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The Christmas holidays were enjoyable this year in Pismo Beach, California. Another year has come and gone, much too quickly. I prepare for the New Years Eve celebration and look back at all the exciting trips and events that occurred in 2018. There were successful RV trips, an epic train ride to Denver, and new relationships formed. Excursions with my travel trailer led to memorable days and nights filled with passion.

I began the year Biking with Bridget. I still remember the day I was a Good Samaritan and assisted a sexy biker named Bridget. In my continued quest for good health, I started biking around Pismo Beach and the central coast. One crisp January morning I was riding along the Bob Jones bike trail, a scenic stretch that runs along the San Luis Obispo Creek to Avila Beach. I was enjoying the bright sunshine when I spotted a lady sitting on the grass beside the trail. Her ten-speed was behind her lying on its side. I stopped to check on her. She was riding too fast, caught a tire in a gap and went tumbling. In short, I used my massage skills to help relieve her sprained ankle. That moment of kindness, opened the door to future biking adventures and lots of crazy sex in her shower and bedroom. Now, every time my cock is buried deep in her pussy or my hands are filled with her big tits, I thank my lucky stars that I stopped to give her aid.

The following month I was on the California Zephyr heading to Denver to reunite with friends. While the train was traversing the snow-covered Sierra’s, a gorgeous grandmother named Karen befriended me. She was on her way to Chicago to stay with her daughter and new baby granddaughter. After a wonderful dinner, I ended up sharing her sleeper where we made love while listening to a couple in the sleeper next door fuck their brains out. Karen lives up the coast and we spent some time camping in Big Sur this summer. We enjoyed hot times with two other ladies in the resort’s spa. In fact, Karen and I just celebrated Thanksgiving together at her house. After participating in the annual 5K Turkey Trot, we ended up in the shower and later enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at an upscale restaurant.

There have been several other rendezvous with other mature ladies that have graced my life this year, including my next-door neighbor, Denise; my friend Lynette who is the Assistant Manager at the Diamond Adult World sex shop in town and Nanette. Nanette and I met at Diamond Adult World while shopping and began a torrid affair of sexting. She has shared my bed in the travel trailer and for the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying the DAW’s video booths, fucking and sucking our way through the holidays.

Intermixed with all these erotic adventures has been time spent with my lover and soulmate, Catherine. We met several years ago through our walking club and have been constant companions ever since. She enjoys a varied and adventurous sex life of her own, however, we always come back to each other. She is a confirmed naturist and voyeur. She loves being naked all the time around her house and at Avila Beach. Our many days sunning in the nude and making love in the Pacific Ocean have cemented our relationship.

When I describe Catherine to a friend, I always start by saying she stands five feet nine with Double-D breasts which I love. Her areoles stretch about four inches and are crimson red with thumb size nipples that are very sensitive. Her pussy, which I also love, has puffy outer lips, dark red labia that hang down a half-inch and a smooth Brazilian-waxed mound.

She is the mother of a Cal Poly graduate and retired for the past two years. Catherine loves giving blowjobs, likes to be on top, but her favorite position is doggy style. I am the first man to have had anal sex with her. She tells me time after time that she loves my cum and can never get enough of it. However, her number one feature is her sparkling blue eyes. The room lights up when she walks in.

Catherine loves camping with me in the travel trailer. We spent a memorable week in the Sequoia’s at the end of last year. This year, she and her next-door neighbor spent a couple of weeks checking out the nude beaches along the Northwestern shores of the United States. Catherine and Samantha loved checking out the scenery, including many hard cocks along the way. She recounted stories where she and Samantha enjoyed giving hand-jobs and blowjobs to a couple of college boys and sharing a gentleman’s nine-inch cock.

We are very open with each other and often share our exploits while we make passionate love. It is Catherine and only Catherine that celebrates every New Years with me. We ring out the old and ring in the new joined together.

This year we have reservations at the Apple Farm hotel and restaurant. We love the atmosphere and spectacular grounds. Catherine and I spent our one-year anniversary at Apple Farm last spring. It was a memorable weekend for lots of reasons. It was the first time she sported a full Brazilian, not a single hair on her pussy. I was between her thighs for most of halkalı escort the weekend.

