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Michael and I waited for the next opportunity to make love with ever growing excitement. Mum and Dad had said that they were going to play cards at least once a week, and we assumed that we would have the house to ourselves the next Saturday. Imagine our disappointment when Dad told us that their friends had a family engagement and couldn’t play! Michael and I tried hard to persuade Mum and Dad to go out for the evening, perhaps to the cinema, or the theatre, but try as we might they stubbornly refused to oblige. I regret to say that when Saturday arrived, the pair of us behaved very badly. We were sullen and uncooperative, and made life hell for our poor parents who obviously had no idea what was wrong with us.

Later in the afternoon Michael and I went out to sit in the garden and chat.

“Well,” Michael said, “that’s that! Looks like we aren’t going to be alone tonight.”

“No,” I agreed, “and I was so looking forward to it. I feel a bit guilty about the way we have been – it’s not as if it’s their fault, is it?”

“I wish we were old enough to get a hotel room or something.” Michael mused.

“Are you very randy?” I asked.

“You bet! After last weekend I’ve been thinking of nothing else. Look…”

I glanced at Michael’s crotch, and the outline of a sizeable semi-erection was clear to see. We discussed all sorts of implausible plans for being alone together, but after a while we gave up and resolved to sit it out and wait for the following week when, please God, our parents would resume their card game.

We went back into the house, and tried to make it up to Mum and Dad. They appeared relieved at our change of mood and soon forgave us and even said that they would teach us to play cards, so the whole family sat round the table and had a go at bridge.

Michael and I were a bit hopeless at it so we switched to canasta which was much easier to understand, and Dad and I teamed up against Mum and Michael. It was actually great fun, and excellent therapy for taking our sex-crazed minds away from what we had intended to do!

Later that night after we had all gone to bed and I was just drifting off to sleep, Michael came into my room. He sat on my bed and I turned on the light. It was difficult not to notice the prominent bulge in his pyjamas!

“I can’t sleep, Jen, I keep thinking about last week.”

“We can’t do anything now, Michael, it’s too risky. I don’t think they are asleep yet, just imagine if they caught us.”

“I know, Jen, but look.” He pointed at his groin, “It’s starting to ache!”

“How long has it been like that?” I asked.

“About an hour.”

“Well you could have done something yourself.”

“I know Jen, but since we started… you know… doing it, I don’t want to do it to myself. It doesn’t seem right.”

“That’s sweet,” I said, “but a bit silly. There’s nothing wrong in it – I do it.”

Michael’s eyes opened wide. “What? You do it?”

“Of course,” I said, “girls do it as well you know.”

“Well, I know, but I never thought you did it – not my own sister…”

I laughed and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.

“After all the things we’ve done, and you are shocked that I, err… rub my bean?”

“Is that how you do it?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Don’t you, sort of, put your fingers inside or anything?”

I shook my head. “No, I just rub it. I prefer you to… umm… put things inside me.”

“God, Jen, this is making it even worse!”

The front of Michael’s pyjamas now resembled the big top tent at the circus which we had been to in the summer, and there was a wet patch spreading in the material where it was stretched taut over the rounded knob – he was obviously leaking prodigiously.

“Michael, you had better go back to your room. You can’t hide that – if they come in here how will we explain it? Let’s wait a bit until we know they are asleep, then maybe we can do something.”

Michael reluctantly agreed and tiptoed back to his room. I lay in bed, thinking about the things that we had done in the past while our parents had been asleep. We had been so reckless! There had been several occasions when if they had come into our rooms it would have been impossible to cover up what we had been doing. I remembered the time after the holiday when Michael had ejaculated all over my body while I held my hand over my stomach – he had moved to and fro in my fist as if he was making love to me, and I had ended up drenched with sperm. How could we have been so foolish? I turned off my light and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with Michael gently shaking my shoulder.

“What time is it?” I groaned.

“Three o’clock.”

I turned my bedside light on.

“Have you slept at all?” I asked.

“Not a wink. Did you?”

“You know I did – you just woke me up!”

“I’m sorry, Jen. I’ll go back to my room if you want.”

Poor Michael – he must have been really desperate.

“No, it’s OK, stay.”

Michael sat on the bed and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“I’m sorry, Jen, it’s just that I, I think I just love you so much, trabzon escort I want to be with you. I can’t possibly sleep.”

