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I met him in a local bar.

I was having a quiet lunch and a beer with the Saturday paper, looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend alone. I had no plans. Or, at least, all I was planning to do for the weekend was relax and enjoy being alone, with no chores to do and no appointments to keep.

“Excuse me – can I borrow your lighter, please?” I looked up. A dark-haired man, about my age – early thirties. That’s all I registered. I smiled and handed him the lighter. I watched him as he lit his cigarette. Nice face. Nice eyes. He handed my lighter back with a “thank you,” and I went back to reading the paper.

I had nothing to do and nowhere to be, so I ordered another beer and enjoyed the feeling of freedom. After a while he came back.

“Hi again. I need another light. Sorry. Mind if I join you?” His eyes were smiling.

I couldn’t say no without seeming churlish. Vaguely flattered, but vaguely annoyed that I was going to have to give up my solitude and the paper, I smiled and motioned for him to sit down across the table from me.

He sat down. He didn’t say anything. I felt embarrassed. One of us needed to say something, but I couldn’t see why I had to go first. I smiled and reached for a cigarette. He reached across the table and picked up my lighter and lit my cigarette for me. Somehow, an embarrassingly intimate gesture.

Then he spoke.

“So – you’re here alone.”

“Well, I was…” I said with an ironic smile. Now it was his turn to be uncomfortable.

“Sorry – I didn’t mean to impose…”

Nice eyes. Nice, soft, deep voice…

“No it’s fine. Sorry – I just wasn’t expecting company that’s all.” I smiled. “My name’s Cat, by the way.”

He told me he was called Andrew and we started chatting. About the weather, about what was in the news – about anything.

We both had some more beers. Although I hadn’t been looking for company, I found myself enjoying his. And – if I was honest with myself – there was something increasingly compelling and attractive about this man.

“How about some dinner?”

The question took me by surprise. I looked at my watch. Eight o’clock already! If asked to guess, I’d have said it was five o’clock. I MUST have been enjoying his company…

I didn’t plan to say it. I heard myself say it and was shocked. “Yeah, sure. Look – I’ve got some food at my place. Let me cook it for us.”

It was too late to take it back. But I regretted it as soon as I heard it come out of my mouth. What had I been thinking? For all I knew, this man was a complete nutter on the quiet and was going to kill me or rob me or…

Well, yes. That was the thing. I was feeling slightly horny, slightly flirty, and slightly adventurous. Maybe we would end up…no. Better not to think about it. Think about how to deal with the invitation I shouldn’t have given just now.

He hesitated before saying “…well, if you’re sure…yes – that would be great…”

We bahis şirketleri left the bar and walked around the corner to my flat.

I gestured at the sofa. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll just go and get some drinks and then get the food on to cook.”

I went into the kitchen. Time for a short reflection on my behaviour. Was I mad? What sort of risk was I taking here? But at the same time, I knew that, if I had the nerve, I’d make a move on him. I wanted him.

I returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses and I asked him to open the wine while I went back into the kitchen to start cooking dinner. I was slicing some vegetables when he appeared in the kitchen door with two glasses of wine. “Great,” I said, and I went back to what I was doing. He walked over and put my glass on the counter next to me. He put down his own glass. He stood close behind me and suddenly his hands were on my breasts. Cupping them, moving gently. It was a shock, but I realised I wasn’t scared. Just nervous and surprised. He bent his head and kissed the side of my throat. He was leaning into me now. I realised I’d stopped chopping. I dropped the knife onto the board and let my head fall back onto his chest.

One of his hands moved down my body to stroke the curve of my hip and then down and inwards, across the top of my thigh. I felt my clitoris twitch and then a sense of disappointment when he returned his hand to my hip.

His hand moved on, down the front of my thigh, until he found the hem of my skirt and started lifting it, his fingers grazing my skin. I sighed and moved my hand over his, gently urging him to take his hand higher. He was rubbing my nipple now. I was getting wet and swollen. Still I stood over the chopping board, not moving my body.

But when I felt his fingers grazing at the edge of my thong, I knew that pretty soon he’d feel how wet I was and know how much I wanted this. I moaned softly.

Quickly, he took both my wrists behind my back in his hand and guided me over to the kitchen table. He pushed me forward so that I was bent over the table. A flash of panic and then so much arousal that my legs went weak when I felt my skirt being lifted over my hips. He put a foot between mine and pushed my feet apart until my legs were spread wide.

“Do you want this to be good?”

His voice wasn’t so soft now. Apart from his hand on my wrists, he wasn’t touching me. I wanted this.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Then you’ll do as I say.”

I stiffened. What was he going to tell me to do? What was he going to do to me? I was feeling a little scared now. But still aroused. Still wanting him to touch me.

I whispered it again. “Yes.”

“Take me to the bedroom.”

I did as he said.

There were a few long silk scarves hanging on the back of the door. He picked them up.

“Take your clothes off.”

I hesitated. I felt shy. Nervous. Jumpy. Scared.

“You will do as I say. Take off bahis firmaları your clothes.”

Slowly, feeling very uncomfortable, I undressed. When I was down to my thong, he told me to stop.

