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Author’s Note : This story is a response to the many readers who asked for it. I hope it pleases them. To those who have not followed the previous stories, this is the seventh in the series about Mrs. Green. You may want to read the series Denny & Mrs. Green first.

* * * * *

Joanne Green arrived back at her suburban home 15 minutes after leaving Hooker’s Alley. She was hoping to sneak into the 2 storey back-split without her son, Bobby, spotting her. She knew that she would never be able to explain the hooker outfit that she had on. He already had called her a whore and a slut when he had caught her fucking his best friend, Dennis. Indeed, she would have had no defence, as Dennis, her young lover, had somehow coerced her into acting out the part.

On top of that she had allowed herself, while still playing the role, to do it with that young college student, Brad, which in turn had caused her to be blackmailed into having sex with the despicable Bill Drake. Even the taxi ride back to her car had resulted in her being forced to give a blow job to the cab’s 62 year old driver.

She felt totally ashamed of her actions. Not so much that she had been forced into making love to strangers but that she had somehow actually enjoyed the sex acts. How could she face Bobby if he ever found out her mother secretly was a whore or at least acted like one! She promised herself that if she could just get into the house without Bobby catching her she would never put herself in such an untenable position again. Indeed she vowed that she would go back to making Bobby proud that she was his mother just as he had been before that mistake with his young friend, Dennis.

She knew that she had been weak but was determined to keep her libido in check. That meant of course that she could not carry on her affair with Dennis. She hoped that she could keep herself from desiring his hard young body in the future.

As luck would have it, the house was deserted when she arrived. Breathing a sigh of relief she quickly raced up the stairs to her bedroom and divested herself of the provocative clothes. She picked them up off the floor and hung them in the deepest part of her walk-in closet before heading in to have a shower.

As the warm spray teemed down on her 38 year old body, the events of the past few days started to run through her mind. Unfortunately, as much as she tried to fight it, she started to remember the tender touches and kisses that her two young lovers had given her. She started to visualize their long hard cocks and unknowingly, she started to lick her lips. Her pussy started to get wet and she started to finger herself. Playing with her clit led to her spreading her pussy lips apart and inserting first one, then two and then three fingers into her cunt.

Her free hand massaged her firm tits and the nipples became hard. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was masturbating! She had not played with herself since she had been a teenager. At first she felt disgust at what she was doing but as the waves of pleasure rushed over her she consoled herself by noting that this would be a good way to keep herself from feeling the need to contact Dennis. She marvelled again at how easy it was for her to justify her sexual activities now.

Joanne let her senses take over and her fingers brought her to a particularly vocal orgasm. “Fuck!! Oh fuck!! OHHHHHH!” she cried at the top of her lungs and then panicked. “What if Bobby was home now and had heard her?” She turned off the water and listened. Hearing nothing she figured that she was safe but scolded herself nevertheless.

Unknown to Joanne, Bobby had arrived home minutes before and had heard the sound of the shower running. In fact when she was having her loud, intense orgasm, he was actually just outside the bathroom door listening. For a brief second, his anger soared as he figured that she must be in the shower fucking some guy. He had a sudden image of his former best friend, Dennis, sticking his cock into his mother’s cunt. He almost broke down the door but thought better of it.

“What if I’m wrong?”he thought. “If I break the door down and she’s by herself, I’d look awfully foolish! Besides, ” he continued, “she’d be in the nude and I’d totally embarrass myself and her for over-reacting. ” Bobby decided that he would just wait by his bedroom door and see if she came out by herself or with someone else. Then he could decide what course of action to take.

Figuring that Bobby was still out for the night, Mrs. Green emerged from the bathroom into the hallway with a towel wrapped around her wet, long, blonde hair and her terrycloth robe opened. Seeing Bobby standing outside her doorway startled her so much that she forgot that her robe was open.

