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On this site, many people get upset with all of the long penises and the huge breasts. It sometimes seems that nobody is average sized, let alone smaller than average. With this in mind, I hesitated to write about my own experiences fully, because, you see, I do have a large penis. Not to brag, that is just the way it is. So, with apologies, I will share with you the best sexual experience I have had, with apologies for having to feature my large penis. Let us start with some background.

My penis was always large. In high school it was over 5 inches long soft, just hanging around. It was the largest soft dick I had seen. But it wasn’t just the length. It was also quite large around. It was the thickest that I had seen, also. And when erect the damn thing became even thicker. The circumference made it seem even bigger. It gave it an almost surreal appearance. That was great advertising, as guys would see it in the locker room or gym class and discuss it afterwards. Sometimes they would tell girls about it. And once a few girls saw it there was no stopping the talk. This led to extra dates for me, especially dates with girls interested in sex, as the word got around.

When erect my dick was very fat and well in excess of 8 inches long. Excess is a good word, for no-one really needs a dick that long. It’s like a girl with DD breasts. It’s a good conversation point, and nice to play with, but totally unnecessary. I can’t really compare my erect size with others, because I have little knowledge of erections other than my own.

But this story takes place when I was 26. In fact, I had been in a bad marriage for nearly 2 years. It had been a mistake that we realized early on, but hung in there in an effort to make it work. When we broke up I was left with a nice little house and little else. My little sister, Becky, was only 23. She had the family home, a nice house complete with swimming pool, as our parents had retired and moved south.

I got some use out of the pool as well. I would usually come over 2 or 3 times a week to use the pool. I had been an athlete in school. Not a star, but not bad. Mostly I had gotten a good body out of it. Lifting weights, running, and swimming in the family pool was most of my exercise, as it had been in school. I had nice biceps, a hard chest and abs, and a trim physique that I didn’t want to lose. I was tall, good looking, and had wavy black hair, all helping to attract women. My big dick didn’t help too much as an adult, as the ladies didn’t know about it until we started getting intimate.

The day of my greatest sexual glory started off quite ordinarily. It was a Saturday, and as usual I went out “home” to work out in the pool. On this day my sister wasn’t going to be there, as she and some friends had a big shopping trip planned. On days when I was going to be alone I wore loose, flimsy bathing trunks with no support. It was a relief to let my dick hang free and float freely in the pool, but it could be a little revealing if other people were around.

I did my warm ups and, after a rigorous workout in the pool, my cool down. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to have a couple drinks and relax in the sun on a lounge chair. It was then that I was invaded by my sister and three of her friends. They came banging and giggling through the back gate. I was more surprised to see them than they to see me.

They all giggled hello.

“Hi,” I answered. “You’re home early.” It was a statement, not a question. I didn’t expect them to be home for hours, long after I was gone.

Becky answered. “We found a big sale on swim suits, and It is such a beautiful day we decided to cut our shopping short and spend our time here.”

While I talked to Becky, the other girls had slipped inside and changed quickly into their suits. Each was fairly small and showed off their bodies well. I felt a stirring in my loins as they walked out. I was suddenly reminded of how long it had been since I had last had sex.

Jenna was the sexiest, most outgoing, with the largest breasts. She liked showing them off, with her long blond hair reaching down to the gentle slope of her chest. Kathy’s breasts were almost as big, but she had a smaller waist that accented her hips nicely. She and Molly both had brown beşiktaş masöz escort hair, cut fairly short, with Molly’s breasts being the smallest of the group. But they were still pert, very shapely and attractive. All of the suits seemed to reveal nearly as much skin as was legal.

I looked at my sister. “It looks like they picked out some very sexy items.”

“Control yourself, boy,” Becky smiled. “Especially when you see mine.” Becky had brown hair as well, but nearly as long as Jenna’s. She had great breasts with large areolas and big nipples. I had seen them on a few occasions. Hey, she was my sister, but she was still a girl, and I had always been interested in girls.

As the girls took a place around the pool, we started talking and Becky left to change. It was exhilarating to be suddenly surrounded by these scantily clad beauties. My sister was a babe, and her friends were just as hot!

When Becky returned her suit lived up to expectations. It might have been the sexiest of the bunch. But since she was my sister I gave my attention to the others. They noticed, too. Fortunately they were complimented by the fact that I couldn’t keep my eyes off their bodies. Well, it was why they bought the suits, wasn’t it?

I was being careful to make sure that my dick didn’t find its way out of my loose suit. I could feel it twitch if I concentrated on the girls very long, and I didn’t want to put on a free unintentional show. I also heard a couple comments about my dick or my package that they didn’t think I heard. These were not Becky’s high school friends. How did they know? Did Becky have a big mouth? Probably.

