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This story is intending as the concluding part to the stories “Spanish Contract: Jeff” and “Christmas Function”. It would be beneficial to read the other stories prior to reading this one. Thanks.


As far as he was concerned, Jeff’s resignation was inevitable. He really had not been very productive after the trip to Spain. Before that he had often spent a few idle minutes wondering what the boss’s daughter looked like naked. Since then he spent almost very minute remembering what she looked like naked. Her forays through the office did not help. Neither did the company social events. Jeff was fresh from a pretty close call at the Christmas function.

Anyway, it was not the greatest job he ever had and he was not sorry to see the back of it. The old man seemed taken aback, “sorry to see you go….blah…blah…blah…etc”. He wrote his resignation letter while still fuelled with the events of the Spanish trip, so some four months later he decided it best to redraft with less detail, more or less just “I’m leaving.”

“Anything you would like to say before you leave us?” The managing Director enquired on his last day.

“Your daughter has a great pair of tits.” Jeff felt like saying it, but decided it was probably best not to. So he moved on, moved town, he needed to forget about it, start again.


Eight months on and the boss’s daughter Gill rarely entered his mind.

Venessa was a different story. She had been the company’s sales rep. Jeff thought about her a lot, he could not work out what it was that she had over him. She was attractive, well spoken, elegant, ruthless maybe. Her aggressive manner made her unapproachable, but more desirable. The last time he saw her was from a wardrobe in the hotel at the Christmas party. He only narrowly avoided detection by pretending to be asleep when she opened it and had to make his escape on hands and knees in the early hours of the morning.

Venessa had been on the Spanish trip too. He had masturbated in front of her, which made it easy to recall. But he had seen her naked too, seen her long slims legs, her athletic frame, glistening with sweat, he had been within touching distance of her firm round rear, he could still smell her hot, moist pussy.

“Jeff, I’ve just been speaking to your old company.”

“Funny, I was just thinking about them.”

Arnie stood behind Jeff’s chair, hands in pockets.

“We are most likely going to accept their tender to supply the valves for the Mark four. Do you think they can handle it?”

“I don’t see why not. It’s their game.”

“They’re sending someone up tomorrow to give us some bullshit. Can you come down, you’ll be better than anyone at smelling the bullshit out.”

“No problem.”

Arnie departed. Jeff started to think about who would come up. He knew who he wanted to come up and he was not going to get much sleep tonight thinking about it.


Jeff was in early and slightly better dressed than usual. He paced about for half an hour before anyone else arrived. He then settled down at his desk, waiting to be called.

After simply ages, Arnie passed through the office.

“Jeff, you ready.”

“I’ll be down in a second.” Jeff feigned industry for a few moments to let Arnie go. If Venessa did not turn up he was going to be sorely disappointed. He loitered at the top of the steps until he could hear the voices in the foyer. Then he heard hers. Time to go down.

“You’ll remember Jeff.” Arnie said.

“Of course.” Venessa reached forward and coolly greeted him. “Firm handshake as always, Jeff.”

“Nice to see you, Venessa, I’m looking forward to the presentation. Although I’m sure I won’t see anything I haven’t seen before.”

“I expect not. I hope you can keep your eyes open.”

Arnie stepped in front of them, “The meeting room’s all ready to go. Shall we begin?”


Venessa was good. She gave them the full works. Jeff had no interest in the blurb, but that is not to say he was not enthralled. Venessa finished up and Arnie brought the meeting to a close. Everyone filed out. Arnie stopped Jeff.

“Nothing there that worries you?”


“Good, I think we’re going for it, makes sense, we’ll discuss the details of the contract this afternoon with the board when she’s gone back to her hotel. You won’t really be needed there Jeff. güvenilir bahis But I’ll be going over to her hotel for dinner this evening to discuss the result, you should come along, seeing as you know each other.”

“Consider me in.” Jeff was going to have a slow afternoon.

Jeff’s slow afternoon was in fact only interrupted once. Arnie stamped over to him late in the day.

“Jeff, look, bit of a domestic upheaval, I’ve got to go home. We’ve decided on th contract, you’ll be ok going over to the hotel and signing for us, we’ve ironed everything out, except the price.”

“The price?”

“Yeah, look, you know our ceiling, we’re definitely not going over it, but we’re not expecting you to negotiate, so just sign it off.”

Arnie stomped out coat in hand. Negotiating with Venessa? He had done that before and ended up naked and jerking off in front of her. Jeff was curious to see how it would go this time.


Jeff walked into the hotel lobby and looked around. He was exactly on time, but he had to walk around the car park about twelve times in order to be so. He went up to the reception, there was no-one there and he was just contemplating how hard to press the bell when Venessa interrupted him.

“On time, how obedient. I have a table inside, why don’t you come through.” She turned and walked through the dining room door. Jeff followed.

By the time he went through she was already seated. He took his chair opposite.

“Hi Venessa, look, about the contract.”

“Jeff, relax, why can’t we have a nice dinner. We’ll talk about it afterwards.”