I pulled back the duvet and Michael snuggled into bed with me. We held each other close and kissed, and I felt the familiar insistent prodding of his penis against my stomach. I giggled.

“It feels like that’s still pretty hard!”

“God, Jen, it’s been like that all night. My balls ache!”

I reached down and slipped my hand into the fly of his pyjama bottoms, wrapping my fingers around the shaft. He was so rigid! And so big! Each time we made love he seemed to have grown larger – my fingers only just encircled the shaft. I moved my hand up to the head. The knob of his penis was swollen so hard it felt like a round India rubber ball, and yet the skin was silky smooth and deliciously sensual to touch. Michael moaned and lay back on the bed as I gently caressed him. His hand slipped under my top and over my breasts. My nipples instantly puckered up in response and Michael started to undo my buttons. I pushed his hand away.

“Michael, we have to be careful. We’ve taken far too many risks. We should never do this – we mustn’t take chances, think of what would happen if we were caught.”

He looked into my eyes and kissed me.

“I know, Jen.”

I saw Michael’s eyes suddenly glisten with tears, and I knew that it wasn’t just hormonal lust that was driving him but that he really did love me.

“Michael, just this once then, but then promise me that we won’t do anything when they are in the house – ever again?”

“I promise, Jen.”

I made Michael get out of my bed. “Kneel by the bed, Michael.”

I pulled the duvet back over myself so that I was covered up and positioned Michael so that he knelt by my bed with his back to the door and his penis sticking out of the front of his pyjamas with a truly fierce erection. I figured that if anyone did come into the room he would have a chance to hide it if he kept his back to them. I lay with my cheek on my pillow, put an arm around his buttocks and pulled him towards me. The sight of his hard cock inches from my face was intensely erotic. It was a deep angry red, and the tortuous veins on the shaft were bulging alarmingly and seemed about ready to burst. I caught a whiff of his musky odour as he came closer and I felt moisture seeping between my legs. The tip of his penis was wet with his juices as I kissed it and the slippery liquid coated my lips. I yearned to go slowly and savour the sensuality of what I was doing but I knew that I had to make things go faster. I opened my mouth and gently took the hard knob between my lips. Michael moaned and I felt him tremble as I slithered my tongue over the head; I savoured the saltiness of him and then I started to suck.

“Jen, what about you, what can I do?”

I slipped my mouth off him. “Nothing Michael, I’m OK. I want to do this for you.”

I took him in my mouth again; Michael groaned and put a hand at the back of my head as I set to work on him in earnest. I held him tightly between my lips and let my tongue do the things I knew he loved: swirling over and around the head, flicking rapidly against the taut bowstring beneath the glans, exploring with the point of my tongue into the weeping slit. I felt Michael starting to move his hips in a steady rhythm, I softened my lips and let him thrust; let him make urgent love to my mouth. I sucked each time he withdrew and relaxed my lips as he pushed forward. The smell of him, the taste, and the feel of his sleek cockskin gliding between my lips was intoxicating.

I stopped him moving and took my mouth away.

“Michael, pretend you are inside me, with no condom on, imagine what that would feel like…”

I took him in my mouth again. My suggestion had been designed to spur him on to a quick orgasm, but I found that it also turned me on, and I closed my eyes and moaned as his cock moved ever faster in my mouth. I imagined lying on my back, totally naked, with my legs spread wide, and Michael was crouching over me, lowering himself, the bulging knob finding my opening, parting my lips, entering me, stretching me, filling me; thrusting deep into me the way it was now thrusting into my eager mouth. I felt a rush of moisture between my legs and I slipped a hand down under the duvet, under the elastic of my pyjamas, and my fingers dipped between my lips – I was unbelievably wet! I had made little attempt to disguise my actions and Michael noticed what I was doing.

“Jen, are you…?”

I moaned “Mmmmm” in confirmation, and took my hand from between my legs and lifted my fingers up to his face, under his nose so he could smell my scent, and touched my wet fingers to his lips. His lips parted and I slipped my fingertips into his mouth. Michael responded by sucking the juices from them and I felt his cock throb and swell even harder in my mouth.

“Oh God, Jen, oh, yes…!”

