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To say CHP officer Chad Hardon liked being a motorcycle cop was an understatement. Chad simply lived for it.

As a youngster, in elementary school, he had joined the school patrol, helping fellow students cross the busy street near his Los Angeles neighborhood school. The uniform he wore was simple: an orange safety vest with the words “School Patrol” written on the back and front, and a orange plastic safety helmet. What he really wanted to wear was the uniform of the LAPD cop who was assigned to his school and helped oversee the school patrol program. That uniform was black and well tailored and accentuated the physique of the wearer. If the cop was fit, the uniform would only enhance and highlight his physique. If the cop was a little chubby, the uniform would unfortunately accentuate that as well. Fortunately for Chad, LAPD motor officer Randy Wood was fit and wore his uniform with pride, making sure his uniform was free of stains and lint and his tall black Dehner boots were spit shined at all times.

Chad loved secretly admiring Officer Randy’s boots. He loved the look of them, how they reached to just below Officer Randy’s knees, and imagined what it was like to wear them. He even imagined what it would be like to touch Officer Randy’s boots. If he got close enough, he could smell the leather. It was intoxicating. Occasionally when staring at Officer Randy’s boots Chad would feel a tingling down below but at the time he couldn’t figure it out. All he knew was he liked boots.

When in the early 2000s DVDs of old tv series starting being available for sale, Chad, now a teenager, was one of the first to order CHiPs on DVD. Chad eagerly watched every episode, re-watching them over and over again, anxious to see Jon and Ponch strut and ride their bikes in their Dehner motorcycle boots..

Ten years later, after Chad had finished college, and after enrolling and graduating top in his class at the state police academy, Chad enlisted with the police department of a small city on the edge of the vastness of Los Angeles county.

Motor Officer Chad Hardon was duly sworn in, and having trained as a motorcycle cop, was assigned to the traffic division, riding the department’s newest BMW motorcycles. By this time Chad was a 6ft 2inch adonis. He had grown into an arrestingly handsome young man, lean and fit, with abs and pecs to die for. An angular jawline, piercing blue eyes, and dirty blond hair were the most prominent features of his all-American facial good looks.

Chad’s tan colored uniform fit him perfectly. His uniform shirt and breeches fit him tight. He looked hot. He was hot. But his greatest pride were his boots. He loved wearing them and took great care of them, spit-shining them for hours every week.

The fact is that Chad had over the years developed a serious boot fetish. He discovered that that tingling down below would turn into hard raging hardons whenever he saw a booted motorcycle cop or booted mounted policeman. Not short boots, but tall sleek leather boots, boots that reached to the knee. He loved checking out guys and gals in boots. Above all, he loved wearing boots, and before he went to police academy he had a huge collection of harness boots, engineer boots, and riding boots. Now his biggest pride were his knee-high police motorcycle boots. His police department supplied their motor officers with one pair of boots each. These weren’t the usual stock Dehner boots worn by the CHiPs and the LAPD motorcops, with their man-made “leather” uppers, but tall LEATHER riding boots. In fact, Chad was lucky because his department went all out and supplied their motor officers with tall sleek German-made leather dressage riding boots made by the famous Konig boot company. And when he put them on, he never wanted to take them off.

(As an aside, back at the academy, there was a lot of horseplaying and joking around. A lot of jokes were made about how the motor manisa escort guys all had boot fetishes and deep down wanted to fuck each while wearing their boots. The guys all laughed, at the homophobic joke but Chad longingly wished those fantasies were reality. The fact is that he checked out the other guys in the showers, and salivated at the big dicks and shiny boots surrounding him at the academy.)

Being a uniform item, Officer Chad was not supposed to wear his police-issued motorcycle riding boots off-duty. But he saved enough money to buy an identical pair for his own personal use, which he wore off-duty, to do his errands, his shopping, and to hang out with friends. His friends nicknamed him bootman.

His sexy boots were only matched by the bulge in his form-fitting motorcycle pants. His breeches were tailored tight and accentuated not only his trim but muscular thighs and calves, but a very prominent bulge between his legs. The fact is that Officer Chad was blessed with a 6 inch flaccid cock, which when aroused grew to an impressive 8 inches of hard man meat. Such meat could not be easily hid in a pair of form fitting breeches.

Suffice to say, Chad was popular. Oh, the women loved him, and flirted with him relentlessly and guys were known to check him out too! He enjoyed the attention and bedded many hot babes, on many occasions in uniform. But he also enjoyed the attention he got from the guys, particularly from equally good athletic looking studs. For some reason he could not explain he found himself even more aroused when such guys checked him out, and he never failed to impress by bulging for show. Officer Chad wasn’t sure whether he was bi but he definitely knew he was interested in booted guys and their cocks.