“Right.” Venessa not talking business was a little unexpected but she was also right, he should relax. Jeff took off his jacket, hung it on the back of the chair and picked up the menu. The food would be free too.


The meal went well, Jeff even said a few funny things and Venessa laughed. Venessa said a few funny things too, he laughed. He momentarily forgot the matters at hand and started to wonder how things might have gone if it all did not get so drunkenly out of hand on that trip.

Finally the deserts were cleared.

“Business to attend to, Jeff. Ugly I know, but it is why we are here.”

“Of course, look there is one thing I want to clear up about that…”

“Sorry, Jeff I don’t have the forms, they are in my room, if you’ll come upstairs, we can get down to business there.”

Venessa stood up and without waiting for a response she walked out of the restaurant. The thought of going up to her room froze him for a moment, then Jeff scrambled for his jacket and followed her, just catching her at the lift.

Venessa took him to the room door, inserted the key, and led him inside. The room had a small table with a chair either side, as well as a large double bed. The table had a few documents neatly piled on it. Venessa sat down.

“Look, Venessa, about the price, I’m not going to negotiate with you. I know you, you’ll eat me for breakfast. Arnie gave me the top line, it’s sixty three pounds a unit. Take it.”

Venessa started to write something.

“That’s interesting news Jeff.”

Jeff sat on the other chair.

“So we’ll call it sixty three. I know your company remember, there’s margin enough for you.”

“Of course there is.” Venessa was still writing, then she stopped and looked up, looked straight at him. “You know I’m not going to settle for that.”

“Come on, I’ve already caved. Anyway I’m just not authorised to go any higher.”

“Not even one pound higher?”

“No, like I said, that’s it.”

“But your signature is still binding?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Good.” Venessa leant back in her chair. “I was beginning to think I had wasted my time inviting you up.”

Jeff was feeling a little uncomfortable, she was examining him.

“Not even one more little pound?” She said slowly, as if she was a small child denied her favourite toy.

“I just said.”

“Jeff, let’s say we call it sixty four pounds and I’ll take off my dress.”

Jeff laughed. Then stopped. She looked very serious.

“We’re not teenagers.”

“No, Jeff, we’re negotiating a very grown up business deal, which involves one hundred and fifty units a month for three years. You have to be careful.”

Jeff needed to make a sober decision, but he also wanted to see the dress on the floor.

“I güvenilir bahis siteleri haven’t been in my job that long, Venessa, I can’t just…”

“But I think you will, Jeff. You made the deal, Jeff, big decision, you didn’t let it get away for the sake of one pound.”

Jeff knew he was not going to say no.

“Go on. Sixty four.”

“That wasn’t that hard was it.”

Venessa pushed her chair back, took two strides into the centre of the room and reached around the back of her neck. The dress fell to the floor. She was every bit as lithe and sexy as he remembered, standing confidently in front of him in her black bra and panties, sheer black stockings down to her heels.

“I’m just going to refresh my palate, would you like a glass of water?”

Jeff’s throat was bone dry, but he shook his head anyway. Venessa walked past him, brushing his shoulder with her hand as she did do, and entered the bathroom.

Jeff heard the tap running. Where was this heading? He didn’t know what to do with himself. Fiddling with his hands, he picked up the contract, and he noticed one thing straight away. She had already written the price in. And it was seventy pounds per unit!

Jeff’s head swam. She had just dropped her dress for a pound. There were another six pounds to go to get to seventy. The tap stopped running. He nervously returned the paperwork to where he thought it was. Venessa was only wearing stockings, a bra, panties, they were three things, not six. Jeff was starting to harden. His negotiating skills were going to be tested alright.

Venessa re-entered the room and sat on the bed, glass of water in hand.

Jeff took out his pen. “We’ll call it sixty four pounds then.”

“Aren’t you curious to see what else I’ll do?”

“No.” It was the most blatant lie Jeff had ever told.

Venessa started to undo the straps of her heels.

“What are you doing?”

“Jeff, I hardly expect you to pay to see me take off my shoes. You don’t have a thing for feet do you?”


Venessa completed the job, then got up and walked back over to the table. She sat down and ran her eye over the papers as if there might be some instruction there.

“Jeff. I’m sure your company could manage sixty five.”

“This is fun but my hands are tied.”

“Ooh, now that would cost you two pounds.” Venessa smirked. “I tell you what, we’ll call it sixty five and I’ll take off my stockings.”

“Venessa, I’ve seen your legs, you weren’t wearing stockings this morning. Stockings are not worth another pound.”

Venessa stood up and leaned over the table, Jeff was inches from her cleavage.

“But it will cost you a pound, because that’s the game.” Venessa walked back to the bed and raised her left foot onto the sheets. “Shall I begin?”

Jeff was beginning to sweat now. He knew she had a plan to get seventy. This was just the beginning.

“Sixty five.” He said.

