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When I finally got the confidence to open up my own garage for custom building race cars and trucks, it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made in my life. I was an angry, 26 year old man unhappy with everything and full of angst working in an office around people I hate. I went broke by deciding to buy a section of an old warehouse, purchasing dozens among dozens of different pieces of equipment in the creation of my own engine machine shop, and putting some money into business advertising. I could now work my dream job on my own time helping other people with their driving pursuits and it was fantastic. There was only one person that I took from my previous job to work with me and it was Jess.

Jess was a sweet, young woman at 24 years old of a mixed descent of Japanese and caucasian descent. She was rather tall for a woman, maybe 5’9″ and in fantastic shape from working out. I instantly found attraction in her myself as I was into bodybuilding and was 240 pounds of muscle at 6’3″. I offered her a job working front office at my new company and to handle other duties I can’t always handle and between me, her, and a friend of mine who was a mechanic, we had this company up on all 4’s and running. Our first year was rather slow but there is one memory I have from it that forever took the highlight of the company being out the gate and me and Jess’ relationship.

During the first few months we got the company out and running, the pace was rather slow. In our first month, we only worked with 4 cars that came in our doors from customers and most of them were Japanese domestic market cars that were expensive to get parts for so our profit wasn’t as great as expected. It was a few months before summertime in the evening hours one day. Jess was wrapping up some parts receipts paperwork we had purchased earlier as the day came to a close. Something I always did was work out when work was done. I owned a barbell set I kept in a spare room of the warehouse and would go at it for an hour or so doing my exercises maintaining my strength. Sense we finished the car we were working on a few hours early, I decided to do my workout before we closed. I dressed in my muscle shirt and athletic shorts and went to work per say.


I’m almost finished with my workout as I work on my squats, the sweat beading on my body and dripping out of my black hair. On my 5th rep of my last set, I hear a door open and I look up to see Jess. I finish my final reps and slam the barbell to the ground.

“Sorry to interrupt.” She says in a rather shy tone.

“No. You’re fine. What’s up?” I question.

“Well I wasn’t sure if you’re keeping track of time but we’re locking up in about 15.” She states.

“Yeah. I just finished my workout anyways.” I begin gathering my barbells and weights.

“Do you always workout in this room?” She asks.

“Yeah. I mean it works. If it’s a slow day then I grind it out in here.” I explain.

“I’m surprised I haven’t noticed.” Jess claims.

“Funny. I guess it takes a while to pick up on things. I see you go for a run early in the morning on occasion. I guess we all have our own routines.” I put everything back in its place and walk out into the front office.

Jess shuts the door behind me. “God damn, how long have you been weightlifting?”

“About 9 months.” I respond.

“That’s a lot of muscle to put on. You’re built up as much as some of the guys I see at my gym who’ve been there for a while.” She compliments.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. It’s really all about your effort versus time. It took me a lot of effort but I was already swollen 3 months in.” I inform her as I turn around with my keys in hand off the desk.

I can see a blush on her despite it being clear she’s trying to not seem amused. “I’ve always wanted to build a little bit of muscle on me myself but I just…” She trails off and walks around to gather her things behind her desk.

“Just what?” I question.

“I just don’t think I’d look how I want to look.” She finishes almost stuttering.

“Why?” I prod.

She almost looks up at the ceiling as if in thought shaking her head. “I know we’re supposed to be professional in here but since we’re nearly closed and off the clock anadolu yakası escort soon, I guess I can speak a little differently. My dating life has been horrible, okay? I don’t get many dates much and the fact that I have a tight waist but no ass makes me physically not attractive and if I was to start building a little bit of muscle, I may end up intimidating guys and I would lose what I have left of my bra size.”

“Well, I can tell you this and don’t take it as ego bashing or anything. You may not be a top notch 5 star person in terms of your looks but in complete honesty, it’s not about your looks all entirely. You’re trying to compare yourself to the Instagram models you see that have too big of titties, an ass so fake, it might as well be on a manican, and a face that half of its weight is makeup. You can’t get down about it because your personality charm matters most in dating. Looks are a bonus if you got it. Look at Hollywood actors and other famous people. Harrison Ford is an example. Handsome for sure but not hot and he’s charming to everyone he’s around. Chris Pratt who used to look like a college dropout living with his parents now has got every girl wanting him and when he started working out, it made things even better. You’ve seen Toby working with me back in the shop. He ain’t good looking. You should see what his Snapchat DM’s look like. He gets nudes from girls constantly. Anyways, I’m trailing off a little bit. You have to find the guy who’s not superficial and if you’re concerned enough about how your boobs look then that’s okay because there’s workouts that actually not only improve your physique but also firmen your chest which gives the illusion of them being bigger.” I explain.

