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“I wonder if Trish knows how well hung her old man is?” she mused to herself as she watched her friend’s father pound into a girl who was a friend of his daughter. “Oh shit,” she finally thought, “I hope Trish is not going to get upset about this.”

Barb started backing away and quietly went down the steps, grabbed her sun block and left as quickly and quietly as she could. When she got back to their blanket at the beach she sat there not knowing what to do. Should she tell Trish what she saw or keep her mouth shut. Of course one of the side affects of being “a noisy little bitch” was that she just had to tell others what she uncovered so when Janet and Trish joined her they knew something was up. She was acting weird and her friends knew her well enough to be certain that she was keeping a secret and having a hard time of it so they did what all young girls do in a similar situation, they pumped her and wheedled and begged until she spilled the beans.

“I don’t know if I should tell or not. It’s kind of personal and I don’t want anybody to get upset with anybody else.”

“Come on spill!” Trish demanded

“Well while you guys were in the water I went to put sun block on and I was out so I went back to the house to get my spare tube. Well When I got there I heard something so I went to check it out and … Trish you have to promise you won’t get mad.”

“Why would I get mad? What did you see?” Trish asked.

“You have to promise! Please.” Barb begged

Reluctantly Trish agreed having absolutely no idea what Barb could possibly have to tell her that might get her so upset.

Barb accepted her promise and hesitantly continued. “Well, like I said I heard something. I thought Sue was in pain again so I went upstairs and your dad’s door was sort of open and I saw… I saw him, them, uh. I saw him fucking Sue.”

Trish stared at her wide eyed and Barb was afraid of how she was going to react. She did not want to hurt her friends and she did not want their vacation to become a battleground. She should not have worried because Trish’s reaction was the last thing she expected. After a few seconds it took the news to sink in Trish jumped up and extended her arms into the air and began dancing around screaming “Yes. Yes. She did it. Yes.”

To say her reaction left Barb and Janet dumbfounded would be an understatement. They stared at her open mouthed as she danced around the blanket like a football player who just scored the winning touchdown at the Superbowl. Neither girl could believe the reaction. Both immediately put themselves in her shoes and realized that if they had found out their father was banging one of their friends they would be upset, hurt, angry and a host of other negative things. Neither could imagine themselves dancing a victory dance on the beach.

Finally after doing three laps around the blanket Trish dropped back down to look at her friends. She had a huge grin on her face and was giggling almost uncontrollably. Then when she saw the looks she was getting she broke into laughter. “You guys don’t understand.” She was finally able to get out. “Sue asked me last night if it would be Ok and I thought about it and figured why not. He’s not married to my mom anymore, hasn’t been for 4 years, and I know he isn’t living the life of a monk. I’ve talked to some of the single women here in the off season, he’s probably slept with most of them from what I can figure out. So since Sue wanted to give him her cherry I figured at least she’ll have somebody who will be nice to her. She tried last night but he wouldn’t. He was afraid I’d get mad. So this morning I told him it was Ok. I figured it would take her at least another day or two to wear him down, but apparently my old man is a lot more randy than I thought.”

“You mean you knew and you’re Ok with it?” Janet asked in wonder.

“Of course. But tell me Barb, was she enjoying it? I mean could you tell?” Trish asked

“Well she seemed to be and I don’t know how she couldn’t with the equipment he’s got.” Barb answered.

“What do you mean?” Trish asked puzzled.

Now barb was embarrassed, she had let that slip. How do you tell your friend that her dad has one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen? “Well I wasn’t going to say anything but do you have any idea how big your old man is?”

Trish looked at her and just shook her head. The image that flashed through her mind was her father naked with a cock the size of the basketball player’s that Barb had thought about earlier. “Well I will tell you it’s not as big as that ball player’s we have all seen but it is very respectable.”

Now Janet’s curiosity was piqued. “How big is it?” She asked

Barb hesitated. “It was a little hard to tell exactly, from where I was but if I had to guess I’d say about…” and she held her hands up a little less than a foot apart. “and as far as thick goes, well this morning Sue said she couldn’t get her fingers to touch and I don’t think she was exaggerating.”

