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Yes, my sister and I are doing it. We fuck each other. We do the most taboo thing out there. And we love doing it. We have no problem with it. And we are doing it for a long, long time. Here is the story how it all began. How our regular brother and sister relationship turned into a sexual one.

It all began around a decade ago. I was around 26, my sister around 29 years old. We both just dropped out of some long term relationships. We both somehow had a broken heart. And we both were done with the opposite gender for some time.

We both decided to take a dating break, and just live life as singles. But It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Without knowing, because we weren’t not exactly close to each other back then, we had to deal with the same problems: People our age were either in some time consuming long term relationships and doing couples stuff or were spending most of their free time to get into one. So either partners or dates were the priority for nearly all people each of us knew. So neither my sister, nor me really had people that had time to hang out, doing something like going to the movies, to a show or on a hike, just with friends, not a love interest. I think you get what I mean.

So one day I more or less ran into my sister on my way back home from work. Totally unplanned and not arranged. But possible, because there are only a few blocks between our apartments.

We just began to talk, and the conversation made click. So we decided to go for a drink together. And we kept on talking and listening for hours. In the end we came to the conclusion, that we had the same problems. And a solution for it would be, we two doing stuff together. We had time, and a romantic relationship between us two, well we are brother and sister. But time would proof us wrong on that last point. Boy, how wrong.

At first we just met up for a few yalova escort drinks once a week, then we did that and went to watch a show, a movie — surprisingly we had the same taste in music and movies — together. And yes, despite to our younger years, we got along pretty damn well. We just had a blast together. And somehow never went out of stuff to talk about.

After a few months we went for drinks, to the movies or a show, we met up for dinner a few times a week and we went out for hiking and exploration trips. We somehow manged to spend nearly all of our free time together. And yes, we really got close to each other. We really got to know each other. We became more than best friends. We even talked about our past sex life with each other. We shared everything. And we both were searching each others company as often as possible.

When I look back at it now, we just were a couple heavily into each other, just without fucking each others brains out. Everything else was there. And the urge to fuck her, somehow too. Just buried deep deep in my brain. But that should change pretty damn fast.

It was one Friday evening, we were having dinner at her place, practically my home too, because I was more often crashing on her sofa than I was sleeping in my own bed, we had dinner together. I cooked, she pored the drinks. We had a blast. A very nice evening.

And as always, we were talking about everything. This day it got sexual. Sis went in that direction. She did that on purpose. She just asked me about my sex life. And how I take care of my urges. And when I take care of my urges, because I spend nearly every free minute with her, my own sister. I just said I am doing fine. But she kept at it. Until I gave in. Until I told her that I am horny as fuck for the most time. Me admitting that put a smile on her face. Then she offered me to help me with my urges. yalova escort bayan Helping me to get rid of them, to make life more easier for me while still be able to spend as much time as possible with her, my beloved sister.

Again, I went in an embarrassed defensive position. I told her no need for it. I told her that it was wrong because we are brother and sister. She immediately went against my last argument. She tried to convince me that it was normal. That siblings are made to help each other with their urges. That it is completely normal. That many people she knows are doing it or did it in the past. But I still wasn’t convinced.

Then she really went in the offensive. She stood up and got rid of her dress. She was standing in front of me, wearing nothing put some panties. Yes I immediately popped hard wood when her rock hard nipples were pointing towards my face. A huge bulge all of a sudden showed up between my legs. I tried to cover it as good as I could, but sis took notice of it: “See, even your own dick is on my side. By the looks of it, he loves my boobs. So doing it with your sister must be the right thing to do.”

Well, I was out of arguments, so I decided to flee. But reasoning me just lost the fight. Horny me took over. And horny me wanted to fuck her. Fuck her over and over again. And horny me had no problem with her being my sister. That fact was nothing but a turn on for horny me.

I just grabbed her. Pulled her towards me. She just let out an encouraging moan while I did that. Then I began to kiss her. My hands exploring her body. Playing with her nipples, fingering the wet hot hole between her legs. She just let out a “Yes bro, that is the spot.” from time to time. In between moaning, and hormones going crazy.

My dick, rock solid. Probably harder than he ever was before. More than ready to penetrate my sisters hot pussy. escort yalova And penetration time it was. She moaned out a “Fuck me. Make me happy.”

I just bend her over the table I was sitting next to, pulled down her panties and shoved my dick up her pussy. Gentle in the beginning. Needless to say, it felt great. Her pussy wrapping herself around my pulsating dick. Then the first thrust. Followed by a second one. Her pussy getting even wetter while I was fucking her. Slow and gentle in the beginning. With more intense, more powerful, harder and deeper thrusts after some time. Moaning and the smell of sex were filling the room.

I had to focus to stop me from cumming. Not now, to early. Keep on fucking. Damn it, it is too hot. But then I felt some tension building up in her body. Her moaning got more intense. Her body began to tremble. She must be close too. So I just let go. Fucked her without thinking anything. Then boom. Two fireworks went off in two brains. More or less in the same moment. Incredible, our first time and we came together.

Then I gently pulled out and collapsed on a chair next the table. She just was laying on the table for some time until she regained herself. When she was back, she pulled back up her panties, came over to me and said the following: “See brother, the best place for your dick is your sister’s pussy.”

I just had to smile: “You are right sis. It was awesome.”

My conscience, you might ask: It somehow still was against me fucking my own sister. Against me fucking my own blood. But I just told it to fuck off. To shut up. It just felt to good.

From that day on, sis and I are a real couple. We spent time with each other, we love each other and we fuck each other. The last one, we do as often as possible. And we love to play with the fact that we are brother and sister. Nothing but a turn on when people now how we are are turning away in disgust when we begin to make out with each other. Damn it, I love her. And she loves me.

Yes, once more, nothing but a made up story. None the less, I hope you enjoyed your read. Until then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32