I felt Michael’s urgent thrusting falter and his hand behind my head moved to grip my shoulder. I knew that he was close and put a hand into his pyjamas, gently cupping his balls. trabzon escort bayan Michael gasped and stopped thrusting – I softly kneaded the heavy ballbag as it lay in my palm, moving his balls this way and that inside the sac, ever so gently pulling downwards on them which I knew drove him crazy, while all the while my mouth sucked firmly and rhythmically on the head, drawing on him, coaxing him to come. His thighs shook uncontrollably and his grip on my shoulder tightened to the point of pain; I could sense he was desperately trying not to cry out and then the first spurt erupted, shooting a warm flood to the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly, and then tightened my lips around him, sucking hard on his cockhead, sucking in time with each successive spurt. My mouth filled with thick liquid as Michael emptied himself of his pent up sperm. The prolonged erection he had sustained for hours had built up a copious amount and I had to swallow twice more. My fantasy of Michael making love to me without a condom returned and I imagined him ejaculating deep inside me, the head of his cock pulsing as it flooded my depths with his rich, creamy liquid. I vowed that I would make that happen before too long…

The spurts dwindled and I lovingly held him in my mouth until I could feel that his orgasm was over, and he had stopped shaking. Then I slipped my mouth off him, swallowed once more and smiled up at him.

“Wow, Michael, you came so much! That was amazing.”

“Oh, Jen, it was unbelievable, I thought I was going to pass out!”

Michael bent forward and kissed me softly and I slid the tip of my tongue between his lips so he could taste a little of what I had enjoyed. His tongue met mine and then slipped into my mouth. My dear brother was getting bolder; he would have shied away from that before but now he seemed to enjoy kissing me when I tasted of his sperm.

I knew that kissing him would lead to more naughty goings on – his cock was still hard and he could easily have carried on all night. But I gave him a playful squeeze and made him tuck the unruly member back in his pyjamas.

“Jen, don’t you want to… do you want to come?”

I would have loved to come, indeed, I was burning with desire but I decided that we had already taken too many chances.

“It’s OK, Michael. It would be lovely, but I think you should get back to your room.”

Michael kissed me again and left. I turned off my light and tried to sleep but I was too fired up. I pulled my pyjama bottoms off and spread my legs under the duvet and touched myself. My lips were swollen and wet, and my ‘bean’ was exquisitely sensitive. My other hand fondled each of my nipples in turn as I rapidly flicked my fingertip over my bean. I could still taste Michael in my mouth – I closed my eyes and imagined him inside me again, and in a very short time I started to come, my hips jerking in spasms just as Michael’s had done…

Monday arrived, and after school I dropped by the family doctor’s surgery. Dr Stokes had been our doctor for years, and had looked after all of our ailments. He was a kind and thoughtful man, and I looked on him almost as an uncle. Fortunately he had a slack afternoon and I got to see him without having to make an appointment. I was very nervous as I went into his room.

“Hello, Jennifer, what can I do for you today?” he asked.

I summoned up all my courage.

“I want to ask about, about… going on the pill.”

Dr Stokes didn’t bat an eyelid.

“And why is that? Are your periods giving you trouble?”

“No, Doctor, it’s… well, I err…”

He decided to help me out.

“Are you telling me that you are sexually active, Jennifer?”

I nodded in silent confirmation.

“How long has this been going on?” he asked.

“Well, quite some time. Actually no, just a few weeks since I started to…” I dried up again.

Dr Stokes was good at reading between the lines.

“I think from what you are saying you have been experimenting for some time, but you have just recently started to have full sex. Is this correct?”

Again I nodded.

“And have you used any protection?”

“Yes, Doctor – condoms.”

Doctor Stokes paused and then launched into a very detailed account of the various merits and disadvantages of certain types of contraception. Only after he was sure that I understood the facts did he start to discuss the problems of having sex at my tender age. He was very reassuring and certainly didn’t seem as though he disapproved. I told him that it was with a boy at school and Doctor Stokes asked if I had told my parents.

“No, I don’t think they would understand.”

“I think you may be wrong there, Jennifer. I think they might be very concerned, but they would support you. I advise you to tell them.”

How could I tell the Doctor that it was impossible to tell my parents because it was my own brother that I was sleeping with?

“I’d rather not, Doctor.”

He looked at me and smiled. “I don’t suppose if I advised you to stop having sex you would listen, would you?”