He knelt in front of me, his face close to me, and slowly pulled off my thong. I cringed as he pulled the cotton away and revealed my cunt, clean-shaven that morning, with nothing to hide my swollen, wet clitoris and lips. He looked up at me and smiled. “Nice….” He said, and he gently ran a finger over my shaved skin.

Then he stood up. “Face-down on the bed.”

Instantly I moved to the bed and lay face-down in the middle of it. I was feeling nervous, vaguely humiliated, and – God help me – incredibly turned on.

What came next didn’t surprise me. Using the scarves, he tied each of my wrists and each of my ankles, securely, to the four corners of the bed. I was spread-eagled on my stomach and the vulnerability I felt gave me a simultaneous rush of fear and arousal.

He walked around to the side of the bed, clearly enjoying the sight of me laid out for him.

“Where are your toys?”

Without waiting for an answer, he opened the bedside cabinet and saw the big, black, flexible, double-ended dildo in there. He pulled it out.

“Is this all?”


“Then it’ll have to do.”

He laid it on the bed next to my face.

He moved to the bottom of the bed, where I couldn’t see him. He was silent. What was he doing?

I felt his cool hands on the backs of my knees and then I felt them moving slowly, gently, up across the insides of my thighs until he reached the top. My clitoris was aching from the need to be touched. I felt two fingers. No – thumbs. Half an inch inside my open cunt. He pulled his thumbs apart until the entrance to my cunt was stretched open. I could feel that I was, quite literally, dripping wet.

He knelt between my legs on the bed. One thumb still inside me, he reached over and picked up the dildo.

Roughly, he shoved the fat dildo deep into my wet cunt, until it wouldn’t go any further. I lifted my hips and moaned out. I wanted him to fuck me with that thing, and he could tell.

Just as quickly, he pulled the dildo out of me. I felt his hands pulling my buttocks apart and then his fingers in my ass, stretching me. Just as I realised what he was about to do, he did it. He took the wet end of the dildo and pushed it hard into my ass.

I cried out in pain, but he took no notice. He buried the thing in my ass deeper and started moving it slowly in and out. The pain gave way to pleasure as I felt myself relaxing around the thick, long dildo. Soon, I was tilting my hips backwards to try and get more of this.

Then I felt something at the entrance to my cunt. Cold, big. It was the other end of the dildo and soon it was stuffed deep inside my cunt so that both my holes were stretched tight around it. I’d forgotten my fear. My embarrassment. I was a horny kaçak bahis siteleri slut and this man was giving me what I needed.

He got off the bed and stood to one side to admire his work. Then he spoke.

“You look just how I want you to look. Now I don’t want you to move or speak unless I tell you to.”

Then he left the room.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I’ll be found in here dead when the neighbours notice the smell. Oh fuck.

Ten minutes must have passed.

He came back and stood near my head at the side of the bed. He was naked. And his cock was – oh, fuck – his cock was as fat as that big dildo that was stretching me apart.

“I’m going to untie your ankles. You’re going to get up on your knees.”

I did as he told me, keeping my legs slightly apart as I did so. He knelt behind me again and suddenly, roughly, pulled the dildo out of me. Then, just as quickly, I felt both my holes being filled again. Only this time it was the dildo in my cunt and his fat, hard cock in my ass. And he was fucking me hard and deep with his cock as he moved the dildo in and out of my cunt.

I was moaning with every thrust now, loving this feeling of being filled in both holes, stretched around his cock and the dildo, being fucked hard by a stranger. He pulled his cock out of me suddenly and replaced it with the other end of the dildo. He moved up to the head of the bed and looked into my face and saw the arousal there. His hand started pumping on his cock, roughly, and after a few strokes he let out a deep growl and held his cock steady as his cum hit my face, covering my eyes and seeping between my lips.

Roughly, he wiped most of his cum off my face with his hand and smeared it across my back, like he was wiping something dirty off himself.

I was moaning again, feeling the dildo deep inside me and wanting to come. I could taste his cum on my lips and now I wanted him to make me come. I needed to come. I was dripping wet. My neglected clitoris was swollen and aching.

He untied one of my hands and left the other secured to the corner of the bed.

“Touch yourself and come for me.”

My knees on the bed, my neck and face still on the bed, I started gently stroking my clitoris.

Mmmmmmmmm yes – this was what I needed. My two holes stuffed and stretched while I teased my clitoris slowly. I was close to coming.

“I want to see you rubbing yourself hard for me.”

And suddenly he pulled the dildo out of my cunt and started ramming it hard and deep into my ass while I rubbed my clitoris for him. I felt the orgasm building in the pit of my stomach as he pumped my ass, and then suddenly it exploded and ripped through my body while he slowly pulled the dildo out of my tight, pulsing ass.

I collapsed forwards onto my stomach, one hand still tied to the corner of the bed, and tried to catch my breath. He moved around to the head of the bed and untied my hand. Then he walked out of the room. I closed my eyes.

A couple of minutes later he came back in. He was fully clothed. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, tenderly. Once. Then he walked out of the room and I heard the front door shut behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32