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I met Allison when I started to date my wife. She is about 5’6 blonde with grayish green eyes, slender, and a cute behind. I am quite a flirt, and Allison at first thought that I would end up cheating my wife, and warned her to be careful. The more she got to know me, those thoughts went out the window. I love my wife and she knows that I would never hurt or leave her. A little about my wife and my relationship, we have an adventurist type of relationship when it comes to sex. We have swung a time or two and my wife loves women, and we have enjoyed on multiple occasions sex with different couples.

Allison and my wife have never had secrets between them, so she knows about the spicy part of our sexual relationship and how far we have gone together. After a while Allison started to warm up to me and trusted that I was not going to hurt my wife. She also started to flirt a little when I made empty passes at her like calling her my secret girlfriend. Then one day Allison got a really bad knot in her back muscle.

I would say that this was the start of the physical relationship between Allison and I. My wife told her that I was a pretty good amateur masseuse and that I could help her with her back. So she agreed and came over for a massage.

When my wife told me she was coming over I got out the table and towels and set it up in the bedroom, simply because at the time it was the largest room in our house.

Allison came over and I told her to get undressed and get under the sheet that I left on the table. I left the room to give her privacy. My wife stayed in the room and continued talking with her. I came back in to see she was on her stomach and ready. The massage oil was heated and we were ready to begin. I rolled down the sheet from her shoulders exposing her soft and toned back and noticed she had left on her thong panties.

At the time the furthest thing on my mind was to make a pass on her especially in her current condition, so I just started the massage. Starting at her neck I began to work the massage oil into her skin. I noticed how soft her skin was under my touch and felt the muscles tense at first, but after a few minutes I could feel her tension relax. I pushed my hands all the way down her back to the top of her panties, trying to keep in mind this woman was my wife’s best friend. I continued the stroke pattern and slowly work my way down lower and lower, until my fingertips were just under her thong. She never tensed up or made any attempt to stop the massage, trabzon escort she just let our an almost inaudible moan. I never went any further down then the top of her ass.

As I moved on to her legs, I lifted the covers off her feet and begin massaging them, as I moved up I uncovered a little more of her legs. I felt a little twitch from my cock when going up and down her sexy legs. It seemed the higher I lifted the sheet the harder my cock got, until I uncovered her sweet little ass. At first her legs were locked shut, but as my hands started to work the upper part of her legs, she opened up for me. I now was looking down at the sweet outline of her panty covered pussy lips and notice that there was a wet spot developing.

This was incredibly erotic to me and as my hand continued to work up her legs, my fingertips accidentally brushed her panties right over her soaking wet pussy. I noticed that her whole body tensed and she seemed to look directly forward in shock, so I quickly moved to her back again. She seemed to just relax a little and allowed me to finish the massage.

I was so scared that Allison was going to be pissed at me, but it seemed as nothing happened. I told my wife what happened and she said that Allison probably thinks it was an accident and to just let it go. Later that night, while fucking my wife, I describe the events in detail, but added that I indeed entered Allison and started to finger fuck her until she scream and came. My wife had orgasm after organism while I was whispering in her ear how Allison sucked my cock and as she came on my fingers.

This began a whole new thing for me and my wife as I told her stories about fucking her friends over and over. She really enjoyed the fantasies and our sex life was great.

Allison and I seemed to be doing fine. I never gave her a full massage again but the flirting continued. Then out of blue I was over at her house and she grabbed my ass. She was being very playful and I didn’t mind at all. A few days later I returned the favor and grabbed a handful of her ass. She left it alone and we continued on. At this time Allison was single and I would kid her that if she wanted to relieve some of her sexual tension that I would be at her service. She would respond “Promises, promises”. All of this was done in front of my wife in all good fun.