After many personal and suggestive comments – we were all sex-crazed twenty somethings, after all – I started worrying that I was getting too turned on. I thought it was about time for a dip in the pool to cool me off before I got an erection. Pulling my suit down to make sure I was covered, I crept over to the pool and slipped in.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my wet shorts would cling to me when I got out of the pool. I wasn’t showing, but the outline of my penis left little to the imagination. That really started the comments.

“Wow, your dick really is as big as I was told,” said Molly.

That was typical of the conversation from then on. It sort of opened up the flood gates. Everyone seemed to be allowed to comment on my dick, and they gathered around closer to my lounge chair. I believe Molly was the first to touch me, placing her hand lightly on my knee.

“Careful, Molly,” said Kathy. “You might give him an erection!”

Molly and Kathy laughed, but Jenna pulled up closer on my other side, placing her hand above my other knee. “Oh, yeah, let’s do that,” Jenna said. “I would love to see that thing.”

Molly moved her hand up just above my knee as far as Jenna’s was, but Jenna’s hand slid up my leg towards my shorts. Just her fingertips went up and down the inside of my thigh, giving me chills while she smiled evilly at me.

“Come on,” Jenna purred. “Show us what it’s like.”

I looked back at her, took a deep breath, and tried to think what I should do. My thoughts were pretty muddled when I heard my sister scream.

“Oh, my God!” shouted Becky. “Look!”

She was standing at the foot of my lounge and was pointing at my shorts, where the head of my dick was just peeking out of the bottom. It had started hardening and growing and peaked out at the girls. Of course they were all looking. They pointed, shrieked, and laughed. With all of the commotion I lost my beginning erection, and it went back into my shorts.

“Where did it go?” asked Molly.

“Here it is!” said Jenna, who had lifted up the bottom of my pant leg. Everyone giggled again at Jenna’s actions.

“Girls, I think it’s time to unveil him!” said Kathy.

Kathy playfully pulled at the waistband of my shorts. She pulled them down just a little, my pubic hair not yet showing. For a moment I thought it was all just a tease, but then Jenna joined in pulling them down and suddenly the base of my dick was fully exposed to the girls. Gasps all around, then giggling, then several comments urging them down further. Kathy and Molly complied, pulling beşiktaş otele gelen escort my shorts further down, forcing them from underneath my ass, and exposing my entire penis to them all. Someone yanked them off my feet as I felt a hand on my penis. It pressed on it, then wrapped around it. It was Jenna, who was enthralled at looking at it and her hand as it began tracing up the shaft. Kathy’s fingers rubbed over the head of my dick, then also ran down the length. Their fingers were feeling all over my penis and driving me wild.

“Holy shit, what are you doing?” asked Becky. She and Molly were standing there watching with interest. I understood why my sister wasn’t touching me, but I didn’t know about Molly. And I didn’t have much ability to think about it.

Jenna had dropped her top to show off her beautiful heavy breasts. She leaned in, rubbing her breasts on my penis, rubbing its head into her soft tit flesh, and pushed her rigid nipple into my pee hole. She leaned a little closer, then placed her lips on the tip of my dick. They stretched over the head, her jaw seemingly as wide as it could get. Then I felt her tongue on the tip, licking it and pushing into my pee hole as well. With her hand, and Kathy’s, still gripping and rubbing my shaft, I was nearly out of my mind with pleasure.

Jenna took my dick out of her mouth, gasping for air. “Damn, that is the biggest fucking dick I ever saw!”

“I think we all knew that,” Molly said.

“Yeah, but in my mouth I really got an idea of just how huge it is,” she replied. “It feels even bigger than it looks.”

That brought a couple of gasps.

Jenna continued. “Shit, I can’t imagine how that thing would feel in my pussy.”

More mutterings from the girls, until Molly yelled, “Jenna! What are you doing?”

Jenna had yanked her thong down and off one leg, and straddled my lounge chair. She brought her naked pussy down towards my dick. It was still gripped in her hand, and she guided it toward her slit. Everyone, including me, just stared at her as she placed the head of my dick at her pussy hole and pushed.

“Shit,” she said. “It’s so fucking big.”

“Jenna!” my sister yelled. “Stop!”

Jenna paid no attention to her. She pulled my dick along her slit, getting it wetter. Her pussy was wet, and soon my dick was soaked as well. She placed the head back at her hole and lowered herself onto it again.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. She kept moaning as she lowered herself, raised up, then lowered herself again. Slowly she sank her body onto my shaft until most of it had disappeared up inside of her. Her heavy breasts swayed gently with each movement.

“My God,” she said. “Ohhh, I am sooo full.”

She held me still inside her as her pussy muscles rippled over my shaft. She raised and lowered herself slowly while her head rolled back, her mouth open breathing hard, and suddenly she shuddered in a climax I felt on my shaft. So much so that I gave in and shot my load deep into Jenna.