Bobby’s eyebrows rose sharply as he saw his mother’s breasts bounce as she stepped into the hallway. As she came to an abrupt halt, his eyes couldn’t help but gaze downwards to her golden pubic hair that sparkled halkalı ucuz escort with a few remaining water droplets. They both froze with sharp intakes of breath and at that moment time actually stood still.

Neither of them moved. The tension in the air was formidable. Finally, Mrs. Green seemed to come out of her stupour when she noticed that Bobby’s eyes were glued to her pelvis. She looked down at herself and screeched, “Oh my god!” and pulled the sides of the robe closed as fast as she could.

“I… I… thought.. you… weren’t.. home… I.. I.. didn’t… “she sputtered but realized she didn’t know what to say.

Bobby looked devastated. He was totally embarassed when he realized he had been staring at his mother’s bush and she had noticed it. “I’m sorry mom, ” was all he could get out of his suddenly very dry throat. He turned quickly and retreated into his bedroom closing the door behind him.

Silence filled the house as Mrs. Green stood there looking at the closed door. She didn’t know what to do. Should she go to Bobby or should she retreat to her own bedroom? Standing there holding her breath she was amazed that she started to visualize what she would do if she went to her son. She started to get moist between her legs and her nipples hardened again. “What am I thinking?”she chastised herself. “How can I be aroused by my own son? I’ve got to get a grip!”

With that she turned on her heel and forced herself to go back into her own bedroom. Breathing uneasily she started to towel dry her hair but images of Bobby kept appearing. When had these incestuous sexual feelings started to appear in her subconcious mind she wondered and what was she going to do about it?

Once again she started to caress herself. She was lost in a dream world when her eyes opened and she observed herself for the first time in the mirror. She was horrified at her own behaviour and stopped immediately. “You’re out of control!”she admonished herself. “You’re supposed to be the adult. Start acting like it. ” With that she threw off her robe and fell into the bed and under the covers.

It took her over an hour to finally drift off to sleep but it was an uneasy sleep as she dreamed erotic scenes involving many different faces. First it was Dennis in her bed who was replaced by an angry Bobby. Then the face in her dreams was Brad who was forced out of her blissful embrace by the violent Bill Drake. His laughing was shared by the face of the elderly cab driver. This finally forced her to wake up in a cold sweat.

She lay there for the rest of the night unable to fall back to sleep. Tossing and turning, she anxiously awaited the morning light while she tried to decide how she was going to face Bobby. How would she end her relationship with Dennis? What if that bastard Bill Drake broke their deal and suddenly showed up ready to expose her via the porn video that she had unknowingly made with Brad?

Joanne wasn’t the only one in the house who was having difficulty getting to sleep. After rushing back into his room, Bobby had tossed and turned for hours. He couldn’t get the vision of his mother’s pubic hair and her exposed breasts out of his mind. Things were happening to his body that he had no control over. He had an erection that wouldn’t quit. He knew it was a sexual perversion to lust after one’s mother. Yet since catching Dennis fucking his mother, he couldn’t look at her without feeling this way. That’s why he had started to drink excessively and to avoid her. He felt ashamed.

He knew that it was normal for a teenage boy to have urges but everyone condemned incestuous relationships. The term motherfucker was a damaging and derogatory insult and he feared what his friends might think if he were to tell them of the thoughts and urges he was having. Society condemned anyone who thought that way. Yet he couldn’t help himself.

He had started to daydream about her. He was having difficulty concentrating at school. These thoughts had been occurring for a year now and that was why he was so livid when he caught his best friend Dennis screwing his mother. He wanted to do it. Dennis had beaten him to her and he was jealous. Dennis had taken something that should have been his. His mother belonged to him!

Although considered good-looking, girls his own age considered him weird because even though they had tried to interest him in them, he remained aloof.

Bobby had commented to Dennis that Dennis’ mother was a fox but he really had been secretly comparing her to his own mother. Both were attractive middle-aged women that had borne children in their teens and had looked after their figures as they grew into their thirties.