Trish sat halkalı bdsm escort there transfixed by the thought of her fathers cock being a lot bigger than normal and she realized she was getting wet having this conversation. Just about then Janet made a comment that broke her concentration. “Hell if I had known all this I would have jumped his bones myself. How about it Trish would you mind if we all had a go at him. I mean discreetly of course. Not in the middle of the floor or anything.”

Now Trish realized that Janet’s question had gotten her really wet with the image that flashed through her mind of all of her friends standing in line to screw her father on the living room floor and her watching and handing out tickets. She started to giggle again before answering “I guess I don’t mind. But you have to get past Sue. I mean it’s only fair she laid claim to him first. You know “Girlfriend’s Rules”. Maybe I should sell tickets.” She laughed. “So Barb, give us all the gory details, like what position were they in and all.”

All three girls sat on the blanket while Barb described in intimate detail what she had witnessed. The more she talked the wetter Trish found herself getting until she had to talk the other two into going into the water. She was afraid they’d see her juices running down her leg.

Frank and Sue lay in the bed, holding each other close and gently kissing and touching each other. Sue broke the quiet. “Thank you. That was better than I ever imagined it could be. I never thought it would be so good. I’m glad I waited until I found somebody special.”

He just leaned over and kissed her cheek. “You’re welcome and thank you for giving me your gift. It was very special. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I tried to make sure you would.”

“Can we do this again? I mean would you consider making love to me again?”

“I’d be very happy to. But I’m afraid I’m not sixteen anymore and I need time to recharge.”

She giggled. “Ok. I mean I would not complain about doing it again right away but I can wait.”

They lay in the bed a while cuddling before they both decided they were hungry and got up to make some lunch. As they got out of bed Frank reached for his shorts but Sue grabbed them and ran from the room. She called to him from the next room “Come and get them.” He thought about just getting another pair from the drawer but decided to play the game with her and he walked out into the living room as naked as she was.

Sue stood on the other side of the room. “Hmm, I think I like you walking around naked. I like the view. It’s pretty impressive. Looks as good as it feels inside of me too. Maybe I should just keep these until you fulfill your promise and bed me again.”

He smiled at her “If m’lady prefers me naked then naked I shall stay.” He said with a fake English accent and a small bow before he moved to the kitchen to make some sandwiches. Sue moved up behind him while he was at the counter and wrapped her arms around him. “Yes, I definitely prefer you this way.” As she took his manhood in her hand. “Hmmm, look at that it may not be so long a wait after all” she commented as she felt him start to stiffen under her touch.

“I guess your youth and vigor are rubbing off on me.” He said as even he was surprised at how quickly he was recovering. “Let’s have lunch and then see what arises.” He offered with a sly smile. She giggled at his joke and helped him make a light lunch. After they ate the pair cuddled on the couch and put an old movie on the TV. Neither expected to watch the entire thing but it was a comfortable thing to do and neither was in a huge hurry to jump back in the sack. Both wanted to take their time and enjoy.

As it turned out Sue became impatient first and started fondling Frank’s manhood shortly after the show started. It took no time at all for him to reach his full size and she slowly ran her small hand up and down his massive rod wondering how she had ever fit the whole thing inside of her. “Must be more room in there than I thought.” She said to herself. She spent some time trying to estimate his size, she knew that and average man was right around 6 inches, at least according to the experts, that is the medical experts. Girl talk at the dorm had placed it more around 5. But this monster in her hand was at least 8 maybe 9.

As she ran her hand up and down his shaft she was met with an impulse to take him in her mouth. She wanted to feel him hit the back of her throat and she also wanted to see if she could fit his girth into her mouth in the first place. She bent down and first placed a kiss on the head and then a second. Then she opened her mouth and took the very tip into her mouth, not the whole head just the tip and he groaned in appreciation. She could still taste herself on him and that thought turned her on more as she used her tongue to lick the sides and around the head. Finally she took his head into her mouth and started the gentle sucking pressure she knew halkalı elit escort guys liked.