It was also the first time we shared her strap-on dildo. Catherine woke me up in the middle of the night after an extended round of love making and talked me into my first attempt at pegging. I’d experimented with butt plugs and having my prostate massaged, but always drew the line there. Catherine brought the subject up several times in the past, but I always balked. This time, at 3:00 AM, she was very persistent, and I gave in. I must say, I enjoyed one of the most massive orgasms of my life. Catherine said she had never seen anyone cum so much.

I just ended a phone conversation with Catherine. I confirmed our reservations at the Apple Tree and let her know we secured the Trellis Court room on the second floor with the balcony overlooking the main quad. We’ll have a front row view for the fireworks display at midnight. Hopefully, we’ll be making some fireworks of our own. I told Catherine I’ll pick her up at 4:00PM this afternoon, so be packed and ready to go. The restaurant’s famous lobster cakes are just waiting for us.

At precisely, 4:00PM, I pull up in front of Catherine’s house. She opens the door wearing her infamous Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt. I love the way it accentuates her big tits. Catherine pulls me in and presses her body tight against me. Her lips meet mine for an extended passionate kiss. She drills her tongue into my mouth.

“Happy New Year lover. I’ve missed you so.”

Catherine’s greeting never gets old. She just returned from spending the holidays down south with her daughter. She came home on the 29th and this is the first time we’ve had the chance to be together.

“I’ve missed you too, Cath. I’m so looking forward to this evening; dinner, dancing, champagne and who knows what after that.”

“I know what’s after the champagne, a lot of love making. We have plenty to make up for. I love the holidays, and a night at The Apple Farm is perfect.”

Catherine hands me her overnight bag and we head out the the door. I help her into the truck for the short drive. She tells me all about her Christmas with her daughter down south. Her daughter Amy invited several co-workers over for a nice dinner.

“Rob, how was your Christmas? You spent it with your next-door neighbor, Denise? I love her, she is such a sweetheart. And what a body.”

“We spent Christmas at her house and had a very nice time. She had to work until six o’clock on Christmas Eve, so I prepared a roast and then after dinner I gave her a foot massage that turned into a full body massage and then… well, you know. Let’s just say I was able to hang her stockings on the chimney with care.”

“I have no doubt about that. And thank you so much for the lovely necklace and earrings. I’m going to wear them tonight just for you.”

“And your other gift?”

“Well that goes without saying. I guess you spent some time at Diamond Adult World? I have it packed in my suitcase. Was Lynette working when you were there?”

“No, she must have had the day off. I’ll tell you all about my shopping experience later, because here we are.”

We arrive at the Apple Farm and the valet opens the door. He assists Catherine while the porter grabs our bags and hands her the room key. I give the parking attendant my keys.

“I just love the service here, don’t you Rob?”

“It’s one of the reasons I chose Apple Farm. I love the plush king size bed that I’m going to share with you tonight.”

Catherine winks, “Oh, you think so, huh?”

She grabs my hand and leads me to the elevator. I preregistered and selected our room online, so we head straight there. As we enter room 217, a bottle of chilled champagne is on ice, the bedcovers are pulled back and open drapes present a beautiful outdoor view. We walk onto the balcony and take in the surrounding hillsides. The winter rains have created a lush landscape of green rolling hills. Down in the courtyard workers are setting up the fireworks display set to go off at midnight.

“Rob, shall we watch the fireworks from up here.”

“That’s a great idea Cath. And we can provide some fireworks of our own.”

“Oh you. Well, I need a shower to freshen up before dinner. Care to join me?”

“I don’t know Cath, every time we end up in the shower together, I can’t keep my hands off you. One thing leads to another. And then…”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll keep you in line this time.”

I doubt that as I watch Catherine strip to her bra and panties before walking into the bathroom. I put some clothes in the dresser and join her when I hear the shower start. Her bra and panties are on the toilet. I pick up her panties and inhale her sweet fragrance. My cock hardens. Catherine knocks on the shower door and wags her finger at me and then beckons me into the stall.

I step inside while Catherine faces the spray. I stand behind her and press my cock between her buns as I wrap my arms şişli escort around her. Catherine’s big breasts fill my hands; I soap them up and pinch her stiff nipples. I hold her Double-D’s with soapy hands and lift each boob, weighing the heavy mass. I massage her flesh while my fingers tweak her hard nipples, rolling them around and around.

