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Big Tits

I didn’t see Chrissie for a couple of weeks after our weekend at the beach, but I sure thought about her a lot. Then one day I answered the phone, and it was Chrissie. My heart leaped. ‘Hi gorgeous,’ I said. ‘Hi yourself, handsome,’ she replied.

Chrissie had called to invite me to a party at one of her friends’ house the next Saturday evening. ‘I promised to set you up with one of my friends,’ she said. ‘I chickened out telling them about us, in case they told my boyfriend, but I told them about you. I said that I had seen you naked accidentally. When I described you to them they were very impressed.’

I was excited about the party. Sure, I wanted to meet some of Chrissie’s hot girlfriends, but I wanted to see Chrissie again as well. I knew that her boyfriend would be there, but it would be great just to see her again.

At the party I met Chrissie’s friends. They weren’t the types that I normally hang out with, but some of the girls seemed friendly enough. I guess that Chrissie must have given me a good rap. One girl in particular seemed eager to get to know me better. Her name was Madison, but everyone called her Maddie. She was easy to talk to and we hit it off pretty well.

Of course I was introduced to Chrissie’s boyfriend, Josh. I took an instant dislike to him. He was solidly built, obviously athletic, and talked about himself a lot. He certainly didn’t seem to make much of an effort with Chrissie, but sınırsız escort she hung out with him and I couldn’t get to talk to her at all. I watched Josh while we were all dancing, and every chance he got he would check out the other girls, and chat them up if Chrissie wasn’t there. ‘This guy’s an asshole,’ I thought. ‘What does Chrissie see in him? She deserves someone much better than him.’

Soon Maddie had dragged me into a corner and stuck her tongue down my throat. I kissed back of course but it wasn’t the came as it had been with Chrissie. Then she grabbed my cock through my pants and gasped ‘Wow! It sure is big!’

Just then Chrissie came and told us that she and Josh were going back to her house to get into the spa. I knew that Josh had been away and that this was the first time that Chrissie had seen him since our weekend at the beach. She asked if Maddie and I wanted to go with them and we said yes.

At Chrissie’s house none of us had any swimmers so we all stripped off and jumped into the spa naked. Maddie had a pretty hot little body, but seeing Chrissie naked once again gave me an instant erection. Chrissie and Josh started making out, and so did Maddie and I. Pretty soon Chrissie and Josh got out, dried themselves, and went into the house.

Maddie turned to me. ‘I thought they’d never leave,’ she said. She kissed me again, and then said ‘Wanna fuck me?’

I taksim escort wasn’t sure where we could go. I didn’t want to go into any of the bedrooms in the house, so I decided that we would have to do it outside. There was a secluded area in some bushes away from the lights. I picked up a couple of pool mattresses and put them on the ground there.

As soon as the mattresses were ready, Maddie pulled me down onto them. She sure was a hot little item. But as soon as we started fucking all I could think about was Chrissie. And thinking about her made me come after just a couple of minutes.

Maddie was pretty annoyed, as she hadn’t even come. She wriggled out from under me, and silently put her clothes back on. I did the same. Just as we finished dressing, we heard shouting from the house. We went inside and Josh and Chrissie were yelling at each other.

‘You little slut!’ shouted Josh. ‘I know that you were with someone while I was away.’

‘No I wasn’t!’ wailed Chrissie, but she didn’t sound very convincing.

‘I know you were!’ shouted Josh. ‘I could tell that you were thinking about him and not me while we were doing it. I’m getting out of here.’

‘Can you give me a ride?’ asked Maddie.

‘Sure, why not?’ said Josh, and they both left.

Chrissie was crying, and I went over to her. She flung her arms around my neck and sobbed. ‘It’s all right,’ I said.

‘Oh tesettürlü escort Tim,’ she said. ‘The trouble is that he’s right. All the time that we were doing it I was thinking about you.’

‘Well if it helps at all,’ I said, ‘while Maddie and I were doing it I was thinking about you.’

‘Really?’ Chrissie sniffled.

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘In fact you are all I’ve been able to think about since we first made love.’

Chrissie threw herself against be. Her mouth found mine and our tongues worked together furiously. She rubbed her body against me and my cock sprang to attention. I had to have her right then and right there. Without thinking about anything, I threw some cushions down and took her on the lounge room floor. It was the most powerful orgasm that I have ever had.

For a few minutes we lay on the floor exhausted. Then Chrissie got up and pulled me to my feet. Silently she led me to her room. She threw a clean sheet on the bed and pulled me down into it. For the next hour we made long, slow love. We both had several climaxes.

We weren’t sure what time Chrissie’s parents would be home, so we tidied the house up and I left.

We managed to see each other a few times during the next couple of months, but it was difficult to do this and not make our parents suspect anything. Then we went away to college. Luckily we had both enrolled at the same school. Of course we didn’t tell any of our new friends that we were cousins. As far as they knew, we were just boyfriend and girlfriend.

Our parents were happy that we were both attending the same college. ‘You’ll be able to keep each other out of trouble,’ they had said. Well, they were right, but not in the way that they had expected!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32