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Adrianna Chechik

Katie’s alarm goes off for her workout date with Trish. She gets up and showers and gets dressed and walks across the street to meet up with Trish. She knocks on the door and a couple of minutes later Trish opens the door still in her pajamas. She looks like she just woke up. She apologizes to Katie and tells her that she overslept.

“Let me get a shower and get dressed and I’ll be ready to go.” Trish says. “It won’t take long.”

Katie sits down on the couch and hears the shower turn on. Several minutes go by and the shower is still going. Katie begins to feel the urge to pee really bad but doesn’t want to run back across the street. She knows that there is a bathroom off of their bedroom so she goes to the door of their bedroom and Sam is still asleep. She sneaks into the bathroom off of their bedroom and uses the restroom. She slowly opens the door trying to be quiet and the light from the bathroom is shining onto the bed and she sees that Sam has one leg stuck out from under the covers and that he is naked. She is even more surprised to see that his cock is rock hard and the head of it is just under the blanket. They don’t have their bed frame put up yet so their mattress and box spring are on the floor.

She can still hear the shower going and can hear Sam’s deep breathing and knows that he is asleep. istanbul escort She steps over to the side of the bed and kneels down and stares at his hard cock. She reaches her hand out to his cock paying close attention to his breathing. She pulls the head of his cock out from under the blanket and stares at it. She holds it in her hand feeling how thick and hard it is. She slowly moves her hand up and down his shaft. She feels her heart pounding in her chest knowing that he could wake up at any moment. She holds his cock straight up in the air and leans over and places her mouth over the head of it. Her lips encircle the head of his cock and she swirls her tongue around the head before she raises back up. She listens to his breathing which doesn’t change. She again places her mouth over the head of his cock and wraps her lips around it. Instead of raising up she lowers her mouth down over his engorged cock.

She hasn’t had another man’s cock in her mouth since before they were married. The feeling of another man’s cock in her hand and in her mouth makes her pussy flood with wetness. Paying attention to his breathing she slowly moves her mouth up and down his shaft while also listening for the shower. She licks the underside of his dick from his balls all the way avcılar escort to the head before taking it back into her mouth. She circles her tongue around the curves of the head of his cock and back down to his balls. She runs her tongue across his smooth balls and back up his shaft. She lets some spit fall onto the head of his cock as she strokes him up and down with her saliva providing the lubrication. She takes his cock back into her mouth and sucks up and down on it. She pulls her workout shorts to the side and feels how wet she is. Her pussy is soaked. She wants to climb on top of him and feel his thick, hard cock slide deep inside her.

She slides her fingers inside her pussy and pulls them out and strokes his cock with her pussy juices like Trish did before taking his cock back into her mouth and sucking her juices off. She pulls her shorts even more to the side exposing her shaved, smooth pussy and steps across him with one leg on the bed with her other on the floor and lowers herself. She guides the head of his cock to her pussy and she slowly lowers herself some. She can feel his thick meat open her up as she slides down even more. She continues until she is all the way down and he is fully inside her. She raises up slowly still holding onto his cock and then slides back down onto şirinevler escort him. She is so excited that just a few strokes of him inside her she climaxes right there. She tries not to shake too much that she wakes him but her pussy is gripping his cock with each contraction. She raises up once her climax is finished and his cock is covered in her juices.

She leans over and sucks her own cum from his cock. As she lowers her mouth onto his cock cleaning all of her juices from him she feels his cock swell. Her pussy gripping his cock and her warm mouth must have brought him to the edge of climax. She feels his cock begin to jerk and her mouth is filled wth his cum. She swallows as fast as she can to keep it from making a mess. His cock continues to throb pulsing cum into her mouth. She finally feels his cock begin to relax and soften. She holds it in her mouth and circles her tongue around the head to make sure that she doens’t leave any evidence behind. She covers him back up and walks back to the living room and sits on the couch. Her heart is still pounding and her pussy is still throbbing when she hears the shower turn off.

Trish finally walks out with a towel wrapped around her. Her breasts are pressed together accentuating her cleavage and the towel barely covers her pussy. Katie tries not to stare but is feeling her pussy get wet again.

Trish apologizes and says, “It took me a while to wake up. Give me just a few minutes to get dressed. Sam wasn’t snoring I hope. He could sleep through a hurricane.” she laughs.

Katie smiled and said “No, I never heard him snoring but take your time, I’m in no hurry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32