Bobby scoped out his mother at every opportunity but his shame kept him from doing anything more than secretly looking in her underwear drawer. He tried to watch her at every opportunity but was paranoid that she would notice and take offense. He had tried halkalı üniversiteli escort to visualize her in the nude but that’s all it had been – a fantasy. Until he had caught them in bed together using the language that only the women in porno flicks used. He hadn’t seen much that day because he had been so mad but tonight he had seen it all. He was not disappointed.

He had her image in his mind as he wacked off under the covers that night. Normally after he masterbated he would fall off to sleep. That did not happen this time. Within minutes of shooting his wad into the tissues that he kept by the bed, Bobby was hard again. He fought the urge to play with himself again but it was a losing battle and he ended up cumming again.

When he did finally nod off he dreamed that he was a knight in shining armour arriving to save the fair damsel, Joanne, from that villain Sir Dennis. After slaying the double-crossing friend, his mother Lady Joanne, climbed aboard his white stallion and they rode off to his castle where he made passionate love to her all night long. When he awoke in the morning he found himself lying in a wet spot with sticky remnants of his cum on his thigh.

Mother and son avoided each other that day. Mrs. Green left him a note saying that his dinner was in the microwave and that she was going to go to bed early as she had been having trouble sleeping.

Bobby moped around the house trying to find something to take his mind off what was happening. He read a little but found that he could not concentrate so he turned the television on. Unfortunately the only thing that got his attention was an old movie called THE GRADUATE. In it a young man is seduced by an older woman. Needless to say this got a rise out of Bobby.

He debated going up to his mother’s room and forcing himself on her. His need was getting the best of him. He made his way upstairs and stood outside her bedroom trying to fight off the urge to burst in. He listened and thought he heard her breathing hard and calling out his name. Perhaps he could use this as an excuse to enter her room but then there was silence and he figured that he had probably just imagined what he wanted to hear. Disheartened and once again ashamed of himself, Bobby returned to his own room to seek release again.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s ears had not deceived him. Mrs. Green had given in to her primal urges and had just finished masturbating again. She had pictured her son Bobby making love to her when release came. Without realizing it, she had murmured Bobby’s name out loud.

Mrs. Green, after another long sleepless night, dressed and left for work earlier than normal. She feared that Bobby would be able to read her mind and never forgive her for her wicked thoughts.

When Bobby awoke he was determined to face his mother and attempt to get their lives back to normal. He would apolgize for staring at her, forgive her for her indiscretion with Dennis and try to move on. He knew that his desire for his mother could lead to nothing but trouble and if he could only lust after her from afar than that’s what he would do. He decided to tell her that he was going to move out of the house and into one of the dorms for the rest of the school year.

Finding that she was already out of the house, Bobby grabbed some toast and headed off to the college to look into making dormitory arrangements. He hoped that getting into a dorm part way into the school year would not be too difficult.

With the arrangements made, Bobby arrived home well before his mother. Now that he had set himself a course of action he found himself in a good mood and decided to surprise his mother by cooking dinner.

He had just put on the potatoes when he looked out the kitchen window in time to see her climbing out of her Volvo. His breath was taken away when he saw her short skirt ride half way up her thigh as she stepped out. To make matters worse she leaned back into the car to reach for her purse which was on the passenger’s seat. The tight skirt slid up until it barely covered her behind. His eyes took in the black garters that were holding up her dark stockings and he could almost see her panties but stunned he realized, “My god! She’s not wearing any panties!”

When she stood up, she smoothed down her skirt, turned and caught him staring at her. The raw look of lust on his face must have scared her as she looked frightened. They stood like that for a few seconds each wondering what the other was thinking. Finally, Mrs. Green although flushed recovered her composure and headed into the house. As she wondered what to say to him, she hoped that the events of her day were not apparent.

Upon arriving at work she had read and signed quite a few but boring legal papers. After checking and sending out several e-mail messages, her mind had started to wander again.