“That sounds nice and all but I just don’t know if I should because…” Her sentence falls off again.

“Because why?” I continue.

“I would really want to be with a muscular guy like you but it seems that they like a…weaker woman.” She claims.

“That’s entirely false. A weak character or body are both not good things. You’re thinking of submissiveness and generally, that’s a yes. If anything, I think they’d really like a girl who works out and enjoys it just as much as they do. It’s sexy to see a woman who takes care of her body and is lean but has good strength, too. The guys who maintain muscle to be with the girls with the best looks are the ones that are in it for the wrong reasons. They want it for aesthetic purposes when those girls don’t deserve them when their ugly on the inside. If you’ve ever seen a couple at the gym together, they always seem to have a great relationship and there’s a reason why.” I explain.

“If that’s the case, how am I supposed to find a workout buddy that’s interested in a relationship?” She questions.

I raise my hands up to my side showing that I’m here.

“No. I shouldn’t.” She begins to walk out toward the door.

“Hold on just a second.” I grab her arm.

“This isn’t professional.” She claims.

“Come on. Bring some workout clothes tomorrow and give it a half year of time, I can get you where you want to be.” I offer.

She pauses for a moment.

“There’s nothing to lose.” I add.

“Okay.” She accepts.


The next day comes by. We get a new car in the shop early in the morning hours and go to work on tearing the engine and transmission apart after the owner raced it way too hard. Jess continues to do her office work and I begin the long process of tearing a motor down and putting it back together with new parts.

The end of the day comes and we begin closing up. Toby makes his way out of the shop as I change into my athletic shorts and muscle shirt in the bathroom. I come out to find Jess in the office already in a workout bra and skin tight gym shorts.

“You ready?” I ask.

“Maybe.” She explains.

“Well come on now.” I wave her over to the spare room.

She accepts and we walk down the hallway into the large, empty spare room except for a decent sized table at the end of it for meetings.

I flip the light on to reveal the barbell and weights to the side across from the door on the wall.

“You got your phone on you?” I ask Jess.

Jess ataşehir escort walks through the door. “Yeah, why?”

I close the door behind her. “That way we can put some notes down on your workout.”

“Sure.” She hands me her phone with it unlocked.

“Great so what are your primary goals?” I question.

“I just want to be stronger, have a good look, something that just lets me do things easier.” She explains.

“I got an idea for you.” I claim.

“What are we doing?” She asks.

“First thing, front squat.” I go over to the barbell and start taking weights off of it.

“Oh God, you’re going to make me burn alive if this is our start.” She complains.

“Start off heavy first. Do easier things later because you’ll fatigue.” I explain.

She gestures. “Alright.”

“Okay.” I pick the bar up with ease and turn around to face her. “You want to do a front squat so hold the bar like this.”

I position my hands across onto my shoulders holding the bar in the crooks. “Legs at shoulder space. Focus on keeping your center of balance at your groin.”

“You had to say that?” She asks.

“Come on, we’re all adults here.” I stammer.

She laughs in a dismissive way.

“Anyways, back straight. Lower yourself down.” I show the repetition. “Try to get your knees to a 90 degree angle. Because of your hips, you’ll naturally bend forward some and back up.”

“Okay.” She allows.

I set the barbell back on the rack and add a little weight on each side.

“Okay, come up to it and pick it up with your arms crossed over your shoulders.” I instruct.

She walks over and she does.

“Now walk it out.” I explain.

“Don’t worry about getting hurt, I’m right behind you.” I walk up to her.

She begins to do the exercise and as she gets down, I see how much of a curvature her ass has. It arouses me a little bit but I do the best I can to focus on the main goal.

Jess grunts as she does each rep but it able to maintain her form.

“Go to 10.” I instruct.

She continues in a good rhythm and finishes.

“Back up on the rack and rest.” I instruct.

She slams it back in the rack and catches her breath.

“You need to breathe easy. The first day is always the worst.” I explain.

“I’ll try.” She huffs and cools down.


The workout ends up becoming very difficult for Jess. I have her do 3 sets of 10 squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, chest press, then a very tough ab crunch, then ending with bench press, sit ups, push ups, and bench dips.

I do all of them with her and 2 hours later, we’re both lying on the floor cooling down with the A/C kicked on. We’re both filthy and drenched in sweat and with our own natural aromas infiltrating our nose. Jess has a slight cramp in her legs she’s recovering from and I’m a little sore in my shoulders.

I decide to take my shirt off sense I’ve coated it all over in sweat. I slide it up over my head and throw it down to the side.

“You did a good job.” I compliment Jess.

She smiles as she tilts her head to look at me. “You look kind of hot sitting there.”

I smile. “Same as you.”

“So you like my boney ass and small tits?” She asks.

