or six years ago. I remember that she had been away from home for nearly two weeks then. I had not made too much of it as I thought that she had been on a business trip somewhere in the country or abroad. To be honest with you, I had not enquired too much about it either. As long as I had someone to cook my meals and a fully functional PlayStation in the bedroom, there was not too much cause for concern. When Mum reappeared, something struck me but I did not dare ask immediately for details. Despite the fact that her breast was concealed by loose tops, I could not help notice that it had spectacularly grown. Only months later did I figure out that it was a gift from Dad. Had he rewarded himself or Mom? Who knows? I reckoned she had wanted to remain the attractive lady that she had always been. With a few more years adding up, she must have thought that cosmetic surgery would help her keep a physical advantage over younger ladies. As far as Dad was concerned, it was a no brainer. The idea of turning his trophy wife into a mesmerising fuck doll -thanks to a significant breast enlargement- would not have displeased him. Since that day, I began to fantasize about my mother even if I felt very conflicted about this. How could I be attracted to her? Surely it was wrong… but I could not help imagining Mum as a kinky MILF. Her body shape became associated to the ones of page 3 models and pornstars.

To cut a long story short, I would say that my feelings remained platonic until last week. Yes, I admit that now and then, she had reached the Barbie or fuck doll status in some of my dreams. But years passing by softened my thoughts. After all, Mum was such a hard-working and caring woman that dirty fantasies became more or less taboo. My business school mates obviously had a different opinion on the subject; they were quite keen to travel to Surrey and visit me at weekends whenever she was around. I could see why. Not everyone had in their family a 36FF MILF!! (shame on me but yes… I happened to check the labels and sizes of her bras in our laundry basket). I was proud to have such a sexy Mum but also felt jealous and sometimes offended about the fact that my friends would lust after her badly.

Anyway, back to the day when everything started. It was a Saturday morning. I had just finished my breakfast and was due to visit a friend of mine who lived approximately one mile away. I was in a fantastic mood and the weather was awesome that day. As a result, I thought that a good walk would keep me well inspired. My dad had already travelled to the City for some kind of important deal to close (weekends did not mean much to him) and Mum was wandering around the house or maybe tidying up. To be honest with you, I had innovia escort not really focused on what she had been doing while I was getting ready.

“Bye Mum” I said. “See you later this afternoon, I am off to George’s house.”

“OK sweetheart, have fun!”

In my precipitation, I slammed the door. My mother did not take long to react to this obvious lack of care. I was 15 yards away when I heard her shout from the first-floor window:

“Would you mind Josh? … Lost the ability to shut a door properly?”

“Sorry Mum, didn’t mean it!”

I had been merrily walking for ten minutes when I realised that I had forgotten to bring back to George a couple of books that I had borrowed a couple of months ago. Well… you know what they say…little wit in the head makes much work for the feet! I turned around and came back home discreetly so that I would not disturb Mum again. This time, I opened and shut the door with great care. Not seeing her anywhere, I decided to go straight to my bedroom.

I picked the books and was about to leave again when I heard my Mum’s voice talking to someone over the phone. I had not realised that she was in the room next door, the one that we use as our little office. In normal circumstances, I would not have given any importance to the nature of her conversation but a few “Oh my God!” and “Really?” made me get closer to wall and eavesdrop. Not everything was crystal clear but I could hear from her the following exclamations:

“Wow… that’s a lot of missions that you are offering!”

“…It sounds very risky though… but I have to say, it sounds exciting…”

“…I did not think you meant it when we met last Thursday…”

“…Have they all been tested? How many of them? You know that we cannot take any chances…”

“My husband will have to be kept busy…”

And the conversation ended with:

“Listen Rob, I am really looking forward to this but you will have to prove that you are a damn good organiser. It’s a risky business and I do not want my private life to collapse for lack of preparation. Let’s talk again on Friday to confirm everything. Ok…yes…I will call you at 8 pm before Michael comes back. Fingers crossed…Hopefully our Saturday event will be one to remember (my Mum was laughing). And by the way… save the goods!”

As soon as she hung up, I heard her say loudly: “Oh my God, this is insane. What have I got into?” I kept silent and figured, after a few moments, she walked out of the study room and went downstairs. Needless to say, I disappeared “presto”. Walking to my friend’s house, I processed again what I had just heard. What did she mean? What sort of party? Why did they have to be tested? Was she referring to new work recruits? Maybe some people who had not yet proved their ability to sell properties? Was it the risky element? Was my Mom involved into something dodgy? All this raised more questions than answers.

On Sunday night, I got the beginning of a hint when Mom came into the TV room where Dad and I were watching the latest Tom Cruise’s blockbuster.

“Hi guys, I am so very sorry” she said, “time is flying and I totally forgot to remind you that Saturday we have our South East area convention taking place in Esher. This is going to be a mega event and party. Many VIPs of the real estate world will be there and I have been told this is going to be beyond fab.”

