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“Hey,” Carla yelled down the street to Jess as he stepped out of his car and started up the steps to his house. Jess looked up the street and saw her coming down, smiling as always. He was usually tired after work, but today had been a bad day and, he really didn’t mind the company and felt too stressed out to sleep. “What are you doing?” she asked when she reached his house.

“I don’t know—just thinking. It’s been a long day,” he replied. “I thought I’d relax a little, not do any work. You know, just release my mind from all the bullshit.” Even though it was officially autumn, the weather was still humid and the sun beat down on them. “Let’s go inside, out of this heat,” he said to her.

They went inside, and Jess removed the shirt he had on so he could relax in his tee-shirt. He always felt stuffy after work, wearing his buttoned up shirt and belt tightly around his waist all day. “Take it off, baby” Carla said to him, laughing. They oftentimes hinted at flirting with one another, though they had never really pursued anything further. They had hinted at it (or, more or less, he had), but his attempts at what he called a flight as friends with privileges never made it to fruition. He found it all well and fine; simply having someone to talk about sex with after his years of abstinence was good enough. He slowly removed his belt, then slapped her on the behind with it. “You fucker,” she replied, getting up in his face.

“You don’t even want to get up in my face,” he told her, grabbing her chin and shaking her head. “I need to check my email,” he said, letting go of her chin. “Come on.” Jess found that again he had no mail, and wondered why he even bothered to check.

“What are you expecting?” Carla asked him.

“Nothing in particular,” he replied, “but finding something in my box from time to time might be nice. I guess it kind of symbolizes . . . well . . . me.” He let out a disdainful sigh. “Well, if nothing else, I can post my photos and see if anyone has left any comments on them.” He wondered if he sounded pathetic to her, and was almost sure he did as she pet his head and let out and “awwww” sound.

Jess went to his photo site online. It was a community photo site which contained all kinds of different photographs, from nature, to people, to landscapes, to totally irrelevant objects, to nude photos. Jess enjoyed the nude photos) most of them tasteful), and the last time Carla was down, he turned her on to a few of the ones he particularly enjoyed and had added to his favorites folder. They sat together at his computer reading the comments made on his previous photo uploads, then me moved to his favorites folder. From there he could click on photos that would lead to other albums so he could see if any new, exciting photos had been added. Neither of them felt uncomfortable about it, as they had both talked about each other’s sexual escapades and had looked at these photos before.

They found a photo of a woman laying on a bed, naked, except for a book laid across her belly. “What a bush that chic has!” Carla exclaimed.

“Well, as I said, I like a good bush,” Jess reminded her.

“And as I said, I keep mine clean.”

Jess “mm-hmm”-ed in remembrance. “And as I said, I like them clean, too.”

“Honestly,” Carla asked him, “how long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

“A few years—more than five.”

“And looking at these photos doesn’t make you at all horny?”

“Well, yes, sometimes,” Jess said. “Depends on the my mood, I guess. Right now, they’re really not making me all that horny, but then again, I’ve seen this one before.”

“Not horny?” she asked. Jess shook his head. “Really?” Carla asked again, and just to find out for sure, she grabbed his crotch to find that his penis lay dormant. “Wow,” she said, “that’s pretty good.”

“Keep that up, Dear, and you’ll find that that it won’t lay at rest much longer.”

“How do you do it? Last that long without any sex? I mean, I know you jack off and all, but that’s not the same.”

“I just do it,” Jess answered. “But again, you grab my crotch one more time and I might just get all horny.” Carla saw this as a dare. Would he get horny? Or was he just toying with her. He knew that she hadn’t had sex in a few weeks and supposed the short time without it had made her want it as much as he did. He looked at her, and there was a shared moment of recognition in their eyes. Carla took the dare and reached for his crotch again, but instead of letting go, this time let her hand move along it, feeling it grow beneath her palm. The feeling of his dick growing under her friction, one she hadn’t felt in a few weeks, began to make her a little horny. She could back out now, she thought, or take this moment and let it build. She could take this moment to take control, as he hadn’t had anything for some time and would be willing to do exactly what she asked. The thought of that made her even hornier. She decided she would go with it. Jess felt that she would follow through, and he let his hand slip between her crotch and begin esenyurt escort to rub there gently.

