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Expert Footjob

I rolled over the next morning, slowing coming around through the fog of sleep. I reached out my arm, noticing that my bed was empty. My thoughts drifted to the night before, to the sensation of Orin slowly riding the length of my cock after joining me in my bed. I ran my hands over my face, slowly sitting up as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I glanced at my phone, where a text message was waiting for me.

“Hi gorgeous. I’ve gone out to sort some shit out, hope I didn’t wake you. I’ll see you later. X”

She’d sent the message around 8am and it was now 10am. I got up from the bed, stretching, and headed for the shower, grabbing a pair of boxers and shorts from the wardrobe as I passed. I showered quick, never been one for long showers, well, not alone anyway, as I tried to decide what I was getting up to today. I towelled off, stepping into my shorts and headed for the living room.

I headed for the fridge, grabbing a beer and my book from the counter. Book in hand, I walked towards the back patio, clicking on my stereo on the way past. Sitting down on at the outdoor lounge, feet kicked up on the table, the latest Linkin Park album playing out of the stereo. I popped the top of my beer, setting myself down for a quite afternoon of tunes and reading.

Suddenly my phone buzzed, jerking me back to reality from the fantasy world of my book. I glanced at my phone “3pm, damn I really got sucked in,” I thought to myself as I checked the message from Orin.

“Hey, on my way back.”

“Sweet, see ya soon,” I replied back.

I dropped the phone back on the table, burying myself back in my book.


“Hey I’m back!” I heard Orin saying, as the front door slammed shut.

“Hey I’m out the back, grab yourself a beer if you want” I replied, as I turned my head to look inside the living room.

Orin stepped through the door to the patio, 2 beers in hand. She’d kick her shoes off at the door, her long toned legs showing out from under her pink skirt, a low cut strapless black top giving a great view of her tits as they strained under the fabric. She sauntered over, dropping a beer infant of me as the dropped herself down on the seat beside me, placing her legs up on the table, giving me a great view.

“How was it?” I enquired.

“Shit. The fuck heads had trashed the place. But i’m not on the lease, and I got the last of my stuff moved out so I just need to find a place now. At least they didn’t wreck any of my stuff.” She replied as she took a mouthful of beer.

“What happened?” I asked.

“The usual, 2 of the girls decided they hated each others guts, some shit about one of them sleeping with the others boyfriend, they ended up fighting every night. I just couldn’t deal with it so thought I just get away from it all,” came the answer.

“Well, your welcome here as long as ya need ok,” I offered.

“Thanks, it means so much, I’m looking at a few places tomorrow so I won’t be leeching off you too long,” she laughed.

I placed my book on the table as we chatted about small things, enjoying the afternoon. Orin looked beautiful, long blond hair brushed to one side, her glasses perfectly framing her soft face, I couldn’t help but steal glances at her tits, remembering their firmness under my hands from the night before. She must have caught me as bahis şirketleri I saw her with a sly grin on her face on occasion.

“Hungry?” I asked, long after the sun had set.

“Yeah i’m starving.” Orin replied, sitting up in her chair.

“OK, i’ll go get something started,” I said.

“Cool, i’m going to go have a shower, I feel a bit icky from all the moving today,” Orin said as she got up, making her way inside.

I wandered inside after her, watching as she disappeared down the hall as I made my way into the kitchen, scratching my head as I tried to figure out something for dinner. I opened the fridge, staring at its contents, hoping for some inspiration. I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist from behind as a body pressed up against mine.

“Maybe dinner can wait for awhile,” I heard Orin whisper in my ear.

A smile crept over my face, as I turned around in her arms, wrapping my arms around her body, now covered by nothing but a towel, as she looked up at me. I learnt forward, softly kissing her moist lips, our tongues darting into each other mouths, exploring. I ran my hands down her back, reach down to cup her ass as I pulled her in close. I could feel her begin to breath deeper.

Orin pulled herself free from my grasp as she stepped back.

“I don’t think you got a good enough look last night in the dark,” She offered, biting her lip as her hands pulled the towel from her body, it dropping to the floor.

I stood, staring in awe, Orin’s naked body on full view. Her blond hair flowing around her face, her firm round tits standing proudly. I lowered my gaze, over her firm taught stomach, over her smooth shaven pussy and back up to her face, lingering on her tits once more.

“God your perfect!” I exclaimed.

“You really think so?” She asked as she traced her hands up the side of her body, cupping her own tits.

“A goddess,” I said, drawing her back into me, as I bent down, nuzzling her neck, softly kissing my way from left to right.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, her hands hooking the top of my waist band as she pulled my shorts and boxers down.

I reached around again, grabbing and squeezing her round ass, lowering my mouth to suck on her tit, which she promptly cupped with her hand, giving me better access.

“Uh, don’t stop.” she whispered breathlessly as I felt her hand trailing down my front and wrapping around my rock hard cock.

She began to slowly, tenderly, stroke my cock. I could feel my cock twitching from the contact. I trailed my hands up and down her back, alternating my attention between her tits as Orin ran her hand through my hair. I reached down, grabbing Orin under her ass as I lifted her up, her arms wrapping around me neck as I walked over toward the lounge.

I knelt down, slowly lowering Orin to the lounge. I began to kiss my way down her body, my hands aimlessly exploring her body. I glanced up, Orin’s eye’s were shut. Her hands puling and tweaking her tits. I continued lower. Her body arched as my tongue flicked over her clit.

“God yes!” she panted as I began to flick my tongue over her clit.

I brought my right hand down, slowly inserting 2 fingers into her sopping wet pussy, never once stopping my ministrations on her clit. I built my rhythm, sliding my fingers in and out, my tongue slowly building Orin up to her orgasm. It was bahis firmaları close, I could hear her breathing become laboured, her legs closing on my head.

“Fffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!” She let out, her legs clamping shut on my head, her body arching and lifting from the lounge.

I didn’t let up as her orgasm crashed over her, her whole body shaking in ecstasy, thrashing, panting, unintelligible words escaping from her.

I felt her hands grab my hair, pulling my face from her pussy. I looked up at her, passion burning from her eyes as she looked back.

“God damn your good at that,” she giggled.

“What can I say, I enjoy giving pleasure to others,” I replied.

Suddenly, Orin rolled, tossing me onto my back as she scooted down, her hand wrapping around my cock as she lowered her mouth over my cock, taking my full length in one go. She bobbed her head up and down over my raging hard cock, sucking hard. I ran my hand through her hair, grabbing a handful as I slowly paced her bobbing with my hand. She slowly tickled y balls with her free hand, her other disappearing between her legs, as she played with her own pussy.

The sounds of sucking and slurping echoed around the room, Orin occasionally moaning as she toyed with her own clit. She continued like this for a few minutes before I reached down to her lifting her up as I swung around to sit on the couch.

Orin placed her knees either side of me, straddling my lap as she reached between us, guiding my cock to her waiting pussy. She lowered herself down taking only a few inches before sliding back up. She began to ride me, taking more and more of my big hard cock each time. She reached out, placing her hands on my chest for balance as I gripped her hips, letting her take my full length in at her own pace.

“My god your big. Your filling me up,” she exclaimed as she bottomed out on my full length.

She began to ride me hard, lifting herself up almost completely before slamming back down. Over and over, she rode my cock. I tensed and thrust my hips up to meet her as she descended on my cock. Her head tossed back, moans escaping from her lips. I leaned in, sucking on her tits, nibbling her nipples eliciting gasps of pleasure.

We continued like this for what felt like hours. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in tight as I stood up, my cock still impaled in her tight pussy. I walked back, slamming into a wall. Orin wrapped her legs around my waist as I began to plow into her pussy, Her hips and ass bouncing off the wall with each thrust.

“Fuck yes! Harder! Fuck Me!” She shouted, her word encouraging me to slam into her pussy harder, deeper.

“Fuck your so tight!” I said, working my cock as fast as I could.

I traced a hand down her ass, a finger slowly tracing around her asshole. Orin leant in beside my head.

“You wanna fuck my ass don’t you. I know your always staring at it, do you want my ass, huh, do you want to shove the huge throbbing cock up my tight little asshole?” She coaxed.

I lifted her off my cock, spinning her around, as my only answer. Orin knelt on the lounge, resting herself on the back as she spread her ass.

“Fuck me, slam that huge cock up my ass!” she beckoned as I lined my cock up behind her.

I slid forward, my cock slipping between her pussy lips, thrusting to the hilt in one motion.

“Bastard!” kaçak bahis siteleri She grinned back at me over her shoulder as iI plowed in and out. Occasionally pulling my cock out, running her pussy juices over her asshole. I lined my cock up, gripping her hips as I pushed forward, the tip of my cock slowly forcing it’s way past her super tight asshole.

“Yess!” Orin squeezed, as my cock made it’s way deep into her ass.

“So deep…” she trailed off as I buried my cock in her perfect ass.

I reached forward, pulling her hair back, forcing her head back as I began to thrust into her ass, my hips slapping off her ass with each thrust. Orin was screaming in pleasure as I reached around with my free hand, my fingers locating her pussy as I flicked and played with her clit while I continued my assault on her ass.

“Oh god I’m cummmmmm iiiiiiinnnnnn gggggg!” Orin screamed again as another orgasm rolled over her. I continued to plow my cock into her, faster and faster. My fingers blurring over her clit.

“FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” she screamed as she fell forward, barely able to hold herself up. I let go of her hair, withdrawing my hand from her pussy but not slowing down as I fucked her ass.

“Uh, god damn you!” She said, smiling at me as I continued fucking her ass.

I pulled her back into me, as I twisted around, pulling her in a circle in front of me a I sat on the lounge, My cock never leaving her ass as she sat back on my lap. I slid forward till my hips where off the lounge, allowing me to thrust into her ass as she leaned back onto me. My hand returned to her hot pussy, reaching up with my other hand to grip around her throat. Orin dropped one hand onto of mine on her pussy as we began to rub her clit together as I thrust into her ass over and over. I tightened my grip on her throat, restricting her breathing. Her free hand met mine on her neck. I held my grip there as I fucked and fingered her determined to get my release.

She grabbed my fingers at her throat and I let go, letting her catch her breath before clamping down again. Her body writing on top of me, grinding her ass back on my cock. I released my grip again, letting her catch her breath once more. This continued over and over. I could feel my balls tightening up, the sign of my orgasm closing.

“I’m going to cum my blonde goddess,” I whispered into her ear.

She sat up, lifting herself off my cock as she spun around, sinking to her knees. She wrapped my cock between her tits, squeeing her tits together as she bounced up and down, titty fucking my cock.

“Cum for me baby, cum all over my tits!” she encouraged

“Fuck here it comes!” I said, as I thrust up, thick shots of cum blasting out of my cock.

I came, thick ropy strands splattering over her face, her tits as she continued to milk my cock with her tits. I kept cumming, Her tits covered in my white strands.

I flopped back into the couch, as Orin sat back on her heels, licking my cum off of her tits, a grin on her face. She traced a finger around her face, scooping up the remainder of my cum and licking her fingers clean.

“God your amazing I said,” staring down at her as she gazed back up at me.

“So are you, I’ve never cum so many times, its like you know exactly what I need,” she said.

“I guess I should have that shower now huh,” She said as she hopped up from the floor.

I sat there, regaining my composure, watching her firm ass bounce away towards the shower.

“You better be coming too…” she sang out as I shook my head, getting up to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32