Venessa rolled a stocking down. She turned, repeated with the other leg, running her hands down her smooth thighs. When both stockings were at her feet she lay down on the bed, leant back and, extending her feet toward Jeff, used her toes to flick the stockings to the floor. God, she could have been a professional stripper.

“Sixty five, I think you’ll agree it was worth it.” She said.

“I’ll take my trousers off to get back to sixty three.”

Venessa laughed really hard. “That’s why I like you Jeff, you’re funny.”

There was no debate about who held all the chips here. Venessa looked fantastic, lying on the bed, Jeff was absolutely killing himself to see the rest.

“You know what’s next, Jeff. Let’s say two pounds for the bra.”

“Sorry Venessa.”

Venessa sat up. “Oh, worried about spending your classmates’ lunch money?”

“No. If I paid a pound for the stockings, then it’s a pound for the bra. That’s the game remember.”

“Very good. You’re a very quick learner.”

Venessa stood, she walked behind Jeff and stopped, he did not want to seem too desperate so he didn’t look back. Her bra was dropped in his lap from over his head and she returned to the bed, where she turned to face him, displaying her fantastic breasts, and sat, her legs ever so slightly spread.

“That’s sixty six.” She ran a finger around the inside of the waistband of her underwear. “We both know iddaa siteleri you’ll go for sixty seven.”

Jeff didn’t say anything.

“I think all three of us know.” She grinned.

Jeff couldn’t cross his legs right now, even if he wanted to.

Venessa stood again. She slowly stretched her panties out to one side, then the other, before hooking her thumbs inside and pushing them to the floor. She kicked them away, and walked past him again, standing behind him, she lowered her mouth to his ear.

“You drive a very hard bargain.”

“Sixty seven. This will probably cost me my job.”

Venessa nibbled at his ear. “Well then, you have nothing to lose, do you?”

Jeff couldn’t think straight at all. If the contract was right, then there were another three pounds still to play for. He wondered if he should suggest something, she must be prepared, she knew what she had written as much as he did.

She was gently massaging his shoulders. It felt great and he was very tense, but he wanted to see her in front of him, she looked so good completely naked.

“Jeff, I think we might as well add another pound to the total.”

“You’re naked now. I don’t think there’s anything left to give.” Jeff waited, he was dying to hear what she would say next.

Venessa whispered in his ear. “You’re just not using your imagination.”

She walked around in front of him and stood over him, placing a hand on each arm of his chair.

“For another pound I’ll give you the best blow job you ever had.”

Jeff couldn’t speak, he just wanted to say yes, but he was dry, in the end he just nodded, Venessa smiled and knelt in front of him. As she unzipped his trousers and unleashed his rigid member, she squeezed a bead of precum out, which ran down his length. She eyed it keenly, before diving down, and catching it with her tongue which she ran all the way back to the top.

This was going to be the best pound he ever spent.

She stroked his penis slowly, full, long strokes, looking at him, she smiled. He was not going to last long, he was surprised he didn’t explode in his pants ten minutes ago.

She leant in, and took his tool deep into the back of her throat. Twisting her lips around his swollen head. He was ready. She deliberately sank down his length and he came hard and fast. She took all of it, licked him clean and stood up. She retrieved her glass of water.

“I thought I would be needing this.” She took a swig and put the glass down on the table and moved over to the bed. “When you’re ready again, I’d like you to give me another pound. Right here, on the bed.” She slowly drew her legs apart, as she lay back on her elbows.

Jeff could not get his clothes off fast enough. His underwear was sodden with sweat. When his shorts hit the floor he stepped up to her, he was a little uncertain, she had called the shots up until now. He felt like he needed instruction. None came, instead Venessa reached out for his arm and pulled him on top of her.

His head found the cleft between her breasts, he turned left and right, licking and kissing her hard nipples. She was soft and warm beneath him, he raised himself above her, but was only there for a brief moment. She twisted beneath him and finding his shoulder with her palm she pushed him over onto the bed, pinned him to the mattress and sat astride him. He was hardening again, slowly recovering from before. She rubbed her pussy over his cock repeatedly, all the time leaning forward and kissing, sucking, licking his face, then his chest.

As he stiffened she slid over him, and tensing her flat stomach to hold him inside her she rocked him back and forth. Having been drained only a few moments previously, he lasted a long time under her onslaught. She was on fire, dripping over his groin, she ran her hand around his head, grabbed his hair, pulling him back into the pillows. Her soft moans broke into loud screams. In the end he came again, deep into her, and she collapsed alongside him, her damp thigh closed around his waist.

“I have a little confession to make, Jeff.” She whispered. “I’ve already written seventy pounds into the contract.”

She ran a finger down his chest, past his navel.

“When you’re ready again, I’d like to earn that one too.”


Jeff was in to work a little late the next day, envelope in hand. He saw Arnie in the foyer.

“All signed off.” He asked.

“In there.” Jeff handed over the envelope.

“I trust you didn’t go over our limit of seventy three pounds.”

Jeff shrugged.

“Actually, Arnie, I was pleasantly surprised.”

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