“You said you have a big dick?” Carla whispered in his ear, referring to a photo of one they had seen on that photo site. He nodded yes. “Well, then let me see it.” He gave her a look of disbelief, thinking that their fondling was simply nothing more than that. “You’ve offered before,” she reminded him, “now I’m going to take you up on that offer—you may not have second chance, babe.”

Obliging her, Jess stood up and began to remove his clothing, shirt first, then pants. He stood in his underwear a moment. Carla could see the bulge in his underwear and knew he hadn’t been lying; his dick was indeed large. “Go on,” she beckoned, “take them all off.” He hesitated a moment, more from his years of not doing this than anything, as well as from a little embarrassment, and then he let his underwear fall. Jess’s cock stood erect, large and bulging, moving up and down by its own involuntary volition. Carla reached over and touched it, laughing a little as it moved involuntarily and a little dribble of precum dribbled from its opening. “Ha! This won’t last long will it?”

Well,” Jess replied with a smile, “we can make it last as long as it takes . . . and make it even more than you expect. Now. What do I get to see?”

Though she had hesitated at his advances before, now the ball was rolling and she didn’t want it to stop. Yet it would be her game, her rules. She knew he would cum quickly, and would let him cum before they actually performed intercourse with one another, so as to allow that act to last longer. “You get to see what I let you remove from me,” she finally answered. “Come one—my shirt.” And Jess walked over to her and removed her shirt, slowly, kissing her and exposing a pair of nice, bare breasts. (He hadn’t noticed until then that she wasn’t wearing a bra.) Jess ran a finger over one nipple, feeling it grow erect and took it into his mouth a moment, caressing it with his tongue, circling the nipple as his other hand pleasured the other breast. “Now, on your knees, and remove my shorts.”

Jess did as asked. He got on his knees and slowly unzipped her shorts, revealing her white, cotton panties (he guessed he would have to wait to see her “cleanliness”). As the shorts fell around her knees and she stepped out of them, he started moving his fingers around the rim of her panties, but she stopped him from removing them. He moved his finger down through the crack clearly outlined in her panties, then slid his finger under them and felt, for just an instant, her wet lips. “No, not yet,” she told him. “The panties stay on for now, but we can do something else.”

Carla bent over and beckoned him to approach her. “I want you to put your cock between my legs and fuck my panties, my underside.” Jess did as asked, walking over to her as she bent her body and placing his cock between her legs, under her panties. He could feel the wetness between them, his precum making her panties even wetter. Carla let out a premature (and rather unexpected) sigh as his cock rubbed her pussy lips through her panties, reaching her clit and allowing a little more excitement to run through her. Jess reached his hands under her and began to fondle her breasts, feeling that she was indeed becoming more excited as he continued to panty fuck her. Carla’s felt her clit become more sensitive with each thrush forward Jess made, and she could feel herself want an orgasm more and more as his cock rubbed against it. Once or twice his cock seemed to try to penetrate her through the cotton, each time forcing an animated moan from her. Jess’s thrusts became more frequent, harder, and Carla began to hear him moan. Not yet—she wouldn’t let him cum right now.

Carla pulled away from him and pushed him onto the chair he had in his computer room. She could see Jess’s cock was even larger now—red with excitement, the blood flowing, a fine line of precum hanging from him. She would go down on him—but not yet. She would stand there a moment, make him wonder, make him ache for it. He said nothing to her, nor she him. He knew what she was doing, making him wait, and he enjoyed it. Carla stood a moment more, then got to her knees and took his cock into her hand, stroking it rather firmly to allow some of the precum to escape from him. She then pressed his cock against his belly and, with so light a touch, let her fingers stroke his balls before letting her tongue move up the underside of his cock, and then taking it into her mouth. The feeling she felt in her mouth was one of pleasure, indeed. It made her pussy all the more anxious as she sucked on him, feeling him buckle a time or two. When finally his buckling became intense, and his moans suggested that he was close, she slipped back and stopped. Jess’s cock was bulging now, on the brink of orgasm, but she thought to tease him a just a little more before allowing him to climax. Jess instinctively grabbed his cock and started to stroke himself, but Carla bent back over avrupa yakası escort and pulled his hand away, stopping him.