I shook escort trabzon my head.

“I didn’t think so. Well, Jennifer, I will prescribe the pill for you, and obviously I will keep this confidential. I won’t tell your parents about it, but I urge you to discuss it with them before too long. When you had sex, were there any difficulties? Did you have much pain?”

I told him that there had been no pain at all.

“That is often the case. Would you like an examination to make sure that everything down there is as it should be?”

I was taken completely by surprise by that.

“I don’t know, I… do I need to?”

“It’s probably advisable. I can get a nurse to assist if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

I decided to go ahead and Doctor Stokes told me to get undressed and put on a gown and lie on the couch.

As I stripped off he went out and got a nurse to accompany him. I know I must have been blushing furiously as I spread my legs and submitted to his examination. The nurse held my hand as he inserted a gloved finger into me, and then he put a speculum in and shone a torch around. I was very curious what the view up in there would be! Then he took a swab test, and withdrew the speculum.

“I think you should have a breast examination as well, Jennifer.”

He got me to stand and stood by my side, undid the fastening of the gown at the back and slipped his hand in and began to feel my right breast, pushing it about on my chest.

“You need to do this yourself, Jennifer, quite regularly.”

He then moved to the other breast. The gown at my back was wide open, and he must have had a good view of my bare bottom. I wondered if he was at all turned on by what he was doing. Was his penis getting hard in his pants? I was sure that most men would have been very aroused by a half naked young girl standing in front of them, and he was also feeling my breasts, and had put his finger in me. Surely he would be affected? I don’t want to sound big headed, but I knew I was attractive. My body was slim but I was developing nicely rounded curves, and although I was no Kylie Minogue, my bottom was very pert and firm. My breasts were growing larger, and were, as Michael told me, a nice handful. They had no trace of sag, but jutted out proudly from my chest without any need for a bra. Then to my horror I felt my nipples starting to harden. Oh God, why had I started to think about sex? Doctor Stokes’ hand touched my left nipple and I knew he could feel the stiffening bud. The surgery was very warm and he would surely know it wasn’t the temperature that had caused my nipples to become so erect. I felt myself blushing. He gave no indication that he had noticed anything and finished the examination. He motioned me behind the screen and told me to get dressed, while he sat at his desk and wrote on my notes. The nurse left the room when I was dressed and Dr Stokes motioned me to sit down next to his desk. I couldn’t help but glance at his crotch – there was no sign of an erection. I was relieved, and then slightly annoyed. Maybe he didn’t find me attractive?

“Well, Jennifer, I am glad to say that you are in perfect health. I am prescribing the pill for you, and I am trusting you to use it responsibly.”

He then gave me a lecture on promiscuity and about the dangers of multiple partners and sexually transmitted diseases, but his words started to blur – all I could think about was that I would be on the pill and Michael and I could make love without condoms, as often and as freely as our circumstances permitted. When Dr Stokes finished talking I could have kissed him!

There was a pharmacy close to the surgery and I handed the prescription in. While I waited in line I was very nervous that someone I knew would see me and ask what I was there for, but fortunately it didn’t happen. I collected the pills and almost ran home to tell Michael the good news.

When I got home I remembered that Michael was playing sport after school so I could not tell him immediately of the latest developments. I had homework to do, so I sat at my desk trying to concentrate on some maths. It was hopeless, and I kept thinking about the pills. I was supposed to take one each morning, and I had been told that they would not be effective for at least a week, and that ideally I should take them for two weeks before having sex without a condom. I decided that Michael and I should wait until two weeks had passed, and then if we had the house to ourselves we would make love. I also puzzled over my feelings during the examination with Doctor Stokes. I had surprised myself by getting aroused while he gave me the breast examination. The only person who had ever really turned me on had been Michael, but now I had started to think about sex while in the company of a man old enough to be my father! Did this mean I was promiscuous? I thought about the future for Michael and me. We could never get married, nor have children together, and I felt an awful pang inside me when I realised that probably both of us would end up having relationships with other people. I wanted to have children at some stage in my life, and that would mean that I would have to marry someone – but how could I do that when I was so in love with Michael? And how could I bear it if Michael married someone? I ended up in tears when I realised that Michael and I were inevitably going to have to end our relationship and move on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32