Water sprays over her crimson red areole and washes the soap away. She hands me a washcloth and I run the sudsy rag across her shoulders and down her back. I rub Catherine’s round ass with more soap as she spreads her legs to allow me to wash her inner thighs. I run my fingers up and down her ass crack and pay close attention to her tight anal opening. I massage the small ring, eliciting a moan from Catherine.

“That feels so good, but we don’t have time right now. Maybe later you can fuck me in the ass.”

Streams of water cascade over us.

Catherine turns to face me. We kiss as she adds soap to her wash cloth to cleanse my front. Her hands travel down to my stiff seven inches. She wraps the soapy cloth around my shaft and moves the cloth around my balls cupping and squeezing each one.

“So, now that I have you where I want you, you were going to tell me about your shopping adventure. And, by the way, I do love the nipple clamps you gave me. I just might let you play with them tonight.”

“Well, you remember Nanette, the lady who sucked my cock through the glory hole that one day?”

“Yes, I do. She’s your little sexting gal, right?”

“She texted me just before Christmas and wanted to meet me at the store. So, I did and helped her choose some lingerie. I also bought you the nipple clamps that night.”

Catherine has a firm grasp of my cock as I speak. My shaft is rigid and throbs.

“Go on, tell me more.”

“She wanted to try on the bra and thong set. She went back to the changing rooms, but they were occupied, so she went into the video booth instead. A few minutes later I get a text telling me to join her in the booth.”

“And like a gentleman, you did as you were told.”

Catherine grips my balls with more force and pulls down on my sack. I’m won’t be able to sugarcoat this story.

“When I got back there, she was wearing the bra and thong. A video was playing on the screen showing a threesome.”

“Sounds like she had this all planned out.”

“She did. And I couldn’t resist, so one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was between her legs eating her pussy.”

“Well Rob, I think I deserve the same treatment. So, how about you take care of me right now. Your little story has me worked up.”

I drop to my knees and stare directly at Catherine’s smooth, slick vulva and thick red labia. I reach around to grip her wide ass and pull her pussy close to my waiting mouth. I snake my tongue and lick up the wet slit causing Catherine to shudder. I apply more pressure and spread her inner labia. I squeeze her ass cheeks and press my tongue deeper into Catherine’s pussy lapping up the mixture of lady juice and shower spray.

It doesn’t take long for Catherine’s legs to tremble as her climax builds. I hold her tight to keep her from collapsing while my tongue goes into overdrive. I move quickly and forcefully within Catherine’s folds. Each time I slide my tongue up, I touch Catherine’s clit, driving her toward a rousing orgasm. She spreads her legs a bit more and I press my face tight against Catherine’s smooth hairless cunt. I drill my tongue deep into her gash sending her over the edge.

“I’m there Rob, I’m there. Feels so good baby.”

Catherine rocks against me. I hold her tight to keep Catherine from falling to the shower floor. Her body shakes and trembles for several minutes; her climax surges from head to toe. Several minutes pass before Catherine stops shaking and regains her footing. I stand, and we enjoy a wet kiss, sharing Catherine’s cum.

“Oh sweetheart, you do know how to treat a lady. So, did Nanette treat you to a blowjob?”

“Well, she was about to, but then we heard a tap on the wall and saw a hard cock poking through the glory hole.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. So, guess what, Nanette gave us both a blowjob at the same time.”

“Really, I bet she was really excited. And you were OK with that?”

“Do you feel how hard my cock is right now? I was just as hard, and I needed relief. Well, in short order, he came all over her tits and she received a mouthful of cum from me. But, there’s more to the story. A second cock appeared in the glory hole a few minutes later.”

“Oh my. What did she do?”

“She sucked that one as well. It was much bigger and uncut.”

“Wow, and you stood by and watched all this.”

“Well, I was watching, but I wasn’t standing by. I was on my knees and fucking Nanette from behind.”

“You nasty man. So, she had three cocks in one night?”

“Yep, it was a memorable evening.”

“Wow Rob, you are really hard right now and throbbing. Let me take care of you. You can sarıyer escort tell me how my blowjob compares to hers.”

“Cath, there is no question as to who gives the best head. Hands down it’s you.”

“Well, let’s just see about this.”

Catherine drops to her knees, grabs my cock and lets the water wash away the soap. She leans in and sucks several inches of my erect shaft into her mouth.