“No, no,” she said. “You don’t get off the easy.” Jess laughed at the pun. Carla again took his cock into her hand, breathed hot air on it, then blew some cooler breath onto it. She felt it move a little more, and looking up at his face, she could see him, eyes closed, so on the edge that he had to be suffering. She smiled at this, squeezed his balls rather firmly, then took him back into her mouth. Now her sucking—as well as her intentions—was relentless. Carla took his cock in as far as she could without gagging, continuing to squeeze his scrotum, building the orgasm that was surely soon to come. Jess fel the pleasure take him over, making his entire pelvis numb with energy. His moans became louder, more intense, and the taste and flow of his precum grew more and began to fill her mouth. She released him from her mouth and began to stroke him with her hand. His hips started to buckle, so with her other hand she pressed him back into the chair, and at that moment his orgasm came rushing out. Carla directed it onto his belly and continued to stroke him until he was fully released. Jess lay there slumped in the chair breathing heavily. Carla tossed his shirt onto his belly to soak up the wetness, then leaned up and kissed him, her tongue exploring the furthest reaches of his mouth. Though his mouth was full of action with her, his body still lay slumped, arms to his side. She took his hand and let it caress her breast as she pushed her panties against his cock, not as erect as it was, but still with a little but of spunk left in it.

“We’re not finished yet, buster,” she said to him, and, taking him by the hand, stood him up.

“No, ma’am, we’re not.”

“Ma’am?” Carla questioned with a teasing smile. “I like that. Now—onto your knees.” Jess did what she commanded, sitting on his knees, looking directly at her panties, imagining the tenderness that waited behind them. He wondered how horny she was and, feeling his dick slowly-though not completely—lose it is firmness, worried that he may not be able to pleasure her as well as he would like—or that she deserved, especially after the marvelous job she had just completed on him, and from which he was still reeling.

“You want to see what I have hidden behind here?” Jess nodded yes. “You want to see what I’ve been keeping from you for so long?” Jess nodded again. “My pussy wants you to see her too, wants you to pleasure her, give her what she deserves.”

Jess was more than happy to oblige. Carla directed his hand to the rim of her panties, and he slowly, methodically removed them, pausing every inch or so, building the intensity of both his getting to see her as well as the intensity of her allowing herself to be exposed. When he had them just below her pussy around her thighs, he stopped again and ran his tongue through her crack, caressing her lips. A sigh escaped her, and she longed for him to hurry, though at the same time his slow, methodical movements built up the fire inside of her. After a moment letting his tongue pleasure her, he stopped and removed her panties completely, admiring the shaved beauty in front of him. He had never been with a woman who shaved before, and her smoothness began to build the excitement in him once more.

“On the chair, hon?” he asked her, and she obliged sitting it in with her pelvis slightly over the edge, spreading her legs so that one rested on the armrest.

“Make her happy,” Carla whispered, “make her feel welcome and warm. Let her know you like her, you want her, you admire her.”

Jess did admire the pussy spread in front of him, her wet lips gleaming. He saw that Carla was quivering a little, and he knew that she wanted him. He knew he had to exceed the pleasure she had just given him. He moved his tongue on the inside of the knee that rested on the armchair, and with his fingers slowly and softly caressed the inside of her other thigh. His tongue moved down to her thigh before he lavishly began to lick her where her pussy and thigh met. She moved her body towards him as his tongue reached her there and released a soft sigh, which turned into a sustained moan when he inserted one finger into her. Her wetness allowed easy insertion. Jess removed his finger and spread the wetness around the rest of her lips (although it wasn’t actually needed), and found her clit, erect and anxious. He moved his lips to it and kissed it gently, then moved his tongue down along her lips and inserting it into her hole, which caused Carla to release yet another sustained moan. In his mouth, Jess could feel her become even wetter (perhaps he imagined it?), and he could feel her contract around his tongue. As his tongue became more involved, Carla reached down and grabbed his hair; he knew she would come soon. He moved one finger to her clit and circled it frantically, while he continued to pleasure her whole with his mouth, moving anadolu yakası escort in and out of it, burying is face into her as she guided his head to do so. He continued, and a moment later her hand not merely guided him, but she grabbed his hair and pulled as her pelvis thrashed forward and he felt the ejaculation escape her. It had been so long since he had experienced a “squirter” that he forgot how unique and exciting it was. He lapped at her more and more, as her thighs squeezed around his head and her cum continued to splash onto him.