“VIPs?” my Dad enquired.

“Yes, Michael. Real estate people, lawyers, bankers, conveyancers… Apparently, the venue is huge with a lovely park. It’s a listed building. I bet that catering will be awesome and live music is also planned.”

Amazingly, my Dad showed some interest in what she had just said. The word “VIPs” woke him up, as he sensed a good opportunity to network with some old boys.

“Mm… this Saturday coming Linda? Well, if spouses are invited, I’d love to come along.”

“Of course, they are. And you too Josh, but I suppose it will be a chore for you. Maybe have you already planned something else with your friends?”

I put two and two together as I quickly processed the offer. Given the mysterious conversation that I had been the witness of, like my father, I also sensed an opportunity and replied: “No Mum, I’d love to come if this is OK. I am sure that I will have a good time and in the worst-case scenario, there will always be the band to listen to”. Mum seemed pretty surprised but carried on:

“Ok guys, great! We will have to be there at 7 pm. It should be fun.”

Time passed and I became convinced a bit more each day that something unexpected was going to happen at the convention. I had no formal proof for such an assumption but a sixth sense was telling me: “don’t miss it and check your Mum!”. Friday finally came and I remembered that Mum was to liaise with her mysterious friend Rob at 8 pm. This time, she knew that I was home but I hoped that she would venture istanbul escort again in the study room. It did not happen. I had not managed to locate her in the house until I heard the sound of a door being locked. She had just gone into the bathroom on the ground floor, probably thinking that nobody would interfere or hear anything there. She could have been correct. But I outsmarted her. I remembered that the casement window in the bathroom was most of the time left open to allow the shower steam off. Aware of this, I ventured into the garden and eavesdropped again.

She was already on the phone and like on the first occasion, I got some of what she was saying.

“…Ha ha, too late for cold feet now…we’re good… all set for tomorrow…”

“…Yeah, both are coming …Hopefully, other people will keep them busy. Remember, no death wishes here…”

“… Yes, I do… I went shopping yesterday and I bought a fantastic outfit. Actually, I am even planning to bring a spare one. You are never too careful…”

“…What about the tests? …They are all negative? …Oh brilliant, then it’s game on…”

“…Remember that the so-called missions will have to be quick, we can’t take chances!”

“…You’ll be number one? Privilege of the organiser I suppose” Mum started to laugh. “…Followed by six other missions and a finale? Wow, I am intrigued now but a bit scared as I only know you…”

“…No, no don’t worry, I am still up for it and very excited. That’s it, send the details to my personal e-mail address so that I know what to do and where to go. OK then… see you tomorrow, sleep tight … and you know what…SAVE the goods! Bye.”

I ran to the back of the garden and hid there for a while ensuring that Mom would have no suspicion that I could have overheard her conversation.

My imagination was running at one hundred miles an hour and I was now sure that Mum had planned something naughty with her caller. No need of a crystal ball here. She had not been talking about business or a special property project.

I hardly slept that night. Her involvement was so much out of character. Yes, she was sexy… yes, she was attractive … yes, she had made these strange calls … but surely, she could not be that kind of wife planning stuff behind her husband’s back. At least, I had never been aware that she might do this.

Saturday afternoon finally arrived. Dad and I started getting ready. Mum had retreated to the bathroom and only emerged from there a few minutes before 6 pm. We could hear the click and clack of high heels on the floor but nothing had prepared us for this… We could hardly utter a “wow”. A true goddess had just appeared in front of us.

“Jesus! … Linda…there is going to be a riot tonight” said my Dad. “You truly look amazing!”

I briefly congratulated Mom too. She actually looked the perfect MILF and, in another context, she could have been mistaken for an upmarket call girl. She had opted for a dark purple boob tube cocktail dress that stopped mid thighs. Not only was it pretty short but extremely tight. Her 36FF tits were threatening to burst out any second. Dad could not help comment:

“Very close to the body, I love it!”

“I know” Mum acknowledged, “I hope it won’t show too much.”

“I am sure that nobody will complain darling. Your belt makes you look an even bustier lady.”

But that was not all. She was wearing black seamed stockings and, after a furtive glance, I noticed that suspender bumps were showing under her dress. She had completed this very hot look by wearing a spectacular pair of black “So Kate” Louboutin stilettos towering on a 5-inch heel (I later found the discarded shoe box to confirm the brand and name for the shoes). Mum had carefully styled her hair in a messy curly ponytail with puff and side bangs. She had also gone for heavy make-up, fake eyelashes and glossy red lipstick with matching nails. Now, I was confident that she was up to no good. My excitement had just gone up a notch.