She releases my cock, “Gawd, you are so hard. I bet you wouldn’t mind having both Nanette and I suck your cock at the same time. Maybe we should arrange that.”

Catherine pulls down on my erection and licks the underside of my cock. Water sprays over the two of us from the shower head above. I slide between her wet lips as she presses her head further, taking more of my shaft into her mouth. Catherine bobs up and down, sucking hard as she pumps the base of my cock. She squeezes my balls and rolls them around. My climax builds as she urges me on. My knees shake while she concentrates her sucking on the tip of my cock and pumps her fist.

“Oh, geez Cath, get ready baby. I’m going to cum, I can’t hold it back.”

Catherine doubles her effort and squeezes my shaft. Her lips hold tight around my glans as she sucks hard and draws my cum from within my balls. Several ropes of jizz fill her mouth. With each spurt, I rock my hips back and forth. Catherine keeps her lips around me as she milks more spunk from the tip.

“Geez Catherine, this is so good, so good.”

Finally, she releases my cock and swallows the entire load, savoring the taste of my cum. Catherine looks up at me, “Mmm, let’s see Nanette top that.”

She licks her lips and stands. We hug, and her naked tits press into my chest. We kiss for several moments. I taste myself in her mouth and on her tongue.

We are both satisfied for the moment. I reach over and shut off the water. Catherine grabs towels and we dry each other. I concentrate on her tits, while she makes sure my cock is completely dry. I move the towel down to her round tummy and smooth mons. She spreads her legs and provides room to dry her sweet pussy. As I lean down to dry her legs my lips search out her stiff nipples. Catherine pushes me away.

“Save that for later. I need to dry my hair and do my make-up. I’m starving. Now scoot.”

Catherine escorts me out the bathroom, grabs her make-up bag and dress. I leave her to her duties and dress myself before turning on the TV. Fifteen minutes later, Catherine emerges from the bathroom and I nearly faint. She is so beautiful. She is wearing the same shimmery red satin dress she wore for our first anniversary celebration. The low-cut lace bodice shows off her big tits to the point they almost fall out. The hem line is way above mid-thigh, so when she sits her ass cheeks are visible.

I am proud to escort her downstairs to the restaurant. We are shown to a private booth and realize it is the same table we sat at last spring. There are party favors on the table; noisemakers and sunglasses with the lens that spell out 2019. Catherine puts hers on and gives me a seductive smile.

I recall the last time Catherine wore her red dress she didn’t have panties underneath. I didn’t know at the time and missed a great opportunity to play. Tonight, I am going to check. Before I can slip my hand underneath the table, our waiter arrives with menus and two glasses of bubbly. He tells us the champagne is compliments of the house.

Catherine and I settle into the high back booth and look over tonight’s menu. She takes a sip of champagne as I move my hand under the table and place it on her inner thigh. This move causes her to pause and spread her legs.

“Looking for something down there?”

“Oh, just checking to see if you are wearing panties. I remember missing out on a certain opportunity the last time we were here.”

Catherine smiles, moves her hips slightly forward and returns to studying the menu. I also focus on my menu while my fingers delve closer to her pussy. I trace my finger tips along her slit and feel a bit of wetness. Catherine shifts some more while trying to decide what’s for dinner. I glide my fingers along her inner labia and slide my middle finger into her honeypot.

We are joined by our waiter who asks if we have any questions and if we are ready to order. Catherine clears her throat and inquires about the specials this evening. I slide a second finger into her wet cunt. She is doing her best to concentrate and listen. He recommends the ribeye steak. Catherine stutters a bit as my fingers contact her clit.

I sense Catherine has a tough time responding, so I blurt out that we will both have the ribeye, medium rare with rice and a Caesar salad. The waiter commends us on our choice and winks. As he walks away, Catherine shoots me an evil smile and grabs my wrist under the table. She presses my hand against her pussy as I stroke her smooth flesh.

“So, now you have your answer.”

“I do indeed, and I love it. Your satisfaction is my goal in life.”

Cathrine takes another sip of champagne and I continue to glide my fingers along her moist womanhood. My intent is to warm her up for a little lovemaking after dinner. She lets me know I am succeeding. I continue masturbating Catherine until our dinner arrives. Reluctantly, I must remove my hand from between her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32