In any event, one day he was patrolling the the outskirts of town, where the suburbs met hobby farms and ranchlands when he saw from a distance a pickup truck being driven rather erratically, weaving back and forth between the two lanes on the 4-lane road. He sped up to take a closer look. As he approached he could clearly see the driver from the back. It looked as if the driver was the only person in the pickup. He wondered what the problem was and put on his flashing light and siren.

The pickup truck driver realized he was being asked to pull over and decelerated to a stop on the shoulder. Officer Chad pulled up behind the truck and dismounted from his motorcycle.

Before Officer Chad made his way from his bike to the truck, Chad checked his appearance, making sure his uniform was neat. He checked his shirt, making sure it was tightly tucked well under his belt. There was dirt residue on his boots and he took out a damp cloth and wiped clean his boots.

Officer Chad then walked up to the truck. He took his shades off. As he approached the driver’s side of the truck and the driver wound down his window, Chad realized there were in fact two people in the truck, the driver, a male, and a female. He hadn’t seen the passenger in the truck before and was somewhat surprised. Looking into the cab for a better look, he quickly made eye contact with both the male driver and the female. They looked earnest but somewhat frazzled. Chad quickly looked around and saw that the driver’s pants, white in colour, unzipped and were loosely covered by a magazine.

Officer Chad was intrigued and now had an idea as to why the driver had been driving erratically and whey he hadn’t seen the female passenger in the silhouette of the truck.

But Officer Chad wanted to take his time with his little investigation.

He looked at the driver. The driver looked a few years younger than him. He was probably in his early 20s. He was good looking – preppy, with puppy-like eyes. He looked athletic and wore an orange polo shirt. The young lady looked similar in age, was a stunner – long blond hair, and clearly a tight figure, and was wearing a summer escort manisa dress that left little to the imagination. Her breasts were not extraordinarily large but good sized and you could see her nipples were hard.

Intrigued Chad asked the driver for his ID. As the driver pulled his right hand into his right pant pocket to get out his wallet, the magazine slid away, revealing what was now a deflated penis. It was wet with saliva. The penis was deflated but it was nevertheless enormous. Chad guessed in his head that it must have been similar in size to his own, a a good 6 inches. And like his, it was cut.

Chad said nothing but the slight smile formed by his lips said everything. The driver and his lady friend noticed.

The driver pulled out his driver’s license. His name was Paul.

Officer Chad asked Paul get out of his truck.

Paul, embarrassed, said he needed to buckle up before getting out. Chad gave him time and turned back to his bike to do some searches.

When Chad turned around, he saw Paul standing beside the truck. Chad was stunned. In addition to wearing the orange polo shirt, and the white pants, Paul was wearing a pair of black Petrie riding boots.

Instantly, Chad could feel himself getting hard. All eight inches hard. He could not hide his excitement at seeing this good looking well hung man dressed in tight breeches and glistening black riding boots.

Chad looked up at Paul. Their eyes met for a quick second. Paul’s eyes then glanced down to Chad’s boots and then to Chad’s crotch. Paul then looked up again, directly at Chad, as if taking him in. Chad looked to meet Paul’s gaze, having noticed Paul had just checked out his boots and crotch.

Chad, now knowing Paul was looking at him, made a point of looking at Paul’s crotch and could see his cock stirring and getting hard. Clearly Paul liked what he saw in Chad, notwithstanding that he was with a girl.

Chad thought it a little odd. In any event, nothing could happen right then and there. Motor Officer Chad was on duty, after all. Duty called.

But Officer Chad couldn’t do nothing. He couldn’t linger there taking in this booted hunk that was Paul. Chad quickly realized that he had to do something. He could give Paul a warning. Or he could ticket him. Before he could do anything other than pull out his ticketbook, Paul comment to Chad that he liked his boots. “Nice boots, man”. Paul then handed Officer Chad an address card. The card read Norfolk Horse Ranch. It had an address not far away.

Chad exercised his discretion. He decided not to ticket Paul but instead took the address card. and complimented Paul on his boots too. “Thanks. Nice boots yourself. European? ” “Yeah, Petries” replied Paul.

Once Chad took the card Paul knew they were in business. He asked Officer Chad whether he wanted to come by. “Yeah, sure” came Chad’s reply. “What time?” asked Paul. Chad replied 6pm, which would be an hour after his shift ended.