Then one day she grabbed my ass again and I turned around and quickly grabbed hers while she was trying to run away. I got a couple fingers up her crotch trabzon escort bayan this occasion. I could tell that she was damp and it turned me on. She smiled and told me that she would get her revenge, and I just responded like she always does. “Promises, promises”. I think this day she was feeling daring and came right up to me slowly slip her hand down my body and stopped just above my pants. I told her she wouldn’t dare, and at that she continued down and squeezed my cock, which on contact snapped to attention. She released my cock and just smiled at me.

Well she started it, and I was going to prove that she wouldn’t let me get away with the same thing. So I stood behind her and reached around placed my hand at her neck and slowly slipped my hand down between her breasts, over her stomach and stopped just under the waistband of her shorts. Then she said uttered those three little words, “You wouldn’t dare”. At that I slipped my hand into her shorts and into her panties. My fingers slipped between her legs into her soaking wet pussy, and she let out a little moan in shock and pleasure. I froze and didn’t move my hand, after a minute she started to slowly push her ass back into me and I started to circle her clit with my thumb.

She reached back and somehow got her hand in my pants and around my cock. She worked it up and down slowly while rubbing her ass back into me, it was almost like she was trying to press my cock into her. We continue like that until I felt her clamp down around my hand, and began to shake. I knew she was cumming and her tempo increased while stroking my cock. I felt the pressure build up and the sudden release of ecstasy as I came in her hand. She released her grip, turned around, and softly kissed me on the lips and said ‘Thank You”. She smiled and walked away, as she walked away I could see that she was licking her hand clean.

A few weeks went by and I didn’t see Allison, but had amazing sex when I told my wife want had happened.

Then my wife invited Allison over for a movie night, because they both wanted to see the new Twilight movie, I read the book so I decided to watch it with them. Allison came over and she was stunning in a little summer dress and when my wife was not looking raised her dress to flash me, showing me the cute little black thong she had on.

The girls sat down on the couch as I opened a bottle of wine. I handed them their drinks and started the movie. I was a lucky bastard sitting between these beautiful escort trabzon women. We keep it pretty cool in the house so we handed Allison a blanket to make her more comfortable. Soon after the movie started I feel a hand rubbing my crotch, I looked over to see Allison smiling back at me. She was getting my so turned on I had to excuse myself and leave the room to calm down. When I came back I noticed my wife was still on the couch and Allison got up to do some dishes. She always helps out cleaning up and this time I planned to help her out now.

The kitchen sink separates from the living room by a tall bar, so if my wife looked back she would only see us from the shoulders up. I came up behind Allison and was going to pay her back for the other day. So I pulled my cock out and came up behind her and lifted her skirt. She was reluctant at first until I pulled her thong aside and put two fingers into her pussy. I think she thought I was just going to finger fuck her again, but I was making sure she was well lubricated for my cock.

Then all of the sudden I grabbed her hips and guided my cock into her soaking wet cunt all the way in one thrust. She reached behind and tried to push me out, but I continued to thrust in and out of her. Eventually she stopped fighting and began to push back and enjoy it. She put one hand on the counter and the other on the back of my head. As I continued fucking her from behind and I reached around and played with her tits.

We were as quiet as we could be, but I can’t believe my wife didn’t hear us a little. She then whispered to me that she wasn’t on birth control and not to cum inside her. I nodded and continued. My god, her pussy was on fire, I never felt a pussy this hot. After a few moments she reached behind and pulled me down to her lips and kissed me. It was a whorish kiss and I knew she was close to cumming. As she started to cum, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and with one final thrust, buried my cock all the way inside her and exploded.

I could feel her stop kissing me and her eyes shot open looking at me. Then with a small growl and mischievous look she continued to kiss me slower more like a lover’s kiss. Every spurt of cum inside her made her twitch, until she just leaned over the counter to catch her breath. Finally, we broke our embrace and I pulled up my shorts. Thank God we made popcorn because the smell of sex would have definitely given us away. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. I came so hard and so much I knew the cum was running down her thighs. She came out of the bathroom and gave me another low growl, then sat down like nothing happened.

She told me later that if we ever fucked again I would need to wear a condom. But that leaves the door open for this to happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32