During our short drive to the venue -actually a superb chateau with fabulous surroundings- I sat behind my Mum. I had a raging hard-on and I felt the urge to grab her tits and call her “slut”. Obviously, this was merely a fantasy and I would have never dared try anything of the kind. I was so worked up that my mind was getting filthier and filthier, trying to imagine scenarios that even porn companies would not think of.

Mum introduced Dad and I to various of her colleagues soon after we arrived. She had been right. The place was really impressive. A few clients were there too as well as other local people, whom to be honest, I forgot about their position or role within the real estate industry. Not many young men or girls of my age group were attending the night, just as I had anticipated it. But it did not really matter that much as my thoughts were focused elsewhere. We mostly stayed kadıköy escort together during the first couple of hours. I was scrutinising people around us to check if anything would appear suspicious or conspiracist but I did not find any behaviour or conversation that could have caused such concern.

It was now close to 9 pm and I started to feel a little disappointed. Nothing had materialised and I came to think that whatever I had believed, was only the fruit of my imagination and my twisted mind. It was time for me to go to the loo after having enjoyed a few drinks. I freshened up and, on my way back, fancied having a look at the ballroom where the band was. I was walking at a slow pace in that direction when I noticed, through the opening of a door on my right-hand side, a group of guys gathered in what looked like a storage room full of chairs and tables. None of the guys had drinks or food. I recognised one of my Mum’s colleagues. I remained by the side of the door, got my mobile phone from a pocket and pretended to call someone. I did not want to draw attention from people coming to and from the bathroom and give them the impression that I was eavesdropping. I was becoming an expert at this. I could not see all of the people in the room but some were in their early forties and one or two much older and rather unattractive at first glance. I smiled and thought: “here are the members of the boring club”, wondering if Dad was among them. Out of sheer curiosity, I was about to venture into the room where they stood when I heard the guy who was my Mum’s colleague say: “Ok guys, so…as you know, her name is Linda.”

I froze on the spot, checked around me and pricked up my ears. For a moment, I was turning into an MI6 spying agent. It did not take long for the conversation to make sense and I could not believe that they had not properly shut the door as some instructions or recommendations were given:

“…Yes…Linda…very tall, tight purple dress, a real bombshell. You cannot have missed her…”

“…Let me tell you, you are in for a treat tonight and you are a fucking bunch of lucky bastards. And me too by the way (laughs)…”

“…Not many rules… you just have to remember which number you are, as described on this instruction sheet. Please respect the order in which you are supposed to play your part and the location where you are supposed to go. Linda has a copy of this and, you and her, will know where to be at a specific time. Once you are all done, there will be the finale which will take place with all of us – soon after the fireworks display…”

“…Also remember that it is a maximum of five minutes per guy, we cannot allow more. Anyway, you are all supposed to be releasing big loads, therefore you should not last that long. I will kickstart the festivities in thirty minutes and the next guys will follow every fifteen minutes. Only caveat: Linda may need to talk to her husband to avoid suspicions…so be patient in case more time is needed. Check your mobiles in any case…”

“…Finally, as you know, no protection tonight. That’s why you have been tested. Everything is bareback. She will take all the spunk offered to her cunt or mouth. Linda wants quickies and she is not here to make friends. Fuck her like a slut, not like a girlfriend…”

“…Any questions? No? Then you are good to go. I am going to throw away the details of this sheet to the bin in the loo. Should you have any question later this evening, come to me but please, be discreet!”

I was shell shocked. I had my suspicions but the brutality of what I had just discovered, left me speechless. My mother was going to be fucked by a whole group. And she was going to be barebacked like a low-profile whore. Everything made sense now but I still could not believe it.

I should have been disgusted but the anticipation, during the week, that Mum might reveal a new side to her, got me even more aroused. Right now, I had no time to make a psychological assessment of my mother’s sexual desires. I wanted to see, I wanted to witness what was going to happen and in a split second, I hoped that I could take part. How? I had absolutely no clue, but I would figure out.

As soon as I heard the words “thank you guys”, I made myself as light as thin air and ran away back to the loo. I was hoping that I could intercept the sheet with the meeting details. Luckily, only one cubicle was available and I locked myself in. Thirty seconds later, the main door opened and I assumed it was the speaker, i.e. my mum’s colleague. I processed that he must have been the “Rob” she had been speaking to over the phone earlier on. I managed to climb on the toilet seat and very quickly took a peek outside the cubicle. Yes, it was him. He checked whether any of the cubicles were free. Bad luck for him, none of them were. I heard a sigh as if he did not have any time to waste from what I gathered; he gave me the impression that he was rummaging through the bin next to the washbasins. I waited for a couple of minutes just to make sure that Rob had gone. No one being outside the cubicles, I hurried and searched into the bin. The job proved an easy one and I retrieved the sheet cut in two parts. Hooray…I now had all the information that I needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32