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Living in a small town, it is inevitable to hear rumors about some residents, but until a recent happenstance, I would never have been any the wiser.

For instance, lots of kids at school make fun of vicar Johnson, who is said to be spending much more time at the boys’ school than is needed. His wife, Tara, seems normal enough. Her and Mum are best friends, having grown up next door to each other, and marrying local boys as well.

There are also comments that my Mum is a little too “butchy” for everyone’s liking. To me, it is only because Mum is a big girl, from a big family. My Mum is 6′ 1″ and goes about 250 lbs, but she has enormously big boobs, just like her other two sisters. Mum’s brothers are 6’7″ and 6’9″, so just her genes dictate that she would look pretty masculine to begin with. Fortunately for me, at 19 years of age, I’m a pretty big boy myself – 6’2″ but I’ve kept myself trim at the gym – at a healthy weight of 190. It has definitely given me a lot of confidence around the girls.

That she married my Dad, Tim, who is barely 5’3″, didn’t help at all. He is fairly demure, because he is so easy to get along with. Not much bothers my father; he happily does as told. Mum and Dad walking together does look a bit strange, (since she towers over him), compared to so many other couples in town. I guess the one thing that Mum could do to change her image would be to let her hair grow out some.

The razor shave up one side, with a floppy cowlick at the front, does lend to the comments, but she still seems like a normal Mum, at least to me.

I had never found proof of any of the town rumors, until a few weeks ago, when I appeared at the wrong place at the right time.

Dad was on afternoon shift at the warehouse. Mom and Mrs. Johnson had just arrived, and were sat at our kitchen table, when I was leaving for a night school class, in the next town. Seeing the two chatting away, I noticed the similarities between Dad, and the vicar’s waifish wife, Tara. As they talked, Tara always behaved like a puppy, trying to please its owner. She was always fussing over Mum, just as Dad does, and Mum was more than happy to let her.

I bid goodbye to our neighbor friend, pecked a kiss on Mum’s cheek, and left for school. It was a good thing that I had planned to hit the library first, because when I arrived at the school, I realized that I had left my laptop on my desk in my bedroom. I had just enough time to drive back and get it, without being late for class.

I parked out front and bolted up the walk, opened the wooden front door, not bothering to close it behind me. I made no announcement as I raced up the stairs, two at a time, as I had no time to explain, if I were to get to class on time. Walking down the long hall, past my Mum’s room to get to mine, I heard some cooing noises from within.

I had expected that the women were still in the kitchen, socializing as they do most days, while their husbands tended to their own duties. The door was ajar, and I stopped at it, to find out who was making those sounds.

The gap in the door was just wide enough for me to get a full view if I leaned in close, peeking in with one eye. Mum had mostly her back to me, – a very naked one at that. Naked but for a series of straps around queenbet yeni giriş her backside.

The top, black leather strap was like a belt, the others wrapping around her broad, pale ass, like that of a jock strap. I had never seen Mum in anything less than a thin dressing gown that would show off her large, thick nipples and areolas. Mom was at the bedside, pushing her hips back and forth.

I noticed another form on the bed, the forty-something Sara, lying naked on her back, her thin legs dangling over Mum’s flabby arms. Her small boobs lay virtually flat against her chest; her black, raisin-like nipples fully erect. It was then that the sight of a flesh colored, rubber cock came into view between Tara and Mum’s bodies. It moved with each stroke of my Mum’s hips. A strap on, I decided. I was frozen in place, watching my mother penetrate the slender body of the vicar’s wife with a long rubber phallus.

Mum began saying dirty things to Tara, out loud, like, “This is where you get your real pleasure, isn’t it?” Tara would just nod and moan. “Your little puff won’t give you this, will he? His tiny dick only gets hard for the boys, or for you, but only after someone has already cum inside you.” Mum’s fat ass rippled each time her hips slammed into her tiny friend. Tara enjoyed the forceful plunges, sighing and moaning all the while.