Again he groaned and she continued to slowly feed herself his cock, taking a bit more each time until she felt him hit her throat and he gag reflex started. But as she had learned she overcame it and opened her throat and continued to feed it to herself until her nose was buried into his pubic hair and she could smell the musky scent of herself on him. It was intoxicating.

She began to work him in and out of her throat. Making love to his cock. Sue had never been a real fan of cocksucking. She had done it to keep boyfriends happy because she would not fuck them, and with the other girls at school, in the dorm she had practiced with bananas to learn to deep throat a boy, so she was good at it but never really looked forward to doing it, that is, until today. As she forced him to fuck her face she realized that this time it was different, she was enjoying it, she wanted it to last. The taste and the texture of his cock in her mouth, coupled with the musky smell of her own cum on his balls and groin brought her own excitement to the front and she wanted to suck this dick. She wanted to worship the phallus. So she took her time and kept at it for a while, all the time aware of keeping him from going too far and cumming. She was tempted to have him blast into her mouth, she actually wanted to taste his seed but she also knew that that would mean it would be even longer till she felt him in her pussy again and she really did want that and soon.

“Oh god she’s good at that.” Frank thought to himself as he felt his cock slide in and out of her throat. He was sitting on the couch and she was on her belly with her head in his lap taking his full length down her throat. She seemed to be enjoying herself and he knew he was, but he was ready to fuck her again, more than ready. He stretched his arm out and ran his hand down her back as she sucked him. Down her back and onto her ass, such smooth skin, such a perfect body. He let his had reach the bottom of her butt and he cupped her in his hand and let his finger slide to her pussy. He found she was dripping wet. She was really turned on by this. He pushed his middle finger against her pussy and slid it inside her and she moaned around his meat and let her legs spread apart as he finger fucked her, occasionally letting it slide out and circle her clit.

The third time he drew his finger out and tickled her clit she started to spasm in orgasm and pulled her head off of his dick to breathe and let at a small scream as the sexual high washed over her. She clawed at him pulling him down to her face to kiss him as her body shook. Their lips met and she shoved her tongue deep into his mouth and kissed him passionately. As she broke from the kiss she begged him “Fuck me again. I want to feel you inside me.” He leaned back to her and kissed her gently before stretching himself out on the couch and pulling her on top of him.

Even as inexperienced as she was she knew what position to take and she straddled him and grasped his member to guide it into herself. The look of relief on her face as he slid inside her told him how badly she wanted him. Then as she sat down and jammed his full length home she started to pump on him and he grabbed her hips to stop her. “Slowly, take your time.” he said as he directed her hips to grind into him and move back and forth instead of the pumping motion she had started. She immediately found his method more satisfying to the itch between her legs as her clit was stimulated by the contact with his groin and he body filled with his cock.

She rocked back and forth on him and shortly decided she liked this position as he tweaked her nipples with his fingers. She felt more in control more dominate in this position, besides he went deeper this way and the stimulation to her clit was greater. As these thoughts ran through her head she closed her eyes to let another orgasm shudder through her. She rode him with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips and when she opened her eyes. She froze for a second as she was faced by her three friends watching her get fucked, watching her ride Frank’s dick, watching her orgasm. She only froze for a second before his grip on her hips tightened and she started her motion again.

The three girls had entered the house quietly and moved up the stairs. They were hoping to surprise Frank and Sue, probably in bed. When they found them in the middle of fucking on the couch it was more than they had expected. Sue had her eyes closed and did not see them immediately and Frank was lying on the couch looking directly away from them. Besides his attention was focused on the woman he was fucking and the arm of the couch blocked his view behind even if he did turn. Barb and Janet went to get closer to interrupt them but Trish held them back and signaled them to just stand there. They watched as Sue finished her orgasm and continued to ride him Then as halkalı escort she opened her eyes and saw them watching. Her shock was momentary and she immediately continued her carnal activities.