Try as she might she couldn’t prevent her mind from imagining haramidere escort sexual scenarios. Telling herself that she was only going to do some research and knowing she shouldn’t, Mrs. Clark started to search the internet for information on sexual urges. After seeing many graphic pictures she ended up at an x-rated story site. At . com she scrolled through many stories dealing with incest. As she read some of them she hiked up her short skirt, removed her panties and started to play with herself. She fantasized that it was she and Bobby in these stories.

She was breathing heavily from her first orgasm when the ringing of the phone startled her. Upon picking up the receiver, she found herself pleasantly surprised to hear Dennis’ voice. Much to her dismay, her resolve to end her relationship with Dennis flew out the window when he started smooth talking. She couldn’t believe her own ears when she suggested that he meet her at a client’s house in half an hour. She knew that the client was out of the country because she had been left with the house keys and the responsibility of trying to sell their home.

Rushing to the home, she had just gotten in the door when the doorbell chimed. Dennis must have been waiting nearby. Opening the door, she found herself taking a quick look around to see if anyone was watching then pulled him inside and plastered herself against him. She was a woman on fire! She needed release! At this point in time, she truly believed that she had become a nymphomaniac and that it wouldn’t have mattered who was at the door. She would have fucked anyone even if it had been the postman.

The sudden assault had taken Dennis by surprise but he was equally aroused as it had been a couple of days without sex for him. The beautiful older woman dropped to her knees, pulled down his zipper and started to suck him off. She was in a feeding frenzy and as he looked down at his erect 8 inch cock disappearing into her mouth, he could see her fingering herself.

It didn’t take long before he was blowing his load into the deep recesses of her mouth. She didn’t release his cock until she had swallowed every drop of cum.

She knew that he would last longer now that he had had his initial release and she wanted, no she needed, him to satisfy her. She fell backwards pulling him on top of her and she felt his cock’s resurgence. She realized that she wasn’t wearing her panties and wondered for a millisecond when that had happened.

In a flash they both tore off their clothes and each one’s mouth reached for the other’s sexual organs. They found themselves in the classic 69 position. This was new to both of them but they lapped each other as though they had been doing it forever.

Dennis rolled them from their side position so that he was above her. He loved the feeling that he was fucking her mouth while he was spreading her cunt lips with his tongue. It didn’t take long for the young mother to cum in his mouth.

She sensed that he was getting ready to explode again so she pushed him off and told him that she wanted his cock in her. At this time he would have fucked any hole that was available. She pulled his cock into her womanhood and the fucking continued at a frenzied pace. Finally they both screamed as they came at the same time.

Neither said anything and Mrs. Green felt totally ashamed of herself again. She made excuses that she had to get back to work and they left the residence separately.

Now that she was about to face Bobby she hoped that he wouldn’t ask her what she had been doing this afternoon. The memory of her afternoon’s activities left her pussy wet again and she feared that he could smell the sexual fragrance that was coming from her pussy.

Upon entering the kitchen she was pleasantly surprised to smell the aroma of dinner but before she could say anything she noticed the front of Bobby’s pants. “My god!”she thought, “My son’s got an erection! He must have been looking up my skirt when I reached back into the car. How will I explain my lack of panties if he asks?”

Fortunately, Bobby pretended that nothing was amiss and proceded to tell his mother about moving into the dorm. This news completely unnerved her and she asked that he reconsider. Over dinner they discussed the pros and cons but steered clear of the real reason that he felt the need to leave. The sexual tension in the air caused discomfort for both of them. Each caught the other ogling while they cleared the table and did the dishes together. When finished, Mrs. Green suggested that they watch a movie together. When he agreed, she told him to get a video ready while she went up to change.

Bobby responded too quickly when he told her that she looked fine and not to change on his account. As soon as he had said it, they both remembered that she was not wearing undies and both blushed. Now she didn’t know what to do.

Before she could make up her mind Bobby grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room. Leaving her on the couch he crossed over to where the video collection was and picked out his mother’s favourite movie Love Story. She almost cried right then because she knew that Bobby preferred action movies. The motherly pride she felt at the considerateness of her son warmed her heart and she fought the urge to leap up to hug him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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