“No, Ma’am, he doesn’t. He can’t please me like you do,” she replied, the last word stuttered as the rubber cock struck her cervix one more time. Tara moaned in between questions, and Mum was unrelenting. “I bet he’s got some wee cock in his mouth right now, doesn’t he?”

Tara groaned, and answered, “Ohh, yes, Ma’am. He’s a real tosser.” Tara took hold of both of her tiny breasts, massaging the small mounds and rolling her ebony nipples between thumb and forefinger. Her mouth hung open as her best friend fucked her with gusto.

My cock was hard in my slacks. Precum dribbled from the tip, smearing the waistband of my underwear. My cock soon rose to its fullest, the bulbous head now poking above the waistband, almost up to my belly. I dared not touch it, for fear of an immediate eruption.

Mum slowed and then stopped her movements. She stepped back from the bed, displaying the nearly eight inches of rubber as it flailed uselessly in the air. She took hold and slapped the head against Tara’s vulva, spanking her a few times with the latex toy. “I know what you really want,” Mum called out, climbing up the bed, riding along the diminutive body of Mrs. Johnson.

Mum wriggled forward until her hefty ass rested atop Tara’s chest, her piss flaps pushing into Tara’s chin, mouth and nose, smothering her with Mum’s sopping vulva. Mum used both hands to part her hairless labia wide so Tara could access Mum’s aroused clitoris, yet still find a way to breathe.

While the rubber cock lay drooping from Tara’s nose and well past the top of her forehead, Mum ordered, “That’s it. Lick Mummy’s cunt!” Mrs. Johnson hungrily lapped at the sodden flaps, from top to bottom, and pierced the vaginal opening to taste Mum’s sweet nectar.

Mum held the woman’s head firmly, guiding her to where it felt best. Mrs. Johnson lowered her hands again, to her own sex. Tara slurped up the copious fluids queenbet giriş from Mum’s horny cunt, while Tara’s fingers flicked in tiny circles along the head of her own clit.

Mum would erupt first, as her hips began to hump Mrs. Johnson’s mouth. Head back, mouth agape, and then uncontrollable contortions racked Mum’s body. “Ohhh, fuck!” she exclaimed, falling forward and to the side of Tara.

Tara continued to masturbate, with Mum encouraging her, breathing in heavy gasps. “That’s my good girl. Cum for Mummy,” she said softly, all the while toying with Tara’s hardened nipples.

Tara splayed her legs wide and then clamped them shut, wedging her fingers between her thighs to increase the pleasure.. She shuddered as a sexual current pulsed through her lithe body. Mum softened her play with Tara’s nipples, helping the woman to slowly descend from the height of her climax.

I decided that I needed to get out before either of them was to see me in the doorway. I padded down the hall to my room, grabbed the laptop, and tiptoed past Mum’s room again. I closed the large front door behind me as softly as was able, and quickly got to the car and drove away.

The whole class was a useless endeavor, as my thoughts were not on learning at all. It kept going to the sight of my horny mother and her submissive friend. The sights and sounds of their lesbian play kept me in a constant state of rigidity. When I arrived home, Dad had just come in from work, and we read Mom’s note on the kitchen table together. It read:



Dad went about emptying his lunch pail, while I found some cookies to munch on.

“Quiet night? How was school?” Dad asked.

Oh, if he only knew. “Pretty uneventful,” I offered. When I finished my snack, I bid Dad a goodnight and went up to bed. Now what was I to do? Tell Mum, or tell Mrs. Johnson about what I had witnessed? Regardless, I made sure to have a good wank before I fell asleep, images of their play making me cum much quicker than usual.

The next evening found Mum and I in front of the telly, Dad of course, was at work. I was trying to find a way to bring up the subject with Mum, and finally went with, “Good visit with Mrs. Johnson last night?”

Mum, unfazed, said, “Yes. Very good. How was your night class?”