So they stood and watched for several minutes as Sue registered one orgasm after another and all three girls felt jealousy well up, that she could be experiencing multiple orgasms with the first guy she was ever with. Individually Barb and Janet each decided that they wanted to try a piece of this man before they left. For her part Trish was more determined than ever to make love to her father but she also knew it would be a long hard battle to get him to agree. But on the other hand the more open she was with him and the more she became a part of his life the closer she got. So it was an easy decision to resolve to continue running around the house topless, she also knew that her catching him like this would go a long way toward opening him up to her.

Frank felt Sue stiffen and assumed that she was getting ready to orgasm again so he pulled on her hips a little to start her moving again. He was enjoying this fuck. He always loved when a women rode him like this and Sue seemed to be enjoying it also as she seemed to be rolling from one orgasm to the next. His groin was soaked from her juices running out of her with each cum. All too soon he felt the end nearing, his balls tightened and the familiar feelings in his groin were followed by the rush of sperm from his dick into Sue’s pussy and for the second time today he groaned and splashed her insides with baby juice. “Wonderful, simply wonderful.” Ran through his mind then the shock registered.

“Hi daddy. What’cha doing? Having fun?” He heard his daughter’s voice and as he opened his eyes he saw her face leaning over the back of the couch, smiling at him. Looking at him as his dick was buried deep inside one of her friends. He had been starting to get soft and would soon be slipping out of Sue. You would expect that such a sudden presence would have sped the process. In truth it had the opposite effect and to his surprise and Sue’s pleasure he instantly was hard again. Sue was pleasantly surprised but was not about to waste a perfectly good dick and she started to ride him again.

Frank looked around in panic and saw that not only was his daughter watching him fuck Sue but so were her other two friends. The three of them were standing over them. Sue did not seem to be bothered at all. She was just enjoying having his dick in her. In fact she even looked at Trish and said “I guess now we’re even for the time I walked in on you.” All three girls laughed and Sue just kept riding him. A small part of his brain marveled at the fact that he was so hard after just coming and being surprised at the same time. It did not take long though before his brain just said “the hell with it, you’re already caught might as well enjoy it.”

The three of them watched for a minute then Janet said. “I thought he just came? Don’t tell me he’s still hard.”

Sue just looked at her friend and smiled then shook her head up and down.

“Christ, what luck she has. She finds a guy whose good looking, has money, obviously knows how to please a woman and is a superman besides.” The jealously in her voice was evident as she walked over to the kitchen to get a drink.

“Don’t forget well hung.” Sue smirked as she started to get off of him.

She stood up so fast and without any warning and suddenly Frank found himself lying on the couch with his dick standing straight up in the air while all four women stared down at him. It took a few seconds to register, but he realized how exposed and on display he was and grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch to cover himself. Too late.

“Goddamn look at the size of him.” He heard Janet’s voice and then he saw the wide eyed look on his daughter’s face as for the first time in her life she got a look at the cock that had helped make her. Barb was licking her lips and Sue just stood there looking smug and self satisfied as she reached down and took him by the hand. “Come on lets go into the bedroom where we can have some privacy.” And she led him away.

Sue lead him into the bedroom and over to the bed where they both laid down and cuddled. “Well I guess it’s no secret, is it?” She asked him as they lay together.

No I guess not.” He answered “But what’s done is done. I guess it’s better this way at least we won’t have to sneak around. That is assuming you want to continue.”

She looked him in the eyes. “What do you think I’m stupid? I found a good thing. Do you think I’m just going to walk away? You’re damn right I want to continue. I intend to have you at least twice a day as long as I can, more if you can stand it. In fact I’m not done with you yet.” Then she smiled as she kissed her way down his chest to his groin and took him in her mouth once again. This time she sucked him and let him fuck her throat until he spewed his diminished load into her waiting mouth. “Ohhh that was every bit as good as I though it would be.” She told him as she swallowed the last of it and licked him clean. “Come on let’s get you a shower and then we can see about the rest of the afternoon and evening. But one question first.” Suddenly she adopted the shy little girl look “Can I sleep with you tonight again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32