“I do.” I confirm.

She laughs then sits up. “You’re lucky.”

“Why?” I question.

“You can take your shirt off in public and every guy admires you and every girl wants you meanwhile, if I took mine off, I’d be considered a promiscuous woman that wants attention.” She describes.

“Unless you’re at a nude beach, it’s a different story.” I add.

“What would be different?” She quizzes.

“It would be the guys turn to deal with problems. The girls can walk around all day strutting their stuff and if you get hard, they think you’re looking for sex and not just wanting to enjoy nature.” I respond.

Jess giggles. “Maybe so but that’s just human nature.”

“Well, here, you’re in private. It’s not a big deal to take your top off.” I mention.

“So you want me to take my top off then.” She grins.

“Maybe so.” I get up on my knees in front of her.

I place my hand on her jaw line and lean in. I’m greeted to the feeling of soft, smooth lips gently making contact ümraniye escort against my own. We share a few kisses and I feel Scarlett’s tongue towards the end.

“I like the way you smell.” I compliment her.

“In my dirty filth?” She questions.

“Yeah. It’s natural.” I entail.

She bites her lips as she stares at me and fumbles for the edge of her bra under her breasts.

She grabs hold of them and tears it off her skin. She lifts it up over her forehead and slams it to the ground. My eyes are greeted to the sight of her luscious breasts with large nipples and small areolas.

I grin at her and our kissing resumes. I caress her lustfully on her lips and move down to her neck. She gasps as my lips press up and down her neck and she tilts her head off to the side.

“This isn’t work appropriate.” She murmurs.

“Who the fuck cares?” I break away from her neck.

“I don’t.” She claims.

“Good.” I reach my hands behind her back towards her ass.

I slip them under her and pick her up.

“Whoa, Jesus.” She says in surprise.

I smile and I feel her kiss my lips.

I do the best I can to carry her over to the table as she makes out with me where I set her down with a thud and shove her up toward the wall. I get up on the table myself and crawl over to her. I move to her breasts as I gently lick and suckle on them. Jess runs her hands through my hair as she tilts her head back.

I kiss her down, down, down over her stomach then just above her twat concealed by the gym shorts. I reach my hands under them and briskly pull them off of her sweat scented skin down her legs and off. Surprisingly, I’m greeted to the sight of her red pussy lips. Jess giggles as the shorts come off and her legs shake.

“No panties, huh?” I question.

She smiles. “They feel better in the gym shorts.”

“Cool.” I move back over to her on the table as I slide my head between her legs.

Her breath becomes very shallow as I move up to her rose bud. I begin to gently kiss around it in almost a teasing form and even running my tongue around some. Jess jiggles her hips at my movements and I finally move over to her clit. I feel my fingers inside her slit as I feel the small bulb on the tip of my tongue. She’s already wet with her walls and completely soaked. No need for more.

I feel my cock bursting in my shorts and I rip them off of me. It springs out pulsing with blood. I grab hold of my head and feel around her pussy lips. Jess wiggles in excitement and I find the tight opening. I gently shove it inside her and my cock is greeted to her lubed walls and hot pocket.

Jess gasps as I do and I waist no time. I reach under her back holding onto her shoulders with my hands and begin picking up the pace from slow to gentle up to fast and straight up jackhammering her. Each thrust I send shockwaves through her body as our pelvises make contact against on another sending her up the table toward the wall with my arms holding her back.

My breathe becomes ragged and heavy as Jess shouts at each entry. I then realize each thrust, my cock is hitting on her cervix.

“Good god!” Jess yelps as I pound away.

It doesn’t take long that for her intense breathing and shouts to turn into moans as my cock barges its way in and out of her in its quick rhythm, slipping on her walls and bumping up on her cervix as our pelvises sway with each other. I feel her pussy begin to clench around my cock, ejecting its natural juices all over it. Our bodies pour sweat out of our skin as we share this experience and natural aroma.

Jess stretches her neck out and her orgasm peaks over. She grabs hold of her tits with a grasp as I move my lips on her neck as I rail into her.

“Ahhh!AHHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She vocalizes as she cums hard around my cock.

I can’t take it myself as I feel the muscles under my shaft beginning to spasm. I pull out just in time as my balls retract and my thick, viscous load jets out onto her in its white presence on her stomach. I groan as my cock pulses and drains the cum out of me icing her slate flat belly in several full shots. I finally finish and my heart begins to calm down. We both catch our breath as we lay in a silent afterglow. Jess takes her hand and gently plays with the cum I laid down on to her.

“Wow.” She whispers.

We both begin cackling uncontrollably as we realize what just happened.

“So a workout and a fuck, right?” Jess questions.

“I guess so.” I clarify.

She moans in that seductive way. “I like the sound of that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32