She held perfectly still as her orgasm subsided. My cock began deflating a bit and Jenna actually sank a little further down, my shaft going deeper into her. She moaned again and snapped out of her trance, regaining control of her body.

“My God,” she mumbled again, several times, as she held herself up and began raising off my penis. “Kathy, you have to do that. Wow.”

As Kathy started moving, Molly stepped in front of her, cutting her off. Molly had somehow already removed her thong and raised her leg over me to straddle my lap. She reached down to grip my cum covered shaft. It had not deflated too much, still mostly erect. I could see her pussy was also wet. I wondered if she had cum while I was fucking Jenna. I mean, while Jenna was fucking me. She held my dick at her pussy hole and lowered herself onto it. It went in easier than i had Jenna.

Molly still moaned as she impaled herself on my cock. Moaning nonstop, she forced herself down onto my shaft, soon back at full hardness, raising up a little then forcing herself down again. She was now nearly yelling. It didn’t take her long before she began cumming in torrents, truly yelling out her enjoyment.

Kathy moved over, standing beside beşiktaş rus escort me, pushing at Molly to get her off me faster. She was completely nude, playing with herself, pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. As soon as she could, she got on top of me and shoved my cock into her cunt. Her pussy was completely bare, and dripping wet. She was looser than the other two girls, though my cock still had to force its way up inside of her, slowly making its way up her channel. Kathy bent over, nearly laying on me, moving her hips up and down on my shaft. Her tits were laying on my chest, moving around, jiggling, her nipples sometimes rubbing mine. I grabbed her hips to help keep her balance, and started driving up into her. She was the first one that I felt I could actually help fuck.

As she raised up a bit, her tits came off my chest. I managed to crane my neck enough to get one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it, biting it, causing her very pleasurable pain. She raised upright and drove her hips down onto mine. My cock was driven all the way into her, the first girl to take it all the way, and she was driven into ecstasy, screaming into the air as she orgasmed. She rolled off me slowly, collapsing onto the ground beside the chair.

With my first orgasm and the interruptions, I had held off a secondr orgasm, and now was sorry I had. I laid there on the lounge chair with my dick sticking straight up, dripping cum, and throbbing. Is it possible for it to be red and purple at the same time? I wanted to grab it and jack off, then thought maybe I should go inside to do it.

Before I could get up I heard Jenna say, “What are you waiting for?”

I looked at her to see what she wanted me to do, but she wasn’t talking to me.

“Yeah, Becky,” said Molly. “Go for it.”

“You have to feel that,” encouraged Kathy.

Becky just looked at them. She was hot, sweaty, like watching all of the action had raised her blood pressure to dangerous levels. “He’s my brother,” she informed them.

“Who gives a shit?” Jenna asked. “You have to feel that mother inside you.”

Kathy looked at her, “Who cares if you’re related. That is an experience you have to have.”

I noticed Becky was also bottomless, and was playing with her pussy as they spoke. I didn’t even think of her being my sister. Our eyes met, and I said, “I need to cum.”

Instead of arguing or offering alternatives, Becky leaped at me and spread her legs over me. Her hand guided my cock to her sopping wet pussy and pushed inside. She yelled in pain as she shoved herself down onto it. She lifted up an inch and drove a few more inches, yelling in pain again. When she was nearly impaled on the entire length, she quit trying to go further and just pumped herself quickly on my shaft. We drove into each other for a while, both of us overwhelmed with everything that had gone on. Soon I was overcome with the assault and was glad to feel my balls start to boil. The cum shot out of my cock and into my sister, my hips rising up with my orgasm. It seemed to set her off as Becky let loose with her own, yelling more in relief than anything else.

Coming to, Becky rolled off me and was soon curled up off to the side, overcome with embarrassment and regret. I was relieved to have my orgasm over and to be done fucking, as my cock was very sore. The other girls were beginning to stir. They held hands and gathered close to me. Their hands stroked my body. They played a little with my dick, but it was mostly just touching me anywhere in a show of appreciation and solidarity. Becky was brought into the circle, and she started feeling better when no-one mentioned our relationship, just all sharing the experience as equals.

“We have to do this again,” Jenna said.

“Now?” I asked, scared that my cock would start bleeding if I used it any more.

“Hell, no,” she said. “My pussy couldn’t stand it. But next Saturday, right here, we do it again.”

Everyone quickly agreed, enthusiastically. Everyone but Becky. I had a feeling I would not be fucking her again, and I was glad. That would just be weird. As it happened, it had just seemed like sex, a continuation of sex with almost unknown cunts. But if we did it again, it would seem more like fucking my sister because it would be planned. I didn’t really want that, and neither did she.

We did meet the next weekend, but somehow the group session did not materialize. I did fuck Jenna, but it was inside, in private. I fucked Molly and Kathy again as well, but not that day, and, again, in private. A day like that day had been only comes around once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32