Chad was nervous as hell. What type of invitation had he accepted? He had never met up or done anything with a guy. Admire a guy yes, but nothing more. Did he really want to go through with this? With what? But the thought of those glistening black riding boots and that clearly large bulge convinced Chad in no time that this was his chance. If he had any concerns, there was the girl; he could convince himself that they were a couple and that he was after the girl and that the Paul was the bonus.

At six o’clock sharp, Chad arrived at Norfolk Horse Ranch. He was off work, and had come in his car, but had not changed out if his uniform. Again, he straightened his uniform shirt, and checked his boots, making sure to wipe off any encrusted dirt. He ran the damp cloth up his boot shafts, thinking how it would be nice to have someone else fondle them.

Just as Chad was about to knock on the door to the farmhouse Paul opened manisa escort bayan the door and he and his lady friend stepped out on to the verandah. Paul was dressed in the same polo shirt, tight white breeches and glistening boots that he was wearing earlier in the afternoon. He was sporting what was clearly a very large bulge. The outline of a big cut cock was clearly visible. 8 inches of cock. And Paul must not have been wearing any underwear. His lady friend, whom he introduced as his girlfriend Laura, had changed into a white blouse, white breeches and her own pair of glistening black riding boots.

At the sight of all those boots and Paul’s bulge, Chad’s already raging hard on got even harder and started twitching as if it had a life of its own.

The three of them entered into the house. With the door shut, Paul and Laura quickly turned to Chad and pinned him against the door. Laura proceeded to French kiss Chad, with her hands firmly grasping Chad’s head, neck and shoulders – whatever she could grasp and fondle and stroke. Paul grabbed Chad’s bulge, squeezing it a bit, finding the cock and stroking it through the fabric, and then proceeded to unzip Chad’s breeches. Out sprung Chad’s cock. He was oozing precum and was pulsing. Released, the monster cock hit Paul in the cheek. Paul gave a quick laugh, commenting that it looked as big like his own, and then proceeded to lick it. He started gently and then quickened his pace. He opened wide and took Chad methodically, inch by inch until all 8 inches disappeared. Soon he was sucking Chad’s throbbing monster as if there was no tomorrow. Clearly Paul was an experienced cock sucker. In no time Chad came, spewing loads of man cum all over Paul’s cheeks and onto his shirt. Some dripped down onto Paul’s boots and Laura’s boots. Paul quickly took off his polo shirt and used it to wipe his face. They all moved to the carpeted floor for more action.

In no time Chad fell to his knees and started caressing with his hands and licking with his darting tongue Paul’s left riding boot. even licking his own cum that had splattered onto the boots. He started at the instep and worked his way slowly up the boot shaft, licking the leather clean all the way to the top. His hands fondled the boot shafts, running them up and down the shafts. Once at the top of the boot, Chad switched to Paul’s right boot. Oh, how intoxicating the smell of the leather was. Oh how he enjoyed mouth fucking and hand fucking Paul’s riding boots. At some point, Paul called out “look here” and looking up, Chad saw Paul’s throbbing hard on pointing at him.

Chad had never played with another guy. But he knew it was now or never.

With his right hand he reached out for Paul’s throbbing cock and gently stroked it. It was an incredible sensation. Warm and pulsing, like his, but attached to another man. Officer Chad then opened his mouth, wetted his lips and lunged for it. He gagged, and coughed, but then slowed down, taking it more slowly. It was an incredible feeling, to have Paul’s warm pulsing cock in his mouth. Paul was throbbing uncontrollably and Chad knew that Paul would come any second. Chad released the cock and took it in his hands. Spurts of hot cum came gushing out, spraying Chad’s uniform shirt and breeches.

It was time to take off their clothes and all of a sudden there was a frenzy of undressing. Boots were pulled off, shirt and pants pulled down, and then, of course, the boots pulled back on. They were a sight to behold: two hung fit lean men, and one voluptuous woman, all wearing nothing but tall glistening black riding boots.

Chad, Paul and Laura’s explorations and lovemaking continued into the night. Every which way was tried. Chad was initiated into all things fun with Paul, who was his equal. That evening Chad, Paul and Laura discovered that they not only had a passionate and common love for sex but for riding boots and big cocks. Chad had met his equal – Paul, a lover of riding boots and a hung one at that! obsession- their big cocks.

The three booted friends fucked each other out, licking boots and sucking cock, and eating and entering Laura’s pussy.

Motorcop Chad had met his equal in equestrian Paul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32