But the pleasure became too much; her pussy, her clit were too sensitive for him to continue, and she pushed him away. “My god,” she exclaimed, “you said you could eat a woman out, but I never expected . . .”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence, because he was soon on her, mouth to mouth. He wanted her to taste her pussy in her mouth, just as he had tasted his cock in his mouth when she had finished. And besides, this was no time for rating—his cock was now large again, brought on by her orgasm. As he kissed her and his tongue explored her, his hand crept back down to her clit to see if she was ready for more action. At first she seemed to react against the firmness of his touch; he recognized that and eased gently, and she relaxed, allowing him to fondle it now, gently and with determination. Again a finger entered her, and she grabbed his hand, indicating perhaps she wanted more than one. He inserted another, and with his thumb continued to work her clit slightly, slowly in motion with her hips, which moved with precision. A small trickle of fluid escaped her and wet his hand.

He released her mouth but kept working on her pussy. “You want me?” he asked.

“Yes,” Carla half whispered, half moaned.

“Then tell me.”

“I want you,” she answered, but Jess only continued to work on her pussy with his fingers.

“Tell me,” he repeated.

“I want your cock in me, I want you to fill me, make me cum again.”

“Make us both cum again,” Jess answered and removed his hand. He hovered over her a moment, and again they shared a certain recognition in each other’s eyes. Carla reached down and touched his cock, beckoning him to enter her. She noticed he was as hard as before, if not harder. He moved towards her, teasing her, rubbing his cock along her labia and allowing only the head to enter as he breathed deeply in, feeling just that little bit begin to give her pleasure. She was so wet, Jess thought, that he was surprised that it just didn’t slide in all the way without any control of his own.

But Jess could no longer control himself. He had to let it slide in, all the way. He had waited years, and the years had built in him a desire that wouldn’t allow any more delay. Still, there had to be a little control in order for both of them to experience fully and deeply what had transpired. With what little control he had over himself, he slid his cock into her pussy slowly, slowly until it was deep into her and his balls reached her. He rested there a moment, taking the feeling in, the feeling that he had so long waited for, the feeling that he had nearly forgotten and had only been close to experiencing with various lubricants.

Carla believed she had never felt this filled before, and silently cursed herself for waiting so long to allow them to fuck. She felt his cock deep inside of her, resting against her special spot. She wanted so much for him to move, for his dick to excite that spot and build her to the point of another orgasm. But she could wait—she could let him enjoy the moment. In turn, when he did start, the wait would be worth it, as she was building in her mind the pleasure she would soon experience.

He began to move in and out of her, slowly, letting his cock escape her with each thrust, but only briefly before entering her again, and with each reentry, he began to move faster. Carla became wetter between his legs, saturating his balls, and he soon felt the first contractions of her second orgasm. Intently, he fucked her harder, faster. She moved with him so as not to let his cock escape and grabbing his ass to keep him in pace, released a second time. Her fingers ran along Jess’s back as he slowed down and let her cum.

When he felt she had finished, he exited her. A look of astonishment covered Carla’s face. Before he could say anything, he grabbed her hands and stood her up.

“I remember once how you told me you liked it,” Jess said to her, “and I want you to have it that way when I come—and I am close, sweety.” She remembered, and without saying a word got down on her knees and slowly bent her shoulders to the floor. Jess looked and saw her pussy from behind, wet and swollen, excited, expecting. Jess got on his knees and guided his cock into her pussy from behind, reaching over and cuddling her clit between his index and middle finger. Almost immediately Carla felt herself ready to cum again, and the sensitivity was almost too much. She felt as if she should ask him to stop, but no . . . the pleasure was well worth the oversensitivity experienced. Furthermore, Jess began to moan, and she felt his cock expanding inside of her. He continued to fondle her clit as he moved within her, and soon their muscle spasms were in unison, as were their movements. Carla whined as a third orgasm approached, and Jess called to the ceiling as he felt his orgasm start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32