“Well, uh, about that. I got there and realized that my laptop was still at home, in my bedroom. So, I came back to retrieve it.”

She remained cool as a cucumber. “Oh, I see.” Mum was not giving anything up.

I went on, “I assumed you and Mrs. Johnson were still in the kitchen so I went straight up to my room.”

Mum flicked the channel on the remote, and offered only, “And…”

“Well, Mum, I’m sorry, but I heard some noises from your room.”

Mum flicked off the telly and gave me her full attention. “It sounds as though I’ve raised a little pervert. Should I assume that you didn’t go straight to your room, then?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“And you helped yourself to a little peek, then? Maybe even a little wank?”

I nodded, “I did peek, Mum. No wanking though.”

She kind of shrugged, and said, “I guess it was just a matter of time. I’ve left my door ajar like that for a long queenbet güvenilirmi time.”

I was flabbergasted at her calmness. “You mean…”

“Well, you’re a grown man, now. Old enough to learn the ways of the world.”

“Mum, you’re not upset with me?”

“Oh, not at all. It is very natural for boys to be inquisitive about their mom and wonder about her sexually. I’m sure that you didn’t leave the door immediately, did you?” I felt my cock getting harder, hearing her speak so candidly.

“But, I had no idea that you and Mrs. Johnson were, em…” Mum cut me off right there.

“Enjoying each other’s body? Yes. And have done so, for many years. I guess we have been very careful up until now.”

I couldn’t help but to ask, “What about the vicar? Does he know?”

“Of course, Derek. It is his lot. It is why he will always be the vicar and will never be the bishop.”

I was intrigued, and sat up on the sofa to hear her explain more. Mom wasted no time in clarifying. “You see, Derek, monogamy is just a trope. Your father and I are monogamous. He works everyday and I have dinner ready for him. We take in a show, or have a few pints at the pub. We will live together quite happily, despite how many lovers that I may have.”

“So Dad has never taken lovers?”

“Yes,” she replied. “In his day, he did, but not very many. When you are one of the smallest men in your town, you don’t get a lot of invites. Just like, because you are big and strong, lots of girls have shown interest in you. No?”

“Yeah, sure. I guess.”

“Really, Derek? You are 19 already. How many girls have you shagged? How many have just wanted to see your dick – to suck on it – because of what the other girls in town have told them about how well endowed you are?”

“But Mum, how do you know…” Again she cut me off to answer the obvious.

“First, we live in a very small town, and word travels quickly. Second, anytime that you’ve brought a girlfriend around and she got you excited, it was simple to see for myself from the man sized tent in your trousers.”

I didn’t know how to respond. The shame I felt about having those thought of Mum evaporated when I realized that she thought just the same about her son.

“Derek,” Mum went on, “Your cock is as big as any of my brothers. It makes you an alpha. It is your lot in life. Women will want you to breed them, to give them strong children. Enjoy it. There is great power in having others want to please you, to lust after you.”

I was in awe of Mum’s lesson. Mum turned the telly back on and said one more thing before turning her attention to the screen. “I will introduce that hefty cock of yours to Mrs. Johnson, if you like. The vicar won’t mind. And I’m sure Tara would enjoy a good shagging from a young, virile boy like you.”

What was I to say? “Thanks, Mum?” That would be really weird to hear me say out loud. I needed to go upstairs and get some relief from all of this talk of sex and cheating. I just stayed quiet for a bit, letting all of that sink in, trying to look like I was interested in the show.

About five minutes later, I got up and walked to where Mom was sat. I kissed her forehead and said, “Thanks, Mum. That really helped. Mrs. Johnson surely liked what you put inside her.” I went upstairs and jerked myself into a wild orgasm, but as I went to sleep, Mum’s comments raised more questions than answers. And, yes, I did want to shag the vicar’s wife as well. I decided to leave that to Mum to take care of. She did not let me down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32